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Amazing logics Ronnie

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I get 100 . Thanks Ronnie, it was interesting.

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Thanks Ronnie!!
It´s funny, but most of the vocabulary is exactly the same in Spanish XD

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As always great lesson.thanks

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1st time on top of comments box.
Hey kottoz where r u?☺

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Thanks Ronnie.
I never had think about the parts of my body it seems like food. Actually, just sausage. Good logic.

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Your lessons are great! Thank you so much for all the effort you make!

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Great Lesson. I liked it.

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Learning a lot. Thank you for sharing.

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Hi Ronnie:

Well, some of these examples do exist in Spanish (particularly here in Argentina). The one I don’t know if exists in USA or Canada is “Huevos (eggs)” to refer to testicles. In Argentina it’s used when football (soccer for USA) fans refer to their team or to a particular player. For example: if the team loses, they shout: “PONGAN HUEVOS” (meaning: “try to play harder” or, by contrary, if a player plays really great, they say “ESTE SI QUE PONE HUEVOS” (meaning: “this man plays hard, he feels the game”).

Thanks & greets from Argentina (Hope it is from England someday)

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Awesome lesson,as always
Thank you Ronnie

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This is a really useful lesson!

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OMG delete this video plz

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      because he is from Jordan :D

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Once in a blue moon, I would think about this stuff if I were mad and very crazy but this slang is very funny, we can enjoy it but it isn’t used usually, it’s the first time I have listened to these words and expressions. Telling a joke,…What does “be a Vegetarian Cannibal” mean? Would they be people who eat the palm of the hands and the sole of the feet, wouldn’t they? Would it be possible? Listening to this lesson I have remembered and learned expressions like to tread on somebody’s corns, corn-poppy, Indian corn, corn on the cob, meatball, maggot, nappy, dummy, pacifier, teat, lollipop, to have somebody in the palm of one’s hand, to have somebody eating out of the palm of one’s hand, to be pie-eyed, it’s pie in the sky, because they are learned as easy as pie, and so on. Thanks a lot, teacher Ronnie, yet I am laughing with this topic.

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Hi Ronnie
Back home we call the lettuce with that body part opposite to head…..we call it a” foot of lettuce …..

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you are the best RONNiE.I love your style of teaching

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good lesson

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i saw two times. it was interesting

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i love it

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Very interesting!

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Thank you very much Ronnie. I have learned a lot of English with you and the other teachers but you are my favorite . Your lessons are always so fun that I score always 100 points in the quiz.

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She’s Amazing !!!

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Awesome, I like your lesson.

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I am wondering where your accent is from Ronnie. You sound either Canadian or American, though also I detect another accent underneath.

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    Ronnie is Canadian, but there are many regional accents in Canada. Maybe that’s what you’re hearing?

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Oh, I should add that I think your lessons are awesome.

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I love these lessons congrats Ronnie

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thank you so much

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Hi Ronnie!
Your video is great fun.
I’d like to say a thing about “orecchiette”.
In Italian “chi” is like “key” and not “cheek”. The pronunciation of “orecchiette” is

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Hi Ronnie this video and all slang videos just about American or Caanadian slang or about all slang like Australian slang

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Hi Ronnie !

Why you didn’t mention about Fish Fingers ? It sounds even more ridiculous than the Food Fingers :)

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That lesson was bitchin’ !

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good lesson

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got 9/10 for my first lesson. yeay, that’s very cool. thank you, Ronnie :)

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thnks …

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i love your way

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funny body parts name, i never ever listen in my whole life and never forget in whole life Ronnie MAM.

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no mistakes! Thank you, Ronnie, it was funny and really fascinating!

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Your lessons are great! Thank you so much for all the effort you make! after watching, I think i can improve my English. Thank you so much Ronnie. You’r the best

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thanks a lot Ronnie

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In Japanese, potato eyes are called “me”. The word “me” has both meaning of a bud and also an eye. Coincidentally, English and Japanese have kind of same or similar idea about potato eyes.

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30/100. so bad. can i help you to ameliorate the scores

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For a long time come back Engvid, still love her style! Easy to understand and easy to keep in mind.

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Thank you Ronnie!

Profile photo of lorainebraga lorainebraga

Hello, Ronnie.
In Ukrainian language we also have something like eyes of potatoes and head of cabbage. But other word combinations were strange and interesting for me. Thank you.

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Very crazy but very useful, too.
Anyway, I suppose that potatoes are almost blind, with those ugly eyes they have!

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Hi ronnie i have doubt could u chat me

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I couldt understand of “Which When While Where When What” when this are all apearing in middle sentence please tell me

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thank you

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Thank you.

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Thank you Ronnie

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Hi ronnie . How are you? can you tell me plz how you teach through skype? I am interested I wanna learn how to speake fluent

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And how to make conversation with other confedently

Profile photo of Reema81 Reema81

good lesson thanks ronnie

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Hey Ronnie, thanks for the lesson. Isn’t it a ‘wIEner’ you were talking about?
Love your charisma. Cheers!

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    “Wiener” is the original and most common spelling—from the city of Wien (Vienna). But “ie” and “ei” are frequently confused in English—there aren’t really consistent rules for when to use one or the other, and sometimes they are pronounced the same way. So many people spell it “weiner”, or even “weener”. E. g. a funny nickname for dachshunds is “weenie dogs”.

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Sorry, but you should metion in the title that this video is 18+. Not for children. XD

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As always wonderfull…

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Thanks,Ronnie.Once I finished learning this lesson. I won’t talk too much in the vegetable farm. Haha I worry about my secret.

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Thank you so much to submit me to joy learning english

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So interesting! Thank you Ronnie!

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Thank you, Ronnie! I am glad to see my 100% result according to your teachings! You taught this lesson marvellously. I got 100 on 100!

I wish you a good journey of English!

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Useful lesson . Thanks. :)

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Hi Ronnie,

Great lesson.

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Ronnie, your videos are great!

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thanks. my score is 50.

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Tanks Ronnie. 100 :)

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nice thing you make

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Very useful thanks!

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very informative!

ive got 10 correct out of 10.

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that’s awesome..thx a lot ronnie.

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yeaaayyy i got 100. Thanks Ronnie…

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Thank you, Ronnie!!!

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thank you ronnie. i tell you in my country Colombia there is a dessert called “brazo de reina” “arm of queen” because it’s similar to one arm. it’s very popular and delicious

Profile photo of steeven.medina steeven.medina

Hi dear Ronnie. The way U

Profile photo of Rodolfo Alonzo Rodolfo Alonzo

Czech language use heart of artichoke too.:-)

Profile photo of LTecka LTecka

I got 6/10. Thanks for the lesson!

Profile photo of robi75 robi75

Always a lot of fun with Ronnie lessons lol

Profile photo of Petter93 Petter93

I told the joke to my fiancee he called me stupid lol well I laughed…

Profile photo of Petter93 Petter93

LOL!I loved the joke you told me!🍥🍧🍦🍡🍝🍛🍢

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Funny teacher.Funny jokes.Good lesson.

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In Brazil garlic have teeth and letuce have heart

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I really appreciated. this lesson was so easy to understand thanks again Ronnie you’re awesome.

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great lesson and easy to understand.

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😟😩 it’s my first lesson.
Also I don’t watch the video.

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Great! thanks!

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Profile photo of miriam.cordeiro miriam.cordeiro

lololol… I laughed a lot at the end… The joke really make sense… Thanks Ronnie!!

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Ronnie i’m your new student. i’m interested to learn your lesson.I hope you give some advice how can i learn Canadian English early. Thanks for your video ?

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Hello Ronnie!! I’m learning very much with your english Classes . Thanks a lot.

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You got 5 correct out of 10.

Profile photo of M kartal M kartal

Thanks, Ronnie!
Practising time:
1. Could you buy some heads of lettuce for our dinner salad?
2. I find five ears of corn have different colours, a yellow one, an orange one, a black one and two purple.
3. Are you kidding me? It’s named open-face sandwich? Only because there is no bread on it, this name is so funny.

Profile photo of ivyliu ivyliu

Thank you very much Mrs. Ronnie; it was rather interesting.

Profile photo of Alex-1956 Alex-1956

Thanks. Awesome as always.

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Why do people use the parts of body for foods specially nuts and buns.I think the natural noens are better.what do you think about?

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Thank you!

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easy lesson

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