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Thanks Adam,i don’t think i have catch up your lesson exactly,but still got 8/9.so weird


    Hi Fianna,It’s great to know you are a Chinese.I really love China as well as Chinese people,they are the best in the world.I really wish to learn Chinese. I’ve been watching Chinese dramas for quite some time to improve my listening.Since you are a Chinese teacher I hope you will be of great help to me.shy shy.Long live my dearest China…


thanks Adam this video is really helpful you certainly did a great job with this illustration thanks again


Oh one incorrect ? Adam , That was a great lesson .It will help me out. Thanks million trillion ☺


Thanks for the lesson Adam. I do think that strong English language accuisition is the best way to score your (desired) band, however, thanks again for the useful tips.


Thanks Adam, this lesson was great..Now I know how to do the test..

marcos alexandre

Hi Adam!

Could you please help with these sentences to see they are correct?

1. I did a wheelspin to my car
2. I had a wheelspin in my car
3. The car did a wheelspin or The car had a wheelspin?

Thank you

Markos Ferreira

    Hi Markos,

    Maybe you mean “I did a wheelspin with my car.”


Thank you Adam for this lesson.


Thank you, Adam! im inspiring to deal with the test.


hi adam, thanks for this lesson, maybe i am just a begginer i haven’t thought yet that i will take tests like these tests but according what mentioned in the videos, it looks so hard and it scared me .why don’t put a full example of this test on this website?.


    Hi Skikda,

    You should visit ielts.org. They explain the test format and supply sample questions there.


      Thank you very much for this link!


HI Adam, I got 9/9, useful lesson,thanks a lot, now I know, that my route is still have brain in english :)


Thanks Adam, but now I am in doubt. Isn’t the test valid for 2 years only?


    Hi Bergvolk,

    Yes, it is, but once you have your score, you should take advantage of it. Most people need the test just once to get into school or for immigration. After that, most people don’t need the score again.



      Rooney Long

Wow, what a long exposition and explanation about IELTS (International English Language Test Student), although I didn’t think that I would have the chance or possibility to pass this exam before but now I find it very interesting, improving my skills about reading, listening, writing and speaking. I believe I should focus it on my daily study, aiming to encourage my motivation about this topic of the IELTS. Thanks a lot teacher Adam.


    Sorry I think I had a mistake spelling IELTS, it will be International English Language Testing System, then the error is fixed. Thanks.


Thanks Adam, interesting and useful ideas to be aware of before taking any test.


Very good lesson! Thank you, Adam! I am thinking about my abbility and readyness to do IELTS test.

Vitalii UA

I think this one can be a good and necessary lesson for those who want to take the IELTS as you mentioned. Thanks a lot.


I just want to say, you awesome.

hassan daib

<3 <3


Good job teacher but would you advise to take the TOEFL or any other type of test to get a better job?. Is it necessary?. Regard!


    Hi Cart,

    In some countries, employers want to see a test score. For example, in Asia, the TOEIC test is quite commonly asked for. If you can get a good score on the TOEFL, that could be useful as well. The best thing to do is find out what the requirements in your country are.

    Good luck ;)


Thanks, Adam, love your class, thanks for your clearly expression. You are wonderful!


Nice lesson I got 6 out of 9

Muhammad Abbas

mr.Adam my favorite teacher on this site. Thanks a lot!


Got a 9/9! Woohoo!


    Really, that’s amazing

    Mensah Samuel Akwasi

Adam thank you very much. Great Video !!!


Thank you very much~^^


Thank you Mr Adam


Hi Adam! Very nice video, even I am not going to do the test, I am sure this lesson is really useful to improve my English.



So nice website, thank you.


    Thank you Emadkamil :)


Can someone tel me where I can find free videos lessons.


    You’ve found them here Yoonis :)

    You can also search YouTube for others.


Excellent tips.Thanks


Thanks Adam.


Sorry, our videos are only available on YouTube. Our teachers make money from YouTube ads, which lets us offer all these lessons for free. We hope you understand. ?

engVid Moderator

thanks Adam!!! great ideas for me


Thanks Adam good work.
Can I have a link for Cambridge IELTS books which you have mentioned in the video.


    Hi Dileepad,

    If you go to amazon.com and type ielts in the search you will find many such books.


So much thanks Adam, I enjoyed of your expression, I’m trying to improve my listening and speaking on the other hand, I’m not going to pass exam so I’m relax really.




Hello!! Thanks again! Adam I have a question it doesn’t have to do with this but I hope you can answer please… Is there any difference between “I have no … ” and ” I don’t have …” Do I explain myself? thank you so much Adam!! =D


    Hi Blueapplee,

    I have no + noun (I have no money)
    I don’t have + any + noun (I don’t have any money)

    They both mean the same, but the structure is different.


      That was quite useful as well!


I like you so much , what an amazing lesson is this !


I got 9/9, very helpful and generous Adam :)
Need a Speaking Partner, I am going to take IELTS in Jan Please Need help
Skype ID: ehtisham.hussain.kokab


    Good luck Ehtishamhussain :)


Hi Adam,
I’m looking for the guide how to prepare to TOEFL test. I have worked with many of videos on Engvid.com with the different teachers. All of them are amazing, but for me your videos work the best. I understand better, learn faster and with a great desire. So, can you, please, help me to find some kind of guide to study English in a certain order, like having a plan what to do 1st, 2nd … Or, may be you already have it somewhere on your channel, but I just don’t know. Thank you in advance.

Sincerely yours,
Alie Zinnurova


    Hi Alie,

    Ideally, the first step is to build vocab and increase reading speed. You can do both at the same time. Also, get as many practice tests as you can and work with these. Practice note-taking, and find someone to give you feedback on the speaking and writing sections as well.

    Good luck.


Hello, Mr Adam. Thanks for such an informative lesson! Although I took IELTS in May 2015 and got 7.5 overall, I am going to take it a second time and get at least 8 next summer. One of the most helpful resources is youк own website, which I recommend to everyone because of its great value. Thank you for making me pay proper attention to some aspects of academic writing that I somehow ignored in the past (or simply didn’t know:)). I hope your hard work is appreciated all over the globe.


    Thank you Dior. I appreciate it :)


Adam – you are great teacher! It’s the nice lesson. I want to ask somebody to help me with English and speaking with me in Skype or any other program. I hope for you hepl! peace!


    Hopefully someone here will contact you Nikolay. Good luck :)


I got 89 thank you Adam

Vugar Beshirov

Very useful, thanks, Adam.:)

Xuan Gao

Got 89,Thank you teacher it was a great lesson I never had this information.Teacher would you please help me understand this sentence,I came across while i was reading a news on “The Telegraph”
Who has was involved in the crash?
I haven’t ever seen such sentence stucture before,there for unable to figure out whether to which tense this sentence belongs to.
please explain me the use of “already” in these sentences,since I just can’t get any meaning out of these sentences because of the use of already here.
Geez…quit doing stuff like this,already.
Shut it,already.
Stop blaming me,alredy


    Hi Eichi,

    Is this the sentence: Who has was involved in the crash? If yes, then it’s a typo (the editor missed it). the ‘has’ is unnecessary.

    The already in the samples is just there for emphasis and to show that the speaker is frustrated.It doesn’t serve a purpose in terms of timing or experience. If you take ‘aready’ out of each sentence, the meaning will remain, but the tone/mood will change.

    Does this help?


      Thank you Teacher it really is of great help


Thank you for you nice lectures


Tanks Adam for this useful lesson

Jabir Sharif


    Jabir Sharif

      hi Japir , where are you from in Sudan ? .


Dear Adam,

Do you know a really good web site for preparing exams? I’m used to visit “Duolingo” but I have to admit its level is low. What do you recommend?

I love your web site! Thank you very much and good luck!


    Hi Luislopezter,

    Have you done a google search for your particular test? There are lots of sites online. Which test will you be taking?


Hi Ms Adam

I am so worried of IELTS ,because I started to study English seriously From the beginning 4 months ago then I want to do IELTS in 4 months

Now I am studying at home what must I do ?
either complete newheadway books or start preparation for IELTS?


    Hi Zakaryaalmarran,

    It depends on your level. You should try doing an IELTS practice test and see how you score. If you are below 5, you should work some more on your English. If you are 5 or higher, you can work on the test.


I am sorry
Mr I have written (ms)


    no worries ;)


Thanks Adam, interesting and useful ideas


Thanks so much Adam, your illustration is really helpful


Assalumalikom.i like english but i not know learn.
if you help me tolearn well ?


    Alikomassalum, Ilhamme. Please watch as many videos here as you can. you will learn quickly I’m sure :)


Can you mention a free IELTS practice site

Mohammed redha

    Hi Mohammed. The best suggestion I can make is to Google “IELTS Practice” and see what sites come up.


      thanks teacher.

      Mohammed redha

hi. thanks a lot. 10/10.


I am learning English.I am gonging to develop speaking skill.could someone help me?


Thank You Mr Adam
there is any good source of ielts exams examples?


    Hi Sabdooo. The best suggestion I can make is to Google “IELTS Practice” and see what sites come up.

    You can also try ielts.org


Hello Adam!

Fantastic lesson as usual! I appreciate it a lot. Although I am not going to do the IELTS (I will neither immigrate nor study abroad), anyway your tips and advice are helpful for most of the tests we do in or everyday life.

It is also good to listen a native speaker speaking a little bit fast, so as to get used to it.


Eduardo França

Hello everyone!

I am looking for some foreign partner to practise English on Skype. If there is someone here interesting, please let me know.

See you!

Eduardo França

Thank you, Adam. I’m beginner. I have more disavantage study IELTS :)


    It just takes time and practice Cmint7 :) You’ll get there.


thank you my teacher adam

saeed ali saeed

thank u teacher adem

saeed ali saeed

Thank you for good advice.


Thanks Everyone :P)


    can u please overview this:
    The provided line graph provides the information of fish, lamb, beef and chicken used to eat in a Europe from 1970 to 2004. Here solid line shows the fish use by European people on the other hand dotted lines show the other available meats in grams per person per week.
    In general, it illustrates the comparison between the use of fish and other meats.
    As is observed from the graph, fish consumption in Europe did not change too much in these years. However, most interesting consumption was beef. In 1979, beef consumption was around 225 grams having few fluctuations. Beef value kept decreasing till 2004 and it is expected beef use will go down further.
    On the contrary, as it can see the graph, chicken and lamb had an inverse relation. Both had about 150 grams consumption in 1979 but after that chicken had an increasing trend and reverse was true for lamb.
    In addition, from 1979 to 2004, the chicken was the only meat whose consumption increased by about 100 grams while other meats consumption decreased. However, in these years fish consumption remained almost unchanged.


      Hi Ehtishamhussainkokab,

      I’m afraid I can’t really go over samples here, but I will suggest you try to do a self-edit and find the grammar mistakes in it. Go sentence by sentence and identify your independent clause in each and the see if the idea comes through.

      Good luck


Thanks teacher for the tips, all are going to be very useful.


Dear Adam
Thanks for your good skills teaching

Ramiz Shubbar

I am very glad to be in touch with all of you.
I consider passing IELTS Academic version.
Dear Adam you mentioned there are many lessons on engVid,where can I find them ?Otto


    Hi Otto,

    There’s a search box at the top of the page. Type IELTS into it and you will see the available lessons listed. Or see “topics” in the menu bar.


Where can I find suitable articles for IELTS speaking practice?


Sir, I’m now pursuing 2nd B.Sc Computer Science I decided
Studying in Abroad.Now I’m How can prepare IELTS,TOEFL etc.Thank you sir


    Hi Gudi,

    You’ll need to find some study material and practice tests. You can order these online, or search for free ones, or join a community in which others have already taken the test.
    Good luck.


Thanks Adam my favourite English teacher.


Thank you!


Hello there!
My name is Luca, I’m Italian and I’m trying to find someone to speak with.
If you are interested this is my skype luca.medici88


ADAM,got 56;5rgt ans out of9


Thank you sir


Please tell me why perfect continuous tenses cannot be changed into passive voice?

Musa Kaleem

Before five mints i have seen video on
YouTube and joint this.
Actually i really confused from where i will stat it i have registered but i dont know afer the registration what i need to do how can see videos and lectures pleaze help as soon as possible

Mohammad sami

Fron where i will stat

Mohammad sami

wow!!! without watching the video I had 7/9 but am sad


Thank you for your advice.


Hi Adam,

my score was 7/9 .

thank you for your lesson

bye bye



i’m ask for what ielts life skill a1?


Hi adam
i’m Tarek


Hi Adam,
I love your lessons an especially this one. You really focus the problems that the students are dealing with and always try to prepare them to their drems. You are also ware of that numerous students have problem about writing and speaking. For instance, ı cannot fınd any ıdea when ı am writing an essay or when ı am speaking. I hope that you can make a video about how can ı or we improve our IDEA BANK? and how can fill our mind with reasonable and coherent information?

Thanks for your effort to prepare this lesson and ı hope you can make one more video about IDEA BANk :-)


Hi, Adam

Many thanks for these tips and ideas for test taking and to learn English effectively.

Fabio Cicerre

Hello, Adam

Thank you so much for your lesson.

I would like to ask you that on the test day, Do they provide us the stationery? if they do, what kind of stationery they provide? but if they do not, what should I prepare? Do they allow the test taker to use pencils and erasers, or pens and liquid paper?
Could you please clarify me? Thank you.

Have a good day.


Thank u adam for The lesson.i really like it specially when u talk about active and passive skills .have u a materials about how we prepare for the speaking section because i see it the most difficult one


Hi Adam,

Nice to see you here. Are you sure that the writing section is the hardest section? i believe it should be the speaking test. Am i right? Thanks

Ahmed Sabra

Thank you. I may find this lecture useful.


Thanks alot ,you give me a great power to be better (i wish be better ?)

Rawan salamoun

hi Adam,I have just 40 days for my exam, before I was busy to learn Dutch so I forgot a little English, I want to know is there any chance for me to get 6.5 Academic IELTS.


would u please tell me your advise ?


Hi Adam, thank you for your IELTS tips! Now I can start my study plan. Ah! I’ve got 9 in the quiz :)


great teacher!!


I have to prepare for a Michigan test in a community college. I need an advice for different part of the test as Reading, writing, grammar, and vocabulary


Hi Adam. I am a TESL student teacher and I am really enjoying the IELTS tips and lessons. I am preparing a presentation for my class on this website however I cant find who owns it and when it was created. Would you be able to give me this info ?
Thank you in advance. I am in Toronto – Canada



Thanks for your videos, these are really helpful for improving my English skills and for being self-confident. would you suggest me some book with exercises for improving the four topics of the test?


I got 9 out of 9. Excellent lesson…!!

Jakub Alvarez

Thanks for helping for ielts


I’m from China,This lesson is my first lesson I listen to you,I begin to prepare the IELTS,thanks you a lot teach me how to prepare the examination for free!! I will use your strategies to prepare IElTS, meanwhile, I will keep relax,relax is essential !


Hi, I’m from Laos . I’m planing to do IELTS test but I have problem fro my writing
Thanks, Adam for your great lesson


Very good and informative video.Thanks for sharing the precious tips.


Good video Adam, thank you

Rooney Long

Hi Adam,

It is an awesome session by you.I had IELTS 2 times till now but not scored as needed.First i scored less in listening,reading and writing but when i took second scored less in reading and speaking.iam very much panic to take reading part as everything in the paragraph is not relevant to questions.Questions are queit confusing.this happening because of vocabulary also.IDEA Bank is good but how to remember those words.


Thank Adam sir.Can I have speaking test with you?

sarose kandel

Hi Adam, Thanks a lot for these tips.


Thank you so much Adam.


Thank you so much teacher Adam


Sir kindly recommend me books for self preparation without going to any institution …..


And I have only 40 days for preparation….


Thank you !


hi,Adam,you are a professional teacher that I ve ever seen,would you please tell me how can I download your DVDs?

hossein kaviani

Thanks Adam.


Thanks Adam


Very informative

eman abdellateef ahmad

thanks alot for these interesting lesson ,am realy going to take exam but ithink my weakness on writing section so i need your help to suggest for me some website and also need to push my vacubulary and spelling up


I want to say, that you are impeccable.
thanks for great lessons ADAM)))))

Maya Rose25

Thanks a lot


Thanks! Adam, for the most important and valuable lesson. It would certainly help to plan my IELTS test preparation in a better way to score high.
Appreciate if you can share me the ways to improve my speaking skills for the test.


Thank you so much Adam. I’m very sure that I will improve my English .


Thanks Adam for this lesson.

Melissa Dyall

Hi Adam, thank you so much for your lesson. I only need to know any possible way how to improve my english knowledge before I take IELTS exam. Overall, I need 7.0 band score in each section. Can you tell me what to do because I only can reach 5.0 in each sections…. :/


Hi, are there any free ielts reading tests in engvid ?


Hi Adam,

Thank you for all provided materials and tips related to IELTS preparation, it is very helpful. At the moment, I am looking for a native English speaker to be prepared for speaking part of IELTS. Would it be possible to have few lessons woth you/ Or can you recommend a teacher?

Kind regards

Aliona Iakovyshyna

Many thanks, Adam. I got 9/9 and will be following you to get 7 band each at least.


7 out of 9 is considered better.Because i did not watch this video till the end.


Thanks, Adam! I’m very enthusiastic about the IELTS test because I found great advice in your video as well as in the others teachers’ videos; personally, I was totally stressed out but now I know relaxing will helping me out better!

Heli J

Thank you Adam.
I have been subscribed the Engvid 2~3 months. In this morning when I watched your video that I found I can actually understand what you talking about exactly!!

I have been praticed every single day!
I hope my English can be perfect in sometime!

This is all of you !love you ~~~~~~~~


I like these lesson


Hi Adam,
Thank for these lessons. I love your lessons.

Nan Htet Htet

I got 9/9. Thanks for your video.


Hi Adam:
In this video you said: most of the people only need 70-75 score in Ielts, but, i have a question for you what happen with Air Traffic Controllers? do they need a higher score? I mean, in this profession its necessary speak a lot in radio communications, they have to be more fluently and really accurate in what they want to communicate.
I do not know if someone of them had to take this kind of exam, however I will appreciate if you have an answer for me.

Thank you.


do you think people should too learning about academic vocabulary of all the topics related to the writing task 2? :)

Robbie Nguyen

Hello, Adam:
I like your video lessons! I’m going to take an IELTS test. Today I visited this site and I hope to find out all that I need to know in order to get at least 7 points on the IELTS. Of course with you!


Mr. Adam do u have CDs and where are sold?

Nihad ali

Hi,adam thank you for your videos I have question about true or false and not given.is it ok to write NG in answer sheet of THE IELTS instead of not given and so on or not?


AT last i got a 9 out of 9 :)
Adam you are awesome! Thank you so much for all of your video lessons i learned a lot. Getting ready for my test that is coming up soon.


Thank you so much, this video is very useful


Not bad score. I just need to improve on vocabulary.


Thank you a lot Adam

mina ghattas

Thanks Adam !!!


I got 7 correct out 9! thank you, Adam!


Hi Adam, I truly appreciate all lessons and tips you provided for us.Would you mind me asking for more strategies for coping stress and proper manners to achieve the highest score in each skill?


Hi Adam! I just get in contact with this wonderful
video lesson and I am very grateful. I am planning to do the IELTS in three months and I am keen to follow your tips. Thanks a lot.

Delma Comissario

Thanks Adam, now after this video I’m pretty sure that I can get my target score because u exactly inspired me to hit the jugular.
Best regards

Elamein khalfalla

Thank you so much, Sir. I love your videos and these are helps me to learn English.
Sir, I am from Bangladesh. I just completed my BA. I want to do MBA in Canada. So for Canada, which one is important to do first? IELTS or TOFEL?

Md. Adnan R Rahman

Hi Adam,
Thank you for the great tutorial.
I am writing this from Vietnam, I intend to take the IELTS test but I am considering which type of IELTS (academic or general) could be better and easier for me to take for my job, I wanna be a tour guide!
can you give me an advise?
I looking forward to hearing from you.


I got one mistake but I like listening to your website, It’s helped me a lot and I’m having an exam in IELTS this coming August 2018. wish me luck Adam to pass this exam, this really means to me.

Thank you,


    Good luck, irka!

    engVid Moderator

    Wish you luck!

    Corvo Attano

Thank you very much. A lot of new important ideas I’ve learnt .you’re a great trainers.

Ibraheem Moamen

Thank you, Adam, for this video lesson. I have got 8/9. I have a question about the reading. When I do reading test, for the first time I choose one answer then I change my answer with the other one and at the end of the test when I review my answers I see the first answer which was chosen by me was the correct answer and also I cannot catch the time finish my reading on time. How can I improve my reading?

Mehriban A

I don’t see this video


Hello Adam, I do so love your teaching method.
How can I find an IELTS simulation video? (or anything like that.)
Can you recommend me some videos or websites?
thank you for helping me.

Corvo Attano

Many thanks Mr Adam for this helpful plan, I grasped all your ideas by getting the score 9/9 of your quiz.


I got 9/9 and everything you explained was really amazing. Thanks Adam for sharing such good information and strategies regarding IELTS


Thank you very much mr adam. I really hope your videos will help many other pass IELTS. God bless you ??


Hi Adam, your all lessons including this is very knowledgeable. Your way of teaching is clearer for advance learner. I appreciate it and hope for the best to make more videos.


Thank you Adam, this video is so helpful, now i now what to do or how to do. Thank you for good job??


well done


It’s amazing to study this course


Hi Adam,
I am a new Ielts trainee(myself)
liked your videos, they are helpful.
I am trying for immigration. so my consultant said that i need a CLB 9 in ielts, i.e., 8 in listening & 7 in the rest of 3 sections. Is it true, if so please give me more tips.


Oh, Adam, thank you very much! Your lessons are always quite informative! What an amazing job!


Prefect 100 in quiz , Thanks Adam. Me Being a Project Management guy you made task half easy by approach.
Looking forward to get perfect score in test .
Thanks for your Video ….


Thank you sir for theses valuable advices

Karim Bazan

Dear Mr. ADAM,
I’m grateful to you for the helpful materials.


Such good a lesson Mr. Adam; thank you very much!


Great Adam


Hi Adam
Would you mind to recommend some useful books to improve my reading skill?

Khalil jawadi

thanks sir


I feel blessed that I found this site. thank you!


Thank you very much Adam. It is a nice video for everyone who are planning for IELTS. Now I have got a way out for preparing IELTS. Thanks a lot again.


That is weird when I want to start writing I can’t find a word. After that weird experience I know how valued is to turn my English approach from passive to active. By the way Adam, lesson as usual delightful. Good for us.

Grzegorz Bak

Thank you very much Adam for your wonderful process. I will apply it to my study.


Very Informative Study Plan !!


Thank you Adam for your informative study tips. I really need help in improving my writing and speaking skills in preparation for my IELTS exam.


Hi Adam,

Thanks for study plan. I get 9 in quiz.
I want to evaluate my essay from your side . So pls give some help. Or contact me.


I got 8/9, but these classes are making confussion in the sense that your question 1 talked about strong English (T/F). Your answer says(F) but Rebecca recommended that we should use strong English in our IELTS to get high score. Anyway, thanks


probably the best and laconic instuction in the net

George Issaichev

Thanks Adam, I got 8/9 and I’ll follow you steps and I hope to get my band goal. Thanks a lot


Excelente, thanks a lot Adam. Great advices


Hi Adam your videos are very good. I am planning for Academic IELTS can you suggest for a good website for reading and writing practice materials.

shibani sharma

Hi Adam! I got a perfect score! Hopefully I can do better also duting my IELTS exam! Your video will surely help me gain a high score. Thank you


Thank you so much adam, I totally understood all the five steps you have explained for Ielts study plan, I got 10 out of 10 in the quiz.

Rahil khan

nice video! thank you so much. it was very helpful. I got 10/10


thanks Mr.Adam for this useful information .


Thank you Adam. I would ask you about how long do we need as minimum in daily practice for the 4 sections? Together or separately during the day. I know it depends on my motivation and availability. I mean it will be easier for me if there is a preparing program to follow ? Thanks


8/9! IELTS center, I got it!

Jerry Gu

Thank you so much, teacher. You make me stay motivated. I feel so energetic about studying English.


Hello Adam… Once again, your class and recommendations were very useful. I learn a lot with you. Even though I won´t answer IELTS Test soon, thanks…

raimundo sepulveda

Adam is the best. I always watch his videos. All that he does helps me a lot


Hi Adam! Thank you so much. The video was really helpful and I scored 9/9.
I was really confused, how to start my preparations for IELTS, from where do I begin, but you made it quite easy.
I will make sure to follow all the rules mentioned by you. :-)


Excellent advises I’ve got 9/9. Thank you so much


In my first attempt here i scored 6/9,I realized how weak my IELTS ability was. I made up my mind to WORK more and more.
Thank you Adam so much.


Thanks for your explanation. I am new to IELTS and I have to find out where I should start


Excellent Advises, I have got 9/9 Thank you very much


Thanks a million Adam for your advices and excellent English training.
I am preparing to take IELTS-accademic exam on November 1,2022.How you help to improve my speaking and writing skill? Kind regards,Alex G.

Alemayehu Gebre

I would like to thank you Adam for being so coherent in this video which make ielts preparation easy.

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