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Wohoo got 09 out of 09. Glad! Thank you Jade!

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By the way, I loved the lesson.

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I like this lesson. Wait another one. Go ahead Jade.
Good job. Thank you.

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The last question with answers makes me lough )))

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this lesson was wonderful. you are very good teacher. the situations that you create were hilarious.

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Thanks Jade for a interesting lesson!

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I like this lesson. Thank you.

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I’ve really appreciated your lesson. Thank you Jade.

I’ve really appreciate your lesson. Thank you Jade.

Which of the two sentences is correct : appreciated or appreciate ? I used the translator but it’s not clear for me.

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Thanks a lot Jade!!

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I got 8/9 and wrong at numbe 5, i trully don’t understand the question, please tell me more. Thank Jade

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    The answer is clear. If you watch the video again, one of the ways to say yes is: “Be my guest”. And not my friend or sister or cousin. Remember the example about when you are in a restaurant and there’s an empty chair and a stranger wants to sit near you.

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Very good teacher , i can improve my english form this website

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thanks jade :)

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Cool, thanks Jade

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Certainly from nine to nine. Jade thanks

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Thank you very much for this lesson!

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I love your teaching style :D

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Thanks Jade o I got 10/10.
I have been learning a lot with Them. and i want to continue doing

I would be delighted.

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I’d love to try your other tutorial video. It helps me a lot!

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I got 100
it was hard
but i made it yeah !

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very useful-thank you my teacher

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Thanks, teacher!!!

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Wow got 9, LOL

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I really appreciate it!

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I got 89%. Thanks.

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Thanks Jade! This is my first lesson. I enjoy this video🙌

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I got 9 out of 9. I enjoy engvid videos and the quiz.

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Good video. Thanks so much.

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Thank you so much Jade, Happy New Year!

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Excellent lesson Jade. But I don´t know why I can´t listen british accent as well as american one. When Ronnie, Emma, James, Alex and Rebecca speak, I can understand them easily. American english is more easiler for understanding or I guess my ear is american. Thanks Jade

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Thank teacher!!!

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Jade, your topic was quite interesting and teaching method as well. Before learning the different ways of expressing YES, I would use of YES in very limited ways of expression but it has now become easy to choose the word in right context. Thanks a lot. Next, I have to prepare myself in order to listen and understand your pronounciation. So it’s good!

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Dear Jade,
your lessons and their topics are excellent. Tks.

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Thank you :)

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