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Our company has made many advances over the past five years. Because of our hard work, we are now _____________________.

During the chemistry lecture, Thomas asked a question about dancing. It was really __________________!

I __________ and got a ticket because I moved my car forward before the light turned green.

Oh no, I forgot to add the salt! I was certain that I had _____________ of the recipe!

His comments about global warming were ________________. They were totally right.

I really didn't like his opinions on the movie. I felt they were completely __________.

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Nice good…

Thursday, September 23rd 2010

This video is very good. from which you learned of this, I want to learn the language, no more What is your best video at all. I’m interested in is you want to learn this

Thursday, September 23rd 2010

I do not understand how and when to use ” I have done”(pres. perf.) and I did. Please help me!

Thursday, September 23rd 2010

You are a great teacher! Thank you very much for your explanations

Thursday, September 23rd 2010

I’ve learned a lot from EngVid how to handle my students in a better way :) with better knowledge, of course.

Thursday, September 23rd 2010

Thanks for the lesson! On the mark is very useful!

Thursday, September 23rd 2010

Many thanks, Alex! It looks like you’re ahead of the pack!

Thursday, September 23rd 2010

thanks a lot! I am looking forward to hearing from many other idioms soon!

Thursday, September 23rd 2010

i really cover all the bases with quiz i got
6 correct out of 6.

“Your score: 100.00 You got 6 correct out of 6.!!!!

thanks professor Alex

Thursday, September 23rd 2010

very good

Friday, September 24th 2010

THX for this beautiful idioms

Friday, September 24th 2010

Thanks a million Alex for your wonderful lesson. You really covered all the bases. I think by following your lesson I’ll be ahead of the pack.

Sunday, September 26th 2010

    Exactly. :)

    Monday, October 11th 2010

    hey! i love your comment!

    Saturday, June 25th 2011

you r on the mark alex,thanks,and u covered all of the bases!

Sunday, September 26th 2010

this lesson is very good for me thank you very much .

Tuesday, September 28th 2010

hello sir this lesson is very good for us
thank you very much us.

Tuesday, September 28th 2010

Thanks Alex for this interesting lesson.

Tuesday, September 28th 2010

thank you very much
very good lesson

Wednesday, September 29th 2010

really nice lesson! Thanks a million! =)

Thursday, September 30th 2010

Good teacher.

Friday, October 1st 2010

thank you. excellent lesson !!!!!

Monday, October 4th 2010


Monday, October 4th 2010

    I’m sorry, but I do not do private online lessons at the moment. There are many resources online, as well as the official IELTS books, that can help you to improve your English writing.

    Monday, October 11th 2010

      Thanks for your reply

      Wednesday, October 13th 2010

You covered all the bases sir Alex!

Wednesday, October 6th 2010

it is great i got 5out of6
thinku teacher Alex

Wednesday, October 6th 2010

very good, I like, good teacher

Saturday, October 9th 2010


Sunday, October 10th 2010

So glad I am to be here. I’ll use here from now.

Sunday, October 10th 2010

Teacher I have a question,,,
in this sentence:I really didn’t like his opinions on the movie. I felt they were completely off the mark…. Since you are talking in plural, was not supposed to be ( I didn’t like their opinions? please let me know thanks,,,,,when you say “they were” you refer to people or opinions? thanls

Thursday, October 14th 2010

Lot of Thanks to Alex…. your lessons are useful to me… i hope it will be usefuel for the persons who are like me… thhnk you sir…

Friday, October 15th 2010

Great job.

Sunday, October 17th 2010

hello im majda from moroco i love english i thaink your websit is very usfull thank you very much for your eforte

Sunday, October 17th 2010

    Hey Majda Im aYoub From Morocco 2 xDeey Ur right this Teatcher is Great

    Wednesday, October 20th 2010

I really enjoy your explanations. They are excellent, and I really undestand. For sure I will continue watching your videos. Go ahead. You are doing an outstanding job, and you are helping lots of people to learn. Thanks a lot.

Monday, October 18th 2010

Thaaaaaaaank Youuuuuu a LoooooTTT

Wednesday, October 20th 2010

You coverd all the bases You are a head of pack
am I right lol??

Wednesday, October 20th 2010

you are amaze
thank you so much for your lessons
you are so nice to help us
i can’t thank you enough

Thursday, October 21st 2010

Thank you you examples are very interesting and help me to unerstand the idioms meanings
Best regards

Wednesday, October 27th 2010

You covered all the bases, sir Alex!(2)

Friday, October 29th 2010

Good strategy to make lessons understandable

Thursday, November 4th 2010

I just wanna to ask is ther any website you can talk engkish through it

Saturday, November 6th 2010


Saturday, November 6th 2010

I have learnt something, English is a very diffucult langage.
I’ am french so it was very good to leanr smt with a good teacher who speacks very well
Voila, je conseillerai ce site à mes amies pour qu’elles les consultent.
Merci encore et bonne continuation.

Tuesday, November 16th 2010

alex is a good lecturer

Monday, November 22nd 2010

nice idioms thanks alot

Saturday, November 27th 2010

hi Alex! Thanx a lot for the lesson. I learnt a lot.
But still I have a question in my mind: Why are these idioms called “sport” idioms ?

Monday, December 6th 2010

Hello Alex, is easy to learn with you, thanks for the examples.

Thursday, December 9th 2010

mr. alex firstly thank u for all your useful lessons and you are successful , but i wanna a favour of you i have a broblem with syllables ( stress or unstressed) where the stressed syllables and and how i determine them >>> plz if u have a material send it to me or prepare a vedio lesson for us a bout this subject >>

Monday, December 13th 2010

thanks a lot.it is very useful for me to learn such difficult idioms ^^

Friday, December 17th 2010

Go on in this way Alex!
Thanks a lot and greetings from Milan.

Friday, December 17th 2010

a very nice lecture

Friday, December 17th 2010

to be out of left field,I have a qustion:
when I’m asking ppl how did you find this place some of them will reply: lovely place.
even though I wanted to know how they find the direction to get there…
what makes that miss understanding in here?

Friday, December 24th 2010

Thanks for taking this English quiz! Your score: 100.00 You got 6 correct out of 6.’
I think i am a ..

Wednesday, December 29th 2010

Dude you are awesome and the lesson was so good and helpful for me, thank you so much

Friday, December 31st 2010

thanks for your explanations.

Saturday, January 1st 2011

veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery nice

Thursday, January 6th 2011

my words can not express how useful your lessons are.
May god bless you !

Thursday, January 13th 2011

I liked your class :-) .

Saturday, January 15th 2011

great teaching

Monday, January 17th 2011

hello alex. you are ahead of the pack teaching inglish and cover all the bases thank you God bless.

Wednesday, January 26th 2011


Wednesday, January 26th 2011

This quiz was a piece of cake, I did it very well. bye 4 now.

Wednesday, January 26th 2011

thank you very much for this helpful information. it is very helpful resource for english learners. i just can’t find word to express my huge gratitude to yous such a wondreful opportunity you provide us with.
you are great teacher! i”ll be ahead of the pack.

Wednesday, February 9th 2011

hello alex ,I don’t understand this video because I can’t listen , can you write on that for me to understand? (maybe When I write some words will be wrong because my poor writing skills)

Saturday, February 19th 2011

wow! this lesson is amazing!

Saturday, February 19th 2011

congratulations!!!!!!Alex, I´m a teacher, I learned a lot from you

Friday, February 25th 2011

Well done

Tuesday, March 8th 2011

Wou, it’s owesome. your explanation clear as a bell. i’m gonna tell to my friends about all of your idioms. Thank you very much sir.

Tuesday, March 8th 2011

thanks alex

Monday, May 2nd 2011

Thanks sir alex, you’re on the mark.

Monday, May 2nd 2011

Thanks sir. You’re ahead of the pack in the field of teaching!

Tuesday, May 3rd 2011

thank you!

Monday, May 9th 2011

Very nice lesson!! Idioms are the more difficult thing to understand and your explanations are very clear. Thanks!

Saturday, May 21st 2011

Thank you so much,you did cover all the bases, i like your lessons a lot.

Wednesday, June 1st 2011

i neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed more and moreeeeeee
of these idioms explanation by our genious teasher ALEX

Tuesday, June 7th 2011

thank you so much

Thursday, June 9th 2011

Thanks so much! Alex. It’s so new to me. This is the first time i hear it. But i can understand all!
Nice day! Our teacher!

Saturday, June 25th 2011

yes!!!!! i got the quiz…..its good,, very informative…

Monday, June 27th 2011

Hi, here is one of your students from the Czech Republic! A very nice job (actually – great!)!!! I will listen to it again many times in order to keep it in mind and tomorrow and the next week :) and then remember it forever and ever. :D I also did not know a thing from those idioms before but the explanation is clear, used in useful realistic situations. Thank you so so much:) Love youuuuu :D :D

Tuesday, July 19th 2011

Hi Alex and everyone! Alex, thank you for the idioms and your clear explanations–they made the idioms easy to remember!

Thursday, July 21st 2011

Thank you, Alex! You are the best teacher here. Its a big pleasure to watch and listen your lessons.

Saturday, July 30th 2011

i would like to think all the teacher on engvid

Tuesday, August 16th 2011

83,3% no so bed…But really how often can I hear these ideoms in English speech?..Is it useful?..)Thanks any way! I have very good time with your videos)

Friday, September 23rd 2011

thanks Alex your lecture so useful I took some information from ur lecture

Friday, September 23rd 2011

very informative and very well presented. thanks a lot.

Saturday, October 1st 2011

Wow, this lesson was awesome!! I really enjoyed it. Thanks Alex, you’re a good teacher.

Tuesday, October 4th 2011

very nice

Saturday, October 15th 2011

great teaher Thank you .thank you .thank you

Sunday, October 30th 2011

Lately I´ve learned how to make alot of money.I´m now ahead of the pack

Sunday, October 30th 2011

thanks very much about all this.and every second i listen to your lesson .i think you are my best teacher bye

Thursday, November 17th 2011

thank you Alex!

Friday, November 18th 2011


Saturday, November 19th 2011

I like very much engvid. I’m autodicdacte so ths site is very useful for me.

Sunday, November 20th 2011

It is an interesting lesson .

Friday, November 25th 2011

Of all the sites which i have tried , i can say : engvid is ahead of the pack in field of learning English .
Have i used the idiom correctly ?

Friday, November 25th 2011


Saturday, November 26th 2011

GREAT, thank you teacher you made me know what I never imagine to learn one a day.

Sunday, November 27th 2011

Hi teacher Alex! These idioms are not usually learnt in a regular classroom! Yet, I believe them very useful when it comes to understanding spoken English. I got 5 out of 6, it seems that for me, question 2 on the quiz was out of left field! Thank you.

Sunday, November 27th 2011

hello sir alex..I learned my school about the sport idioms but hey are a bit complicated so I didn’t understand…can you gıve me some examples about this ıdıoms to make me clear..here are these..1]BE ON THE BALL..2)MOVE THE GOALPOSTS..3)A LEVEL PLAYING FIELD 4)A WHOLE NEW BALL GAME 5]SCORE AN OWN GOAL 6)START THE BALL ROLLING…THANK YOU FROM NOW:)

Monday, December 12th 2011

thanks so much

Friday, January 6th 2012

hii Alex,
Learning english idioms is really a fun..But the most important thing is to utilize them in appropriate situation..It does not make sense that someone using them in a context where they are not desired..

Wednesday, January 11th 2012

Hey Alex, I really liked your sessions. I sincerely appreciate your endeavor to shape English in countries like India where there is hunger to learn it but there are only handful of scholars in it making it suffer the consequence for being at the receiving end. I really admire your way of teaching – specially the way you maintain rate of speech and exaggeration technique for better understanding. May god bless you with more and more knowledge and happiness to share the same. bye now.

Tuesday, January 17th 2012

thanks alot mr.Alex

Thursday, February 2nd 2012

thanks alot .

Thursday, February 2nd 2012

Alex, thanks.
One question regarding on/off the mark. How rude/tart is this expression? Can it be used in a official communication (e.g. among colleagues)?

Wednesday, March 7th 2012

Sir Alex,could you please give us more English Idioms.Thanks… God bless you.

Thursday, March 29th 2012

great lesson.thank you!

Thursday, April 5th 2012

Great job dude !!!

Wednesday, April 11th 2012

You are a great teacher! Thank you very much!

Thursday, July 26th 2012


Wednesday, August 15th 2012

Hi Alex:)
I just wanted to tell you that you are an amazing teacher:) It’s a real pleasure to watch you teaching and I can see that it’s what you really like doing. Your lessons are short but very instructive and it’s very easy to keep focused and keep up with what you’re saying. I liked you from the very first video and when I learned that you’re from Poland I understood why :) So anyway, thank you again and if you ever come to Poland, give me a heads up :):) Do zobaczenia i dziękuję :-)

Wednesday, September 12th 2012

nice and great lesson,thanks

Saturday, September 15th 2012

I like all sports.Thank you very much.It was right.

Sunday, September 23rd 2012

great to know.

Monday, October 1st 2012

You can just say short cut for the ‘on/off the mark’
on the mark -correct
off the mark – wrong.

Saturday, October 20th 2012

Hi, my name is Edinaldo. I live in Brazil(Rio de Janeiro) I found these english videos by chance when trying to improve my pratice of english. As next world cup and olympics games will be held here, I intend to learn it asap. Nice classes!

Monday, November 26th 2012

Thank you Alex… you covered all the bases ;)

Friday, November 30th 2012

it is very useful . i benefit very much.

Wednesday, December 12th 2012

I love the way you express everything, very useful, thanks!

Wednesday, December 26th 2012

Thank you alex, I really like subjects like this..!

Wednesday, December 26th 2012


Sunday, February 17th 2013

Helpful lesson thanks

Sunday, February 24th 2013

Helpful lesson thanks

Sunday, February 24th 2013

good one.. how to keep them memorized?

Monday, March 11th 2013

Thank you Alex! Nice lesson!

Thursday, August 8th 2013

very very thanks you are really teacher …

Sunday, October 20th 2013

you are a great teacher alex …really its most useful…

Thursday, November 28th 2013

this lesson is se intersting

Monday, October 20th 2014

Alex, could you load a video with more sports words and expressions such as “pass the ball”, throw the pass ahead of me, etc. I really liked this lesson. Best regards,

Sunday, April 12th 2015

Very nice and clear presentation. Thank you.

Wednesday, October 21st 2015

Good JOB! TNX)

Thursday, April 7th 2016

Great! Thanks!

Tuesday, February 6th 2018


Tuesday, April 17th 2018

For him, whatever her girlfriend says is on the mark. For me, he is not being objective.

Tuesday, May 21st 2019

Thank you Mr. Alex for good idioms!

Thursday, December 19th 2019

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