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Thanks for this great Lesson,James.You´re one of the best EngVid Teachers!

Profile photo of Gabriel Vieira EngVid Gabriel Vieira EngVid

    Saying NO without actually saying NO?

    Excellent approach to reject offers/proposals politely without deteriorating your social relationships or finding yourself in conflict with your friends or coworkers.

    Well-designed quiz, however there is an unpardonable mistake in the explanation for item 3:

    “You shouldn’t TO do it, because it’s not worth being told . . .”

    Hope someone can fix it up soon.

    Excellent lesson James


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      I would say that all of them are doing an outstanding job.


      Profile photo of Regino Regino

        Ciao. Mi chiamo Lilly. Come Ti Chiami?

        Profile photo of Lilly Gleek Lilly Gleek

      I learn a lot from yesterdays course. (Thanks to you Ms. Jane) please allow me to share my own take. Should it be? You shouldn’t DO it, even if you can because you’re tolerating her laziness. But if I find out there is a valid “excuse” (e.g. health matters, priorities & so on) and in a decent approach, then I will do it for the sake of maintaining positive workplace.

      Profile photo of M.Hatulan M.Hatulan

To tell you the truth,You,Adam and Rebecca are the best ones!

Profile photo of Gabriel Vieira EngVid Gabriel Vieira EngVid

    I would say that all of them are doing an outstanding job.


    Profile photo of Regino Regino

I really enjoyed the lesson, and gained new vocabulary

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    Profile photo of midomar midomar

Five out of five, sweet! Thank you, James.

Say “no” can be more difficult than it seems, even in our own language. This lesson will come in handy.

Profile photo of Evaldo Mendes Evaldo Mendes

    For us, brazilian people, it’s more difficult, Evaldo!

    Profile photo of Carol3139 Carol3139

That was nice from you ! Thank you Engvid ^^

to my companions , if anybody wants to practice his English with me ! he’s welcome , Please feel free to be in touch with me :


Profile photo of anwarLawer anwarLawer

    Hello, I really intersting to practice in English.Do you use skype?

    Profile photo of katerinapas1 katerinapas1

      Thank you so much
      Yes i Do . and this is mine “Anwar.aimedieu”
      Your are welcome anytime :)

      Profile photo of anwarLawer anwarLawer

        Excuse me Katerina

        The correct account is “Anwar.aimefrance”
        Thank you , and Please feel free to be in touch anytime :)

        Profile photo of anwarLawer anwarLawer

      we can make practice if you like
      I am free all the time

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Excellent Lesson!….

Profile photo of argenix27 argenix27

Thank you James. We often get some situations that saying no. But it’s not easy to not give people bad feeling. When we say “no” whether we speak our mother language or English, it’s important to show respect and honor to friends, boss, or family. You showed us a good example what should we do. Great.
By the way the jacket you wearing is really cool. It so suits you!

Profile photo of juneriver juneriver

    Hello, Juneriver…you are right. James gave us great lession that taught us how to say “No” in a nice way…Thank you Jamies. You are always my fav teacher.
    By the way,Juneriver I just wondering do you have a Skpye,can I practice english with you…I am from HK…if you have please add me “lfook_hqgloriagan”

    Profile photo of Gloria Gloria

I really really want to improve my english skills. please contact if you can help me . We can practice in your free time

Profile photo of truongsan truongsan

it really helps a lot!!thanks to James

Profile photo of TOMLIN TOMLIN

Good lesson. Is there any discussion sort of forum where we can practise the lesson.

Profile photo of sarooj sarooj

Excellent Thank you James YES… heuuu NO ;)

Profile photo of Zenman Zenman

Hi James, your lesson was quite cool :) Thanks !!

Profile photo of glmrenard glmrenard

I got 4 correct out of 5. Thank you for your lesson, James :)

Profile photo of Happy04 Happy04

James your a great teacher.and i clearly understand what you mean i got perfect score thanks you :)

Profile photo of jeromejay jeromejay

I got 5 correct out of 5. Have nice day:)

Profile photo of Carol 1 Carol 1

Thank you Mr. James, often I cannot understand your lessons and now the situation is same. I answered the quiz by common sense and got 80%. I am glad. Thanks again.

Profile photo of Abdul Qayum Abdul Qayum

    So am I

    Profile photo of Anuar is from Kazakhstan Anuar is from Kazakhstan

      Thanks for sharing

      Profile photo of Abdul Qayum Abdul Qayum

I was very happy while you Mr james were explaining the lesson coz you’re fanny boy

Profile photo of Clarc Gorbatchev Clarc Gorbatchev

what you wanna say about snack puctur ?

Profile photo of Clarc Gorbatchev Clarc Gorbatchev

I got 2 correct out of 5.

Profile photo of Ukrit Ukrit

Thanks alot James for your great job.
It was a good lesson as always :D
and I got 100 in the quiz .
You have a nice way to teach but sometimes you speak fast so I don’t got what r u saying :) … hope you all the best teacher
My regards

Profile photo of aboood1994 aboood1994

I don’t get* .. sorry about that

Profile photo of aboood1994 aboood1994

Nice lesson James! And i just wanna ask you-did you ever thought regarding actor career ? I think you could be best in it ! All the best!

Profile photo of emil87 emil87

    I told him that before.I bet he’ll doing well at acting.you agree,don’t you??

    Profile photo of Rahaf Rahaf

Hi James, thanks for letting me and others to get into English in a fun way. Sometimes you speak fast but I like it because it is important to make an effort and try to understand English in a normal pace- Thank you again and good luck…

Profile photo of josecatelli josecatelli

More than an english teacher, a human relation teacher ! You’ve done a good job and you often make me laugh. Thank you so much

Profile photo of Marquito Marquito

I love James when he teaches us the art of diplomacy:)

Profile photo of byte byte

Thank you James for your lession. I got 5/5, and it means your teaching way is the best one. You know how to make the others concentrate on all of what you want to say. Have a good day!

Profile photo of Joni79 Joni79

Hey James! You’re not only an English teacher but also a psychology teacher! :)

Profile photo of Tinve Tinve

james i love that shoving in the quiz.keep up great job

Profile photo of mo1234 mo1234

I’d a little difficult with the understanding of some words, because James talks in his classes like he talks with your friends. I mean he speaks fast and like in a conversation… Other teachers speak slower, what it’s good, but it doesn’t seems a real conversation.

Profile photo of Carol3139 Carol3139

Тhank you. A very good and not easy lesson.

Profile photo of Yelenalena Yelenalena

    You are bsolutely right Yelena!!!

    Not that easy, even for advanced students of English. But we must meet the challenge of it.

    Good luck with your English.

    Have a great day.

    Profile photo of Regino Regino

    Yelenalena we can practice together if you like

    Profile photo of AhmadSleiby AhmadSleiby

Thanks, 5/5.

Profile photo of adalberto75 adalberto75

Excellent…i got 5 out of 5

Profile photo of DRAUG DRAUG

hallo everyone..^_^

Profile photo of malik99 malik99

These are lessons for life and should never be forgotten, thank you very much!

Profile photo of Tiago de Souza da Silva Tiago de Souza da Silva

Thank you so much For your explanation James .

For my companions ! i wish is there who wants to practice his English , If you’d like to do so ! please be in touch with me ! this is my account name in face book “Anwar Aime Dieu “

Profile photo of anwarLawer anwarLawer

Thanks, James! Great lesson and actual topic!

Profile photo of KittyKatty KittyKatty

its all sounds great dude)) (may i call ya as DUDE?)

Profile photo of RasOOlchick RasOOlchick

You are so calm today!! but still the best ♥
I get 100% at the quiz, but to be honest I repeated it twice to make sure I get your idea, not because it’s difficult or hard to understand ,no, I heard about this subject many times before.However I was kind of absent-minded ,thinking about lots of things else :( :(

Profile photo of Rahaf Rahaf

yeah thnx four in five

Profile photo of gokseltuzun gokseltuzun

HI, Everybody, i got 5 out 5. i’m really happpy. this is great. I enjoyed it. it make me more bold and it encourages me. thanks for giving 5 out of five.

Profile photo of Nirmaludhaya Nirmaludhaya

I really enjoy this new way to learn english, I did´nt. Know any about this lesson. Uuppss, always replied with a simple NO thanks ¡¡

Profile photo of nicorojas98 nicorojas98

yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees I got 5 of 5 Iam perfect

Profile photo of Asmaa. H. Asmaa. H.

5/5. In Portuguese as you said ” nada” means nothing, if you say NO, the correct word is “NÃO”. Cheers

Profile photo of Jorge Pedroso Jorge Pedroso

My first great lesson, thanks

Profile photo of Millito Millito

How can you talk so fast … I admire you!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the lesson :)

Profile photo of katerinapas1 katerinapas1

    Hi, Katerina. Would you like to practice with me? I’ll send you a message on Skype. :)

    Profile photo of almeida.ec almeida.ec

      Yes I would like.

      Profile photo of katerinapas1 katerinapas1

        Hi, Katerina. Would you like to practice with me? I’ll send you a message on Skype. :)

        Profile photo of AliAbdullah07 AliAbdullah07

    Hi…..you can talk fast if you read too much and watch English movies to know about idioms and accent…(i can speak a little fast because of this..you can taste it)

    Profile photo of VahidReza VahidReza

    i would like to do practice
    here ia my skype id

    Profile photo of atique atique

Thanks alot…….really great and useful ….. i will say it to my students

Profile photo of VahidReza VahidReza

    Hi VahidReza,

    I want to practice to someone english. Do you want to practice with me? Let me know if you are interested!
    Best regards

    Profile photo of caro caro

      Hi..Thank you my friend..you know i dont have much time ..but i can practice with you in my free times…give me your skype ID
      i reall like to practice English with people..im an English Teacher….

      Profile photo of VahidReza VahidReza

        My Skype Id is chanekapinzon69. Keep in touche

        Profile photo of caro caro

          i would like to do practice
          here is my skype id

          Profile photo of atique atique

          I’ve added you atique

          Profile photo of VahidReza VahidReza

          Hi caro,

          Do you want practice with me?

          Profile photo of danielpn danielpn

      Hi caro,

      Do you want practice with me?

      Profile photo of danielpn danielpn

Excellent ;-)

Profile photo of Belita Belita

Hi, Mr jeams I learnt a lot of vocab in this lesson, thank you so much, see hello to Me E

Profile photo of Bboy samoud Bboy samoud

Hi all, thanks for the lesson. I want to improve my English . If there is anybody who thinks we can help each other here is my Skype ID avetik.nersisyan1

Profile photo of Avetik Avetik

Very useful for life! Thank you :D

Profile photo of jeffersoncn jeffersoncn

Thank you so much James! A very useful lesson!

Profile photo of natashunia natashunia

Thank you a lot,that’s not just about language ,but a culture!

Profile photo of 15moon 15moon

thanks so much James. i think this is the best chance for me. thanks again.

Profile photo of lpphan lpphan


Profile photo of lisanyiberroa lisanyiberroa

Why did you say “shall we”, I once learned on this site itself that “shall” is never used in normal conversation but only for warning(on public sites) and in Laws. Plz do reply.

Profile photo of irinadiplo irinadiplo

Thank so much James

Profile photo of Sarahalotaibi Sarahalotaibi

thanks!!sometimes I couldn’t say ..no because I didn’t know the best way!!thanks

Profile photo of Charino Charino

Than you teacher, your way at teaching is very interesting.

Profile photo of Mustafabajan Mustafabajan

I was not able to watch the video due to the internet problem but I just participated to the quiz to test myself, fortunately I got 4 out 5 correct which granted me 80 marks. that is good… heheheh. Thanks for offering such a wonderful & public educational site… May Allah Blessed all.

Profile photo of Sifatullah Sifatullah

i got 5 thx james 100%

Profile photo of weza4net weza4net

Thank you James!! Very useful videos to improve communication skill.
But i wonder if I get all videos in sequentially.
I tried hard to find the sequence of all videos but i don’t.
Please help me for this.

Profile photo of tushar.patil2007 tushar.patil2007

Hmm, excuse me, i’m not good at listening. Can you tell me the way to improve it? Thanks a lot :)

Profile photo of Thuhue1004 Thuhue1004

thanks alot :)

Profile photo of saroud saroud

Hi i have a communication problem can i improve my language skills help me

Profile photo of GreeshmanVaishak GreeshmanVaishak

Thanks Sir.

Profile photo of rizwanbutt904 rizwanbutt904

Hi James,
i am really very interested by your courses , i have a question here and i am sure that you will help me to succeed: i’m gonna writing my dissertation this year and i am very optimistic because i know that i am able to get a good mark on it, i want you to help me to find a good and strong TOPIC to be written ( this topic should be related with economic world ,business world and why not by some political overviews) please write me back on my Email : takwa.neffeti@gmail.com

Profile photo of takwa wanderlust takwa wanderlust

Thanks teacher james it is a very good lesson.

Profile photo of angiie.21 angiie.21

thank you James ^_^
if anybody would love to practive english with me add skype : eng.tiger3

Profile photo of mtiger600 mtiger600

thank u teacher james

Profile photo of Abdisalam Daad Abdisalam Daad

Nej! That’s how Norwegians and Danish people say no.
Ayoko! That’s how Philippine citizens say no.
Njet! Njet! Njet! That’s how my Russian friend says no.

It is very hard for me to say no in a needy and demanding individual in front of me. I learned my lesson and still learning.

Your video is really helpful. I need more strength to say no right away without losing the face for both parties.

Cheers! You are an excellent teacher. I really appreciate your knowledge and sharing it to us all. Thanks,Joy

Profile photo of joyflor1980 joyflor1980

Tks Jammes … good lesson !!!

Profile photo of Marcio Fagundes Marcio Fagundes

i really like the accent you speak. clear and easy eng.

Profile photo of highlyfocus highlyfocus

I expecting from this lesson to be improve my english communication skill. Guy help me. :-)

Profile photo of Apis Apis

Thx for video:) Will try to watch all your vids:) Cheers:)

Profile photo of kasiakrzysia kasiakrzysia

Thanks a lot teacher James , you are my favorite teacher here.

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Profile photo of tanhakopoli tanhakopoli

that was a very helpful lesson
really thank you Mr. james

Profile photo of Aboood Aboood

Thanks Mr.James for this video, it’s very helpful for me. Especially in my job :)

Profile photo of ayumasrp ayumasrp

5/5 ..! Next !

Profile photo of Max Max

James, you are a good and funny teacher. I enjoy every lesson.

Profile photo of Carlos Presa Carlos Presa

thanks it’s very useful even in my home language

Profile photo of ozza adel ozza adel

Great lesson! It’s really helpfull for work relationships :)

Profile photo of rediso4ka rediso4ka

thanks it was an amazing lesson

Profile photo of zoz zoz

I think I had some bias that native English speakers generally feel easier to say “no” than us Asians. I do not know… But this lesson taught me how to decline without losing faces and I want to use this phrase if I have a chance.

Profile photo of iroha iroha

Thank you, the lesson was very interesting for me.

Profile photo of Gregory1949 Gregory1949

i got 60 marks it’s bad ):

Profile photo of James pond James pond


Profile photo of abatoul abatoul

jemms you are my hero

Profile photo of kassminho kassminho

Thank you james i really like the lesson

Profile photo of mariamstar mariamstar

Thank you James

Profile photo of emrahbulduk emrahbulduk

Thank you for your lesson, James

Profile photo of Fernando25 Fernando25

even though this lesson is for beginners, I didn’t get more then half :( you’re too fast speaking for me.

Profile photo of fugitiveom fugitiveom

james i´m goint leasson englesh

Profile photo of enrriqueggarcia1 enrriqueggarcia1

thank you verry much ,but ifound many diffecult words in the quize

Profile photo of msmohammed msmohammed

Truely useful for conversation.

Profile photo of ScottChen ScottChen

good way to say no, thank you

Profile photo of Edson Valenzuela Edson Valenzuela

This is awesome, thank you James. Btw can somebody talk to me so i could practise my English ;(

Profile photo of thuwanh thuwanh

    Hi thuwanh. Nice to meet u. Let’s get practise our E. what’s your skype or fb?

    Profile photo of tranghoang1402 tranghoang1402

Thanks for you effort.
Pls. I wish you to talk about calligraphy,just basic rules.

Profile photo of Abuomar Sabbagh Abuomar Sabbagh

i dont know why the same video came with subtitle in my iphone but in my computer without

Profile photo of Kirollos 1987 Kirollos 1987

Hi, I got one question. What “shove it” means? You used that in quiz and the transalation I found for this expression dosn’t match at all.

Profile photo of ulkam ulkam

that was awsome lesson sir o like it :)

Profile photo of hsna hsna

Hi. I’d like to improve my english conversation skills. If anyone can help me pls contact me or add me on skype. My skype ID: luminianis or you can find me as Zsolt Daragus

Profile photo of Luminianis Luminianis

5/5 my first time :)

Profile photo of Ekko-51 Ekko-51

thank you very much

Profile photo of dreamtravel dreamtravel

thanks alot , james
you’re the best teacher ever ..
Keep going on :)

Profile photo of Abdo Hazem Abdo Hazem

to “come out of the closet” — to tell people that you are gay hahahahahahaha

Profile photo of Jack of Blades Jack of Blades

Great !!!

Profile photo of Concepcion Concepcion

Thank you james very interesting

Profile photo of samah123 samah123

Good choice. thank you❤

Profile photo of Mannoshe Mannoshe

Hi sir james this is my first time here and i love how you teach us..

Profile photo of lhynn lhynn

Not correctly placed this exercise is not a “beginer”, because it is very difficult.

Profile photo of Vladkabatkovich Vladkabatkovich

cool video :)

Profile photo of Backly Backly

Thanks for that nice lesson! It was really useful! I love your lessons, James, the way you explain with your great sence of humor! ;-)

Profile photo of Liubov-means-love Liubov-means-love

You’re a wonderful teacher, I like your lessons because they’re always very funny and useful.
Thank you!

Profile photo of Asphodelio Asphodelio

    Hi, Asphodelio!
    I am from Brazil and I am learning english too.
    If you want someone to improve, Here I am ! :)

    Profile photo of demolidor296 demolidor296

This lesson was good for me, thanks James !
cheers !

Profile photo of demolidor296 demolidor296

Is there anyone want to learn English together?

Profile photo of jarvan the 5 jarvan the 5

Thank you for your approach Dr.James. I really needed this.

Profile photo of Samrat Rudra Samrat Rudra

if you don’t mind i would ask you a question ( not kestion ) that why were you so upset . you looked disappointed and tired sort of . And that was the great lesson about Saying NO

Profile photo of Syed Imad Shah Syed Imad Shah


Profile photo of Syed Imad Shah Syed Imad Shah

Thanks, i really enjoyed this lecon. I learned a lot of word and good attitude.


This is the second video that I’ve watched and it really helps me. Glad that I signed up and continue to learn more of this.

Profile photo of Mj08 Mj08

Thanks teacher!!! I’m very happy!!! This lesson is coll!

Profile photo of eduardosantos72 eduardosantos72

Thank you James, I like your lession about how to say no. I got 5/5, I will continue. Very helpful. Thanks EngVid

Profile photo of vickysun vickysun

wow i like getting 100 into the quiz , thanks again

Profile photo of Aminata nana camara Aminata nana camara

Yeah, I’m waiting for new videos. Great job, sir!

Profile photo of KStef KStef

James, you are really the best one, I ever met!!!!

Profile photo of Alena perova Alena perova

thanks james for this lesson, I am a big fan of you. I like you humor sense and the way of teach as.

Profile photo of maritza901 maritza901

The lesson which improves English skills and psychological one’s at the same time. It was really useful, thanks!

Profile photo of Perfect_helen Perfect_helen

Thanks you are the best ,have a good one

Profile photo of Jorgo Jorgo

James thank you so much, this is more than learn English, thanks

Profile photo of Marta Lopez Marta Lopez

thank you very much mr.james.
i am always thanking engvid espesially you.
today i learned to use the various expression instead of “no”.
thank you.

Profile photo of noah noah

Thank you for your interesting, enjoyable and easy understanding class !

Profile photo of Alina Erkis Alina Erkis

oh Yeah! I got all 5 correct answers!
Actually, this lesson is the most difficult i’ve learnt here. (in Beginner level)
Some of situation and sentences I may still have confused.
I think I need to repeat this video for several times after.

Profile photo of allenbaby allenbaby

i think that it is all matter of character the way to tell someone ‘no’

Profile photo of evelinmpou evelinmpou

James dude
thumb up man
you the best

Profile photo of fahmymohammed fahmymohammed

I think this isn’t a lessons for beginners, but thank a lot for this lesson :)

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Profile photo of alparks87 alparks87

you are the best teacher!!

Profile photo of AngelaYang AngelaYang

Thank you, Mr James this lesson is a really helpful to me

Profile photo of Alale Alale

Thank You for useful lesson!

Profile photo of cadosh cadosh

100% – yabba dabba doo

Profile photo of DerClown DerClown

Love it, I’m got perfect score.

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Profile photo of shihai182 shihai182

Nice lesson.I agree with sir James. Our excuse and no should be diplomatically

Profile photo of Shkruallah175@gmail.com Shkruallah175@gmail.com

thanks Mr James awesome lesson I got 100% in the quiz , but to say no even in my mother language difficult, your method fantastic to escape in difficult time.

Profile photo of alharth alharth

James, this quiz was very interesting. Maybe these ways of rejecting situation are too much soft or polite.

Anyway many thanks for the hints.

Profile photo of Edmilson Medeiros Edmilson Medeiros

feeling happy , you have safe my relationship with my family member , my friends , and specially with my team . last one was just kidding , i am sorry to all my team. and after all again i want to say thanks to great teacher and his team who contribute to make easy others life .

Profile photo of saquib5386@gmail.com saquib5386@gmail.com

You got 5 correct out of 5.

thanks a lot.

Profile photo of M kartal M kartal

Your lesson is good James! Thank you very much.

Profile photo of Alex-1956 Alex-1956

thanks a lots sir, now I can use this approach without losing our social relationship.

Profile photo of jayson19 jayson19

Thank you James, this lesson is very important to knowledge yourself and for limit in yours relationships personal and professional.

Profile photo of Emerson Alves dos Santos Emerson Alves dos Santos

How can l watch the video of this lesson? I mean here

Profile photo of Samira iran boj Samira iran boj

thanks James

Profile photo of Yan Ivanov Yan Ivanov

thank you ,I really enjoyed the lesson

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