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Emma you’re perfect teacher! I drew the first person that you describe so good that I’ve guessed myself who he is and when you said who he is I laughed. It was brilliant lesson. Thank you! =)

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What does enjoy use gerund and infinitive both?

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Hi Emma
Thank you very much for your fantastic efforts to publish these amazing lessons.
I recently completed the A.J Hoge lessons from Effortless English.
Started few days a go to study all of your lessons from the beginning.
till now I completed 14 of them.
I expect to finalize the rest of them in two months .
I will let you know when I finish them along my comments .
Again , I am really feel grateful for your way of coaching others to be good in English.
Best regards.

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    why my comment is waiting for this long period ?!!

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      I’m very sorry! Your comment was caught in the spam filter. It should be fine now :)

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        Thank you very much .

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Thanks emma i got 100.

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I got 80. It’s ok, but I have confused beard with bangs and the pronunciation of beard with bird :(

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Many thanks Emma for your efforts.

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Many thanks Emma for your nice efforts.

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that is funny lesson )
very creative approach )

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:) Got full. Thanks Emma. I really enjoyed the lesson. Those sketches were hilarious ! Love you <3

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Thank you Emma. The lesson was funny and also I learned some new words. :)

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it is my first time, i got 20. next time i will do my best

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Thank you Emma.

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thank you Emma for your effort

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What a fun activity!!It´s a pity that we can´t attach the pictures that we made. We could have had some fun watching them XD
Thanks a lot Emma ;)

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thanks emma ,was a great video

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thank you, Emma you are super hot

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thanks, I got 100 but I am confused about pointy hat what is supposed to be mean of pointy hat.
please reply me.

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    Pointy hat is a long conical hat has a sharpened end.

    Profile photo of Hassan ABS Hassan ABS

      Like Chinese hat, am I right, Thanks for your help.😃😄

      Profile photo of Prashant2000 Prashant2000

        It’s my pleasure. Yes exactly, but longer and more conical.

        Profile photo of Hassan ABS Hassan ABS

          I got it, Thanks once again.

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Interesting lesson. I think this is a good method for practice. Thanks! :)

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    hello im new student here

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That was a very refreshing lesson. It was like a breeze among all those intricate English subjects.

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I loved to know new words about face’s description.

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    Really it is one of the best ways to learn English, Thanks a lot for Emma and all our shareres, For Sonita could I share practice English Language with you.

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perfect ,you are good teacher ! love brasil

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You are good teacher. I can understand easily. I got 100 marks. Thank you so much…..

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I get it easily, thank you very much Emma😄

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Yeh ..great Emma i got 90 yeh ya…

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That was perfect Miss Emma. Thanks a lot

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Hi Emma.
i got 100. Thankful to you

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Thanks for this lesson
My English is improving everyday

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Thanks , for your teach

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Excellent lesson. Thank you.

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Wow! I enjoyed it very much. This a good way to learn new vocab. really!

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Wow…I got 10 out of 10

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Excelente class.tks

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This was very funny :D my draws are horrible XD

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i got 100 :D THANK YOU EMMA ^^

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Love this lesson …. 100 on my test :D tks!

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a very innovative approach..highly appreciable👏

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I liked so much it”s funny and good.

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thanks for your effort, I have 100%

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I got 9 of 10 quiz. Thanks teacher

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Hi Emma, a sharp and brilliant lesson indeed. Very amusing, I dare say, and your face tells us that you had a great time too.

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Very awesome lesson ,thanks,emma.And the mustache and moustache are the same?

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It was an amusing, interesting, handy lesson. I enjoyed a lot and learned a lot. Thank you so much, Emma

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Thanks Emma. i got 100. this video is very useful.

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But i got only 60.

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very good

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Very useful .thanks

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There is a joke. Where is your money, your salary? Oh, in the bags. What bags? Under my eyes …

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I got 10 of 10.Thank you Emma for your awesome lessons.

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I loved it! <3

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where’s video lessons?I didn’t see at all!

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I loved this lesson!

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I will keep going , thanks

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Miss Emma is my favorite teacher, her accent is very beautiful.She is a very clever and samrt and talented teacher

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Thank You, teacher.

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Good lesson teacher Emma thank you, stay blessed

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Excellent exercise to learn!

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thank you

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Thank you so much for an interesting lesson and activity teacher. I’ve learned a lot today ;)

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It’s very funny lesson. Thank you! In first picture i’m forgotten to draw mouth :)

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I got 100

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Thank you, teacher. I learned a lot.

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Wow great class Emma. Thanks a lot

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wow , thank you emma
great job

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thanx alot our teacher you are thr best

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Wow I got 100 marks tq dr

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It was a nice lesson, thanks for your time.

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thank you teacher, but I have done of 70%

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Thank you dear Emma. How nice to learn English with you. Regards,

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Nicely done
Proud cause you’re my teacher

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Emma you are great! Thanks

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thanks Emma so much. You’re very good teacher.

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thank you for that great and amazing lissen , it was so useful and funny to me

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nice class

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Thank you Emma, l will study all you clips.

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Thanks Emma. you are great
Great job :)

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Useful terms for the face we need expression terms like angry, happy, sad and anxious


thank you alot 😍

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Thanks Emma for your great efforts. I love the way you are teaching.

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It is a wonderful way to remember this new words.
thanks Emma.💜

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I am Proud, Third Part.

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This is easy, I got 10 out of 10! Thank you so much for teaching vocabulary face!
And great game! I knew Mario when I was younger!

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I got 9

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the best teacher on the world, I love Emma, she is awesome. I improve my english when I watch her videos.

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hi i got 100 thanks wowowow

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Thank you dear Emma for your pricelessly information. I appraciate your labour. And also I always wait for you interesting information like that

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Thanks Emma.I don’t know how to learn English. This is my first time that I have found a way to learn English since I heard this video.

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Dear Emma,
How can I understand English movie properly. Please give me some tips.

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Thank u it was peice of caek

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Thanks a lot indeed.
I got 10 out of 10, but during the video, you mentioned several characters that I didn`t know them all.so I wish you were displayed the picture to help us to have a better comparison between my draw and the real one (;

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Emma I love your english I can understand you very well

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Thanks mam alot and i got 90 marks

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Hi emma thanks for
your fantastic teaching

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Thank Emma, I know my grammar and my vocab not good but I found my teacher online and it’s you.i will try harder again.

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Thanks Emma. You are help me at learn English.

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thank you very much emma you are an amazing teacher.

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Thank you very much I think you will help me to improve my speaking and listening skills in English

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Thanks Emma. Great lesson

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Really thank you emma i have got 100 in the quiz

Profile photo of Saif2002 Saif2002

Yey! got a perfect score :) I’m so glad ^_^

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    good i just got 80


Thank you emma :)

Profile photo of Jade Clyde Jade Clyde

    I got 100 thank you Emma

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thank you, Emma, I learned a lot of useful words from this video

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10 out of 10. Thank you for illustrating this well. I’ll do the same for my students.

Profile photo of ImanGhavam ImanGhavam

Hi Emma may you teach us the article The And A and An

Profile photo of Mostafa1377 Mostafa1377

Not bad 50/100

Profile photo of Salma Abdi Salma Abdi

I’m a bad artist, but a good listener. Thanks, Emma. I got a perfect score.

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100/100 thank you

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I am angry at myself; I scored 90%. I missed the last one. Thanks Emma.

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    We’re glad you liked the lesson! But please don’t just leave one-word comments. This is an opportunity to practice your English!

    Here’s a cat gif.

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thank u Emma you are a good teacher

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thanks Emma I get 100 :)

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thank you Emma for your nice teaching

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thanks emma

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Thanks very much Emma¡

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Miss Emma, You are Great, Thumbs up, you are doing a great job :)

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thanks so much Emma for this helpful lesson

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I like your class very much.Thank you!

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This is great and funny game
Thank you Emma

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square face. big eyes. big mouth. that is my photo.

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so for me it is my first time to learn with engvid,and i am very interested in practice

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this lesson is funny and interested for me.
it help me to absorb more new vocabulary and improve listening skill.
thanks teacher so much

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Emma, I love the way that you teach. Thank you.

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may i know why my comment have not appeared?

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    Hi! Sometimes comments get caught in our spam filter, especially if they have links in them. I also mostly delete one-word comments or repetitive comments (the same comment on multiple posts).

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      I need a help in adding verb to collective noun like;

      a brood of chicken
      or a brood of chickens

      how we add verb

      like a brood of chicken is in the field
      a brood of chickens is in the field
      a brood of chicken are in the field
      broods of chickens are in the field

      pl explain which correct
      send me more example like this for other collective noun

      a herd of cattle, a herd of goats, a bunch of bananas, a bunch of ducks, a dove of pigs, a dove of oxen, a kit of pigeons, a galaxy of stars, a fleet of ships

      pl explain

      Profile photo of frank19976 frank19976

        That’s a good question! The subject in these sentences is “brood”; “of chickens” just describes/modifies “brood”. You use the form of the verb that matches the collective noun.

        A brood of chickens is in the field.”
        Broods of chickens are in the field.”

        However, the rules are a little different in British English. You will often see sentences like “The team are travelling to Spain”, where the collective noun is treated as a plural.

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Hello Emma, greetings from India. I am grateful for this video and I am curious to watch other videos too. I got full marks in Quiz.Your videos gives me clear understanding of all particular topics. I am thankful to all other teachers on this website for their content in videos. It’s great work by all of you. Highly appreciated from my side.

Thanks again everyone for sharing your knowledge :)

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Thanks Madam Emma for the course.
Please can you share the document of each course.
Good luck

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thank you teacher

Profile photo of koumani1984 koumani1984

so easy and so beautiful lesson

Profile photo of sohyla awad sohyla awad

thank you Emma , i got 10/10 youpiii :D

Profile photo of paradis paradis

good one

Profile photo of Mostafa@b Mostafa@b

She is wonderfullll

Profile photo of nai.r.alves nai.r.alves

    can I practice English with you ?

    Profile photo of Anwar Abu Jahel Anwar Abu Jahel

really you are amazing and i hope to meet you

Profile photo of Amr Almazzahy Amr Almazzahy

Thank you Emma. you are excellent teacher.
I confuse it the different b/w braids and braces.

Profile photo of AbdikarimSaladHashi AbdikarimSaladHashi

Thank you Emma, you are really amazing!! I like the way you teaching.

Profile photo of gulshakar gulshakar

perfect Emma thank you :)

Profile photo of KarimBahaa KarimBahaa

Let me describe my appearance. I have a round face, I am bald. I have slightly thick eyebrows ( in my opinion) with small green eyes. Nose is short and pug nose and pointy. My beard is usually one day, it is very short. I has thick red mouths.

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thank very much emma i like this!

Profile photo of Niyobuhungiro.-@ Niyobuhungiro.-@

Great, Teacher.

Profile photo of Marcusvc Marcusvc

it’s a great lesson

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Good day Maam Emma your a great teacher and i want more topics that i want know. thank you and see again Maam.

Profile photo of Marco Larida Marco Larida

Good day Maam Emma your a great teacher and i want more topics that i want to know. thank you and see you again Maam.

Profile photo of Marco Larida Marco Larida

Have a nice day Emma

Profile photo of zizou zizou

This lesson is interested!
See you again Maam.

Profile photo of Byeong jin Jo Byeong jin Jo

The great lesson was very useful for me to thank you, Emma, you are a great teacher not only I got to benefit from your lessons but also your lessons helped me to correct my speaking mistakes thank you again and again🏵🌹💮🌸

Profile photo of Zaytun Zaytun

I got %90 on the quiz. I am quite satisfied with my score.

Profile photo of greenpeppers2020 greenpeppers2020

i really liked this game, thank you so much for share it.

Profile photo of Sergio1204 Sergio1204

This lesson was very interesting. Thank you Emma.

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no comment just listenning

Profile photo of tonaludatus7 tonaludatus7

I loved it a lot, thank you of all.

Profile photo of AmandaMoura AmandaMoura

Hi, I liked this practice, it was very useful. Thanks

Profile photo of edgar00 edgar00

10/10 it is really nice game! thank you very much for your helping!

Profile photo of KaterinaKKK KaterinaKKK

Congratulation! Excellent classs, I learned a lot

Profile photo of fermate7 fermate7

That was fun. Thank you for this.

Profile photo of lei88 lei88

Thank you for your good lesson which is helpful for listening, vocabulary and overall English ability.

Profile photo of Insoo Yeo Insoo Yeo

Fantastic learning you know.Sometimes I cant concentrate on a lesson but this video I watched it until end!! love your creative for learning. Thanks a lot :)

Profile photo of mutencr mutencr

80/100 Hmm…not bad😊

Profile photo of Kunu Kunu

I got 9 correct out of 10
Thanks Emma

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