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Thanks for your good work!!
It helps me with English idioms a lot!

Profile photo of dearwhr77 dearwhr77

Thank you! Very easy explanation to understanding and keeping in mind))


Thanks a lot.. Very good explanation, helped me a lot to understand these idioms…:)


thanks for the nice idiom lessons, would you please explain to me how much of idioms do i need to score high in TOEFL, I am really suffering reading for the TOEFL, OR any other advise will be appreciated.


Thank you so much for that information, specially because I’m learning english, and this is really useful, You all make it easy to understand and remember. Excellent work to you all, I’ve seen some of your videos.. They have helped me a lot. Thanks again, Keep on like this! :)

Natalie, Venezuela

it`s so interesting .
thanks alot.


hi Dear Alex.i listen your lessons with great pleasure.you explain everything very good.i think i have learnt much more important idioms thanks to you.


    Hi Ugur. I am fond of his explanation. He is perfect, I think.


it was excellent!!!

Alex I would like to ask you, what´s the difference between idiom and slang?

thank you.

walter beda

    Hi Walter,

    That is an excellent question, and one that is not easy to answer.

    Slang is usually used by young people, or within a certain group of people. For example, hockey players have their own slang. “Give me the biscuit” means “Pass me the hockey puck.” Slang changes the meanings of words, and is usually only understood by people who are in a particular group. Slang can also destroy proper grammatical structures.

    Idioms are more universal in the English language. An idiom is an expression, word, or phrase whose literal meaning is different from its intended meaning. If I say “he has two left feet,” the literal meaning is much different than the intended meaning.

    For more information, you can consult wikipedia:

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

      Can you please explain to me
      the different btw slang-casual English ??


thank you very much!!))
i have a little question) in the test i have seen this sentence”You agree with my conclusion?” but i was learnt that the construction of the interrogative sentence must be like this “do you agree with my… ”
is it always allowed to ask in that way?(like you wrote)

thank you)))

Profile photo of Lina Lina

    Hi Lina,

    I used “You agree with my conclusion?” not as interrogative, but as a clarifying statement/question. It’s like saying “So, you agree with me.”

    Here is another example:

    Alex: I thought that movie was terrible.
    Lina: Yeah, I thought so too.
    Alex: You agree with my opinion? Wonderful!

    It would be silly to ask an interrogative question after you said “Yeah, I thought so too.” By saying/asking “you agree with my opinion?” I am not really asking if you agree with my opinion, but clarifying and re-stating that fact.

    I hope this helps and makes sense!

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

      thank u so much!

      Profile photo of Lina Lina

Thanks a lot)

Profile photo of Olya_from_Ukraine Olya_from_Ukraine

Hello Alex,

Thank you for your clear lesson on some idioms related to some parts of our body.

I’ve got two left feet by the way. So the first idiom becomes me perfect. (Hope this sentence makes sense.)

Looking forward to your next lesson..
Bye for now.



    I think you meant to say “the first sentence describes me perfectly,” or “the first sentence fits me perfectly.”

    Thank you for watching.

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

      Thank you so much Alex. You’ve been helping me a lot with the your clear and clarifying lessons.
      Looking forward to your next video.
      Thank you for all your suppport

      Profile photo of Wellington Sousa Wellington Sousa

hey Alex,

thank you for this,
Anyway, could you please give the explanation/definition of each idioms? I just see the explanation for number 1: put your back into it = work harder.

Appreciate your reply.




Thank you very much for this lesson. Could you lend me a hand for more body idioms.

Profile photo of hamid haj hamid haj

Hi everybody. Alex, thanks a lot. You are perfect! You explain everything well.


hi everyone ,
and thanks a lot for the explanation .
the lesson is awsome ..
please i want to know more idioms .

Profile photo of miss.pink miss.pink

Thank you kindly Alex for these useful idioms . Iwait more and more


thank’s a lot for this explanation.

as a english student i have some dificult to understand this kind of sentence.

keep doing this job man….


denis silva

What’s up? Alex Thank you for this lesson. I’m learning little by little Thank You again.

Robert Estrada

really first time for looking your web ..oh destination for everybody that so interesting to learn english…thank you so much

pop much more

Thank you so much about these great lessons.
I have a question:
How can I use the words: effect, affect and fluence?

Thanks so lot and have a good time.

Mary Hieu

lurvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv u soooo muchhhhhhhh
this helped a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
to tell u da truth all ur vid dooooooo
once again love uuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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hi Alex , I would like to thank you very much.




Thanks for help

Profile photo of Michael78 Michael78

Your lesson is very undestandable!!!




Thank you for this lesson. It is perfect!

Profile photo of Coffee*~ Coffee*~

Thank you Alex.

I would like to ask you, what´s the difference between register and recorder?

Thank you

Profile photo of kalanaza kalanaza

Hi, There Alex.

Just stopped by to give you A BIG THANKS, for your wonderful lesson ^^

And, I have questions, if you don’t mind ^^ :

1. Can you show me/tell me, how to teach students in the first meeting (well, basically they don’t really understand English, don’t they ? ) ? specially for students from the age of 3 to 12 ?

2. Do you have tips to teach students from other country (like Japan or Korea for examples ) ?

3. Can I have your e-mail (so I can ask you a lot of questions ^^) ?

Thank you Alex.
Keep a good Work ^^

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Thanks. It was very very useful.


Thank you very much Alex for having wonderful and useful explanation……………

Profile photo of fati7 fati7

You are such wonderful insturctor


thank you Alex


Thanks your class is very important for my, its going to help me a lot.


excellent explanation thank’s alot Alex

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You are the best!!! Thank you for you are !!!!


wow lol thanks Mr. Alex I enjoy yoiur lesson very much…

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You are such great insturctor thank you for your insturction

Profile photo of Achekzai Achekzai

sweet Alex;
sence tow day ago i joint your on line class .
it’s reaally fantastic . i 100% passd a quize but still now i am confuse abut how to use , put your back in to it . i think its mean need to hard work , or need to push by some one or sommthing eals ?????????
just help me for more clearifacation


thank you teahcer


Dear Alex

I am very appreciate your online teaching. it is very great chance for me to improve my english I really want to know more and more

Deeply thanks for your best work

Best regards,

H. Phanny

he phanny

fantasic and very beautifully explained


Hi, I like this video. Can I use it in my lessons? How can I download it?

Irene Starodubtseva

Thanks a lot Alex ^_^

Profile photo of Abdullah Hamza Abdullah Hamza

Thanks a lot. It’a very helpful lesson. Good luck!!!

Profile photo of Dimdok Dimdok

thanks for the lesson it was easy to undertand

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thank you for your examm.
thanks alot


Very useful.

Profile photo of eeae eeae

thanx alot very nice i like it


I’m luckly for to find out this website is really helpfull thanks a lot teacher


thanx Ur work is really he is going to help us in large interest.


your a good teacher aswome..


It’s really very nice ……

Profile photo of RAJ RAJ

Very good, thank you

Luis Miguel

That’s triff. Thanks a lot,the lesson is very clear to understand it.


I’m Really happy today finding engvid.com.
itcould improve n make a good progess of my english skill.


Thanks Alex, I learn alot from you.

Profile photo of mayyeh mayyeh

Thank you sir
you really had lend me your hand for this lesson


your videos are very helpfull for me,sir i want to speak english but lack of confidance and spelling mistakes i feel anable to speak and write my viue plz help me if any one help me. plz tell me how can i speak english very fluently and write english correctly. plz riply me


your videos are very helpfull for me,sir i want to speak english but lack of confidance and spelling mistakes i feel anable to speak and write my view plz help me if any one help me. plz tell me how can i speak english very fluently and write english correctly. plz riply me


first i want to offer my thanks to you for your informative video lessons i love your teaching style.Apart from that i have a question to ask is that the sentence “keep your nose out of someone`s business” is a rude and impolite sentence? or it`s just a regular kind of telling someone that not to concern himself for others problems.
I`m looking forward to the answer.

Profile photo of samaneh samaneh

    i`m not patient enought. i`d be thankful if someone answers my question.

    Profile photo of samaneh samaneh

    Hi samaneh,

    It is a very strong statement, and it may sound rude depending on how you use it. I would not use it as a regular part of my speech, especially if you are in a formal situation. It is fine with close friends or it may be used if you are angry or if you WANT to be forceful with someone.

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

thanks for your concerns


really useful


thanks for the learning, it helps me a lot.


I’ve been learning English for two years.I’m in college now. One of my problems is to understand Idioms,I hear new ones every day sometimes you can guess their meanings yet, guessing doesn’t always work .I think you guys should focus on them a lot.Keep up the good work!!!

Thanks a lot.


very good Mr Alex thank you very much but i want some vocabulary about human body like “marrow” for example cause i am so bad in that kind of vocabularies and thank you so much

Profile photo of saadsamy saadsamy

    Thank you for the suggestion. I may give a biology lesson in the future!

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

wow thanks for your help

ahmed abdi

it was a nice lesson
i like it


this is cool!

Profile photo of pearljam pearljam

What’s a helpful lesson !!!
It’s amazing as it always :)))


It really helped me!Thanks!

Profile photo of amorceleste amorceleste

No better words to say! Thank you. Excellent job!


Thank you .I’ve been learning a lot

Fran Falcao

Tank you very much!
I’m french from Québec
You make the explication clear.
You are a great teacher.
It’s générous to share for free the advices.
Good day to you.

nathalie M

I’m from Ukraine,Ivano-Frankivsk. We use your lessons for our students every time. You really help us to improve English.Thank you very much.


Thanks a lot, Alex. This is very interesting and useful information.

Profile photo of alexandria09 alexandria09

hi alex,
This is really helpful,apart from that could you clarify the difference between ‘keep your nose out of my business’ and ‘Maintain your low profile’.which one of these are more polite?

Profile photo of srikavicitizen srikavicitizen

    To keep a low profile means to be inconspicuous, or not to be too obvious in a situation. You can hear this in many spy or action movies. :)

    “Keep your nose out of my business” is not really polite, and is used if you are angry or annoyed with someone who will not leave you alone.

    The two phrases are different. I would say that “keep a low profile” is more polite, because it is helpful advice. “Keep your nose out of my business” is a much stronger imperative, and shows that the speaker is upset.

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

it was really helpfull for me .
thank you so much sir!

Profile photo of rahmankhan1 rahmankhan1

i really like your lessons . thank very much .
your explaination is clear as a bell


I am from Pakistan facing difficulty to learn English but these videos are helping me a lot. A tremendous job is being done to help the students across the globe. Really, the teamwork is commendable. Hope to watch more latest videos!

Sania Qureshi

Hi Alex
Istared see your lesson sience three weaks and i love it It really help to improve my english. Could you tell me pleace,what do i need besides the program to improve my english or those lesson are enough for imfroving my english


I’m really greatful to watch thoese lesson. I learn lots of thing with in few weeks in thoese lesson.Could you tell me please what do i need to improve my english beside these lesson.i want to put my back to improve my english. Please help me to give your advice.


Hey alex, i need your help.
-Could you tell me what’s idioms and slang?
And where do i hear that?

I’m looking foraward to hearing you.

thank you.


    Hi Marie, for you who is French (?):
    IDIOMS= expressions
    SLANG = argot
    You’d probably found this words in “LESSON TOPICS” = sujets des leçons.

    Profile photo of milly milly

i want to learn spoken english pls give tip


thank you!!!


that’s great and very well, now i m going to make my English well and better, and i m very thankful to u and all teachers…

Profile photo of hammad99101 hammad99101

    we can speak english on skype


Hi! Alex.
Very Clear Lesson.
Looking Forward to Your Next Lesson.
Thank You.


Dear sir.
I am Vietnamese.Would you mind explaining an action to celebrate victory: hi five or high five.I have searched in Oxford Dictionary ,it only has” high five” but sometimes in subtitle of videos for speaking English I saw ” hi five”

tri bui

I’m looking forward to more useful lessons from you :)
Teacher, thanks so much ^^


Thank you very much ! I really enjoyed it.
Best regards, Javier.


Hello Alex, thank you very much for your explanation. I really enjoyed !
Best regards.

Profile photo of jcresifulli jcresifulli


jenel sanon

Dear Alex,
thanks for all! I’m very happy that I discovered :o) these lessons.
I have a little correction in spelling an adjective “embarassing”. It should be “embaRRassing”. Am I right?
Pa,pa :o)

Profile photo of lenkareva88 lenkareva88

    we can speak english by by


good Thank you and good quiz


Hi, your lesson about Body Idioms is very interesting and benefit, thanks.



Profile photo of wakeelahmedchanna23 wakeelahmedchanna23

100 %!)
hi Alex!you are really the best teacher which I ever seen!You help me every day put my back into it!And it’s very difficult for me to learn English because I have 2 left feet…You lend me a hand in my English way!Thanks a lot)
with best regards Anna from Russia

Any Russia

thanks a lot alex i never knew that i have much to learn


hy ALEX how r u?ALEX can u help me to describe in easy way the use of has ,have and had .bcoz i cannt use these words easily in spoken english.i know my grammar is so week my english is not too good but i hope u will understand my problm.


thank you so much mr alex
i got 5 out 5 i am glad .
i have a question my question is if i say someone who is daddy ? or Don’t believe the hype? is that right sir

ibrahim magale

Greeting from Romania!!Great work!


Very good and helpful lessons. I’m going to improve my English with this lessons. I need English every day for my work. It is possible to do a video about CV and cover letter example?

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Pretty good!

Profile photo of valbrun valbrun

Thanks Alex. You are a perfect teacher

Profile photo of vahid89 vahid89

Hi Alex,
Many thanks,i really appreciate your teaching and could you lend me your hend that i have no grip on spelling sometime i know the words but always fail to write good words due to spelling problem.
I will appreciate your patronge.


thnxxxx that was my first video and i admired u
but i face a problem that when i listen i can understand what people say in english but i can’t say it or when i start talkin i forget many words plz tell me what should i do


thanks Alex!

Profile photo of meng978 meng978

I like the way you teach Alex !!! I have just a question about pronunciation: How is it possible that the word “read” has 2 kind of sounds ? I mean when it means past I’ve to read “read” (red) when it means present i have to read “read” (reed)

Profile photo of beppez beppez

i learn a lot,thanks

Adhikary Pushpa

thank you Alex you are very good teacher.


Hmmm…I decided to put my back into learning English and you,Mr.Alex lent me a hand…And …even if you have two left feet and always try to solve smb’s problems…I am really glad we see eye to eye!!!)))

Profile photo of svetlanka95 svetlanka95

thanks a lot for your quiz…
i can know more about idioms…..


Thank you very much. Alex.


it’s great!! I’m perfect… thank you alex

emerelyn pairat castro

Hi! Alex this is sunil kumar,
how can i improve my english so that i can speak in front of anybody very easily

Profile photo of sunil2911 sunil2911

your a great teacher Alex. the way you explain and use body language helps us easy to understand the problem. thank you so much ! watching ur videos everyday and really enjoy them


thanks alex, very useful for me

Profile photo of aldichayo aldichayo

thank u SIR.

Abdul mateen

perfect…..im learning from your lessons alex…thanks..


Thank you very much, Alex. You help me to improve my English.


amazing lesson!

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Thank you Alex…

Profile photo of aida29 aida29

Hello Alex,
What a difference between thus and hence?


I have seen and exercised it. Thank you so much for delivering it by nice way

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nice idioms

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i have enjoyed this lesson

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omg….a lot of comments. It´s a great page. Thanks.

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100You got 5 correct out of 5.

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Very good lesson! Thanks Alex!

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Can you make a lesson about how to use would ، I am absoIutly flommuxed when I have to use it and thank you for this nice lesson .

Profile photo of Salma1995 Salma1995

very interesting thanksssssssssssssss
mr james and Alex

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a very nice lesson . thank you

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Thanks Alex, very good lesson.

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very good. explaint

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than you : )

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that is the best thing I’ve found on the internet.

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It’s very interesing. Thanks for the lesson.

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It’s really interesting. Thanks a lot, teacher Alex. My English is improving more.

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thaks u Alex,

Profile photo of asepihsanudin asepihsanudin


Profile photo of ann ann ann ann

Good one. Thank you.

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Thanks a bunch Alex for all lesssons that I have recieved, I love your accent and it´s very significant that you are showing differents examples in every class a big hug from Colombia

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5/5, i got 100% nearly in all lessons – it becames a good tradition

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hi,nice glacces

Profile photo of adilou adilou

Thank you

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The reply of the first question was wrong, so test gave me an explanation, now i got it. Thank you, Alex!

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Hi Alex,

I am learning a lot with your free English videos. I am looking these videos since last week. I am improving a lot.Thanks for helping us.

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Alex! Thank you so much :) I’m clear as a bell. Nowadays I watch the your video. It’s exactly helped my English skill. I’m so happy.

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Thanks Alex, it is very helpful

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Thanks Alex I really learnt a lot.

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You guys are very wonderful!!!!

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Thanks, Alex. I got 100%! Great!!

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i got it all correct , thank you.

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I really excited to learn these new idioms and I scored 100% of your test :)

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Good job.
Please more idioms.

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5/5 Thank you

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I need to push my back into finishing my minithesis.

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Thank you very much Mr. Alex.

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