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before I listen to the lesson ..I say thank you so much dear teacher ronny…..I love you .and I like your lessons ..you’re super…may allah bless you

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    hi again teacher ronnie .I enjoyed the lesson
    it’s very helpful and useful..thank..then I have a request ..I would like to tell you can you do fro us a lesson about “The Causative Form ” and what’s the difference wetween the “Causative Form” and “the passive form”
    Are they similar؟
    شكرا جزيلا لك وبارك الله فيــــك

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    I like this place and I want to say thank you very much for this great help.
    I’m learning and I was looking for a place to learn and I think I got it!!!!! thank again!

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    this was very helpful

    thx dear 3>3>

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My most respected teacher Roony.

i just wanna say that i did not ever see teacher as like you in my whole life. cos your way of teaching is marvellous.
would that u were my real teacher in my life, but all in vain. because i live in pakistan.

thank you


thanks so much for your interesting lesson :D i got some bad habits in your lesson, i must stop doing like this


As I feel pain in my neck, I am frequently cracking it, and it cracks 3 times each side. Amazing.


How do you correct your bad habit?

Cuong ta

    i think that we stop them is the best way :D


thanks Ronnie! great lesson!:D


Thanks Ronnie, It was nice lesson. May Peace, love and mercy be unto you from God, our father and our lord, Jesus Christ !!!!


Thank you very much Ronnie! i like your lesson very much, because they are always useful. Actually, I used to do all of them without knowing that, they are bad..but i know now, So, i will try not to do them again in the public!

Cheers Ronnie!

Shing mang tun

Thanks for your teaching~

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many thanks


thanks a bundle.teacher Ronnie. I had some of that .I mean I wanna leave those bad habits.oh I really enjoyed . have good time I hope so


many thanks bad habits to smell your arm pit


Hello Ronnie, it was nice to listen to your lesson in fact I started to be addicted with this site. My current situation is tough because I grew up in other country which the language is different but this time that I am in the United States I have to learn English and I am glad that I’ve found this website. I really appreciate and the fact that this is a big help for a non-native English speaker.. Miss Ronnie, if I have a request for you would you be able to have a video, although I know that one of your co-teacher had a video with this topic but I need more explanation. Maybe you could explain it more and not only myself but for those really interested and eager to know what’s really the meaning of and how do you use it like Would, Could, and Should… Thank you and have a good one. Godbless

Apple Jalandone

    Your english seems to be very good. So, I’m wondering why have you been asking for lessons on the meaning and use of Could, Should or Would.


      I have the same question.

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I’ll try to give up my bad habits


Hi I want to thank you for the lesson i love it because i alway crake my knuckle a lot,
and thank you very much GOD bless you.


    I crack my knuckels alot too.


Thank you so much,
May Allah bless you.

sher Bahader Mashriqi

hi,Ronnie, it was a fantastic lesson.


nyc ronnie ma’am i really lyk d way when u teach…

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thanks for your lesssons!!!!

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I was biting my nails while listening. Really bad habit, thank you:)


i sincerely thank’s to my all teachers over here who has helped us with this beautiful site really i’m enjoying a lot and i request humbly to all my beloved teachers to help me more because i’m very weak in English.
With love Rupen.

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You’re a nice woman. Your method of teaching, so natural is a real pleasure.
I would, though, require engvid captioning lessons. Thus, in addition to oral, will be read at the same time.


I got 10 !!! ^O^




amazing it was thx.


Ronnie, how much did you smoke and for how long? And when did you start it? xD

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Bonjour Ronnie/Hello Ronnie
J’aime beaucoup vous écouter, vous êtes très drôle !
I love hearing you, you are very funny!
C’est un plaisir d’apprendre l’anglais avec vous
It’s a pleasure to learn English with you.
Merci beaucoup et bonne continuation,
Thank’s a lot and all my best,


Ronnie, Your way on teaching is fantastic !
You are so funny and it makes lessons so fun ;-)
Thank you


Thank you so much and keep your good work.

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Thank you for lesson! Very helpful and interesting :) I’ll try to eliminate all my bad habits :)

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You are GREAT Ronnie!!!! Your lessons are so funny!


Thank you very much for good lessons.. I love you so much. You are very very good teacher.I would like you advice me,please!!! How to listen and speak English too fast? I have big problem.. And how to remember vocabulary?? In my brain have a little vocabulary…


I like the way you let us know more about anything! Thank you very much!

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Great lesson, congratulations!

Ubiracy Mafra

thannnnnnnnk you :)


Thank you very much. That is funny: When I learn a funny or rude vocabulary, that is easy. I record all in my brain at once

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Thanks Ronnie, It was great lesson, God bless u!!


HUHUHUHUHU!Very useful lesson .Yeah I have a bad habit when i think a lot I bite my nails

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I’m drunk now but I understood the lesson about bad habits. hilarious topic. thanks Ronnie. I need two more beers to go to bed.

Efrain Dominguez

You’re AMAZING, Ronnie!
I love your lessons!

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awesome lesson thank a million Ronnie ,,,
anyhow I have irrelevant question. It is little bit confusing ^^

we have three types of verb :
1- transitive verb
2- intransitive verb
3- ditransitive verb
would you mind explain`em ?
and did they have nexus with direct object & indirect object .

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Ronnie, You are sick! (i don’t try to offend dear Ronnie, I just follow by her lesson ” how slang is made in english”). I love You, Ronnie so much, that i will even forgive You cracking Your knuckles :). Normally I hate when people do that, becouse i’m afraid that they are hurting themselves.

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Hay , Ronnie ….
you do videos so naturally !!
why do you always cum up with rude ideas and lessons …. !
get decent :P

Salman Freshie

Hello Ronnie I loved this lesson

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Hello Ronnie i like your style for view the lessons so much you are professional .
have a good life .

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Hello Ronnie
you are very funny

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Thank your appritiate lecture.
Exactly I understand.


big like, you are the best teacher ever!


I truly enjoyed the class! =)

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ronnie thank you so much i just join and it is amzing also is there amethod to bad habits


Hi Ronnie
my problem in English is remember vocabularies
if I learned new words and there meaning in my language, maybe after less than 1 day I will forget
would you please tell me how I can save the words in my mind
Best regards

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    Understand that you have to repeat all you’ve “learned”. Don’t learn the words themselves. I mean, in the way when you take one word and you look for its translation. This doesn’t make any sense, at least to me because if you don’t use the words you’ve learned, you simply forget them. This is a natural process of learning and forgetting. xD Instead of this, try to read English text and translate full sentences or at least short fragments. Start with fields that you are good at. For example: I’m interested in copyright issues, and daily I read 3 to 5 longer texts in English. There are many phrases or even whole sentences that are repeated with each new text. Sometimes a sentence is a little bit different. Maybe the word order or only one word was changed. If you see a similar sentence several times, sooner or later you’ll be able to learn a word (or words) that you don’t remember. Besides, you also learn the structure of sentences. But this won’t work from day to day. You need to put a lot of work, and if you are consistent, you will achieve what you want.

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      thank you for your usefull comment mate


    My next lesson or so is on how to remember vocabulary! Stay tuned!

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      Thank you teacher.Is it also possible for you tell us the date on which it will gets posted on the EngVid or we can see the video.

      I have become fan of your’s.

      Thank you so much for these lessons.My brother is also a member of EngVid his id is engvidstudent He wants me to become a very good speaker of English, and I am also working hard for it.As it is a business language.

      :-) :-) thank you soooooooooooooo much teacher

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The funniest teacher ever :))) I love you so much !!!

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You are the greatest and funniest teacher that I ever met ! Thank you !

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you are the best in the world, thank you

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Thanks Ms ronnr

Henry Wilson

I like too much this type of presentation. Thank you

leonardo barrios

thank you ,I took in quiz 80%

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I hope you get to read this because its coming from my heart…wonderful wotk…seriously.
yesterday I came across this video and I went on to watch thirty more. I`ve grown to admire you in less than 24 hour. thank you very much for your outstandingly good work. bye bye

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    Oh, thank you! But remember to eat something…

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      Hello. I have been writing to the teachers but no-one answers.

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        Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

          Thaks Ronnie . I appreciate that


          Hi Ronnie..

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I’m from malaysia .
thank for help me,in english


:) I have 4/7 bad habbits which the teacher mentioned. That’s bad!

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8 mark. Thanks a lot. Nice teaching

SLC Hoi bat chuyen voi Tay

You’re a really great very very professional teacher ,bcpz of your funny attitude


You got 10 correct out of 10.


Thank you teacher.


thanks Ronnie your teaching method is great


thank you so much for your videos on youtube….:)

daljeet sandhu

thank you

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hi, Ronnie. very important lesson. nobody teaches us about this subject, so here, we have the chance to learn about this vocabulary, that probably will be useful on a daily basis. thank you so much. bye

Daniel C Herculano

well, I used to crack my knuckles but after this important lesson i won’t….. thanks Ronnie..


so pretty good


Hi, Ronnie. very important lesson. nobody teaches us about this subject, so here, we have the chance to learn about this vocabulary, that probably will be useful on a daily basis. thank you so much. bye


I love your class because you are very funny !

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thank you ,i love you you are the best ¡¡¡


The first time i read the title, i thought the video was about bad habits we have when speaking english jaja but then i watched and realized it was about a totally different topic.

Profile photo of naxalia2910 naxalia2910

thanks..but i wanna ask ya more about slang..

what does ’til mean?

and can we say goin’ instead of going all da time?

and what does ya in this followin’ sentence?

keep ya door locked down


Profile photo of hussein syd hussein syd

    ’til means until.

    Profile photo of fatiima fatiima

      thanks a lot . fatima

      it’s really useful answer..

      Profile photo of hussein syd hussein syd

thanks for the lessons, was very easy to learn what does it mean every bad habit with your examples, i like the way you explain every word while you are speaking, its very helpfull :) thanks Teacher Ronnie

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I got 10

Profile photo of talawesam talawesam

thanx ronnie . my score was 90 / 100

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Thanks again Ronnie I have never seen a wonderful a creative teacher like you! God bless u!!

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Thanks for your lessons


simple and creative : thank you Ronnie.

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Done :)

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Thank you Ronnie! You are so funny!

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Consider Khan’s comments. Your classes are wonderful. Every time I see your classes I learn more and more.

Adalberto Alves


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Thank teacher Ronnie a lot!
Your lessons and the way you teach is great!
How’s wonderful!


Thank you Ronnie


I don’t know what to say, but i’m really a big fan of your special style of teaching…!! this is the real way to learn a language if one tries to speak it!and I just wanted to tell you that you helped me a lot to speak daily English, all i need is to practice it as i live in an Arabic speaking country where it’s hard to find someone to talk to in English! :D Thank you so much!!! :D:D:D

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    Thanks for watching!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

I didn’t try the quiz,because it is obvious thank you so much .
we all love you

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you are so nice, humorous


ı love your representation style:DDDDDD

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that is very nice thank so much


Thanks for your lesson. If someone has a habit to make sound while drinking coffee, wha


My question might not be related with the subject of the video, but…
at the end of the video you say: “If you have a bad habit, keep on doing it!”
I would like to know if the sentence “Keep on doing it” is informal. Because I use to say “Keep doing it!” Or are both of them grammatically correct?

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Hello, Ronnie, can you make video about differences between prepositions such as: “on”, “at”, “in” please? I think many people confused by this,thank you.

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Thank you. Your videos are helpful and easily understood.


10 out of 10 :)

interesting site, thanks for sharing your knowledge :)

Mariam (muslimarvels.tumblr.com)

Hi Ronnie, I just loved it. Muah Muah! Thanks so much!! :)

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Many thanks Ronnie for your lessons, u r really gave us a lot of information especially this lesson so keep going to give us more and more.
Hassan AL-Baaj, Iraq , Amam Jaafer AL Sadic university, college of art part English.

Hassan AL-Baaj

thanks teacher


you are a great teacher. I like your way of delivering such useful information.


Hi how are you ? can you help me please ? I want learn English

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thank so much for such a interesting, funny lesson

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Thanks Ronnie for this very good lesson.
Your way of teaching is very nice.
I like you.
Keep going to upload these type of english lessons.


buena maestra senorita ronnie !!

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Ronnie you are the best English teacher I’ve ever seen.You truly know how to motivate people to study English.Thank you;-)I’m looking forward to watching your further lessons.Best wishes from Poland;-)


thanks Ronnie.
it’s really useful and enjoyable lesson.


i would like to thank u very much because i find ur lessons extremely interesting and useful. I am a teacer myself and ur lessons help! Thank u. very very much


hello teacher Ronnie thank you for lesson.Could you learn us how could we ues with & by?


Great! Ronnie.
Thank you very much, you’re the best teacher!
amazing patience and an enjoyable teaching technical.
God blesses you always!


Hello teacher Ronnie thank you for the lesson(^_^).Could you teach me how I can use with & by ?


Great Ronnie


Hello Ronnie I’m from Argentina and I’m learning english. Your lessons are great. I love them. Kind Regards


it was very interesting

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these are very useful words., but good i’m not doing these habit. thanks anyway ronnie.


Hi Ronnie i’m from Equatorial Guinea and i’m english student at the moment in Moroco. I really love when you teach english, you’re verry funny… thank you so much for your lessons

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hallo . i am srilankan . now iam from dubai .your taeching very nice .i like this . thankyou so much

kutty rasmi

By the way, I don’t like either MJ songs…we have to enjoy beautiful lyrics and not bullshits referring to evilness.
so, I agree to you… Ronnie!


thank you ronnie ..its great.

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I’m not seeing my comments… why?

Profile photo of alanj32 alanj32

    Sometimes a moderator (like me) has to approve them first!

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Hi teacher I like how to teach us
I’d like to have class about another and other.also,the othaer and. The others


thanks alot!


dear teacheRonnie, how about private lessons on Skype ?


Ronnie u r my favorite teacher and ur way is very nice , i would like learn german too , do u know any site like yours for german , thanks

Profile photo of dany13 dany13

thank you , very useful <3


Ronnie, you are very very nice person!!! Thanks for exist!!!


Hi, Ronie,

I have many bad habits, I’m feeling how is bad to do this things in front of other people like , to bite my snake, to sniff or crack my back or my fingers.
I’ve learned many diferents words in this video class. Thanks for your class.

See you soon.

Fabio Lemos


you’re really good teacher


Thanks I got 7.
Its useful lesson in addition to great beloved teacher.
Sam and Janoa from Iraq


Thank you


hi ronnie i Ramu from chennai india i love of your dedication of what you teach and then i have just seen your infinitive and gerund you taught me that gerund and infinitive are never use in a same sentence that’s right but the thing is example i like swimming means i liked but in the later i like to swim means what does it means i thing i only like to do swim either incase if any fault of my words you may pardon me because i have lag of english thanks regards ramu lives at chennnai

Profile photo of ramusamy ramusamy

please tell me how can i increase my reading speed.


hi ronnie .I enjoyed the lesson
it’s very helpful and useful..thank.

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Your body language is excellent! Admirable! Thanks a lot. I learn a lot from your lesson.


thank you so much :)

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I kind of understand this lesson.Thanks teacher

Pedro mpela

Ah, a nice and right precaution !:)
Anyway, I really don’t do any one of these habits :(
except one, it’s clicking my pen :D
I love it, however, it’s not a bad habit, I think.


Thanks Ronnie :D

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Tank you very Much, Just I need video about INTERVIEW if possible.



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ronnie you are ammazing i love you . i learn a lot from you for my first lesson .take care

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thanks teacher Ronnie :) this is helpful :) I wanna be your student :)

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hi,Ronnie this is a great plearuse for me to write to you to thank you about all the efferts that you have done,i am really one of your faithful funs,so i just want to ask you about your facebook.thank you again,your kindly friend.

djalil madrigal

Teacher Ronnie, you are so great and so clear in your explanations!!!! I love your classes!!!! Thanks!


i think bad habid is illegal habit.

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hi ronnie,nice lesson.ronnie you r one of my fav teacher n im sure u can help me..will u pls tell meI want to know exactly what is data entry. Can you explain it to me with examples? Is it entering some data in the forms or tables? Where do i get this data to be entered?

I have done an MS Office course. Other than this, do I need special qualifications to do that? Please help me out. Please

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Hi rooni,,,how r u,,,i need talk much of english,,,but i don’t have teach,,how I lessom?,,,


Many thanks for the useful lesson.. I really like your classes.


madam, your teaching is very good and effective manner to begineers, like a non speaking english persons.


Oh you´re such a super teacher!! Hahah you make me remind my last English teacher. She was so interactive as you actually are. Also I want to thank you for all the time you spend on helping people to understand this eautiful and exciting language. BTW I could understand every word you said!!


Ronnie ma’am i was just observing your comments, in that i got your methods, anyway thanks a lot ma’am :)


You were fantastic. Congratulations.

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Ultimate Teaching Ronnie……!!!!


you are a teacher with good sense of humor..be blessed!!

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Thanks a lot, Ronnie! I learnt some new words and realized I had a bad habit. Oops!

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i realy aprciated to your teaching very good ……

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I love this lesson! And the teacher :)Thanks for such explanations.


What an amazing English teacher you are!
If only I had had an English teacher like you way back in high school.
You are doing an awesome job! Keep it up!


I like your lessons
Great Teacher Ronnie
may Allah bless u


Thank you teacher for teaching me lesson about how to avoid bad habits and you are funny too.


Roonie you are funny


There is one more bad habit. It’s shaking leg(s). Sometimes it makes noise and people can feel vibration. Don’t you mention that?


Nice lesson,thank you my teacher.


I think is very useful if you mention the next time that bad odors or bad smell is one of the worst habit. If people wants to be successful in Canada as their new country have to take a bath and put some deodorant on.


Thanks Roonie. I love your style.

Rahul Shaw

thank you ronnie

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Thank you teacher.

Profile photo of boogydoggy boogydoggy

Thanks miss Ronnie,this class is very helpful to me


Thank you Ronny


Ronnie thanks for be so funny, I enjoy watch your videos because I can remmenber all that you teach with an smile.!!! = )))

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Hi,Ronnie!Your lessons and the way you teacher is great! They are realy very helpful and useful.You are the best teacher.Thank you so much,dear Ronnie! Best wishes from Moscow.


Thanks.I learn new words in thus lesson.


Thank you teacher Ronnie, i’m begginer and i understand all what you say in this lesson. thank you again, may ellah help you.

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10 correct out of 10 – Thomas from Poland thx

Profile photo of 7thomas7 7thomas7

Thanks Ronnie mam ………………

Profile photo of sandeep22 sandeep22

Thanks my dear Ronnie. You cracked my my day.

Profile photo of Joe D. Sombol Joe D. Sombol

The way that you teach the lesson is awesome! Never stop to teach! You’re amazing! You made me laugh a lot! Thank you very much!

Profile photo of sabrinalacerda sabrinalacerda

thank you solo much just a gust ion which book you recommend for some one like me english is 3th language


Very funny

Profile photo of katrinka411 katrinka411

Thank you Miss. Ronnie…
You are my favorite teacher… i easily understand you and enjoying very well…

Profile photo of jamot jamot

thank you ronnie , but how can i find your e-mail

Profile photo of ines ines

me gusta las clases de la profesora roonie

Oscar Moralex

Good lesson ronnie, your a good teacher , could you do a lesson on phrasal verbs, and all deferent of them ?


thank you



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My first time here, I can’t believe it!! Incredible!!!
Excellent teacher!

Profile photo of lelosk8 lelosk8

Gostei muito da aula. Aliás,, todas as aulas da Ronnie são fantásticas!!!!


Do you understand portuguese, Ronnie?


Wonder full tutorial.
Its most help full for me.

Thank you so much Ronnie

I will tell about this site, to all my friends

Wonder full site.


Great leçon !
Thank you very much for the video

Profile photo of walidgoumi walidgoumi

    Great Lesson*

    Profile photo of walidgoumi walidgoumi

thank you very much Ronnie you are amazing .when i watch your video and listen your sound i laugh a lot but i understand what you say these lesson are help full for me .


you are a good actress


thank you
You are a great teacher.

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Oh the lessons are really helpful :-)
Thanks Ronnie

Profile photo of shradha shradha

When I read the choices of the question about how is called the squishy part that comes out of its nose, when I read “Soy Latte” I just cracked. It was so funny! You guys rule!!!

Profile photo of should should

    when there is a will, there’s a way

    Profile photo of freedom freedom

thank You

Profile photo of alftan alftan

Thank you.

Profile photo of Alexander Alexander

It was funny i liked it… thank you ;)

Profile photo of pandasready pandasready

Thanks Ronnie!!

Profile photo of mazinho007 mazinho007

Ronnie, I like the way you teach. thanks

Profile photo of mimu mimu

Thanks Ronnie !

Profile photo of ghadeer1997 ghadeer1997

hahah really funny i love the way tha you teach hehe really nice .
thank you so so so much .

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Ronnie, I love your lessons, you’re a great teacher like anybody of you!!!it was nice as usual and very funny!!!thanks!

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thanks Ronnie

Profile photo of qaiser44 qaiser44

Thank you Ronnie…

Profile photo of babyashi babyashi

thanks teacher

Profile photo of shadyalhamwi12 shadyalhamwi12

don’t pick your nose that nasty

Profile photo of yusuf12 yusuf12

Thank you Ronnie. I learned new vocabulary today and it is true that bad habits are common in real life. I want to mention a bad habit I hate, when you are sit in a chair and someone is next to you moving a leg all the time or kicking your chair. I answered the quiz and I got 10, I’m happy. Best regards.

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Im To Bad in The Quiz :(

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you are so funny thank you

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Thanks, Ronnie! You explain very good! I like your lessons.

Profile photo of rauni rauni

10/10. Thanks Miss Ronnie.

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Thank you very much for all lesson. I like very much.

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You are my favorite teacher Ronnie ! Continue, it’s a real pleasure to see your lessons.

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thank soo matsh i rely love you

Profile photo of khadra khadra

Thank you so much.

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..I say thank you so much dear teacher ronny…..I love you .and I like your lessons ..you’re super…may allah bless you

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thank you Ronnie You explain very good!

Profile photo of inssaf01 inssaf01

Happy to got full score in this Quiz.thank to Ronnie for your lesson and your explanation.You know my bad habit is “I pick my nose”..Bye

Profile photo of chanroath99 chanroath99

Hello Ronnie I´ve loved this lesson mainly the last advice Hahaha I thing It missed some bad habits as spit out, scratch something and when we made sounds from belly by mouth. I really like your sarcasm way -I´ll still annoying my friends ;) take care.

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Thank you.

Profile photo of pafsilipoclub pafsilipoclub

Hi ! Ronnie,I love ur methods of teaching so much . Thanks for the lesson and reminding me not to crack my knuckles , my back, my neck in public :). But, it’s not easy for me to give up cracking :)
Have a nice day !<3

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Thank teacher!
That’s all my habits but i didn’t do it usually :))

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that a wonderful lesson

Profile photo of muneerah7 muneerah7

    that is a wonderful lesson

    Profile photo of muneerah7 muneerah7

Thank you a lot! You the best teacher)))

Profile photo of ibiss ibiss

9/10… thanks!!! :D

Profile photo of paoalemantilla paoalemantilla

Oh Ronnie teach more habits BAD or GOOD!

Profile photo of grazisil13 grazisil13

i pick nose

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Are those stuff in slang Ronnie.

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Hahahahah~ It was so funny !!!
Thank you !

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very very Nice one .. thanks

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thank you Ronnie .. you are wandeful teacher

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when i was child, i have bad habit too~i am always click my finger.
but, now i quit~~ :D
Thank you for remember my child story lol~

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I enjoyed your lesson! It´s very good! You are so funny!

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Good lesson, thank you Ronnie.

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Thanks. I noticed I have taken a lot of bad thing.
So It is useful lesson.Just now, I’ll take care if do I bad habit.

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thank you very much Ronnie!. I fucking love your lessons, from Colombia

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I love ronnie, She teacher me very much.
sorry my mistakes.

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thanks,,, It’s very helpful…. :)

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Everything have been said about Ronnie, so I going to add that some teacher teach for the money, Ronnie does it better because she has vocation fro the job.

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hi ronnie
i didn’t study english for 10 years. But i decided to improve my english and i started to study with you. thanks.
i watched 40 lessons. they were very good.
i study 2 hours for a day.

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Thank u Ronnie ..

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I love Ronnie!

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Excelent lesson!

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Thanks ronnie !

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thanks ronnie’re a very good teacher, more than mine from school and hopefully follow so long, since I mentioned recently, I had made an account of engvid and thanks for teaching me so well that I am not English but you dry I appreciate it a lot and pull test or ten out of ten I was super good

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tnx ronnie for ur lesson

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good technique in teaching.. like it, specially when you give a joke without laughing.

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Crazy habits :)

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after I saw your lesson, I quit smoking cigars;
thank you ronnie

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i like the way in which you speak english rani
it is great thank yu

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thanks my teacher

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Thanks Ronnie, I got 100%.

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Thanks Ronnie, I love your teaching style and this lovely and helpful tutorial. I just suggested your videos to my client who just arrived to Australia and was looking for a right English course.

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Dear Ronnie, I like your way of teaching.

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thank you very much for this interest course, is really really helpful

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i got 10 out of 10 . thanx ronnie :)

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I have all this bad habits (and others)

Thanks Ronnie

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me too, i have all this bad habits. thank you very much

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Hi dear Ronnie
Thanks for this helpful lesson, by the way I used to crack my knuckles as a teenage girl but now I really hate it when people do that but I’m willing to make an exception in your case because I LOVE YOU, you’re so lovely so you can do it as long as you want:*

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Oh, Ronnie, you didn’t talk about belching and farting :) It could make much more fun!

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you’re one of my favorite teachers on Engvid.com

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Dear,Ronnie:) I really like your lessons, cause they are so cool and easy for understanding…^) You always make me smile even if I don’t want to!)) Thanks a lot. In Saint-Pete, you know, there are too many fucking idiots whose ill-behaviour you’ve described here in different points that it can hardly be called a capital of Culture anymore….From my humble opinion, it does not depend on age and job but sometimes it’s rather difficult not even to respect, to ignore them…. You know what I mean….:) It’s so ridiculous when you see middle-aged people of a very low cultural background with terrible manners!!!!! Thank you anyway, now I know what reference to give them in order to emphasize their stupidity….^)

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Thank you so much , that was great . :)

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haha so fun :)

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Thank you so much,

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thank Ronie

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I saw your clip and knew I have many bad habits. lol I bite my nails and click the pen. That’s sound bad. I’ll try to stop it.

Thanks a lot,Ronnie. I like you so much. You’re extremely nice teacher for me. <3

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thanks for the best explanation

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I don’t understand what you say completely. Can you make subtitles for me ?

Profile photo of chung nguyen chung nguyen

Can you guys from Brazil and any Spanish speaking country tell how to say those expressions in Spanish and Portuguese?
Namely:bite one’s nails
pick one’s nose
to snap a gum
crackle the knuckles
and to sniffle

Profile photo of Laderon Laderon

    Hi! There’s a long time since you asked this question, I don’t know if you still don’t know the answer but here it is:
    bite one’s nails = roer as unhas
    pick one’s nose = enfiar o dedo no nariz
    to snap a gum = I think that there isn’t a specific word for that
    crackle the knuckles = estalar os dedos
    sniffle = fungar

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Hi. I’ve got 9 out of 10 :)

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Hello dear teacher Ronnie
Your lesson is very interesting

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please join me
thank you

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Dear teacher Ronnie may I have your email address?

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Thank you for your perfect lesson.You is the best teacher who teach me on Engvid because your lesson help me to speak English nice.
Thanks.Love to you.

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Thank you, teacher! I didn’t know many of these vocabulary.

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Thank you very much Ronnie )))with help of your lesson i’ve learnt many new word for me)))

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Thank you Ronnie.
Looking forward to your next lesson about memorizing vocabulary.

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Wow! Cool lesson. Thank you.

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Thanks a lot Ronnie!

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its a good lesson to awareness of bad habit i thaught a lot in this lesoon

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Hi ronnie, I really liked this video so much and I also liked your way of teaching. You’re a funny and a great teacher

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Thanks you so much

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nice lesson …
we shall take a care from bad habits

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hhh it’s a very humorous and interesting lesson. I have this bad habit of sniffing, but I do it because I feel embarrassed blowing my nose in front of people.

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Ronnie ma’am you’re amazing really awesome i like your teaching sooo much. You’re explaining with actions, making sounds they’re really really really natural very natural way ma’am and they’re very understanding easily and useful. It makes me laugh, enjoying my self so much. Thank you so much.

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loved you! :)

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Thank you teacher!

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I need to quit smoking too.

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Good information

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You got 9 correct out of 10.

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I m quite grateful dear teacher Ronnie You are awesome And very funny …..please could You tell us about You mmmm i ve been watching your videos since several months but i need to know more about Who teaches us thanks many greetings from surco lima peru.

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I like your classes because make me understand many Idea. is this comment correct let me know, please.

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I like this lesson

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You are very funny continue like that🥵😅😅

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