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Hey Emma ! thanks for this lesson! it’s a little bit confusing ! but i think by using these words in the real life we can perfectly master them!

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    Wao Emma you are impressive. Thank you for providing us with such a good English lesson. I love the way you teach. It is so clear. When you have a chance i would like to see you providing some examples as to when we should use the following expression: As far as

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      Yea Ralph We need to know how to use it


    good response


    Hi, your lesson has been fantastic! thanx
    I think that you had a great idea.

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Thank you very very very Much Emma :)


Hey teacher Emma !I used to get so many problem with these vocabulary but not any more cause ,I’ve already studied your lesson .Thank you so much .


Hi Emma

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your lesson .Thank you for all your hard work. I truly appreciate it.

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Hi Dear Emma. Please talk about difference between Future perfect and Future perfect continuous.

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    My parents will have been walking in the forest for two hours by five o’clock. (Future Perfect continuous)

    will+have+been V+ing

    –|–FCT–| Action is still going on

    that’s means they will begin to walk at 3 o’clock and still going on by 5 o’clock. -ing

    They will have been done walking by 5 o’clock.(Future Perfect)

    –|—-| FP | action it’s over.

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      Thank you so much,m’am.though i knew the meanings of sentences in english,i always had doubt whenever it comes to correctness of my wrtting and others’.now m learning and uderstanding the things you intend to tell us to be a good english speaker or writter or something.i need to write a lot and let this world know that there is need for constant learning and understanding……..n many more.
      n thanx EMMA once more for everything,i give my heartiest gratitude to you all who make this forum!!!!

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Hi Emma

Do you have any more examples,please send for me



thank you so much my cute teacher .


I ensure you, Emma, that i will stop watching your videos when the hell freezes over :)) thank you for your help !

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    I love it when students use the vocabulary in the comment section! Well done Bilel!

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      I ensure you i will never stop watching your videos which are very useful and help me more ..
      and i assure my self i will speak easily soon

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I get 6/6
Thank you
Thanks alot
keep going your god job.


It was a great lesson. I assure I´ll never mix up these confusing words again.
I ensure I allways watch your lessons here on Envid.com.
Thanks a bunch! I wish you all the best!
Valdecy from Brazil

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Hi,Emma it’s really a great lesson i assure you it will be helpful and i will ensure i don’t miss your lessons all the times.
Thanks and keep on the good work!

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Great Lesson Emma. This lesson ensured me I’ll never make these kinds of mistakes again(I hope so).

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thank you so much!


Hi my lovely teacher Emma, very good morning. your lesson about assure ( reassure), ensure and insure really help to differenciate and how to use it in daily conversion. tq.. tq… teacher


Greet Lesson Emma. I am exhorting you to keep on your admirable teaching, it is really helpful.


hi emma, you’re very good teacher, thank you you ensured to teach us.


Hello Emma,
I would like to request a similar video about (migrate, emigrate, immigrate) because I don’t know the actual differences among them.
Thanks in advance ^^

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    I have the same request as well, if you could help Emma.
    and.. Thank you so much for this lesson. I want to say that your smile during giving lessons assures me the lessson will be easy. =)
    Thanks again!


Thanks for this class, Emma.

These words are really confusing! By the way, you look even better with your new hair!


hi all engvid team.you made my life not day…i got what i am looking,,u will rock


Dear Emma,

What is the best form to use the verb have?
I don´t have… or
I have no…



Good training So Thanks Emma.

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hi thanks for video !!! it’s really useful !!!

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Hello Emma
Thanks for teaching .you’re very nice


Thanks a lot.

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Very useful.

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Emma what’s a difference between these words ((( be used or get used to )))??? are they the same ???

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i assure you that engvid is helping me to develope my english skill.Thanks a lot Emma.


mam i assure you that this lesson can help me to improve my english skills,but you must to ensure make more lesson to have more learning,thnk you,.,.,..,.,.

vincent nalagon

it’s very clear now, thank you so much.

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Excellent. you made it easy to remember.

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Hey Emma! just took the quiz test and scored 6 on 6. Thanks to your useful class, I was able to clear confusion between Assure, Ensure and Insure. Thank you once again!


Thank you,it is very helpful.
I often mistake to translate.


Emma i very thankful to you for this lesson and your method of Teaching is so nice.
Emma would you like to give me some tips to get fluency in English?


good, you is teacher for me

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    Thank you for your comments everyone!

    Profile photo of Emma Emma



Very good leasson : clear and useful. I have just discovered this web site and I think I will come back regulary… to improve my poor English!

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thanx alot Emma, i really learnt alot from u thanx again




thank you Emma for this lesson .


Thank you,I learn me new things that I haven´t learned me in the school.

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we know that you are always doing to assure us


Hi Emma ,
thanks a lot for your lesson.
i love to learn english.
Now, i know where i can find a good teacher at home!
i ensure that my English will be stronger than before.
love you


u assure me that i can learn English from your good lesson ……….
thanks… a lot …….

mohammad shahnawaz

Thank you Emma for your lesson, however I had a doubt in one of the questions. My parents——me that no matter what I do, they will love me. I answered “Ensure” because I thought it was a promise or a guarantee his parents made. Can you explain me why is assue and not ensure?
Thanks in advance and take care

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    Hi Adurao,

    Great question!

    ‘Assure’ is used more often with people. We use it to convince someone of something, so they don’t feel anxious eg. My parents assured me that they love me.

    ‘Ensure’ is used more often with things. A person ensures that something occurs or doesn’t occur eg. I ensured there were enough seats for everyone.

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      Hello, Good explanation about these three most confusing words and answer to the question.
      Thanks for lesson


      hello friend,i am saraboji studying in mba but i am very poor in english, if your belive meen’s please help me, sorry for the distrabance with out my introduction.


      i also did the same mistake. Now I can assure that ill not break it again

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nice necklace, pretty good lesson, gorgeous female teacher. thar’s 4 sure until next time Emma.


I like it.
Emma your my favorite teacher.

a person

Thanks, my dear teacher Emma.


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thanks my dear teacher, the lesson was very nice, l will keep in my brain, thank you again.

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Thanks Emma. It was great! (Sidney – Brazil)

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Hallow everybody,thanks Emma for this lesson. I want to impruve my speaking and it will be important to speak someone in English. If where is anyone who wants too contact me with skype: gabo_7777


I had difficulty on this test…but i will try to see the video again to better understanding

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Thank you teacher Emma for the great lesson! I’m from Brazil and i’m indicating Engvid for all my friends who wanna learn English. Thank you all from EngVid!!


I had the same doubt of Adurao on the question “My parents——me that no matter what I do, they will love me. I answered “Ensure” because I thought it was a promise or a guarantee his parents made. Can you explain me why is assue and not ensure?”. Thanks Emma.


thanks Emma, an useful lesson!


Thanks Emma!

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It is great explanation. So far I did not understand clearly with these vocabulary. Now I am clear. Thanks

Lim Ramy

Thanks for this effort :))

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You are the top of teaching! I don’t know this sentence has a meaning but I want to say you are very good at teaching and your style is perfect.

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Emma is the best!


Hallo teacher i scored all of them.
Thank you.

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thank you Emma , you are really easy to deliver. i like your way and your smile

ahmed esmail

Dear Emma i am very for happy your courses are very important i have done a quizz and i have got 6 out of 6

Koffi De souza

thank you emma i understand this vedio


Great work Emma)

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Hi Emma,

Thanks a lot for the lesson!


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thanks. all be good I learning a lot. please can you give me one sentences about free time .thanks


I like a lot this lesson, I know I will apply well these words in my real life


Thanks for your great lesson, Emma.
I have a question. What’s the difference between “try” and “attempt”? Thanks in advance :)


Good job!


Thanks Emma.. If it’s possible, could you explain when and how to use the future continuous tense? :)

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Dear Emma,
Thanks a lot for your kind effort, but really it is still confusing even for you.


Thanks Emma so much for your lesson. It is really useful for me. I’ve never heard before.


This is an interesting lesson because that 3 words mean the same when I search in the dictionary, but you did a good job explain difference between them.

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thank you EMMA for this lessen it’s useful for me

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hi! teacher’s emma i like this lesson i know i will apply this words depends of the situation. i ensure u i always watch your lesson her on envid.com. thanks………… i wish you all the best


Haai, Emma ,I ensure you.”Iwill bea goodEnglish language user by engvid


Thank you, I think it is very useful

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Thank a lot Emma


Thanks dear teacher for helping us, don’t stop it plz……


    Well done everyone! You guys are the best!

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Very useful and great lesson
thank you very much.

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Hi Emma,you’re so awesome,I really appreciate your lessons,these are so useful in all situations,and I scored 6 out of 6 ;) thanks a lot )

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not bad

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I love the way engVid teaches me,My best

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you are Great , thank you too much

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Thanks so much Emma. It was a great lesson


Hi, Emma, you‘re my favourit (sorry, if I wrote it wrong) teacher. Do I say right :
My teacher assured me, I ‘ll do well.
Or I should write “that“ after the comma?
As I understood, assure, ensure and insure have the word “sure“ in them, so i used it to remember them: ensure- check something to be sure, assure -make someone sure, insure pay money to be sure. But i always mixed them, thank you, Emma, you helped me with using them. Good luck to you!


    Thanks for your comments Miley!

    “My teacher assured me that I’ll do well.”

    For the sentence above, use ‘that’. You do not need a comma before the word ‘that’.

    Good work everyone!

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      Thank you so much, Emma, I understood it. And one more question, please. Tell me, what‘s the difference betveen “then“ and “than“? Thank you for vocabulary lesson again, I ensure you, that I will visit Engvid every day to look for your videos;] Best wishes, Milly


And, also,please add Log In bar on the bottom of the page, or links To the bottom – to the top. Thank you in advance. Milly


Emma you the best!!!

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Hi Emma!
thank you for this lesson it was helpful to me understanding the difference between the three words.


you are great


thank you Emma


That’s fine Emma, is a very exiting lesson from you, we wish to have more training.

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thanks emma. really a good differential idea to understand these words.


Great lesson again!
Thanks Emma.

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    thanks a lot to EngVid, Emma and others
    very nice site!!


reallly,this lesson heyp me very well to remmber this word…..
thank a ton! Emma

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I love your way to teach English, because you’re fantastic, that’s why! :)


Thanks Emma.I´m from Brazil, this lesson helped me a lot.

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Congratulations Very nice class Emma.

I have one doubt: About health security
Can I say: I need to make an insure for my health

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    The word ‘insure’ is a verb. You need the noun form which is insurance, eg. I need health insurance.

    Profile photo of Emma Emma

Thank you


Thanks Emma,really it was simple

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Thank you very much! It was excellent!

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thanks emma,


you are great emma thanks


Hi Emma,
Thank you very much for your answer.
Now is clearer than was befor. Take care. By the way my name is Angelina Durão

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Let me see if I get the idea.”” My wife called me and told me she had been robbed, I try to assure her telling her that everything it´s going to be just fine, but she was out of control. Then she got calm. I ensure you that this people are going to paid for this. But first tell me something, have you paid the insurance of the car. She told yes I think… I not so sure of that.””
Tell me if this little phrase it´s ok.


    Hello, as I understand, the text is ALMOST right. It would be beter to write: I TRYED to assure her, telling, that all is going to be right, … When she


      thank you very much milly45
      I´m going to be more careful When writing.


    Hello, as I understand, the text is ALMOST right. It would be beter to write: I TRYED to assure her, telling, that all is going to be right, … When she calm down, I ensured her, that people who did it would pay for it, and asked her, did she buy the car insurance. “Yes
    …I think,“- said she – “I‘m not sure…“


Hello Emma, my name is Didi, thank you so much for the lessons, you are one of my fav teacher in engvid, you’re doing great…anyway i have a question about…what is the different between “Then” and “Than” … these words gets me twisted all the time and please if i make mistakes in my comment please correct me..thank you in advanced Emma :)


    I have the same question…


Emma, hello from Russia) Thanks for your lesson!


I’ve liked your teaching way second time I’ve seen your lecture 1st time i saw “use of hell expression” and today I’ve seen your this lecture and i’m from PAKISTAN(KARACHI)and now a days i’m learning English language and i’m beginner’s student in my center and by chance i found your lecture i’m crazy about English language and I would like to speak with perfectly and perfect grammar with fluency i don’t know u’ll reply and read my comment or not but after all thanks!


Thank you very much for this lesson.

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thanks for the lesson, 3 of 4 words were new to me, and after this lesson my vocabulary store is bigger a little bit.


Dear EMmA. .u’r lecture’s really assure us that soon we,ll improve our Eng:language and i ensure other’s that these lecture would really help them who want get insure their speacking eng skill’s

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Thank you so much Emma, u’re very nice


i like the way you explain sooooo much ,i think i will use it if you don`t mind it is so simple & so direct.thanks.


Yay! 6/6. I guess I get it. Thanks Emma! :D

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thank you very much emma


Hi Emma, thnak you so much for teaching us!

I have a question:
I can say reassure, but, can I say “reensure”?
Thanks in advance, have a nice day! :)

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I am new in this site, but I think this lesson will be interesting in order to improve our English ESL..Thanks a lot Emma..


hi emma thank you so much. I ensure you i’ll be always watching your videos because you are an awesome teacher, i love the way you teach :D God Bless you!


hi emma i easily understood your lessons, now i can easy apply my conversation thank you .

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Thank you
Your lesson assure me that I can improve my english by wathcing your teaching english. I ensure you to exercise more because I think this way is an insurance way to get good scores in IELTS test


l like your lesson. And I love engvid. I ensure.


You’re great teacher, Now I know how to use those word. And I can ensure myself that I can use all of them correctly.

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Hi Emma..what dou you think about that sentence below:

“you must ensure (or be sure) that your presentations will be at least five minutes”

If I use “be sure” will be correct???


thank Emma you are the best


Thank you Emma. You are very nice…

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heyyy Emma thanks
you’re a great teacher.


I guarantee/ensure you that Emma if you keep giving us like these wonderful lessons,,our English will extremely improved as well =)

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Ensure and make sure both words are similar or different

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Thanks aloot

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thanks emma. I ensure you, I will keep improving my english level with your explanations .. ’cause they’re so clear and interesting too, thanks for everything

greetings from ecuador =)

juan carlos

Hi Emma,

Thank you so much such very nice lesson.


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Thank you, you are a good teacher


Tres embrouillant pour nous francophones ,en français on emploie le verbe assurer pour assure ,insure et ensure.
en tout cas tes vidéo sont vraiment génial!
ps si ma prof d’anglais etait aussi cool je pense qu’aujourd’hui je serai prof a engvid lol..

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thanks alot it’s a pleasure to know what i’ve confused in , thanks Emma

ali haleem

Thanks Imma, U and ur lessons are really very easy to understand. Yeah I like your way of teaching……
Thanks a lot once again.

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Thank you! You’re great!

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Thanks a lot! The best explanation I’ve watched


Hi Emma…Thanks alot


Hi Emma,
would you like to make a lesson about job qualification? For example, about presentin our skills and qualification before first job,
take care
and thank You for everything you do

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Hi Emma
Thank you
Your lesson assure me that I can improve my english by wathcing your teaching english. so could pleas provide us with the common business words .


Hello Emma.
Thanks for this lesson my score was perfect thank you very much

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emma, you are really cute explaining this topic!! I love you! Thanks a million!


Thank you.

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Nice Smile again Emma, thanks for your time and teaching us. You are really great.



Abhay anand

I m useing mobile ,can you assure me that where i can found videos ..

Abhay anand

Thank you Emma

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Wow. Thanks very much. I didn’t know how to use words like assure and insure but you help me out now. Thanks again Emma! =]

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Great Lesson!

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it’s unclear


i can use “ensure” in here. My sister has ______________ me that I will do fine on my test.


hope your’s help!


Thanks Emma <3

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Hello Emma,

this a very impressive lesson from you. I ensure you we will keep watching your videoes to learn more.
I assure you,you look pretty while teaching us. But sometime it’s confusing to so I must go to get my health insurance soon if I feel bad so could consult my Dr. thank you.

Shahid Iqbal

What is the difference between be sure and make sure.

Cuong ta

thanks emma :)

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Great Lesson, Dear Emma. I remeber those words as follows. Assure = sure + someone + as something, means get rid of Anxiety . ensure = do ( en ) + sure, means do gurantee , make a promise, insure = put something inside sure, means Get Insurance. We English Students want to lesson more above how to use similar words

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Thanks Emma,it is too useful for me

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thank very much.you are very good teacher. i have learn many good things.once again thanks.I miss you.take care.see you bye………………

Prabhjot Kaur

thanks very much

Prabhjot Kaur

I have learn English

Prabhjot Kaur

Thank you for all teachers.


Dear Emma,

I would like to assure you that your classes are great. I ensure you to continue them!

You are a great teacher!!!


thank you for this subject. It was useful for me.


Hi Emma!
I am very new in here but, I assure you that I will be here forever and learn more and more with you… and I am so happy to find this site and I assure you that I will advise more friends to come… Thank you very much for all team…Greetings from Belgium

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good lesson!

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Dear Emma,
I had been worrying about my English, but your lesson assured me that I could do better in English.
I ensure to you that at the end of my English practice by using EngVid I’ll be an expert in English and will feel confident in English.
More over, If I’ll be confident in my English skill then I could break all the (language) barriers in front of me and will be able to succeed in my dream job in Canada and then I’ll have enough money to insure my car & house.
Thank you Emma & EngVid team for assuring us that we can do better in English.
Best Regards,
Tamil Eelavan.
(From Toronto)

Tamil EElavan

    you all master the knowledge. i’m just a new learner, so can you give me some advice to improve all my English skills? i wish you can help. many thanks to you.


Thanks for good lecture :)
I ensure you are completely nice teacher :3

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Very useful..

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Hi,Emma This lesson is great .making me understand it clearly. thank you very much.


thanks alot

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Thank you very much Emma.

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Thanks Emma.:~)

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Thanks Emma


Hi Emma,

excellent teaching, i ensure you that i will use these verbs regularly without make any mistakes.



thanks a lot excellent lesson Very useful..


hi emma
i ensure to get a good marks in my upcoming test is it right sentence

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thank you so much


Your are a nice teacher in the usa in my opinion.


Thank you indeed


wow i ve got 6 out 6 in this useful lesson and u ve simplified to me great emma….many thanks

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Thank you very much!!
Good way to learn!!!!!


I ensure you, Emma, that I’ll improve my english. And this is possible only with your help!


it is excellent Site , i think it will assure me to improve my english.


hi teacher emma,i ensure you that because of the engvid web.i learn how to use the sentence in english thanks a lot Godbless u i will keep watching engvid.com


Emma you is amazing teacher i like when you make your explanation because you explain very well. I understood more about it’s that I didn’t know.

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Hi Emma, this lesson is very useful for me, thanks a lot, very nice teacher.

Vo Minh Khanh

Thanks dear Emma,

I got 100% for the test

This is very helpful lesson.


Hi Emma, Thank you so much for this great lesson i had a big problem with these three words but not anymore you’re amazing!! :)


thank you very much Emma:)
it would be intersting a lesson about to drag,to haul and to pull.
have a nice day:)

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Simply, Emma’s lessons are really good. This is an assurance from your student.

Profile photo of vidstudent vidstudent

Thank you so much.


you always assure that everyone including me can do good quiz. Many thanks to you, my teacher. i love the way you are teaching us


Hi. Do ensure and insure have the same pronunciation?


hi Emma
thank you so much!
you are the best teacher


Hi Emma…
You’re a great teacher, good explanation, thank you so much. :D
I really enjoy your lessons, they’re very good


A. i wonder if Emma loves me too :)
B. no she doesnt.
A. why ?
B. Beacuse she ensured herself that she is going to get married with a teacher.

is that right way to use ? thank you :)


Hi, Emma. I’m an ESL teacher in Iran. I find your lessons very informative. All I can say is that they are doubtfully great. Thank you so much.


Thanks Mam, It is really good explanation..

Rajendra Kumar

thank you Emma. good lesson.good job..


I messed the fourth question, I thought the her parents promised that no matter what she do, they will love me… then I filled the blank with the word “ensure” but the correct is “assure”. Whatever, the teacher explanation is so good! I think this sentence is a little confuse.

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Hi, Emma, I ensure that this lesson is excellent, and you can be assured that we learn so good.

Leonardo Vergara

Thanks you for this great work, you are very kind. We feel that this is done with love.

Leonardo Vergara

Hi Emma. I’m very glad for having such classes. Emma I’d like to ask you to prepare a lesson about a verb “to suggest”. As the verb has confusing ways to use.

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Really , you’re a great team.
i feel my English skills are being improved with your great website.

thank you very much


Hi Emma.
You are the best teacher.
Good luck.

igor from Ukraine

thank emma ! your video help me advance english language

john nguyen

Thank you Emma, i made some mistake whith question about parents but you already answered. Now i understand that assure is used with people




Really one of the best lesson according to me.

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Thank you Emma, I am really happy that i have found randomly this precious website, and i have regrets that i didn’t find it so early !
in fact i am confusing about when to use ” Thanks a bunch ” i read in some different websites that it used in sacristic meaning, and that it assured me that it would be right since i have told a guest “thanks a bunch” and she looked at me without saying anything, therefore i felt that maybe it was wrong to say that ! so that i’ll be appreciate Emma if you could explain us when we use “thanks a bunch”
thanks in advance :)

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thanks so much for ths lesson, I want let you to know that I appreciate you effrot very much,thanks again

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Oh! My dear Emma it was very useful lesson thanks a lot! my score was 5 out of 6

Jaweed Amini

“i’ll always be a thankful student no matter what happen i (which one ensure/assure) you”
thanks for the help.

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hi i want someone speak with him in english just send to me skype pseudo in my email adress sonhaj2002@yahoo.fr

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Thank you for this wonderful class


i scored 100 i answered 6correct out of 6


that is good but i want u explain acombinations with BE and GET EXAMPLE TO BE ANGRY GET ANGRY


Thank you for this wonderful class


Hi my dear teacher Emma!
i love the way you teach and i assure you that i got all the lesson and got100 marks in its exam. thank you.

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I didn’t know the difference between “assure, ensure and insure” I hope I can remember this! I got 100%. Thank you, beautiful Emma!!!

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hi my fabulous teacher

may i get your email address ??? i need to discus with you some issued related to studying in Canada



hi Emma. just wanna say that you’re great teacher ( I never did it before) so be assure you are great teacher lol

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I got 5 out 6 with a mistake on the second sentence : My sister has ______________ me that I will do fine on my test. ==> reassured (and not ensured). I read your comment above about it and I get in now. I assure you that I will not forget that point. Thanks Emma for your lesson and your answer as well.

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I’m a little bit confuse how to use ensure. Do you know where I can practice more or read more about this?

Thanks a lot. I love your classes

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1)Sometimes you say:” we are going to be talking about…” so what’s the difference between this sentence and : “we are going to talk about…”?
2)pronounciation: Walk and Work;how may I differenciate these sounds? THANKS

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However even these gifts do not prevent you from some additional and nuisance questions from your students.
First, insure = ensure in insurance industry. I have a feeling that the main difference is not in meaning but in usage of insurance in more formal language linked with law, while ensure is less formal but not informal word, rather link with description of hazardous occurrence, or event.
The M-W dictionary approved my understanding of the word. 2nd meaning of ensure is insure – online unabridged version.
Second, I have had doubts about the pronunciation – but both Cambridge, and M-W approved your teaching.
Best wishes,

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I mean if we do the same mistake is it normal or not !

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Can we use ensure for questions 2 & 4 besides assure?
for Exp : my sister has promised me that i will do fine on my test. (maybe because she was my tutor & she taught me well!)

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assure ,you tell sb that you will do sth to make sure he/she will be ok

ensure, you promise or gurant sb to do sth as they wished;

insure, you take sth insurance for example to protect sth or sb.

the explaination for the three words is right or not?

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What is the first action?

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Hi Emma,
For the last you don’t found example “insure”. I found one in terms of engVig learners please correct me if I am wrong. A the end you could say: I can pay insurance that if you follow our lesson every day you improve your English significantly.

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