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I took several TOEIC tests in the late 1990s and early 2000s and got scores ranging from 780 to 870 out of 990. In S.Korea, many undergraduate students prepare TOEIC to have a better job. In engVid, I can see more lessons for IELTS than other tests. It seems to me that IELTS is much more challenging than TOEIC. IELTS is essential when someone wants to immigrate or wants to study in English spoken countries. I think that IELTS requires a lot of effort, preparation, concentration and strategy.

Insoo Yeo

    In my opinion these tips will be very useful when I’ll take IELTS exam.


Thanks so much for your Sharings and teachings!
I really really appreciate your teachings, teacher Amma.

wonna htay

Hi….I’d like to brush my speaking up. Is there anyone else who is interested in speaking to me on a regular basis? My whatsapp number is +8801812788727. Thank you. Rasho.


    Hi Emma,
    You are one of the best teacher that I’ve ever seen and I curiously want to know your score to compare with my English ability.


    Do you have facebook account ?. I don’t use whatsapp but i need someone practises speaking with me . And i think you can help me .


How can I determine under what level I fit in?


Thanks Emma?


Hi: Emma
Thanks you give a detailed explanation and it was wonderful and helpful.

Basim A Sulaiman

Hi, Emma,

Excellent class! Top!

Rodrigo Carlos Dias

Hi Emma,
I like your Video. It isn’t only useful taking the IELTS. Also for lots of test you can take. But I have one criticism: Your short videos taken from out and about or from home. The audio quality is so low. Someone lately said “If you make an video please care a lot about the audio. If the audio is good nobody mention it but if it is bad everybody only care about this bad audio and does not do anything else.” After some time I skipped the videos taken in the live environment.


Hi Emma! It’s very interesting to me, so what score have you got on IELTS?


    why do you say this in english?

    is that miss jackson?

    yes, it is. she’s my cousin.

    why do you say it and not she?

    pleaseeee help meeeeee


Emma, thanks a lot for the video!


i got 4/9, the lesson is truly hard to me and it’s too long, anyway thank Emma so much

nguyen van long

Thanks Emma, I liked your video.

Ingrid Barillas

Hello Emma thanks! so much about courses


Very interesting


Hi Emma, thanks for sharing your experience, it helps us pretty muuch!

Damaris Pico

Thanks u.


I still can not understand the reason, but when i’ve took tests ; reading, writting and also speaking were not a problem whereas listening was always quite tough for me…

Non wise Denis

Thanks Tr. Emma.


thanks tr

toe toe lwin

Hello, Emma. I’ve seen this video, it was very helpful. But I would also like to know, what score have you got on the IELTS?


Hi everyone, I have a question. I am an English student and listening is the most dificult for me. is bad watch these videos with subtitle in English?

Daniel Leyton

    If it helps you understand the videos, please use the subtitles! That’s what they’re for.

    engVid Moderator

good job :)

Hussein ElHawari

Hi Emma, Thanks for taking the EILTS and “live your advise”. Very useful video, thanks a lot.


thanks, DR.emma


8/10 ^^


That was really useful! Thanks a lot? but what was your score in the test? Did it miss?


    Did I miss?*


Hi! Has anybody here to work on speaking? Let’s speak on Zoom platform. If you want, contact on my email.


thank you for this incredible video. It helps me a lot…

Sasa Sakinah

Hi Emma, could you tell me please where did you use the phrase “As far as I am concerned”. I understand that I have to write in third person only. If not, please let me know. Thanks a lot. Very helpful your video. By the way, I have hearing loss also, so, next time I will ask for accommodation too.

Abigail Falcon

Thank you Emma, you´re the best!!


magnificent lesson. thank you very much dear teacher for your efforts.

Aml Mounier

9 out of 9. Emma is the best!


Perfect score =)


Thank you very much Emma. I think this lesson will help me a lot. I follow your lessons with interest. I really like your teaching style. I want to take this IELTS exam in the future. I think I will pass this exam with your programs.?❤?


hi.. is there any time interval among the three tasks?
and is the exam’s time determination the same in every country?

Soma Ghose

Thank you, Emma. This is a really nice vídeo!


Thank you Emma. This is definitely going to be very useful.


I got 9/10


Thanks Emma. I got 8/9


Hi Emma, thank you so much for this valuable video.I’m sure this is going to be much useful for me for my preparation. I’m writing my ielts for 2nd time and i hope i will do better this time by watching your videos and your suggestion/ideas. btw i scored 9/9 in above quiz after the video

Akhilesh U

Hello Emma ! Thank you for your video. But there were strange sounds in this video. Can you fix it?


Nice try


Thanks, Emma! :)


Thank you, Emma, for sharing


Thank you so much, Emma. Very useful topics and explanation.

Naing Linn Aung

I benefit from Emma lesson
it’s very important to concentrate on the answers


The lesson is so easiy to understand! Thx Emma


Thanks a million.

Muhammad Kamel Anwar Abdelmonem Mansi

thank you so much … Emma


thank you very much .

balkis salhi

It helped me a lot

balkis salhi

I’ve got 7 out of 9.
Thank you very much for
your taking part in IELTS Emma
It’s really useful for US )))


thank u very much


very informative session


Thanks my teacher


Thank you very much, you give us a really helpfull instructions.


Thank you so much.

Radwan Alsermany

thanks you so much


All have to come out with practice!


Thanks Teacher Emma, I find the lesson very useful I got 89 from the quiz

Faith Ake

May Allah reward you with all the best, and guide you to Islam


thanks teacher Emma

numerical 123

Thanks a lot. Too Useful!!!!




thank you so Teacher I,m very happy about this lesson

Ahmed ha

Hello, Emma I have a several question,I am first time in this platform. How I can contact with you? For the first test I have got 9/10. Hope for feedback


Hi there teacher emma As far as I’m concernet it’s very important we know what is the strattegies in this IEST test fir me it’s very important what is tips at the moment the present this is test we are very i teresting that it’s know what is the componets in the reading speaking and writing in each sort of test IEST what is the recomendations before and during and after as it’s we training us by aswering all this ask and the most important we have the control and how do we lower our nerver and stresses at the moment that speak with the native speaker it’s very awesome as how her prepared each component I wih that her thank you so much by all your learnnig in all time that I decided get starting to study with eng and the teacher emma thanks take care.


thank you Emma


Thanks ?

Rekha baral

thank you teacher


We need sub-title


thank you


Thank you, Emma!


Thank you Emma.. Your teachings is very clear


Thank you so much Emma!


Hi.Thanks so mush Mrs.Emma

Moo Ler Wah

thanks a lot, teacher


Thank you Emma, the information you gave about IELTS was very useful and can help a lot during exam.


I’m very thanks miss Emma


Thank you Emma, the information you gave about IELTS was very useful and can help a lot during exam.


Thanks Emma?


Wow, I was very delightful, because , I listened and tried to appreciate my hearing impaired. By denoting my 44 minutes to Emma’s IELTS experience, in other words trying to understand her speech , I guess if I will work hard I am able to get good score either. Turning into quiz from 9 I got 9 correct answers . I hope I will answer as there as on the quiz too. And hope, will got at least 7 from 9. this is my goal .

vusala 88

Tanks Emma


Thanks Emma


Hi Emma,
I decided to take this test for my master’s degree. i want to get a good score so i will study now.
Thank you for your helpful instructions.


Thank you for sharing experience. I got 9 of 9.


I am going to take IELTS exam this year. I wish to get an 8 or 8.5 score. I know it is challenging to achieve the goal, so I need to learn English harder and practice more. Thank you, Emma. I find your courses are extremely helpful, and I will watch every one of them.


Thanks Emma


I think it is a difficult test.
we should study more and more.


In my opinion these tips will be very useful when I’ll take IELTS exam.


Thanks, u r very helpful

Hussain Asghar
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