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Contractions like "I'm" are common in formal and academic writing.

Cover letters, business reports, essays, Facebook posts, and text messages are all examples of formal writing.

Which of the following words is informal?

Which of the following words is formal?

What is one problem with the following paragraph?
"There are many forms of transportation. One form of transportation is the car. The car is considered a convenient form of transportation. It is often the preferred form of transportation."

You are applying for a job. You write a cover letter. What is the best way to end the letter?

You are writing a formal essay for school. You write, "In the past twenty years, there has been a ___________________ in population."

It is a waste of time to plan what you will write. You should never plan your writing. Let the spirit of the wind take you where it wants.

Before you write something, you should think about:

It is always a good idea to edit you writing. Think about the mistakes you usually make, and be on the lookout for them. Editing checklists can be helpful when you check your own work.

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“Despite the fact that art plays a vital role in all kinds of human civilization around the world, nowadays, few people are showing interest in it and leaning towards technology and entrepreneurship.”

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