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Got 08/10. Great lesson. Thank you !


    Nice work, Annie! Keep it up. :)


      I will try my best , your instructions are useful.

      Fathima fareen

I got 10/10, thank you very much because right now i also feel I am stuck and i want to see myself and my process learning english, your sugestions helps me a lot

nguyen van long

    That’s great to hear. Sometimes, we need to hear something different instead of just another grammar point.


Hello Alex! I try to make learning English as habit. About one hour every day on different sites. And when I cannot to learn I have the withdrawal. But sometimes I have frustration and make the break. After that I look for some interesting in English. My learning focus on the reading and listening by myself. I call this recognition skills. But “generator” skills such as speaking and writing I do not develop. But I understand that the key of improving my English lays in the area of “generator” skills.


    Hi Bitaly, what you call “generator” skills are also called “production” skills. It’s tough to improve them by yourself, but not impossible. I hope your studies continue to be satisfying and that you feel like you’re making progress.


Hi Alex, thanks a lot for this useful video. My native language is French. Do not hesitate if you want a ZOOM with me. Fifty-fifty French-English ?? It can be great, isn’t ? Beatrice.


    Hi, Beatrice. Thanks for your kind offer! :) At the moment, I’m okay without a language exchange partner, but I do appreciate you asking. I hope you’re doing well!


Thanks Alex. This a differente vídeo!!!

edi wilson

    Thanks! I wanted to do something that felt fresh.


Thanks Alex, it’s a comfort to see this.


    My pleasure, robinly. I’m glad you enjoyed it.


Thanks Alex


    I got 100%
    First, I like when you ask questions at the end of videos :)
    Regarding questions:
    1-To be honest I love English and live with it, so I’ve never thought of quitting! And I never get frustrated.
    2-I should reconsider some plans during my journey of learning English. I have a friend who teaches English and is somehow expert at it, so he checks my English regularly and gives me feedback.

    Alex, I think some very basic lessons are needed on Engvid. Like house issues, family talks, daily life activities. Once I wanted to explain a problem with our water and faucet that was leaking, I couldn’t explain it in English.
    Thank You.


Yeah, I´ve been trying to learn English since when I was 23; today I am 56 lol lol. But I´ll never give up!

Pereira Santos

    God job Pereira :)


It’s a helpful video. I Like it!


thanks for your tips!


Dear Adam, i m so glad for explaining clearly the lessons . Can you give a lesson on having + participle or if you have fine It already can you send It to me thanks


Thank you so much, Alex. Really, it is a very useful video for me. You did a great job. Have a nice day by day…Best regards


I have appreciated your work.Superb lesson 10/10.


Sometimes I go back to situations those seemed difficult level and they become more easy so I think because of this better understand I’ve improved a little or is the same when I go back to exercises seemed more easy and find something have passed unnoticed.
I always keep in mind the resources those could be the best next step!


VERY GOOD your tips, thanks a lot.


Some people spend more time paying these “Learn English in 1 second” courses than learning English.
What a nice park!!Was it Toronto where you recorded this video?
Thank you so much for your video Alex, always a pleasure to follow your lessons ;)


    This is actually in Montreal. :) It’s nice for a walk or a bike ride. Thanks for your comment, as usual. It feels like you’ve been here forever!


      Please !! What should I do If i wanna came back in this site ??
      I don’t know anything about it !!!


        Welcome to engVid, Narzak!

        You can add a profile photo here.

        We have many years of videos to watch! You can search for videos by level, topic, and teacher using the English Lesson Finder. Some lessons also come with downloadable resources, like lists of words.

        All our teachers are on YouTube, and there are playlists for different levels and topics. And if you want to know whenever a new lesson is uploaded, you can follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

        If you have any questions, just ask! Have fun ?️

        engVid Moderator

I must to say that I opened this site since long time ago and bum! the tittle it was for me, because I am feeling that……it was like a sign, thank you for do a chapter of this subject.


Thank you! It is a excellent video!


I got 6/10.It’terrible.


8/10 one thing that I have an issue with is writing in English to my colleagues and coworkers. I am afraid they may judge my grammar and lack of vocabulary.


I learn from this video to pay attention on your study on regular basis.


I got 8 out of 10.


I think that this scor (70/100) shows me also my Enghlish understanding level or focusing the teacher’s speach…


Thank you so much. This video helps me a lot to improve my English. I am really grateful to you Alex.


I also believe in life learning process so I will do my best to improve english skill as much as i can
anyway thanks you very much Alex


This is my 1st time searching web site,yet did with out watching video lessons,may do good better next,stay blessed!!!

Mulualem Chekol

I got 9 out of 10 thank you so much I really appreciate you what you have teach us I undertook very well ever before

Abdirashid daad



i agreed 100 percent with you. thank a lot

mr. Trung

I watched this video twice on August 18, 2021, and took the quiz after watching it. I got ten out of 10.


Evening everyone !!
Specifically our best teacher !!
I’m new here not only but also begginer in English language !!
I wish improve it here !!
I’ll do anything to get get better at English language…

But my high problem reside in the case to speak !!!


Thank you very much for the interesting and great lesson

Marielena Berra

Alex if u do a lesson on how to use PAST PARTICIPLES u’ll get 10 bitcoins
,ye have my word!


I got80 thank you ?

zahra. bgh

Alex I thought that Polish is your first language. I’m little surprised. Nice place and really useful lesson.


Thank you Alex


I got 100, thanks a lot!!!


I have got 9/10thank you for this quiz and I would like to begin my learning to improve my language


How do I begin my lessons


8/10 ^^ my comment will be №51
I really enjoying watching your teaching lessons. Thanks a lot.


I’ve gotten 10 out of 10 thanks for your advices


9/10 Thank you!

Eniko Marton

10 out of 10 Yayyy


Wow I got 10 correct answers?

Fritzie Lopez

Hi. Teacher I was surprised by myself I got 10/10. Thank you for your lesson.


Thanks for your lesson, it’s really useful to me.


Thank you very much Mr. Alex. I’ve ben studying Language for thirty and + years and consider that to be realistic is the most important thing. It all depends on how much efforts, time you apply to the process of studying, and though it seems to me that nothing have changed for the last 25 years I am glad that I have preserved some of the knowledge acquired earlier.


Thanks for your lesson, it’s really useful for me.


Thank you Alex! This video describe my situation.


thank you alex! this video really useful and applicable. wishing you a lot of luck too. *cheers*


Thanks, Alex.
This video is great, I agree with you that it’s a life-journey.

Migo 11


Ahmad ja

Thank you Alex for this lesson. Sometimes I get frustrated and stressful when learning English. I take a break when I feel stuck and not improving. But most of the time before taking a break I watch Motivation videos of great speakers and English poems. Which motivate me and push me forward in my learning process. Alex you inspired me in this video. Thank you again!


great . 9/10.
thanks Alex


I got 8/10 thanx allex


thanks a lot

Yildiz Okuturlar

what you do when you feel stuck at a certain level?

Good question, I often had this feeling, so I go to my materials again and again tel I feel change in my level.


i got 90 great job

Aso Sdiq

Thank’s Alex for all you lessons!! It’s great !! You really rock!!
Thank you for existing! (I don’t know if I can say such a thing, in French we say: «  merci d’exister! »)


I’ve got 10/10. Thanks Alex! From Russia with love!


Alex, thank you so much for your tips!


honestly, I find your method of teaching great, I would to thank you for your efforts to help us improve our level. yes, sometimes I find myself I don’t improve. but as you say the first question I have asked myself is what have I already learned?
for guiz I got 10/10


When I feel frustraring during my learning journey I like to listen music of my favorite singers.

Merci beaucoup, monsieur Alex! J’apprends le français aussi.

April Gabriela

    I like listening to music*

    April Gabriela


Alex, thanks a lot for your advice!
I really need to take a break :)

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