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thank you for chilly lessons lol

Profile photo of mahbub100 mahbub100

thank you Teacher,useful for who is beginner.

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that’s a good leeson, thanks.


    thanks you my teacher
    god bless you


I don’t live in Brazil or India, but I don’t know the freezing winter: greetings from south Italy!!!


thank you for usefull lesson.


I live in Brazil and I think the snow is great!

Profile photo of Sidney Sidney

    Thanks! I like it too!

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hi from algeria we have snow but not in my town so i don’t know how much cold we be .


Funny n profitable!
Tx sir.

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I got 5 out of 6, Thanks a lot.

M. Johmani

Haha, I live in Brazil and I have never seen snow in my life! I am the only who is jealous of you Alex! =)


    Come and visit. Everyone should experience winter at least once in their life.

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

*I am the one…


Thank you so much Alex. Sen süper bir öğretmensin, seni seviyoruz. You are a great teacher and we love you.

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I know now. slush, icy. thanks.
in philippine always HOT.


A skyrim! lol
Thanks Alex. Nice drawings there!

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    I think we can also call it a Final Fantasy, but I’m not too sure.

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be careful with icy ground Alex, u could fall to the damn ground, stay at home dude. take care.


    I’ll do my best. Thanks.

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

thanks alex because i understand your accent ,is very good for begining, continious like that,i love it too much in wana learn all your lecon,thanks again ,send me please more lecons


I live in Brazil and I miss the cold winter and the feeling of walking on a snowed lone and ice skating and etc.

LC Varella

thanx so much bro

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Thank u for a cool lesson


Sweet stuff Alex! Just exactly what I need in Russia xP

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leo lizard

thank you for winter lesson

Omar Ahmed

Thanks :) It’s really useful for Russia :D


Its really working in Cool, Chilly, cold and freezing countries. Thank you as I am from wormer environment thats why wanted desperately.


thanks alot

Profile photo of mshmsh mshmsh

Hi,Alex thank you for your nice lessen..I am From Iraq .


Hello Alex, very cool vid ;) Please do more! Spring is already knocking at my window so warm greetings form a far-away!


    Thank you! Spring is knocking on my door here too!

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

      I don’t like cold but thanx for lesson :)

      Profile photo of lilit87 lilit87

it’s actually for Russia, thanks)))


thanks a lot alex


ya cool,chilly,cold and freezing lesson thank you for your work.


Thank you very much! It’s so useful!

Richard Trinh

Very interesting & easy to remember. Thank you very much


thank you very much sir alex for a cool lesson.


your explanation is very easy .it is cool. thanks.

nashat anwar

very nice lesson – interesting
i´m the first time here and i´ll come back
ty for the nice explaining.
Good work Alex


very interesting lesson. Please, how to start the quiz? Someone can help me?

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Thank you for this info, it has been really useful for this mexican girl


Cool!!!! That´s nice to know about that!!!! Here in Brazil no way to use those words…. lol


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i really wonder to feel the snow touch my skin because Indonesia is tropical island, btw thx for the leasson Alex and wish i could go to Canada someday :p

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daz gud lesson mr. alx

Profile photo of abdalla942 abdalla942

Thanks for the winter vocabulary. In Belarus we have the same winter conditions like in Canada. so it’s usefull to know how we should characterised that outside weather. to tell the truth I hate winter. but…


I thank for teaching English.


Hi Alex i wanna ask something
what is the difference between few/little and fewer/less?
thx for the leasson btw :)

Profile photo of ayarinanda ayarinanda

    Hi, Ayarinanda. We come from the same country. If you don’t mind, allow me to give you a hand.

    1. Few and Little
    -Few is used before countable nouns.
    e.g. Savanna is a large and flat grassland area with few TREES.
    -Little is used before uncountable noun.
    e.g. She arranged her speech hastily with little PREPARATION.

    2. Fewer and less are usually used for comparative statements.
    e.g. Because Junior is still less than three years old, He has fewer teeth than his ten-year-old brother.

    Profile photo of Rifai Rifai

    Rifai gave a good explanation. :) Thanks for your question.

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

Thanks for the English winter vocabulary lesson.


thank you alex the lesson is good but we dont have an ice in yemen


I have 4 of 5 thanks teacher.


Thank you so much!
I loved this lesson! I live in Brazil, and not snow here! It’s a pity because I think it’s so beautifil when it’s snowing! :)


thanks a lot!


Thank you a lot teacher. I’m from Brazil
and it’s the first time I saw you. The Canadian’s pronunciation is very clear for us.


Thanks for the lesson although I don’t like the winter.

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thanks a lot it’s very useful for me

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Tnank alot

Dang Tan Tai

Thank you, Alex! This’s very poweful topic. But it seems to me that winter is almost over. May be in Canada you have cold weather, we in Russia have already forgotten it and are waitting for warm days of spring.

Profile photo of kaya kaya

Thank you so much alex.He good man


spring break more fun

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thanks sir alex i learne a lot of this lesson


I live in Ecuador and here the weather is hot ; sometimes I wish I could enjoy of the snow in winter.


Thank you so much


I`m very grateful for your very useful exercises for checking how I know words from this lessons.It gives me opportunity to improve my English which still is rather weak.


thank you teacher

i am from algeria AFRICA


useful,interesting,thanks a lot !


Rifai, thx for the explanation :D and thx for u too Alex.

Profile photo of ayarinanda ayarinanda

Thank you very much! Alex. I am from Viet Nam. I don’t know much about English but I like it. Help me!


that helpt i dont understand im in fif


I thankful to engvid on service


you are the best of teacher …and i feel coal when a learn this lesson lol


wow…simply awesome lessons. ronnie and alex are the first ones who i’ve seen teaching until now and let me tell you that you’re doing a great job. thank you so much for exchanging your knowledge with us all.

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thank you

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This is the first time I watched your video lesson and I think it’s very useful and is easy to understand. Thank you.



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Very much useful

Malatesh, India

it was really beneficial…well done

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Thank you Alex! Here in my town spring is back some day ago, but saturday I will go to search for some snow and ice on the Alps!
Great lesson.
Now I think winter is finishing in Canada and life is going to explode…
Take care and enjoy spring.
Thanks a lot to engvid because now I understand, write and speak something similar to English!!!!
Hi Alex and engvid’s teachers!!!

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Thank you for lesson about weather


your leason that so good


Good lesson! I´m from Brasil and live in Ceará state. Note! the name Ceará… It´s came from SAARA becouse here we have four seasons… hot, dry, heat and summer. I dont no any idea what snow is.

Luiz Ferreira

Hi I am fire eighter and u help me so mach. because I must lern enghlesh language for my job an life.


Thank you. It is cool lesson. we are frozen..

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i got 4 of 6 thank u


thank you

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Thanks for u time and teach us Alex .u are the best teacher
Thanks Again
Happy great day


nice lesson i love winter but i don’t need to be freezing :) thanks alex ….

Profile photo of shosho2000 shosho2000

Fantastic… Your teaching technique and acting very good.. Are you to Hollywood next… Don’nt go.. then who will teach us english..

Shah Haq

tahnk you very much .. it’s the website that i was looking for :)





Profile photo of amirnilo97 amirnilo97

Thanks Alex! I live in Vietnam where has never had snow in winter. So i’ve never seen snow and ice.


Thank you Alex

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thanks alex it’s a very important lesson i will come to canada and see icicle and slush


Wonderful lesson! Easy, but important!
Thanks Teacher Alex!


Hello brasilian guys!
Here in south Brazil snows in the winter too! the winter is very long and cold!


thnx for this plz give me summer vocabulary too!


thanks. i liked it. u re good teacher)


Thanks for the lesson. I am very grateful.


thank you

Profile photo of fikriadmin22 fikriadmin22

I´ll repeat lesson. Some mistakes with slush and slushy.


im from saudia arabia and just wanna thank you for your great way to teach us :) u r the best alex <3

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thanks a lot alex!!!

Profile photo of bebavill bebavill

LOve it!!

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Thanks many Alex ur lessons are very useful thanks again Alex algeria

Karout Larbi

thanks for lesson

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thank you

Profile photo of jaklenaowesn jaklenaowesn

I hope that i can use these words in Viet Nam ^^

Profile photo of vntaiduong vntaiduong

that’s a good leeson, thanks

Profile photo of qaitoon qaitoon

Thank you so much Alex!


Brrrr! Thanks for such a COOL lesson :)

Profile photo of loveyleena loveyleena

it is help me very much thank you


hello;i’m a moroccan english student,believe me if i said this website is the best one among others,is very useful not only for students but also for everybody wanted to practice this language as the first in the world,so thank you again,please pass salutes for all the group teachers,please if you could, record some courses about “the complex sentence in english”thanks

abdou kaka

thanks from all things…………….

Ahmad yaser ataie

thanks for lesson

Profile photo of zeze714 zeze714

    zeze can we be friends ^^i just like we can learn together



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Alex, your speak is very clear.
Thank you fir it.
Lessons are the best of all.

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Thank you for your lesson

Profile photo of sergius sergius

Thanks Alex!!!


Thanx a lot sir

for lesson winter vocabulary

Abdul Qayum

Great lesson!
Thank you so much :)


thanks alot
you are the best teacher


thank you so much, what a useful lesson!


thanks a lot


Thank for lesson

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Good lesson


Nice lesson for winter.



Profile photo of cordelia04 cordelia04

Hi! Thank you for the lesson. However, I have a question. Why is ” got covered in slush”? Can I say “got covered with slush” instead?

Profile photo of arura arura

Thank you!
I living in south Brazil. It’s freezing here.


thanks Alex
Never seen snowfall ever except in movies good to know all these vocabulary

Profile photo of ryanamal ryanamal

very nice lesson thanks alex your the best


I’m Khalil from Afghanistan nice to hear EngVid.com as I think here a lot of people need to learn and this good way to improve our English knowledge. Much appreciated form you all hard work to this matter.


Many thanks for this lesson. I live in North of Russia, In Siberia, and we have a snow almost all year. Now I know how to discribe our cold weather:)))


Many thanks for this lesson, Alex. I live in north of Russia, in Siberia, and we have a snow almost all year. Now I know how to describe our cold weather:)))

Profile photo of dewshine dewshine

Nice lesson ! I have a cold right now lol.

Profile photo of carlos77 carlos77

Greeting from Czech republic Alex, thank you for your lessons!


Thank you Alex! Cool video!

Profile photo of ostap ostap

Thaks Alex, i Hope go to Canada some day and to know the snow and go to Ski. TAKE CARE!

Profile photo of andres76 andres76

i watch on tv the weather channel.it gets cold
outside.snow is falling.be careful with snowflake.stay at home.your car may stuck in the snow.the road is icy.what should you do?


Thank you Mr Aex.


Yaaaayyyy !!! :D I’m happy I understood, and it happened to me to get covered in mud when a car drives fast and there’s a hole on the street. hehe

Profile photo of Mr. Saenz Mr. Saenz

Thank you very much, Alex


thanks Alex FOR your help


Hi! I’m from Saint-Petersburg(Russia) and we have the same winter. This lesson is very good for us. Thank you very much, Alex.

Profile photo of vitaly73 vitaly73

    I don’t even want to imagine what the winters are like in Russia!

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

      Why Alex ?

      Profile photo of Adwait Shiva Adwait Shiva

From -60 to+15 )))

Vitaly 73

From -60 to +15)))

Profile photo of vitaly73 vitaly73

Brilliant! Such a simple thing- to wear a coat and a hat- and the lesson becomes unforgettable.Thank you from Odessa near the Black Sea in Ukraine.


HI is a comfortable winter in united kingdom kkkkkkkk


In Saint- Petersburg(Russia) to say slushy is to say nothing)))

Profile photo of vitaly73 vitaly73

6 correct out of 6 – Thomas from Poland thx

Profile photo of 7thomas7 7thomas7

i am very oblige to you for helping us who strugle with english.


So nice lesson,winter better than summer.

Ahmid 9

I wanna know the snow …..

please correct me….

Profile photo of elkrespo elkrespo

the weather here is chilly.

Profile photo of kenzaham kenzaham


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Profile photo of mernamohsen96 mernamohsen96

Thank you so much Alex, I’ve just learnt some interesting new words.

Take care!

Profile photo of Dorian Garcia Dorian Garcia

I didn’t know about the words “icicles” and “slush.” They were my new vocabularies. I mistook the last question but…I imaged “slush” was uncountable later. Now it’s still September, but it is getting chilly. So helpful for me. Thank you, Alex :)

Profile photo of Happy04 Happy04

Thank you so much Alex! 100% :)))

Profile photo of Emilia Emilia

warm, cool, chilly, cold, freezing..
you teach well all of students to visit here.
thank you very very much.

Profile photo of catherine78 catherine78

Thanks for the lesson. It was great to learn winter vocabulary on a chilly day.

Profile photo of esokill esokill

Thanks 67%.

Profile photo of Abdul Qayum Abdul Qayum

my country has no winter, I wish I could touch snowflakes, make a snowball :)

Profile photo of BaoChau BaoChau

Thank you very much!

Profile photo of Iamhere. Iamhere.

Thanks again :)

Profile photo of shellcoder91 shellcoder91

Thanks alex it was enjoyable …winter comes back in my country these days but it’s changeable between cold and cool .. we usually see the snow once at least every year .

Profile photo of aboood1994 aboood1994

Hello Dear Sir Alex I am your new Students thanks

Profile photo of Kh. Ab. Jawad Kh. Ab. Jawad

Thank you so much, great teacher :)

Profile photo of chababi hakim chababi hakim

Hi Mr Alex I have listened all of your lesson and I live in Singapore but I am Myanmar I didn’t know what is snow like and how does it feel I know it fell cold but I have never touch it ths for the lesson

Profile photo of honsu honsu

Thanks a lot。

Profile photo of Chessman Chessman

I got 6 of 6 :D thanks that was very good , but not for me cause I’m living in UAE :P I’m going to use them in the future > I hope that :D

Profile photo of Dina A.salam Dina A.salam

thank you teacher,that was great.

Profile photo of sanaz.aaj sanaz.aaj

In Poland was -17 lat week. Snot was freezing hahaha but it isnt snowing.

I like your lessons Alex. Thank you

Profile photo of tutunia tutunia

Hi alex, a very interesting lesson. I really enjoyed it. Thanks a lot!

Profile photo of Tarik rahmouni Tarik rahmouni

Thanks you so much.

Profile photo of Marta Lopez Marta Lopez

Thanks for this helpful lesson!
I’ve never seen snow in my life, but I hope to visit Canada next year :D

Profile photo of Karen D Karen D

Thank you fot your lesson!
I enjoy watching this lesson.
Now I’m in Korea in summer.

Profile photo of Young Kyung Lee Young Kyung Lee

Thanks alot Mr Alex

Profile photo of Hussein Gabralla Hussein Gabralla

It’s very useful for me Thank You.

Profile photo of Wen Jenyi Wen Jenyi

Thank you!

Profile photo of Vivimi Vivimi

Well done. Thank you Alex. Great teacher

Profile photo of souraich souraich

THank you so much. In my country dont have snow in the winter but this lesson is so interesting for me watching film.

Profile photo of buitamhtk buitamhtk

I got 3/6. Thanks for the lesson. I didn’t know many of these words.

Profile photo of robi75 robi75

I got 6 of 6 :D. Your actions and the pictures were funny.Please upload a video on Past Continuous Tense

Profile photo of Adwait Shiva Adwait Shiva

Thank you for a very useful lesson.Great job keep it up

Profile photo of asadvalencia asadvalencia

It is so helpful

Profile photo of Habebyare Habebyare

Thank you Alex

Profile photo of kheireddine007 kheireddine007


Profile photo of shihai182 shihai182

Thanks for this content Alex!

Profile photo of Jonathas Wilhem Jonathas Wilhem

Thank you so much teacher Alex

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