Euphoria is my favorite TV show.I love it because I like the actress,zendaya

kay zin nyein

James, thank you very much for your encourage video. I got a whole bunch of valuable advices from it. As for your question, I usually watch TED talks where I’ve heard a lot of interesting speeches, expanded my vocabulary and found out a lot of amazing inspiring speakers from all over the world. I think it’s a great way to study English for intermediate and advanced students.

Zhanna Maltseva

    yes, I watch TED talks also. You can watch the speaker, listen and read in either English or your own language subtitle simultaneously. @James, thank you for your video!


My favorite tv show is regular show and my favorite movie is Cars


I am a biginer


hello james, fist thank you for all advices. twice methods are interesting. My favorite tv program is friends because a like the comedy tv show. The program show me doferents phases verbs.


Hi James! Great video!


Amazing advices! Love this place!


Thanks James


this video was great, thank you so much


Thanks,Jame ,it a good advice.

Seif Eldawla

Thanks a lot!!!



Aras namo

Now YOUR “show” is my favourite! And you know why? `Cause I have a feeling that you DO want to help me to learn English, no matter if you know me or not. And I’m sure that you are a good person. ;) I’m the most successful if learning something from a good persons. ))))


It is difficult for me to choose just one tv program or movie. I think there is a lot that I love for studying English. Thanks for the advice!


i like to watch action movies because it is very easy for me to understand what is happening even if did not get any words. i also like to listen a podcast.

etienne arnauld

Hi James thanks for your advices and regarding to the comment what you said I love friends programs because I learn plenty of vocabularies from them and this is a very enterteining program for me. Additionally, I like watching TED programs too because they speak about different and interesting topics and at the same time I take advantage of learning new words from those people.


Hi James, thanks for everything, I’ve seen a lot of series, but my favourite is criminal minds, I have always been interested in what is in the mind of someone who hurts another person, in this serie they show it in a deep and clever way, that’s why I loved it ❤


Was great to see your video James!
Favorite serie? South Park, overall! It’s a lot of fun and you can learn in a nutshell about history, culture, and slangs.


I like the series” Mind your language” due to participation of multicultural people.


That helps so much! Great video!


Thank u James
you are amazing

Asi Kakay

hi! howzit going?? so, i don’t have a favorite tv program or movie, but i started watching the serie called the handsman tale this week, it’s amazing !! i’m still in the first season but i can’t wait to started the second one !


Thanks a lot Mr. James.


Thanks a lot Mr. James, I’m new in this site, and I’m enjoy each video and your hints, my favorite serie is criminal minds. I see you soon.




Mr.James you’re totally right,actually I’ve watched a movie in English and i didn’t understand everything,but I made a picture in my head and almost catched what was going with the movie.


thanks, I understand you Cleary

gogo @elgali 4

Thanks a lot! Btw I am really into Sherlock Holmes and Peaky Blinders. Cuz I love british accent and also they are genuinely interesting.


James, great lesson, thanks you a lot. I am sure that the proposed methods are effective. I will try to follow them.


First of all….CHAPEAU!!!! My exercise is to listen to the lessons ….. two weeks ago, I decreased the speed to be able to understand better, even if I had put the subtitles in English, now I have gone to “normal” speed always with the subtitles but I only watch them sometimes.


Thanks a lot James! I love “Two and a half men” show, because it has dark humor that I love it. Nice video James!


most of the time when I listen you it is mentioned that you say I am talking slowly but in intermediate or advance class I speak fast it would be a bit difficult to understand. based on my experience who understand you know who can understand you in any situation even though it is possible to understand the others native speakers as well. so do not scare your students from the English class.
with smile@

Sher Hussain Hussainpor (sher.hussain58@yahoo.com)

Good, it’s nice.

Hermione Granger

Thanks James…. It was a great video


I really like to whatch TED videos and nowadays I have been whatching “This is us” serie, it’s good drama


Thank you, James, for your helpful tips. Currently concentrate in Engvid and I don’t want to hear another thing. But I like TED materials, Netflix series, Varied materials from Youtube, less movies…


Thank you!

Hieu Tr๏ng Khau

Wow James! This class blew my mind, I hope that my level of language improve very quickly, but in a relaxing way too. Learning with tips that you give us! So I love english like a second language..by the way I think it won´t be very difficult. Thank you so much !


Hi, I like !


Hello James,
Extemely helpful video

Veselin Shivarov

Hi, teacher James. Well, I do not have a favorite tv show, serie or movie, because for many years I´ve been watching series or movies in English. But I love Comedy movies and series. Stand up comedy is one of my favorites

luisa garcia

@james thanks for this lesson
for me my favorite series is stranger thinks because in each season there are different stories and monsters that the actor have to kill to be free.


Hi Tr.James , nice to meet you , am a Kenyan student and I had longed for this day.


I appreciate the time you take and the way you share your wisdom to give us tips that personally are very good and favorable, because I believe that this way my English will be fabulous.


You are the best!! thank you

Andrea Eusebio

my favorite programs is cooking food becuse i enjuy when i am watched them and formela one


great class, ma. i love your advices. you atre helping me a lot🧘‍♂️


Helping me a lot, thank you for advices

Katia Santos

James, thanks a lot for your splendid advices. The question of moviesand videos: Firstly I regularly go to the engvid – beginners. Not only due to grammar but also because of listening. But in your case I must use subtitles, but never mind – your really speed speech is a challenge for me. Sometimes I watch Friends – you know, good to understand, vocab, funny, optimistic,… As a background I listen my favourit movies, e.g. Baby boom, Something´s gotta give, Barefoot in the park etc. Also now other students inspired me – I´ll try TED Talks.


Thank you


my favourite movie is “Pulp Fiction” because I like Tarantino movies and his storytelling is fascinating


I like the video which teaches the learning skills that I could use in the other languages,such as Japanese.
Thank you so much.
What I like is something like learning skills, such as how to get a skill from zero to fluent.


thank you


I just love all those videos with James. Best teacher ever!

Victoria GB

Thank you James for great video.
you spell incorrect the word ‘IMDB’, you say it ‘IMBD’.


Thank you Sir. James!


Thanks for this leason, its my first class here and my point of view is so important understand your learning method. in the other hand..my favorite serie is breaking bad, imagine that a normal teacher one day, later the boss drugs cheff.


Hi James, my program the TV favorite is This is Us, because it’s sensibility and interesting. I love this.


    I also love This is Us.


Thank you, James!


Thank you @James


thank you sir James


I will try watch sesame street.
Nice video, thank u!


Hello! I live in Kazakhstan and everybody talk on Russian, so I decided watch English YouTube videos and shorts, a lot of the with subtitles. I think it will worth it 💪

Daniil Slepchenko

merci pour ce magnifique cours , c’était très interessant


Hello! I’m looking Breaking Bad series. That’s my first séries that I listen English.


Thank you James! my favorite TV program was TED speeches, I can listen a lot of ideas and practice the speaking with subtitles, and recently Engvid becomes the most common video that I am watching.


well thank you teacher .I’m from Brazil and i liked very much this videos and i’m learning much more now improving all of my english and practicing . Thanks for your advices my favorite show to learn is the classic He-man from the 80’s


thanks for expling me this lessons

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