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thanks for this useful lesson!

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    Please guys I need help I have Interview next month I hope there is some one professional or upper-mediate in Speaking English add me on Skype to speak together I will be very appreciate for Him/Her
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      … making mistakes as usual: … the expression should read:

      “. . . the focus was on three simple and ready-to-be used rules on pronunciation”.

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    Amusing and workable lesson as usuall James. The focus was on three simple and ready to-be-used rules on pronunciation.

    What I need now is to seize any opportunity that comes up to put them into real practice. Yep, practice makes a big differences when it comes to learning a language.

    Thankful for your commitment and support James.

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great, so don’t be stressed, just your English language

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First of all, THanks for your greatest lessons! But i’ve question – why it is different between expand and expact? There are both way followed by consonant?

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    Hi everybody, I have the same concern as Nyouta, if I read ‘Expand’ and ‘Expect’ and I do not find difference between them, both of them stress the second syllable and ‘Ex’ is followed by a consonant, so why the have different pronuntiation?

    I appreciate any kind of information about this regard.

    Have a nice day!

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thanks for the useful lesoon

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good lesson Thanks

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7 of 9, not bad. Tks James

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very useful for me!THANKS

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Interesting lesson, James! Thank you :)

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Interesting and useful lesson, James. Despite I’m not a beginner, I realize I still pronounced every “ex” as /eks/ … thanks a lot for the tips!

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I googled some of your word of your first example I mean sentence one about pronounce “EKS” . And google gave me a pronounce “IKS”. I don’t know may be I am wrong.

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    Anyways, Thanks for your video. I listened two times

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Thank you so much..i got 7/9

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Thanks, James!

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    hi inspiramentum
    do you like practice english together??
    if you please me and accept
    there is my whatss app no:00989352684361
    best wishes

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“Good pronunciation is essential to soundING like a native English speaker”. I have never seen before gerund construction like this one.

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Hy, James, thanks
you so much!

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thanks a lot or helping us JAMES you are the one…..’VI RINGRAZIO TANTO’

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thank you! i couldn’t understand last qwstions

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Thanks James. Now I am the only Italian girl who can pronounce correctly “X-Man”!

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Oh, sorry…X-Men!

Profile photo of byte byte

its helping me a lot..to learn english for my IELTS.

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why not x-man, you are one person,con you explain for me byte, thanks in advance

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    We use X-Men referring to the title of the film:
    X-Men by Brian Singer or in reference to a team of mutant superheroes in the Marvel Comics universe.
    We usually don’t use it in the singular form.

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      Thanks you so much byte. I got it now. You’re right. I coluldn’t think this before

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If you don’t mind could I ask a question
what does this sentence mean?
—-as it happens
if anybody answers it I will be happy

Profile photo of Manolya Manolya

    I found 2 meanings for “as it happens”
    1. one meaning is “by chance” ” accidentally”, “coincidentally”
    – “Do you have a pen?” “As it happens, I have one in my pocket”
    2. Sometimes it is a short form for :” as soon as it happens”, with the meaning :”as soon as possible”, “immediately”
    – you can find the score of the game on the internet as it happens

    I hope it helps you.

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      Thank you so much engread. I understood now. Your examples were clarify as well. I am grateful. With my best wishes to you

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Great lesson. Thanks!

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Good Morning Sir,
I should like to thank you for this lesson. It has been very nice.
Dear Sir I remember having seen you in Toronto but I am not sure. Please do, accept my deepest apologises for disturbing you. I do take this opportunity to wish you and your family a Happy Easter. I hope, I shall see you soon in this web site. I pay my respect to you, Sir James. H

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Useful lesson, thanks!

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So many things behind the language XD

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Wow! I didn’t know this before… Thanks.

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Thank you so much, Teacher
I love EGZ or “eggsss”

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I have really struggled to improve my English pronunciation, but at least I think I accomplish that hard mission as native speakers can understand me when I talk with them. Many thanks teacher James :)

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i am hashmat behnam from Afghanistan

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so happy 100/100

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Please, can anybody help me with practising French?
Skype: rep-aa

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thank you ;)

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It was great video for students learning English like me ~:D
Thank you for explaining how to pronounce X

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Amazing! Thanks so much!

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Great job!

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I got 8 out of 9. The last question confuse me a little, but I think got it. Thanks.

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It is very good lesson. Thanks so much.

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thanks teacher for useful

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You are the expert

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James, thanks a lot for tjis lesson! My students were very happy to know these interesting and useful rules )

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7/9 Excellent lesson on how to pronounce the letter “X”, very well explained, exactly what I expect from you James.

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I can not watch the vedio why?

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    probably because our videos are all on Youtube — try using a VPN?

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thanks alot man
that was good

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Good lesson, thanks a lot

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I James, I dint understand, about the syllable… I don’t know how define the stress syllable. :(

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I got 7 from 9. Thanks for your new information to me.

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Very good explanation.
Exact information.
Excellent approach.
What else can one ask for?
Thank you,James.

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    I wanna be your friend.Do you have Line application? If yes please add me to contact.”maduk5421″
    or mukda55555@hotmail.com

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Thank You James.

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Thank you, it has been very useful!!!

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thank uuuuuu so much

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Please guys I need help I have Interview next month I hope there is some one professional or upper-mediate in Speaking English add me on Skype to speak together I will be very appreciate for Him/Her
This is my skype vipzoom1522

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Hello.. I would like to improve my English, who can me help? :) my skype is ecstaziy_69

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thanks very much

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Thank you very much :) I learn for this lesson :) I got 7/9, not bad :)

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This video is “eggs”actly what I wanted

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I got 8 out of 9 but I use my memory instead of understanding

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Hello, James. I am Renato. I was in Hansa last week. Great lesons. Thanks.

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actually, this video is really helpful for me because in this time i can make different between eggs and X

Profile photo of Yahya-07 Yahya-07

thank you, James

Profile photo of arshen arshen

Thank you, this video help me a lot of!Now i can see the different in the pronuciation!

Profile photo of larissasp123 larissasp123

thankyou james it is the first time I have learnt about that sounds thanks again

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good!! thank for your class.

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pretty good!!

Profile photo of claudio2085 claudio2085

It’s very good!! Thanks a lot.

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Great lesson!

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6 of 9. Thank you James for this lesson. I think, in future i will not do such many mistakes.

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Thank U !!!

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What a great lesson! James, let me ask you sth. Would you say that the study on phonetics is now useless? Thanks in advance!

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    hello naufrago! I am going to go to Chile soon, would you like to practice English by whats up? n: +79673591740

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oops… sory.
my skype id is (haider.manan1)
showing name (Haider Manan Alam)
plz contect me with skype for english speaking practise

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I didn’t get what syllable is :-/ :-/

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    Hi Shne.
    i saw in your profile description that you know persian. well i speak eng/per. i live in iran.
    if you want to practice english with me you can contact with me with skype.
    my skype id is : msn4062
    my email : msn4062@gmail.com

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Thanks i got 9/9 :)))

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thanks James, i got 7/9

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Thanks James

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I got 7 out of 9… thanks james.

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Thank you James, thank you so much.

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I like this guy and all teachers an amazing

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thanks so much

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You are great James, I like your video

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9/9 right, thank you James

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Thanks a lot. It’s a very useful lesson. I would recomment it to my students

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thank you

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I’m really confused about how to pronounce the EX sound, thanks for your explaining.

Profile photo of damon0902 damon0902

Thank you, James.It’s really helpful for me.

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Nice lesson,thanks for the teacher’s time & effort, and for the EngVid Team,you all are great.

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I got 9! Good lesson, thanks to you James !!!

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You got 6 correct out of 9.

thanks a lot..

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Thanks Mr. James.

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