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10 out of 10, thanks for the lesson….!!

Profile photo of Jakub Alvarez Jakub Alvarez

but u taught
So does drake.
on my answer no. 8….

Profile photo of Prateek gupta Prateek gupta

    But look at the auxiliary verb

    Profile photo of Bruna42 Bruna42

    From the lesson it was:
    “I live in Toronto.” So does Drake.

    In question 8 is:
    “I’m from Toronto.” So is Emma.

    Profile photo of rokaly rokaly

      Because I made same mistake, I think we have to agree with do,did and does only when original sentence has no helping verb, otherwise the helping verb is used.

      Profile photo of LesTalk LesTalk

Thanks for the lesson

Profile photo of zbyszekski zbyszekski

10 out of 10, thanks for the lesson….!! :)

Profile photo of katya ochoa katya ochoa

    thank you Teacher Emma

    Profile photo of alvaroherrera alvaroherrera

    so do i

    Profile photo of Al- Shahrier Mehedi Al- Shahrier Mehedi

    So do I.

    Profile photo of EgzonHoxha EgzonHoxha

Got perfect on the test. Yay me!

Thank you for the lesson.
I had been making mistakes with the phrases but now I completely understand the rule!

Profile photo of Shinosan Shinosan

Hi Emma
Thank you for this lesson .
Could you help me with the pronunciation of neither . Some people pronounce with ‘i’ sound and others with ‘e’ sound . Where I must use one or the other ?
Does a short expression exist to say that you desagree with someone e.g. I like pizza . So I don’t. Or I don’t like pizza . So I do .
At last . Is it correct to say ? ‘ I like pizza . Me too and him yes ‘
Maybe only Frenchs say so ?
See you

Profile photo of tsamp tsamp

Thanks for the lesson..

Profile photo of Birsel Uckun Birsel Uckun

I got 9 correct out of 10
Thank you Emma

Profile photo of amrattallah amrattallah

10/10. everybody likes your lessons, so I do :)

Profile photo of sadekhamid sadekhamid

As always, everything is very clearly stated. I liked it very much.
Thank you very much, Emma.

Profile photo of urs68 urs68

10/10, thank you for your lecture, Emma

Profile photo of keniuj keniuj

Emma, you are the best. thanks for the lesson. I’ve learned a Lot.

Profile photo of Heitorgustavo Heitorgustavo

Keniuj, JaKub Alvares got 10/10, so did I, they aren’t from Europe, So am I. Thank Emma so much, you teach very easily understand.

Profile photo of nguyen van long nguyen van long

I got 7/10 thank you so much Emma

Profile photo of Rdwan nour Rdwan nour

Thank you Emma.

Profile photo of Iasha Iasha

I like this very much, thank you Emma.

Profile photo of HienNguyen102 HienNguyen102

Emma, Does you tutor on skype: I want to take lessons from you. if you write to me, I will glad you nuray.korukmez44@gmail.com

Profile photo of nuray44 nuray44

10 of 10, thank you very much. Emma do yo know some page where I can practice mi speaking

Profile photo of Hector Leonardo Hector Leonardo

Hi my name sutriyono, I want to ask you, how the way to crack down on toefl exam, i am very often nearly everyday I am hard learning but always fail, do you have suggestion or recommendation? Because toefl test very expensive, I don’t wanna fail for first time test. Thankyou

Profile photo of Sutriyoni Sutriyoni

Thank you very much…

Profile photo of William19 William19

Thank you Emma

Profile photo of Rozenn Rozenn

I`ve made 2 mistakes…

Profile photo of InnaVynn InnaVynn

thank you very much emma

Profile photo of ferhat ferhat

I got 10
& that was a essential lesson,
Thanks Emma

Profile photo of Lankitha Lankitha

Thank you Emma🙏

Profile photo of Moo fawzy Moo fawzy

Thanks Emma,

Profile photo of Hany Aly Hany Aly

Great lesson, thanks.

Profile photo of ft 2019 ft 2019

Thanks Emma for this useful lesson.

Profile photo of VICENTE-26 VICENTE-26

Thank you Emma you are great

Profile photo of Fatim123 Fatim123

this web site is awesome

Profile photo of Caballero Negro Caballero Negro

beautiful and great teacher!

Profile photo of avidlrme avidlrme

Thank you, Emma. Great lesson.

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Profile photo of yavuzz yavuzz

Tank’s for Lesson, Emma. I like so much. :)

Profile photo of meFranYes meFranYes

7/10 thank you for the lesson next time i will get 10/10

Profile photo of Mustapha.haddou Mustapha.haddou

Thanks for the lesson

Profile photo of Chahid 10 Chahid 10

9 out of 10 . I have to see this lesson one more time

Profile photo of Skorplaw Skorplaw

This was a very educative lesson. keep on teaching us.

Profile photo of Ndakola Teofilus N Ndakola Teofilus N

Hi Emma

I have a bit confused about meaning of “so do I” and “me too”
Are both of them same meaning or different?

For example
A:I like pizza
B:Me too or So do I

Thank you.

Profile photo of knottchaiyawat knottchaiyawat

    They are both correct, but only “so do I” was taught in this lesson.

    Profile photo of rokaly rokaly


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Profile photo of Guureeye Guureeye

thank you for your lessons

Profile photo of Guureeye Guureeye

For some students is complicated understanding when they must use DO or DOES, instead of TO BE verb. It is quite simple. For any verb except to be verb, use DO or Does according to the pronoun or person equivalent. Is it clear?

Profile photo of AndreMoraes AndreMoraes

10 of 10. Awesome.

Profile photo of AndreMoraes AndreMoraes

My first lesson, next time will be better…

Profile photo of arriojaw arriojaw

Thanks it was refreshing my brain!

Profile photo of Maria Galindo Maria Galindo

9 OUT OF 10. THANK U SO MUCH!!!!!!

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Profile photo of Dollyphot Dollyphot

Thank you dear Emma,
You are great.

Profile photo of Sabawoon Mohmand Sabawoon Mohmand

I got 9 out of 10, we can’t say “so want I”.. that was very helpful and important lesson thank you so much.. your way in teaching is very simple and making it easy to us. God bless you.

Profile photo of Arwa Arwa

This can help me lots.

Profile photo of perri perri

When Emma says they can pass this test I responded myself so do I
With Emma’s helps thank you so much
Please correct my spelling thank you

Profile photo of Juan Gaspar Juan Gaspar

this lesson is very helpful.
thank you

Profile photo of rc150809 rc150809

Astonishing class dear Emma…. please Emma, you mention your home city Toronto – torono- is it right? It would be great if you do a video about how to pronounce the Canadian cities correctly… anyway greetings from surco

Profile photo of marc anthony marc anthony

Thank you

Profile photo of crispim crispim

Hi Emma,
I have been following your lesson for more than 2 years, almost seen most of the lessons of other teachers and ur coleaqueas , is there anyway to get a certificate, online exam or so,,

Profile photo of Lincoln Lincoln

Thank you teacher Emma
Momina Ijaz

(These sentiments belong to my daughter who is a student of 3 class. She listened your lesson carefully, did the quiz and got 100%)

Profile photo of Muhammad Ijaz 801 Muhammad Ijaz 801

So Do I .Great lessons .Thanks Emma

Profile photo of MSEUFALE MSEUFALE

Thank you so much Emma, you are a great teacher.

Profile photo of Fuanito Fuanito

so I think this website is excellent and all the teacher but about the quiz I recomend that it can be a bit larger may be 50 questions


Profile photo of pavel1984 pavel1984

    Probably better to put multiple tests of 10. In this way anyone could decide when to stop.

    Profile photo of rokaly rokaly

8 out of 10 great

Profile photo of Menghour @168 Menghour @168

I will improve my English grammar

Profile photo of Menghour @168 Menghour @168

Thanks Emma

Profile photo of mohamed hanafi mohamed hanafi

i got 7 correct out of 10.
Thank you EngVid!!!

Profile photo of Teddy24 Teddy24

Love Emma <3

Profile photo of beosua138 beosua138

Good Emma, I have learned a lot, thanks.

Profile photo of Rabia102 Rabia102

Thank you Emma!

Profile photo of Abdullah Alshamiri Abdullah Alshamiri

thans for the lesson my teacher :)

Profile photo of Hafidiy Hafidiy

Thanks, Emma; had a very good lesson. Although it looks simple one or two questions could be tricky!

Profile photo of Sepik Sepik

So I do. I like Emma’s class.

Profile photo of Hiroaki O. Hiroaki O.

8 out of 10, uhm not bad haha. Thanks for this lesson :)

Profile photo of Kayserr Kayserr

I like Emma’s class.

Profile photo of saidmekdad saidmekdad

I got ten out of ten, thanks for this interesting lesson.

Profile photo of George George

Thank you so much!

Profile photo of Lilian Moura Lilian Moura

ok i got 6/10 but a think mistakes are part of the process

Profile photo of Jlsusana Jlsusana

thanks, Emma

Profile photo of wayne yeung wayne yeung

we love emma’s lesson

so do I

Profile photo of hamdy hemdan hamdy hemdan

7 correct out of 10, Thank you for the Lesson!
regards and a hug from Nicaragua!

Profile photo of snacke2931 snacke2931

I really enjoyed your class, thankyou.

Profile photo of ShivReddy ShivReddy

10 out of 10 :D

Profile photo of Mr.Ehtiman Mr.Ehtiman

This lesson was useful to me.

Profile photo of cezar bueno cezar bueno

you teach very well Emma:)thanks a lot…

Profile photo of zahra9030 zahra9030

Great thank you for everything

Profile photo of Eslam Ahmed 01271376675 Eslam Ahmed 01271376675

Thanks for the lesson.
Q:Can you speak English?
A:So can I.

Profile photo of Byeong jin Jo Byeong jin Jo

10/10…. thank you, Emma, pretty good video and clear… keep on the same

Profile photo of rreyesba rreyesba

thank you for the lesson.
answering quiz has always been easy…
my problem is making up sentences myself in just a second when talking to others.

Profile photo of dragonballzz dragonballzz

Emma is the best online teacher I have seen.

Profile photo of Justiliano Medina Justiliano Medina

Thank you Emma,
Today i known how to use it correctly.

Profile photo of trai trai

I got 9/10 Thank you. I have improved my English Skill every day and follow the rules.

Profile photo of sulus sulus

Im out 8/10

Profile photo of Trespaylas Trespaylas


Profile photo of Harjeet Yadav Harjeet Yadav

thank you Emma, the lesson is helpful as always.

Profile photo of Usmansidi Usmansidi

thanks Emma, it’s very useful lesson

I don’t like one thing only

that example about Dracula,
I really don’t like you to be in the same city where is him. we still need you.
just kidding, you are the Best.

Profile photo of Toadflax Toadflax

Thank Emma 💟

Profile photo of Lavender Lavender

thank you

Profile photo of onixk88 onixk88

Great class Emma. Thank you a lot.

Profile photo of aaruiz aaruiz

Thanks for the lesson, Emma!

Profile photo of meFranYes meFranYes

ıf someone is interested in improving its english.

you can contact me on skype ”ellezam”

Profile photo of meo.1907 meo.1907

Thanks Kind Emma for your lesson

Profile photo of Boualem Boualem

I got 10 correct out of 10!!! Thanks a lot. Really I enjoyed .

Profile photo of Imran Hossen Imran Hossen

Thank you Ms. Emma. I like your lesson. So does Dracula.

Profile photo of Alex-1956 Alex-1956

In question number 8 , we must look with attention the auxiliary verb , I live in toronto isn’t same : I’m from toronto , so the correct answer is : So is Emma.

Profile photo of Thiago Sobral Thiago Sobral

I got 9 points.Thank you for lesson.

Profile photo of ammyamonrat ammyamonrat

You rock

Profile photo of Navidgh Navidgh

10 out 10. Emma is an excellent teacher. Congrats!

Profile photo of Gustav70 Gustav70

very interesting lesson. And easy to follow.

Profile photo of halconsacred33 halconsacred33

Very clear. Thanks.

Profile photo of hochihuang hochihuang

Congratulations Emma.

Profile photo of Rondiarelli Rondiarelli

Hey guys!I left my result…. 9 of 10..Thanks you emma!!

Profile photo of gerocampo gerocampo

I had a simple mistake.

Profile photo of Kunihiko Kimura Kunihiko Kimura

Thank you Emma!!! Can you recommend me any Grammar Book which I can study by myself?

Profile photo of Antonis Evdaimon Antonis Evdaimon

Thanks Emma

Profile photo of Azat06 Azat06

Thank you Emma for this interesting and useful lesson. I watched this lesson a long time ago and I had difficulty understanding. In this second time I got a better mark in the quiz and comprehension. I will notice better when listening to English conversations.

Profile photo of Roberto Roberto

Not 10 out of ten , this is how I can see my mistakes! Thank you Emma.

Profile photo of LesTalk LesTalk

so did i ,thanks a lot <3

Profile photo of AymenBN AymenBN

it was a good lesson thank you Emma you are a good teacher go ahead.

Profile photo of negasigebre negasigebre

Thank you Emma, it’s he help me a lot.

Profile photo of Roy.Lin Roy.Lin

Thanks a million Emma for your great lesson!You have explained very well.It’svery useful and more informative.

Profile photo of Prasunan Prasunan

10 out 10

Profile photo of johncillo johncillo

I have fun with this lesson. Thanks!

Profile photo of Henrique Alves Henrique Alves

A: I’m from Toronto
B: so does Emma. OR so is Emma.

Why 2nd one is correct?

Profile photo of Siam@7 Siam@7

Thanks Emma!!

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