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I have a red car. ___ does Mary.

I can't drive. _________ can Mary.

Peter jogs everyday. So _______ Mary.

John doesn't do his homework. Neither ________ Mary.

Donna can sing very well. So _______ Martin.

Brian couldn't jump over the fence. Neither ________ Ben.

Bill and Melinda have a big house. So _____ Alex and Lisa.

Alex doesn't like cleaning the house. ________ does Lisa.

Tim has a good job. _________ Danielle.

Sophia can ride a bike. So _______ Isabella.

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HI!I am Tracy,and i have been studying English for years,i saw your web site a few days ago, what do you do?these teachers?

Sunday, July 19th 2009

    dont u think they teach english :)

    Wednesday, September 21st 2011

    Thanks alot dear Velan.
    your the perfect one, in english teaching.

    Monday, August 15th 2016

Thank you
I have problem with English language so I need you to advise me .
My problem , I can study English but I usally forget what I learn because my country don’t speak English.
please advise me .
I’m lost

Sunday, July 19th 2009

    mohd, I would advise you to speak in english with someone to improve your english. If you need any assistance, feel free to contact me at anupoju.madhav@gmail.com

    Tuesday, October 19th 2010

    Dear teacher,Your explanation is very useful to learn the grammatical structure.So.I appreciate your untiring effort of making the lessons easily understandable

    Wednesday, November 13th 2013

thank you so much for this great lesson

Sunday, July 19th 2009

wow, that’s very easy to understand. thank you very much. I’ll send this web to my friends.

Monday, July 20th 2009

Thank you for this Grammar. So I have a proposal if a member of sequential lessons with the student to follow from beginning to end. And I thank them for the good work.

Monday, July 20th 2009

I have a question.
When i want to say that i have a blue car and Peter doesn’t.

Can i write this way?
I have a blue car. Neither Peter doesn’t ?

I’m so confuse.


Monday, July 20th 2009

    I don’t think that’s correct

    I have a blue car and Peter doesn’t

    Here is why I think that’s the correction
    amm .. We use neither when the statement is negative and in the sentence you wrote it was affermative .. so as I guess your sentence isn’t right . . we can’t use so as well because we want to tell that Peter doesn’t have a car and that’s against the usage of “so”
    Thank you, I hope I was helpful . . Waiting for you Valen To tell us which is right!

    Friday, July 24th 2009

      Hi Everyone,

      “I have a blue car. Neither does Peter.” is incorrect.

      “I have a blue car and Peter doesn’t.” is correct.

      I hope this helps! Thanks everyone for your comments!


      Wednesday, August 19th 2009

        this being a contrast between one possessing a car and the other not possessing a car, it should read:

        I have a blue car, but Peter doesn’t

        Monday, November 2nd 2009

        why the first sentence is incorret? I appreciate your answer

        Wednesday, February 2nd 2011

        I have a blue car. So does Peter.

        Thursday, February 3rd 2011

        Hello my dear teacher which sentenc you write …………
        I have a blue car and Peter doesn’t.
        I think it is right.

        Thursday, April 14th 2011

        thanks valen ….

        Tuesday, October 4th 2011

        Hi valen,
        How r u?
        Watched your english learning video’s through youtube.
        pls advice me how could i improve my english speaking. and how can i join you to teach me online?


        Friday, January 6th 2012

        hi valen first at all i admire to ur way of teaching and my question is:i have a problem when i speak i can’t keep on…. the contrary when i write so i want your help cause i study english literature at the university lastly thanks a lot

        Wednesday, January 18th 2012

        i have big problem in English grammar can you help me

        Monday, February 6th 2012

        Thank you so much miss Valen.I realy like your way of teaching and it help me a lot thanks once again.

        Thursday, March 1st 2012

        Hi dear valen.
        I hope that I can speak and understand English like a native English speaker by the help of this web site If you teach me I will be thankful.
        thank alot.

        Saturday, June 2nd 2012

        you are the best english teacher

        Sunday, December 2nd 2012

        Hello Valin My name is Muhannad from Iraq, I follow your lessons on YouTube I hope you special help me I want to learn the language quickly in order to work in a company in Iraq, I’m an engineer I am 27 years old please help in learning I live vs. village far from the capital, Baghdad, and because of the security conditions do notI can get to Baghdad and study in the British language Institute in Baghdad, security conditions are not good
        thank you very much

        Wednesday, June 12th 2013

        valeennn… ♥

        Monday, October 14th 2013

        I have a blue car.so does Peter

        Wednesday, November 13th 2013

        Agreement: So + auxiliary verb + subject (with positive sentences)
        e.g. I am a student. So, am I.
        Neither + auxiliary verb + subject (with negative sentences)
        e.g. I am not a doctor. Neither, am I.

        Wednesday, April 23rd 2014

        Hello Valen” can i say: I have a blue car, So have peter.
        Thanks everyone.
        Hussien Elhindi.

        Sunday, June 22nd 2014

        So, we can say and is used for connect tow sentences even one of them is negative and the other is positive.

        Friday, December 19th 2014

        from your examples I conclude that and can be used to connect between tow sentences one of them is negative and the other is positive.

        Thank you,

        Friday, December 19th 2014

        Hi Valen,

        I can conclude from your lesson and comment that we cant mix between affirmative and positive in one sentence like the last example “I have a blue car. Neither does Peter.”. Here the first part of the sentence is affirmative, So we just can use “So” in the second part, and it is Incorrect to use Neither here, and Vice versa. we cant use So in the second part if the the first part of the sentence is negative.

        Saturday, January 31st 2015

        hi Valen Thank you very much. But I have a low level in English I want to help please

        Sunday, July 12th 2015

        Thank you for your comment

        Monday, July 11th 2016

        Thank you , this is difficult sometimes but you help us alot

        Tuesday, February 28th 2017

      you use SO or NEITHER when you agree to a previous statement, So when the statement is positive and Neither when the statement is negative. If I say “I love coffee” and you say “So do I” you agree with me. If I say “I don’t like living in a city” and you say “Neither do I” you also agree with me (this time my statement is negative). In your example, your statement and Peter’s situation are different, so you can’t use neither or nor. Hope it helps!

      Wednesday, July 28th 2010

    Hi Rey, Hi FJ
    I think u should say : I have a blue car but Peter doesn’t :D.
    Have a nice weekend!

    Friday, July 24th 2009

      According to me, you have answered right.

      Sunday, August 2nd 2009

        Hi prakashgc,

        You were say that correct. But you can’t say “According to me” that’s only can use in

        my opinion


        Thursday, August 6th 2009

          Dear Haluk

          Than you very much for your comment.
          By the way, it was my opinion, view and thoughts.
          That’s why I said “According to me”. Please clarify it why can’t say “According to me”.

          Waiting your answer.


          Monday, August 10th 2009

    you have to say ‘I have a blue car but, Peter doesn’t.

    Tuesday, October 19th 2010

Thank you it’s very helpful

Tuesday, July 21st 2009

Please guide me how can I ask you any Grammatical Question?
Because there is no space for any question while in every video you say to watch http://www.engvid.com for further question?
thanks a lot

Thursday, July 23rd 2009

In general, i think all of lesson is very helpful, especiallly teacher Valen!
I am very honor to knew her! I love Valen from Hanoi capital of Vietnamese

Thursday, July 23rd 2009

How attractive you are ! I love you either your beauty or the way you explaining.
I’m looking forward to watching your next lessons.
Thank you so much !

Friday, July 24th 2009

I am Bandar

I have been study english for lng time and I finally got your nice website now I am taking two vidioes every day and I really enjoy that

I want to thank the teachers very much really they are so good

Thanks again for this webstie.

Friday, July 24th 2009

And agian 100%! I’ m from Russia and I really like your speech, because it is understandable and simple. It would be great if we can communicate through the microphon (I don’t know the spelling of the word ‘microphon’, that’s why sorry). What about this idea? And one more question, what’s the difference between this idea and this very idea? I can’t catch it!

Monday, July 27th 2009

Dear Ms. Valen

I am very much satisfied by your teaching way and method. So, hoping to see you again in different topic.

Please make a sentences that I have a blue car but my friend John has not car. How do you make sentences by using So & either? Please be waiting


Monday, July 27th 2009

    Hi Prakash,

    I have a blue car but my friend John doesn’t. This is the correct way to express that thought. In this case, you can’t really use SO or NEITHER.

    I hope this helps!

    Wednesday, August 19th 2009

      Hi ..

      Why we can`t say I have a blue car neither does my friend John ???!!!
      is it wrong ??

      Thanks for this video .. it`s really helpful :)

      Tuesday, February 23rd 2010


        Because when you use can in the first sentence you have to use can instead of does in the second sentence.

        Best Regards,

        Friday, December 19th 2014

Dear Mr. Valen

Thank you very much for your teaching style and method. I am looking very soon about next word.

By the way, I have a questioned: If I have a blue care but my brother has not a blue car. How can I write a sentence by using So and Either?

I would be grateful if you answer me as soon as possible.

Best regards,

Monday, July 27th 2009

Dear Mr Valen
I went hpep my and speak english ples me as soon as possible sent all coars in amile
mor thnkes and respect you

Best regards

Thursday, July 30th 2009

Quite simple and fun. I´d like to visit this site more often since now on.

Friday, August 7th 2009

I am not happy , this language but try to study commpulsary but that is if Ican do that and I think you will help that hard work that I decided


Sunday, August 9th 2009

hello!!! i try to improve my english, and i think this is a good page to learn.

Monday, August 10th 2009

hi ı am kemal
thanks my teachers this is very good for us

Tuesday, August 11th 2009

hi! I really appreciate what your teaching us in this website. I’m happy i found this one. Thank you so much teachers. I know this is a big help for us esp. I am taking the toefl test.

Monday, August 17th 2009

Hi Valen. This is great video. Thank you so much. I want to pass TOEFL exam. I think everything in this site will be really helpful, especially these grammar tips about so/neither as I often confused with verbs after neither and so.
Thanks from Uzbekistan.

Saturday, September 19th 2009

Very good lesson!

Wednesday, September 23rd 2009

thank yo so much for this helpful lesson u so kind i like you so much

Tuesday, October 6th 2009

Thank you very much ,you are great teaching

Thursday, October 8th 2009

hi valen
thank you a lot
plz give me your email
i want realy realy helpfull you
plz dear give me your email aswell as contect.

thank you
manish vora

Thursday, October 22nd 2009

I’m fond of all your lessons. Thank you very much. Can you explain the difference of On Time and In Time, please.

Sunday, October 25th 2009

I’m a teacher of English in Russia and I’m crasy about English. I enjoy listening
to your lessons.

Sunday, October 25th 2009

Thank you very much for the lessons.

Wednesday, October 28th 2009

I’m new here and I would love to say thank you Valen , your lessons are really useful .

Monday, November 2nd 2009

    thanks from your serve…

    Tuesday, January 17th 2012

I have a question about one of the lesson I watched. I was wondering which verb is you for the it. In the examples given… the verb HAS was used for the words HE and SHE, and that verb HAVE was used for I, WE, THEY, and I believe YOU, so which verb is used for it.

Thursday, November 19th 2009

    I guess for it we always use ‘has’ and can use had only if it is past. hope will help.

    Friday, August 20th 2010

it is a good website and valen is a very smart and good teacher

Wednesday, December 2nd 2009

Dear, Ms Valen

I’m glad that u teach many people in English language.
for that, I wish that u could check us in Laos, Because we really needed an expert English teacher like u.

I’m looking forward for your favorable response.


Friday, December 11th 2009


Saturday, December 12th 2009

hi! thanks for this lesson.. i”ve been confused with this matter so thank you sop mush for clearing this up.

Wednesday, December 16th 2009

hi valen

your english very nice and easy understand


thanks alots

Saturday, December 26th 2009

Hello Mizz Valen,
Thank you so much.
I have a question about the using of “either” in this context;
So, can we write?
“Mary doesn’t have a car. Doesn’t John either”
Good regards

Monday, January 11th 2010

I think Mary is your sister looooool, every example we see Mary and Jone. You can replace it with my name looool.

Thank you very much . Everyday , I got a lot of benfit form this site.

Regards ,

Yasser M

Monday, January 18th 2010

First thank u very much because u facilitated us to learn english without money I every day watch your tutorial lesson regularly while i feel i have love with u. sorry for this but have it is not in my control bye take care

Saturday, January 30th 2010

Hi Valen,
I like your teaching style….you speak very politely and clear……thanks for help us…take care

Tuesday, February 16th 2010

Hi Valen
Thank you for help us.

Tuesday, March 9th 2010

Thank you so much for the lesson. So I can speak politely

Monday, March 22nd 2010

hi Valen teacher,

how r u, your teaching is much better than others. really appreciate it. can i have your email id. when i have any clarification i will contact u.



Tuesday, April 13th 2010

You are the Best Teacher..Thanks a lot !

Friday, April 16th 2010

I think you should add the verb “to be” to the list:
“Valen is beautiful. So is Ronnie” ;-)

Friday, April 23rd 2010

Hello. I’m from Russia. I’m not sure and I don’t remember definitely, but I suppose we should say another way in the first sentence:
1. Mary has a car. – So HAS John. (HAS – instead does)
Am I right or not?
Reply please on my comment in spite of your rare answers)))

Thursday, April 29th 2010

can you say: a ring is round, it has no end, so is my friendship for you my friend.

it doesnt sounf pretty to me.


Thursday, May 6th 2010

Hi Valen, I have a question and hope you will answering my question. For your sentence ” Mary has a car. So does John?” I wondering why u put the full stop before the word So? For my opinion I will write Mary has a car, so does John? sorry for my concern Thanks.

Sunday, May 9th 2010

Thanks for your lessons, Valen.
Best wishes from Spain.

Wednesday, May 12th 2010

thank you i like you and your way of teach and you country too you are my favorite teacher go on

Thursday, May 13th 2010


Friday, May 14th 2010

thank you for your fantstic explaining . i have a question can i say:
Mary has a car . so have i ?
Please answer me quickly

Sunday, May 16th 2010

Really helpful! thanks….

Wednesday, May 19th 2010


Friday, May 21st 2010

you are verry good teacher

Sunday, May 30th 2010

Tankyou for your class i study every day , with copybook and video =engVid. Im from Nicaragua ,Im living in Key West . Florida USA.

Tuesday, June 1st 2010

Hi valen,
how r u and ur family hope u all fine. i have watched ur class about SO and NEITHER its very nice. i have understood about SO and NEITHER. but i m confused abut “as well as” may u tell me about “as well as” when and where can we use “as well as”. ok take care and GOD BLESS U AND UR FAMILY. I ll pray for u and ur family GOD give u many happyness.

Monday, June 14th 2010

What a nice way Valen!You are so talented and skilled taecher with ur beauty. I wan to learn more and more. Could I be sent some notes on my id????? I’ve dire need some notes. I’ll remain thankful to u. Thank you

Monday, June 14th 2010


Tuesday, June 15th 2010

Hi valen my score 100.00 i got 6 correct thank you have a good day..

Wednesday, June 16th 2010

A dosage of water.

Tuesday, June 22nd 2010

Mrs Thank you very much for the lessons.
sir then what is the differeance between so and too plz explain it

Wednesday, June 30th 2010

hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii are you can speak for russey?

Saturday, July 3rd 2010

hi valen first i would like to thank you.it was helpful.but the video very short.so csn u make it abit long with more example thanks

Thursday, July 15th 2010

thanks for the lesson i learned a lot, so did the others!!

Friday, July 23rd 2010

Hi I am new here and I tried one lesson Ithink it was nice. I want to thank to all of them and I will continue to lessons

Sunday, July 25th 2010

very good! Bravo, for your usegul lesson! Yuo are so kind teacher!!! Take Care

Monday, August 2nd 2010

Thanks from all teame of this web site

Friday, August 6th 2010

wow 6 out of 6….

Saturday, August 7th 2010

i see your videos daily, but now i want to more.
so tell me how can i get?
one of the comment i read that you are send 2 videos daily………
so please help me……….
you are good teacher.

Friday, August 20th 2010

your teaching style is good and one can easily understand the lesson.

thank you

Sunday, August 22nd 2010

Hi Valen!
Thanks a lot for this lesson.

Friday, September 3rd 2010

    hi vaelenl thinks a lot for this lesson l lilk for o

    Sunday, September 25th 2011

hi valen, thank you for this lesson.
you teach very well, so do all your colleagues.
that’s correct?

Friday, September 3rd 2010

Valen i like you so much as well as your lessons

Wednesday, September 8th 2010

the way of teaching grammer is very enchanting .

Sunday, September 12th 2010

Your teaching is great. And I really like it. But there is one thing i want to ask you. You worte”Mary swims everyday.” it is not corret, I think you need to write” Mary swims every day.”

Tuesday, September 14th 2010

    You are correct!

    Thursday, September 16th 2010

hi valen
you are delivering your lessons very effectivly.in the use of ‘so’ and ‘neither’can i say ‘i am not working tomorrow,neither is my hubby.or,i will get up early tomorrow,so will she.
please can you clear it to me,cant you?
thankyou very much.you are realy doing great job.

Monday, September 27th 2010

please valen provide a lesson on rules to convert direct speech into indirect speech but the lesson should be comprehensive.

Wednesday, September 29th 2010

thank you so much for this great lesson

Friday, October 1st 2010

hmmm i really like the way you explain miss valen just keep on going i just would like to know why aren’t you present in toefel lessons i hope i’ll find this last given by you could you answer me please !!!

Thursday, October 7th 2010

    It’s very simple, missou — Valen doesn’t teach TOEFL!

    Saturday, October 9th 2010

Many thanks for the lesson and encouragement for the team all the time devoted to each lesson with sincerity.

Saturday, October 9th 2010

I wish i was in her shoes
how can i say( me too )in this for of grammer?is it correct to say so did i?please answer me?

Monday, October 11th 2010

    Hi,mahnaz. I don’t have sure but I think in the following way:
    She will go… – So will I!
    She did go… – So did I!
    She can go… – So can I!
    I wish I was in her shoes (It’s hard for me,but I think…) So was I!
    Maybe if somebody know the answear,please help us!

    Saturday, July 20th 2013

Thank you for ur explaining, i understand clearly.

Wednesday, October 13th 2010

    hi valen i want to know how to find intermediate level

    Wednesday, March 6th 2013

video learing quickly upderstand for me. thanks a lot.

Sunday, October 24th 2010

What is awonder full teacher! and alesson .
thank you very much.

Sunday, October 24th 2010

Hi Valen, complimentes, your lessons are very interesting.
I have a question. Is it correct this answer
A:I went to the cinema
B:so did I!
I suppose yes!!!!!!
than you

Tuesday, October 26th 2010

your way in demonstrating the idea of using so,and neither is terrific

Friday, November 5th 2010

Dear teacher: I’ve been reading this comment about your lesson but in this answer I have a question, you said

“I have a blue car. Neither does Peter.” is incorrect.

“I have a blue car and Peter doesn’t.” is correct.

But in according with your class is better, isn’t it? I have a blue car. So does Peter.

I have a little confuse, please tell me if my answer is correct please.

See you

Ximena from Santiago de Chile

Monday, November 8th 2010

Hey, i’m a engish’ student, and i’m very gladd to have met you on… i admire your job and thank you for helping us to learn how to speak english. Please, can i contact someone of you to practice on line? i hope so… wish you the best…

Thursday, November 25th 2010

hi everyone, good job teachers! I love yours classes… wish you the best

Thursday, November 25th 2010

thanks it is perfect explanation about so and neither i learned.

Tuesday, December 14th 2010

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thank you !
i enjoyed the lesson
I Luv engvid so does everyb here :P

Friday, December 24th 2010

Hi Valen! Hope you are doing well. could please send me your Skype ID via email to my ID.
Looking forward for your nice response…

Wednesday, December 29th 2010

Hi give a lesson for how to speak using all tenses in a small story if u give that I am thankful to u.

Thursday, December 30th 2010

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Wednesday, January 5th 2011

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Saturday, January 8th 2011

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Tuesday, January 18th 2011

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Thursday, January 20th 2011

whenever i read a big sentence from news paper then i get it learn fast but i cannot keep it longer in my mind and i always hesitate to speak from some fluent speaking speaker

Thursday, January 20th 2011

valen ur way of teaching very well

Thursday, January 20th 2011

Hi Valen How are you? Can you please give us a lesson about the roll of (I) WHEN YOU HAVE TO READ IT LONG (I)WHEN SHOT (I) EXAMPLE -might-

Thursday, January 20th 2011

hi good day.. im so very negative about my English because i cant speak more. and i want to be a flight attendant pls.

Friday, January 21st 2011

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Friday, January 21st 2011

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Friday, January 21st 2011

that was helpful sweetie, thX

Friday, January 21st 2011

thank you for your lesson i have understood where and when i can use so &neither

Saturday, January 22nd 2011

Hi dear that was realy good thanks for that lesson
But may you help with either or, neither nor

I will appreciate your help

Saturday, January 22nd 2011

thank you very much
i loved your teaching and you face expressions
Goon Great work.
Kindest Regards.

Saturday, January 22nd 2011

Thank you Valen *

Sunday, January 23rd 2011

thank you

Tuesday, January 25th 2011

Thank you Valen.

Sunday, January 30th 2011

hello to all .. really it’s a wonderful website .. i think that i will can improve my english language whith our teachers here … thank u Valen .. u have a great method

Monday, January 31st 2011

I appreciate the way you use for teaching.
thank you.

Wednesday, February 2nd 2011

How can I learn the alphabet pronunciation.

Thursday, February 3rd 2011

good jobe

Saturday, February 5th 2011

Hi Valen!

I wanna say to you 2 things:
1 – Your lessons are very good! I hope see more videos from you!!! thx a lot!
2 – Why, in this sentence “I have a blue car but my friend John doesn’t”, is incorrect?

Ta ta for now!

Friday, February 11th 2011

hello dear teacher,
i like your teaching , and i love you, but i have face with one question , you wrote
mary has a car so does john. in this sentence why you are used has , i think there is we most be use have because mary is singular not plural . i think we write like this
mary have a car so does john.
if you give me letal bet information about this sentence ,thanks your sincerlly student nafi

Thursday, February 24th 2011

dear teacher
if you dont maind please explins let’s with definition , good luck

Thursday, February 24th 2011

6 corrects out of 6 great, Valen u r great, so do I. so long cutie.

Saturday, February 26th 2011


I want to ask u someting regarding this sentence.. Is’t correct or not..

” I shall learn that thing. So do u.”

Wednesday, March 2nd 2011


Friday, March 11th 2011

hi vallen mam,
today i watched the video of so and neither. your teaching style is very good, i understand easily and than give test. this test buil confidence.
Rakesh Singh

Wednesday, March 16th 2011

Hi Valen Iam thank you for your english lessons.I want to ask you .how can I practice english if there is not anyone want to learn english?.and would you mind giving me your email to ask you about english please?and thank you

Sunday, March 20th 2011

hi this is anu i am thank full to you i like your name valen it feel like i am reached in heaven god bless you

Friday, March 25th 2011

Hi dear Ms Valen , i love your voice .
And i have some questions for you
You taught us below
Simple present tense
I have a car . So does Mary
I dont have a car . Neither does Mary

Modal Verb
I can swim .So can you
I can not swim. Neither can you

Ex : I am going to the school . Mary is going to school too ( use near future ” be + V_ing ”
-> I am going to the school . So is gong to Mary <– ( i wrote if i were true )

and other tenses
I have had luch . So have been Mary (???? )

Thank you , miss . Cause i want to make more clearly

Friday, March 25th 2011

Hi everybody
I am not good at English
so I really need to talk with someone in English to improve my English
Can anybody help me ?
Please contact me . fpt2008 [ a t ] gmail [ d o t ] com

Sunday, April 3rd 2011

Valen Why not does?
Thank you Valen for your time

Tuesday, April 5th 2011

Hi Valen

Thank you so much.

Wednesday, April 6th 2011

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Wednesday, April 6th 2011

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Thursday, April 7th 2011

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Monday, April 11th 2011

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Tuesday, April 12th 2011

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Thursday, April 14th 2011

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Friday, April 15th 2011

Hi Valen!
I want to ask you about this sentence.
I am sorry for being late in writing to you.I am confused about using the right preposition.
I mean (in writing or for writing)
Thank u

Saturday, April 23rd 2011

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I got always great
I finished lesson 11
thanks my beloved valen

Monday, April 25th 2011

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Wednesday, April 27th 2011

First of all, I thank you so much about the effort you have made to provide this wonderful work for the ESL people.
I have an interesting question:
You have written that: Mary has a car. So does John. Is it correct or Mary has a car. So has John. because of the car.

I hope you can respond to my request soon as possible, thanks again and have a wonderful day.

Saturday, April 30th 2011

it is very interesting and valueable lesson for me.
i want to say thanks valen
i have needed your compete english grammer lesson from start to progress

Thursday, May 5th 2011

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Thursday, May 12th 2011

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Thursday, May 12th 2011

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you are such as nice teacher.

Isaid again thank you.make no mistakes for that.

Good bye have a fun.

Thursday, May 12th 2011

Dear Ms Valen,
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*I think you fit this shoe.
I do think you fit this shoe.

*I did want to go.
I wanted to go.

And all the possible cases.

Thanks in advance!!

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Mary has a car and John

It’s correct or wrong

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i can drive. so can Ahmad?
He can sing. so can John?
Juli has a banglow, SO does john?
He should obey elders.so should I? could you please check these sentences and also could you tell me what is the difference between tag questions and the type of sentences thanks regards.

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Why should we use – “If I were you I would be rich”
Why cant we use -“If I was you…”

Thursday, January 26th 2012

    When we’re talking about possible things, or things that could have happened but didn’t, we use “were”.

    Friday, January 27th 2012

      Thank you so much for your reply. engvid is so much helpful for the learners like me…

      Wednesday, February 1st 2012

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[…] go to London this summer.    I will.  Me neither. Neither will I Uzupełnienia: 1. film: https://www.engvid.com/english-grammar-so-neither/ 2. zadania: http://www.usingenglish.com/quizzes/68.html Zagadnienia, na które powinieneś […]

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For example :
Mary can’t drive. Neither can John. or John can’t either it is the same answer right

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Thank you!

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Sunday, August 26th 2012

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    Friday, September 7th 2012

sorry i had a mistake the sentence is “you know everything . so do i”

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wondering if it is grammatically correct? as i know it is affectionately correct.lol

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I think the best way to understand the nateves while they are fastly talking is to keep watching English movies, videos, debates ..ect.

I hope it helps


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As Adam who is one of the engvid teacher said on his video about differences between everyday and every day

Shouldnt you revise your second example ?

I think it should be “Mary swims every day”

Thanks again…

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I go to tution. So does John.
my question is:-
In these two sentences second sentence depends on first. means if I will not go to tution then John will also not go to tution.

please clear my confusion

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the material is very nice and i like it #bandungcityindonesian

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Actually, I never understand how to use “either and nor” as well. I deeply hope that there will be a nice video about this topic too. Thank you for your kind. ( So sorry about my english, if it confuses you )

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i have a question hope you respond it with much of details.
the question is: what is the difference between therefore and because?
Lal Agha Faqirzai From Afghanistan

Monday, June 10th 2013

I think So & EITHER express a common thing between two persons

Monday, July 1st 2013

The comments make me feel confused. but I like the way Miss Valen teached “SO and NEITHER”. Simple,clear and easy.
Thank you all for commenting.

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Saturday, August 3rd 2013

Hi teacher thank so much for helping us (:
I wanted to ask about this sentence
“Mary and john swim everyday. so….Jane”
the “to do verb” that I choose, I choose it depending on what comes after it right? I mean when I want to choose a “to do verb” I should ask myself is the sub. singluar or plurar? right?
my other question is
the only helping verbs that we choose are the “to do verb” so no “have\has\had”?

Tuesday, August 6th 2013


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I have been learning english for about a few years and i totally need more english lecture, stuff, e-book and bla bla bla.. jahahaha

Btw i have understood with this subject… and i have one examples for this. Check this

“My Mom has a beautiful faces, so does Mrs. Valen”


“I used computer a lot, so does they”

could it be?


Saturday, October 5th 2013

why we said in the second sentece
mary doesn’t have a car, instead of,mary dosen’t has a car

Monday, October 7th 2013

thx for teaching,i am a beginer,how do i know that you upload a new video?

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secondly ,thanks for lesson, you’re so beautiful! once thanks for everything that you do for us.

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I have a question.
Will is also a modal that must be used in the second clause. Am I right?
My score: 100% :D

Friday, April 4th 2014

If someone says something negative and we agree with them we can use neither.
If someone says something positive and we agree with them we can use so.

Thank you.

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