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Got 09 ☺ . You are an amazing teacher, rebecca. I have no words for praising you .Thank you so much…!


    Thank you so much for your kind words, Anne. It is an honor to help you, and the many others who wish to master English. Tips, shortcuts, and hacks can save a lot of time and effort and help us achieve success faster. I wish you all the best, Anne.



    thank you biggest given opportunity to me lesson


Dear Rebecca, the arguments you explain are always very clear, useful and interesting.
I’m very glad having the opportunity to thank you again.


    Thanks for your kind words once again, my friend. Glad to know you are well and continuing to improve your English! Take care and all the best, Canardo.


Thanks Rebecca, Got 10/10


    u are so good


That’s a very useful lesson. I really enjoyed it.
What I did not catch well is where to get the link for the other *expressions*
Could you please explain more.
Thanks a lot, I wish I could say more.


    Thanks very much for your feedback, abduldala3. I admire your determination to master English and am happy to help.

    You can read or download the free resource for this lesson, with expressions, letters, guidelines, and more from the Resources section of our site:


    You can find many other resources there as well.

    You will also find a lot of useful info on the IELTS site I wrote:


    I wish you all the best with your exam and your English, abduldala3.


Thanks Rebeca. These are important tips. I did the ielts exam once and I have to say that the test is really hard. You have few time to conclude tasks.

Fernando Moreira

    Yes, Fernando, you’re absolutely right. That’s why preparation, practice, and tips are so important – to help us achieve the highest score in limited time and under pressure. I wish you all the best, my friend.


just 7/10 but u know what your lesson is really well


I want to learn about academic

Nav Bajwa

Thanks Rebecca this lesson was great…

marcos alexandre

Thank you so much Rebecca!!


Hola, soy principiante, solo hablo español. las lecciones de EngVid me pueden ayudar? ya que cada vez que empiezan a explicar la lección no entiendo nada.


Dear Rebeca, thank you for this stunning video! ;)


Hi rebecca ,
sometimes it’s hard to find a IETLS teacher to check my writings, Could you help me to check them?


    Hi ppgsilva. I´m facing the same problem you have. Did you find someone who help you to solve that problem? I mean, find an IELTS teacher to check your letter and/or written essays? Thanks in advance.
    Best wishes


      I used Verbling (not free though). By the way, do Engvid teachers’ offer any services like one to one session or proofreading?


I am not reminder english spalling fast. I lost there.
Please tell me about this.


Hi teacher, you are a natural teacher, you become my favorite, thanks and keep going, you raise the bar to the others teachers who have no clue the direction to follow, your mind mapping about what to teach is working; Need some help and is into the direction you are taking, I fail the essay section for the THEA exam, can you make a lesson about it?, please


Thank you so much teacher. As always it`s a mazing lesson.


your words and pace while talking is impressive, Rebecca


Hi Rebbeca, thanks for all. Great lesson!

Rebecca, I didn´t understand the last exercise, beca

Which of the following has no spelling mistakes?
I’m writing in conection with my purchase.
I’d appreciate your assistance.
I appologize for the trouble.
a) The correct spelling is GRATEFUL. c) APOLOGIZE (American English) or APOLOGISE (British English) are both correct.

Luciana Ruis

Sorry, I did a mistake, I sent it before ending the text ha ha ha

Hi Rebbeca, thanks for all. Great lesson!
Rebecca, I didn´t understand the last exercise, because, it was put that the right spelling was GRATEFUL, but it wasn´t in the sentence. Could you explain what I did wrong?


Which of the following has no spelling mistakes?
I’m writing in conection with my purchase.
I’d appreciate your assistance.
I appologize for the trouble.
a) The correct spelling is GRATEFUL. c) APOLOGIZE (American English) or APOLOGISE (British English) are both correct.

Luciana Ruis

    Thanks very much for pointing that out, Luciana. The correction has been made!

    Also, here’s a small correction for you:

    We don’t say, ” I did a mistake”, we say “I made a mistake”.

    Thanks for your feedback and all the best with your English.


thank so much rebecca fo helping me learn english fo my ielts test.
anyway could you explain about number. 10 ? i still didnt understang why the correct answer is “I’d appreciate your assistance”.
thank you


    In Question 10, you were asked to find the sentence with NO mistake. In other words, two sentences had spelling errors, and one sentence had no error. Sentence B had no mistake so it was the correct answer. Hope that helps! My best to you, NeenaKaluti.


Thank you Rebecca, I really admire you!


Sorry I can not got high score but next time I will get full mark it’s my confidence …


Thanx Rebecca … I really admire you


    And I admire your persistence and determination, Patelujjval! I wish you much success.


I really appreciate very much your lessons. I can tell you’re a experimented teacher with a lot of running hours of experience.
My sincere gratitude to your work.


    Thanks very much for your kind words, PacoBe. So let me return the favor with a small correction. In English, the most common word order is Subject-Verb -Object. After that, we can add additional details. So you should say, “I (subject) appreciate (verb) your lessons (object) very much (details)” and not “I appreciate very much your lessons”. See the difference? Small changes such as these can have a big positive effect on improving your English. My warm wishes and thanks to you for caring enough to learn and grow. All the best.


Thank you Rebecca,i need to talk with you please


A very full and long lesson about writing letters. There is a lot of work to do and to remember to write a letter completely. The task doesn’t forget all the steps and uses them in order although it isn’t a difficult homework, there are a lot of legs to follow to do it alright. A completely class to improve our level but with a little workload if you wants to be shorter in your schemes. Thanks a lot, teacher Rebecca, it has been a very interesting lesson as always.


Dear Rebbeca
Thank you for your excellent teaching


Dear Rebecca, you are amazing. good job. Thank you for the lesson. I hope to pass this time.


To dear all learning

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I and my group we do it in order to practice our English speaking fluently and know each other from other country.
As my point of view, I thought that English is too essential for us like we are learning here. Please join us as soon as you can. On the last I would like to say “thanks you very much for your joining us”.
And thankful to the last people adding me to join the group.

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Best regard and thanks

Dareth Sophan

Good luck.


Hi Rebecca.
Thanks for the nice lesson. I got the full score. and I will follow your website and Videos to learn more, keep practicing and improve my English.



Hi Rebecca,
Your all videos are excellent, but I want to know, do you take English classes individually or in a group. I am interested in joining the classes.


Dear Rebecca,

Today, I came up with your name on this website and Gone through your lesson “Writing Task 1 – 14 Top Tips” and I really like the way you sharing the tips because you explain in very easy way so every can understand the tips very well.

I would like you to say thanks for this wonderful tips and helping lot of person those need teacher like you.

your sincerely,


    Thanks for your kind comments, Sumit. Much appreciated. Glad to hear you found the lesson helpful. Wishing you much success.


      Hi Rebecca. Thank you a lot for your very very useful lessons.
      I’m from Iran, and I am a native Persian speaker. I want to go to Canada for the next 2 years for work and I’m learning English now. Because I need IELTS band 7 or upper. I need help with my Writing skill. I need feedback on my essays and writing about topics that I practice with them. Can you help me, please? or do you know someone that can help me and correct my writing mistakes (Grammatical, Dictation, Formatting, Better vocabulary and …)? I need feedback, and I don’t know anyone to help me on this. please help me if you can.
      Thank you very much.


absolutely good


thanks. it is 90


Got 10 !
I made the test after watch Rebecca twice :)
Thanks a lot Rebecca !!!

Robson Alexandre

ops, made a mistake!
got 8 ! not 10 as mentioned on previous comment!
Thanks a lot Rebecca!

Robson Alexandre

the quiz is very helpful….thank you!

kaveto zephania

I got 10/10 thank you☺


Is your speed of talk the standard speed of the native speakers?

Mai Huynh Hien Vinh

Thank you Rebecca for these organized tips on IELTS test. It’s easy to understand and help me understand more about this English test that I may take in the future.

Yongshan Lin

I would like to ask, is it ok to write my own name at the end of the letter or should it be a fake name?????


Thanks Rebecca! until next lesson..cheers!


Very useful


Thanks Rebecca for these outstanding lectures. You have the perfect knowledge of the subject and your lessons are so comprehensive and helpful.


Thank you so much Rebecca! I really apreciate and enjoy each one of your lessons. They´re clear and helpful. You´re an amazing and awesome teacher, so, an excellent professional one too. Thanks for existing at envid.com.
I would like to ask you, if possible, Is there any way of send any professor/place/website, written letters for being checked as IELTS examiners?
Thanks in advance. I´m looking forward to hear from you. Greetings and best wishes from Cuba


Thank you so much


Thank you , Rebecca! Very interesting and useful lesson.


Hello Madame, I got 10 out of 10. Your video was helpful

Samba Dieng

Hi Rebecca!, you are such a great instructor, your efforts are really highly appreciated, I need to ask you when I close the letter with yours faithfully / sincerely, do I write my real name after that or should I write a fake name?


Rebecca, thank you very muUchida, I really enjoyed the class.
All the best,


Hello ma’m, it is so good to get your help to prepare for ielts test. I appreciate your effort to support interested students to achieve their goals. Thanks again. I also have a quarry. Does this platform also provide opportunity for mock test?
I will be very pleased to know the answer. Thanks!

Nikash Gurung

:( just got 8, but now i learn atleast 150 words for ielts writing


Thank you Rebecca for helping us. Your tips will be very useful.


I got 9 thank you ?


Hi Rebecca
Excellent course, I got 10/10.
But I met some difficulties to recognise certain words.
I go on.


hello teacher ! i wann to start learning english but i dont know the way


Hi Rebecca

I am thanking you for an outstanding 14 tips which you have mentioned in the video on your youtube channel.
It really helps me to understand the writing section in detail and also will practice everyday to ensure that I will get good marks .

Warm Wishes
New Delhi


I got 9 out of 10. Thanks to you Emma. You make english easy while speaking and teaching.


thank you very much for your great effort i got 100%
you’re really great
thanks alot


thanks alot ms. Rebecca, it was an informative lecture.


you made English easy .thanks


You are amazing teacher.Thank you for lessons that you are conduct.


how are you?
i want to download this lesson how can i do it?


    Hello, You cannot download them, you can only watch them . The best wishes


Thank you very much Rebecca for sharing your knowledge and your tips about writing a letter. It is very useful for me because I am looking for a scholarship to study abroad and I have to send a lot of emails. Thank you for everything.


Thanks Rebecca. I scored 9 out of 10. Please kindly reply by typing your website so I can download and start practicing.

Thank you very much.


thank you very much

Tamara Skhirtladze

Thanks Teacher Rebecca

Ye Yint Aung

That’s a very useful lesson. I really enjoyed it and got 10 out of 10
You are amazing Teacher, most appreciation dear Rebecca


thx rebecca

bob amin farrag

Thank you Rebecca !


Thank you for your lesson, Rebecca!

Khanh noi

It was an awesome lesson, Rebecca! I truly understood everything but I’m kinda disappointed because in my town there are no IELTS teachers and can’t solve that by myself as you said :( Anyway thanks for everything

Heli J

I got 10/10. Thanks Rebecca.You are really perfect.

Miss Bitzi

yours sincerely


Thanks for these lessons. You’re a great teacher Rebecca. I am prayimg to pass the IELTS exam after getting formal review this coming January. Thanks again and God bless.


thank you so much for your affectionate


thanks alot and you are really good teacher and please
i have a question
after all these lessons am i qualified to enter the toefl exam or ielts exam


Thanks a lot Rebecca.


Hi hello teacher i am very happy to listen to your videos and your topics are very useful and important so please can i improve my language by chat with you if available in whatsapp and facebook or skype so this is my whatsapp number +201099698961 and facebook Awailahmed
thanks so much


Hi Teacher! Appreciated the quiz!


thank you so much teacher it was a great lesson, by the way I got nine out of ten it seems that I need to practice my spelling.


thank you a lot , Rebecca


I really liked the video of 14 points for letter writing and never thought that way you taught us on the video. That was really excellent.I am planning to prepare for IELTS soon and you would be the best teacher and guide.Thanks.

Anubhav Bhowal

I would like to thank you very much.

I think it is not easy to find IELTS teacher for reviewing the letters and essays, if there is any one online, can you please guide me? or can i submit my writings on the site to you whenever you have time?

thanks alot


Highly appreciating, Awesome


I truly appreciate your help, Rebecca! Im now starting to prepare myself for the IELTS test, and luckly I found you videos and this site! It is an amazing way to begin, thanks!


Rebecca please check my writing skill. I will send you.


Got 10. I really appreciate your tips in this writing part 1 .


I m pleased to see the comments, proudly I can say I am the student of eng vid

Ravindra sanganal

Hello all teachers,I am a new student.I am from Cambodia country a small one in the world.I purpose want to know how to start a paragraph.Thanks…

Srey South

Hi Rebecca, Your videos are extremely helpful. I was just wondering if there was any way (paid/unpaid) I can get some of my writing task1 samples: letters and essays reviewed by you? Your feedback would really help me getting a good score.


Dear Rebecca,
Whilst going through some tips for the writing task for IELTS general training, I came across your video in YouTube for General Writing Task 1 – 14 Tips which helped me a lot to understand various things.
I would like to sincerely thank you for the tips and Hope to get through the IELTS with ease.


Thanks a lot Rebecca for amazing learning tips.

You’re are truly a Gem of a Person :)


You got 9 correct out of 10.

thank you

M kartal

you are awesome teacher got 7 :P


I got 10.Thanks

Hasitha Shasheen

Thanks Rebecca.


Got 10. Hope to get best in Ielts too.

Thank you Rebecca.


    You are welcome :)


Thank you Rebecca for your guidance.


What a nice lesson! I enjoyed a lot. Thank you very much.


i got 8 in this quiz

i hav to appear in ielts general on 7july i am very nervous i want to score above 7 bcoz last 2 attempts were till 6 band score.
Rebecca how can i improve my score and achieve above 7 score in ielts


i’ve got 10. i almost understand all of your explanation in this video clearly. you’re my best english teacher i’ve ever seen until now. not only me, maybe the others feel same too. thank you Rebecca for your great teach.


Thank you. got 10/10.


You have solved my 80% fear for IELTS exams. Thank you so much Rebecca. Best teacher and doing great job.


Thanks Rebecca, it’s really very useful lesson. I specially like the point you mentioned to avoid repetition of similar type of short sentences and use the same sort of vocabulary frequently.


Dear Ms. Rebecca

I really appreciate your great efforts you exceeded in these courses and I am delighted to inform you that I have decided to write one letter on daily basis according to your kind and precious advise.

Perhaps It would be possible to review and check these letters and evaluate them according to IELTS standards to ensure that I am on the right way and following IELTS standards.

I have good command of English but your guidance and help are required to improve my writing skills specially for IELTS which requires more practice and studying.

I do agree with you that I can read modals and practice on IELTSgoodluck but kindly advise if you know any website on which I can write and It will evaluate my writings.

Thank you very much and I look forward to hearing from you,

Yours Sincerely,



I want to improve my English.pls assessed me?

Mohammad Mofazzal Hossain

Got an 8 not bad for a first timer.
Thank you, Rebbeca for all you’re work.
You help lots of people like me, best regards and warm wishes.


Hello Rebecca, I got 10/10 but i don’t count it as a big deal.Please kindly advise me on the way out. I have written IELTS about 3 times but my writing score is always 6 but i need to score at least 7.
Hearing from you soonest.


Thanks Rebecca for your invaluable tips on IELTS General writing task1…. Can we have same kind of video on the task 2 also ?…it will really a big help.. Thanks


You are an amazing teacher, having a smooth techniques to get your students understand the basics, really you are a real ielts tutor! your efforts are appreciated!
an ielts

Rasheed M.A

Hello Rebecca…
Thank you for your wonder full explanation..
I got 10 out of 10 even though I am listing for the first time

Prasad Prince

Very good lesson, 10/10.


Wooow I got 10/10 , I trully appreciate your help Ms Rebecca :)

I love engvid.com

Marouane Yazane

100% Thank you so much for your effort simplifying this .

Omnia Sami

60/100 really , my english is weak .


Thank you for your class. I will like to know how I can have my letters corrected. Is there someone that could help me in this task? Thanks again


thanks a lot Rebecca for this video. it gives me a lot of information and it motivates me to do my ielts test.


Thanks for the information you gave. Hope it will really help me in getting higher score. Do you offer evaluation service? And is there any video of yours where i can learn more about task 2 in genre IELTS session

Sonam sunesara

Rebecca , thank you very much for your advises

Mohammad Samara

First, I want to thank you a lot ,you’re amazing as always
please ,Mess Rebecca how can I find an IELTS teacher to correct my paragraphs?
thank you

îkrãm chãllãl

thank you


10/10 again well done


Thanks.. I am keep practicing


got 100 score ? thank you Rebecca for this video !!!


while I positively encourage the excellent work you are doing,I however believe there’s need for the help of an IELTS teacher to help assess students practice samples on speaking and writing.I would be happy to have your services or that of anybody you strongly recommend


I scored 10/10. I really enjoyed your class. Thanks


Your guidance is very clear and able to help especially those with little time or busy schedules but still want to sit for IELTS exams.


I have information that in a American- English the form of ending is:
Formal – Sincerely yours, Tom Tomchyk
Semi-Formal – Sincerely, Tom Tomchyk
Informal-Best wishes , Tom
Will it be a mistake?


Please Rebecca, I would be grateful if you could learn my draft of a letter for IELTS TASK 1 and said me if it is ok or what I need improve or fix it. Thanks in advance.

It is from a practice IELTS test:
Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to inquire about the job advertisement in the last Sunday newspaper, I would like to apply for the company, that was why I attach my CV in this letter.

I recently graduated of the university in business engineering and I have a bachelor degree of business management science.

My relevant professional experience is my two last works, firstly, I worked in a mining company in the finance department like an analyst in 2017, secondly, I have been working since 2018 in an insurance company in the sales department. Now I looking for a new opportunities that push my career and learnt more abilities and skills.

I would like to know if you could help me in this apply and send me more information about this charge and for the company. I believe that my background is accuracy for this job and if the company consider hire me for this laboral opportunity I can put all my effort for complete my tasks and contributed with the work team get the company goals.

Yours faithfully


Dear Rebecca, As you have taught in your 14 tips for GT writing Task 01 that check your practice written letters to an IELTS teacher regularly, is it possible for us to send you our written practice letters to you for feedback.


Thank you..


Rebecca, I would like to mention one amazing fact about you. And that is the beautiful and heartwarming smile you have on your face which always leaves me with lots of pleasant feelings.
I’m pretty sure everyone else agrees! :)


excellent lecture, it helps me a lot.


I got 10, you are amazing, thank you so much.

Oluwakemi 1530

I love EngVid. I’ve really learned a lot. Thanks Ms. Rebecca




Thank you So much, Rebecca I really appreciate your assistance and your very clear explanation


hi Robecca thks for this lession i got 10/10… thnak you so much..

Amus Mauleky

it’s a golden opportunity to have you as our teacher Rebecca. we Love you so much. I’d be grateful if you could visit Rwanda. thanks!


I got 8 thanks for your explanation

Fatima Mhj

Ma’am Could you please recommend a course for writing skills.


would someone lose a point if he/she writes in American English?


I’ve got 8/10 :(


Got 6?dear Rebecca you are Such a amazing teacher ❤️❤️❤️❤️


Hi Rebecca.?

I am Armaan , a student of class X. You are an amazing teacher. Thanks for the nice lesson. I got the full score. and I will follow your website and Videos to learn more, keep practicing and improve my English.

Armaan Malik

100/100.A warm greetings to you Rebecca ma’am. I am really grateful to you for putting efforts in providing this useful matter. This help me in better understanding of the requirements for scoring good bands in writing task 1. Regards

Sagneet 1

Hi Rebecca ma’am. I am really thankful for your useful matter for writing task. These tips will be really helpful in attempting the task.


I’ve got 10 /10 .All the 14 tips for ielts general writing task 1 are clearly explained in video which will really help me in my writing task.


Hi Rebecca Ma’am.
You are really an excellent teacher. I’m really grateful to you for these tips .These are really helpful for me.

Anvi pal

10/10. Thanks Ms. Rebecca


Thank Ms. Rebecca. I really appreciate the great way you teach this kind of stuff of witting letters and essays. I’m aware that sometimes I make errors when I write letters, but if I put in practice all the tips you just teach us in this lesson, my writing skills will improve.
Again, Thank Ms. Rebecca!


I am sure for anyone who sticks on these fourteen tips will actually accomplish not only for IELTS task 1 but additionally to the higher different standards of letter writing.
I honestly appreciate the efforts you spent Rebecca on collecting and presenting such tips and the way you presented them.
Thank you


Dear teacher Rebecca how are you,without any compliment I have to inform that in this lesson you did your best to understand us of writing a correct and effective letter in different forms according it,s receiver ,thanks a lot of your kind teaching.

Mohammad mostaan

Rebecca what is the difference between:talk at each other and talk to each other.


Thanks a lot Rebecca. You are amazing. (Azores islands, 10April2022);


your an excellent teacher


10/10. Your teaching method is amazing…Thanks Dear Rebecca. Warm wishes

Dr. Razieh

Rebecca could you please give your WhatsApp number I want to take speaking and writing lessons for IELTS with you?


good day I’m glad to have found you. I liked the lesson.


thank you rebecca. you made the lesson easier for us. got an 8!

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