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Thanks a lot

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    Thanks a lot too.

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      thanks alot for your excellent work sweet dear amma,but i have still problem in reading passage,i can, gain the summary and main idea of reading passage so plz help me about this regard

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      and if u kindly quide me on skype hope i will learn more and more ,thnks dear emma
      ,my skype id,imran.khan30110

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        hi i am from Pakistan

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    You are awesome Emma :)
    For all people here Ladies and Gentlemen I hope there is anybody wants to practice her/his English with me voice chat :)
    my Skype is khalid_3adel

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      I will add you skype.

      Thank you.

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    Hello Alina , I would like talking to you onskype for improve our English please . my skype is sma3li or tuix2006; just add me . see your answer soon good bye

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    great job

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Being familiar with the reading section of the IELST helps a great deal, but above all with the type of test items that you will encounter on the test.

Thanks for sharing your experience and these great tips with us Emma.

All the best.

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thank Emma very much. your lesson very helpful for me to take the Ielts

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thx alot emma i got 7 its not bad
i hope u guys add me on skype to practice

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Hi Adam finally I got the privilege to send you a message.I want to be like you.I got my ESL diploma and I will use some of your way of teaching the day I get a job abroad.I watch you almost every night.I got some of the quiz done the last one I got 5 of nine,but I am getting better thanks hope to hear from you.Keep up the good work I’ve had mention you to some of my students.Good compliment.I need some help with dangling participle;still struggle with it chao.have a great day.

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    Good for you!
    But she is not Adam;)
    Her name is Emma.

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I Passed the IELTS more than 4 times, but really i am certain that this kind of exam is abnormal and commercial, Not only the language skills could help to make high score
they made it in complected form that Let the candidate feel himself under pressure and of course ensure the repetition of passing the exam for every participant

IELTS is big source of money here in the middle east, well done for the beneficiaries

I appreciate all teachers of this web site ,i hope the best of luck , many thank to you Emma

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    It’s not always the case. I have seen people who have passed the test in first attempt. If you have prior knowledge of English, you can then go for the IELTS after thorough preparation. Imagine what would you do in the English Taught program without understanding instructors’ accents, ability to read faster and understanding the context (in the course books, there are big books), not asking questions to your instructor about the topics you are confused just because you don’t speak well and are hesitant to ask in front of all, or explaining in the examination about what you already know because you don’t have relevant vocabulary. Just imagine that, you have got the answer! To make sure that all students are at same levels, these things are put in the process of admission.

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Hello, everyone!

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I am here to practice English. My skype : ashraf_warsi. Anyone interested to practice…please let me know. Thank you.

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thank you Emma.I wish you a lot of luck in your life.All Egyptians loves you. you have a lot of fans over there.

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Where can I leave a question? Anyway I would like to know which sentence is correct . (She got all your pose. or she got all your poses). I was kinda confused when I heard these two sentences used by two different people. Can you please tell me which is correct. Thank you. I’m sorry if my english is not that good.

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thanks emma, very helpful

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Thanks much, Emma! It’s very helpfull lesson. God bless you all!

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Thank you Emma.

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ooooh thank youuuu emma .i love your lessons <3

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    i want to talk with u the purpose develop english fluency

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great lession! thanks Emma

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Thanks Emma

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Thank you Emma this websites helped me a lot

Emma I think it’s better to make a group I’m Skype in order to improve our speaking . Guyz who wants speak with via Skype my id : salman.english

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Oh,Emma!Where have you been)

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Thinks it’s just interesting

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thanks a lot Emma

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Thanks Emma I got 6 correct out of 8. This lesson is useful for Whom want to prepare to study in oversea.

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I got 5 correct out of 8. I like scanning best. Thank you Emma :)

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Thank you very much…………

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Very good tips for IELTS, that’s for sure. Thank you all.

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Thank You Emma

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Thank you, Emma for that incredible lesson…It was really helpful and useful advices for me…Thanks a lot…I think I’ll succeed!

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Thank you a lot Emma

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Thanks Emma ,i eay enjoy your lecturs ,you have some thing els

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i can’t see subtitles. there was before

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i am sorry. i found it

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Thank you very much

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Thank you Emma

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Emma, this is excellent content! I’m a native speaker and I flunked the test! My fault, I guess I forgot these terms–“topic sentence”. Your advice on taking tests is good for _any_ kind of test in any subject.

This is a great module, keep up the good work.

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You’re so great and beautiful. Thanks for the video

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Thank you Emma
nice to meet you !

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hello everybody . i want to improve my English please add me on your skype to practice it with voice ,,, i graduated from college of lnguages ,,
i can speak 3 languages
this is my skype : abraham.jjj999
speciall thanks to whome manage this awsome site

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Hi! dear emma
Thank you so much, you are my favorite on engvid this lesson is very useful. may god bless you and your family
your faithfullly

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I love your lectures Emma

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Emma; a lesson after lesson prove you are the best

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really thank u :)

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which grammar on line should I read in order to increase my knowledge???

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    Hi …me again……I think it was very helpfull Emma!! skipe >> mario-sp40

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Like it

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Thanks Emma, this is always helpful !

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Thank you got 88% without w.

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Hello every one iam so glad to join you and iam new here I hope to you the best and thanks

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Perfect lucture thanks alot emma

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thank you very much even though i am not doing the IELTS test , i could get i good idea about the main points in this test , thanks again it’s very usefull to impouve ourselfs, you are doing a good job thank’s again wish you the best

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63% in the test means I must improve my English
Thank you Emma for teach me

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it was an informative lesson , thanks

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thank you

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Thans. :-)

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I didn’t somehow got the quiz but its still a good one for me learning with this.

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thank you so much Emma! your lessons help me a lot!

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    hello there, i need a English speaker for practicing English please help me . my ielts exam is right in a corner ..please help me guys………..mr.jj@yahoo.com my mail id

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i should some tips fore ielts

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emma tell me

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Thanks Emma

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thanks a lot, is esaier to learn whit this kind of tips

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thanks alot miss emma,
i watched your video in my ielts class, our teacher often play your videos and its very helpfull for us.
i would like say a great thanks to you, you are such a fabulous teacher…..

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Hi Emma,that’s very informative lesson,thank you.
I’m looking for an ielts tutor.can you be my tutor Emma?
How can I contact you? Hope to hear from you.

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Thanks Emma!!!

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Thank You a lot for Your lessons. Im going to pass IELTS next year, i think with Your lessons i will pass on excellent :)

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Thank you very much dear Emma.

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You proved that am doing it right, so thank you.

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Thanks for your help. I learned your lesson, although I am a beginer of English.

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U R Awesome. Please do it about writing 2. thx

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Thanks…very nice tips

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i got 4 correct

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thanks emma!!!

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I got 8 correct


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Thanks my dog… kkk

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Many thanks

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hi all, i’m from indonesia. I’m glad find engVid.com as my online course to studying english. So glad if i could find a friend who want to learn english together. Maybe via skype. I hope i can listening and speaking more fluent by practice. Please add my skype: kohtanno. Thanks all.

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Thanks Emma !!! got 7 out of eight. Also in one of my
Pronunciation test got 9 out of 9. I want to achieve level 8. Kindly suggest me how to achieve this. Your way of teaching is fantastic and up to the point !!!!

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I don’t prepare to IELTS exam but Iit was very helpful for me. I scored 100% and i’m so proud. Thank Emma. You’re a great teacher.

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yah..!!correct 8 out of 8,enjoying this game :p

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Thank you Emma, This is really helpful

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Thanks Emma

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Thanks. Amazing.

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thanks alot Ms. Emma.

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Thank you Ms. Emma

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Thank you ma’am it was very useful. I need you email. please send me through:maisamsultani33@gmail.com

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Hi Emma I just read objectives and can not find videos how I get them

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Thank Emma. Useful

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Hi! Where can I see the sample reading test here so I can practice? Thanks a lot!

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It’s a very useful website, specially Emma is a perfect tutor! Thanks Emma for your wonderful teaching…

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thank u so much

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I was sleepy, but I could enjoy the lesson.Thanks Emma!

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Thank you, Emma.

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Thank you pretty teacher

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Good lessons to practice.Thank you Emma.

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Thank you !!!

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Thanks EMMA

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i am happy to be member

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Hi. I am Caglar from Turkey. I want to improve my English by speaking please add me skype : sixfingers13

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Today’s lesson was considerably difficult. I could not understand some meanings. I got six out of eight.
I will try to study this lesson again.
Thank you Emma!

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thanks my teacher

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my Quis Emma!
You got 8 correct out of 8.

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i have got 100 thanks Emma :D

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Thank you Emma! I have got all correct and it’s just because of your tricks.

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Thanks alot.

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Thank you Emma:) I love u

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my true and false always go wrong.i ever try to do it attentively.plz can u suggest me how can i correct them.

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    hello there, i need a English speaker for practicing English please help me . my ielts exam is right in a corner ..please help me

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thank you Emma

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Thanks for this.It is so nice and it help me in learning in English.

Thanks Amma

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thank you.
if someone would like to practice speaking can add me on Skype

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thank you.

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how can i develop my reading speed and thanks for the video…

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Thank you Emma :)

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I got 8 correct out of 8. Thanks for your useful lesson Mrs Emma

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dear friends can u tell me how can I download the lessons

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Thank you

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Your help means a lot to ,e

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I have got 100%.It is very helpful lesson for the IELTS student.Thank you Emma.

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Thanks a lot

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I like your teaching in this lesson. Thank you…

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It’s really cool stuff… Thankyou

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I really enjou your lessons,Emma! Thank you very much!

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Got 8/8…Thanks Teacher Emma :)

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thank you so much

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I got 7correct out of 8
thank you very mach Emma

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Reading is pain in the ass……

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Very good information!
Got 10 :)

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I got 7 correct out of 10 thanks very muich emma

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Thanks a lot.

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I made an example of IELTS on Internet, yesterday, and I got scared, it’s so difficult! but with your tips, I feel I’ll pass it (doing before a lot of practice, of course). Thank you, Emma.

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Thank you Emma.Good tips.

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hi guys, please add me too on your skype jenrirg_ela .let’s learn together with Ms.Emma

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Thank teacher. I got 7 sentences.

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Thanks a lot for your assistance and beautiful ideas. I am a passionate of your training Videos :)

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Thamks a lot

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I did my Ielts test and I never knew about this page before, if I had found out about this page before definitely I had succeed and got a higher score

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Thank you!

Profile photo of datorres datorres

Thank you for sharing your knowledge to us. I hope you will make a video about CELBAN because resources are very limited. It will really help us. Especially in speaking and writing. Thanks

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thanks for teaching

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thanks a lot

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thank you

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Hi Emma, first of all thanks for your helpful tips. I’ve got a question in regarding to the answers in the reading test. If the answer in the text is written with a capital letter (e. g. it’s a name or at the start of the sentence) would that be a mistake on the answer sheet when I also write it with capital letter? It’s a quite simple question but still important isn’t it?
Thanks a lot!

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Thank you very much ma’am.

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tnxs emma

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Thanks a lot…….


Excellent Emma. Thanks for the tips. Got 8 out of 8. ;)

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Thank you very much Emma.

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Thank you very much

Profile photo of Dilini Sashikala Dilini Sashikala

Thanks Emma . You are the best :)
I got 100

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i got 100

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Thanks a million Emma , greatand helpfull hints

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Thanks for strategies .I will follow it

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brilliant practice
much appriciated

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I want an english partner to practice with her /him so we both can make our english better.

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just great \o/

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Thank you,they seems useful.

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Thank You Ms.Emma mam.
It is really helpful because you have explained the basic things where we do mistakes.For me reading is difficult i take much time to read.Your teaching is really going to help me.Thanks a lot…

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thank you Miss Emma.

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thanks a lot
dear teacher

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Thank you so much Emma it’s so good

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Thanks a lot. :)

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Thank for teaching these tips.

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thnks EMMA

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Hello teacher AMMA thank’s for this nice lesson and your explaining about diffrent things concerning skills and ways to be succeed in IETLS.

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you are one of my the best teacher

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it is good but I think it is not enough

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thank you so much!

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Speedy, exact. That is the most important things.

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Thanks a lot.

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thank you for helping us

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Thank you very much

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thank a lot

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Thank you so much. It is good to me.

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Thank you EMMA

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Thank you Emma, Very useful tips!

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Again when I appeared for the quiz I was pretty sceptical but yes this time I pay keen attention to all your tips and scored 8 out of 8 thanks a ton

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thanks a lot!

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Dear Emma
Thanks for this very good comments

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Hi Emma , It is possible some Study resources like books for IELTS reading Thanks

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Hi Emma,
Hope you are doing well!
Thank you once again for your tips…

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    hi Fabio wish u doing well we can practice together if u don’t mind please contact me 009670420070

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Many thanks Emma !

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hi Emma I got 100% I hope I will do well this time thank u for ur tips

Profile photo of rolita rolita

Hi Emma

Love all your class. I have been studying it for some weeks and it has been helping a lot :) tks

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Backward scanning method was new to me. I’m gonna employ it.

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love you Emma
thank you for your instructions

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Hi Emma,I would like to wish you good luck and much success in your future endeavors

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good luck

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Good lecture, thanks

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Hi Emma,
Thanks.I am preparing for my IELTS GT paper.

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Best EMMA needs to practice on skype add me abdureheman2

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You got 6 correct out of 8.


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Thank you Emma

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Thank you so much i have got 100 in quiz test.

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7/8 I have been sure,that the last quiz answer was the second one))Thanks a lot, Emma)

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hello how are you

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Hi Emma, you always clear explaining your topic and bullet point.

Thanks it help me heaps

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hello, how can i find actual practice tests for the IELTS?

Profile photo of brightselorm brightselorm

Thanks Emma looking forward to great scores in my ielts soon.

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I’m watching this video for a second time after two years. It refreshed me. You’ll always be my fav teacher Emma.

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thank you Emma!

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great job

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hi emma thanks i have learnt alot with ypur help

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thanks heaps 👍

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Thanks Emma, you gave very useful tips

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Thanks a lot mam.

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thanks a lot

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Thanks too much for teaching us yeah you’re teaching method is very simple and i learn allot of thing

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Very valuable information, it will help me a lot, Thanks Emma.

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Thanks a lot Ms. Emma.

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10/10! Nice! Now, learning English is my favorite thing. Every day I use APP for learning vocabulary, reading English news by kindle, the important thing is watching Emma’s video.

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Thank you

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thank you Emma and all the Engvid resource personal. God bless you all

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