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Hello Adam,
I got 90 . I need to review this lesson one more time to have the quiz perfect.
I considered taking TOEFL some years before and this lesson makes it comes again to my mind. I am going to work out.
Thanks Adam

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    Integrating skills makes the writing task more challenging for test takers. But does this test really meassure what it claims to meassure?

    A mock exam would be of big help. It will help us to get more familiar with the test format and type of items;not to mention the development of all the necessary skills to cope with this part of the test.

    Useful tips Adam! They provide a clear picture of the TOEFL writing task.

    P.S. By the way, what does iBT stand for?

    Bye for now.

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Hi dear Adam. Excellent and exceptional It was. I personally did know plentiful about that however you taught it magnificently. But may you please present a lesson about the third and four skills in TOEFL speaking they are somehow challenging and also make me anxious. Thank you for your humble teaching

Profile photo of ahmad pirouz ahmad pirouz

    Hi Ahmad, I’ll see what I can do ;)

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

      Thank you so much. It is really helpful. Is it wrong to use templates, which we see on youtube, for writing?

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Thank you very much Adam. Although I don´t think about taking an official exam, it´s always a pleasure to listen to your explanations and tips :)

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I got 10 correct out of 10. Thanks again, Adam!

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Even that you’re speaking a little bit faster in this video, I can understand you perfectly, and that makes me glad :)
Your videos are helping me a lot.
Thank you so much!

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    faster? have you forgotten about James? hahaha
    I speeded up thls vldeo!!
    Practice, practice and practice!!

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Hi Adam. Thanks for sharing this. You are an amazing teacher. I do have one question though. Can we talk about the main points of the lecture and the passage each in two separate paragraphs? I can’t thank you enough for everything!

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    Hi Maisy,

    You can do this, but it is better to connect ideas from each together, that way the contrast or support is more immediate. It will also make it easier for you to structure the summary.

    Ultimately, as long as you cover all the main points and o it in a comprehensible way, you’ll be ok :)

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Thank you so much Mr.Adam,and God bless you.

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Thank you

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    Hello.I’m interested in learning English and i want to speak it as native.If you would like to practise with me.Here is my skypeid: hamid.abdi90

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How can i understand this sentence, teacher
“her words have remained fixed in my memory”

Profile photo of Sophia Hoang Sophia Hoang

    Hi Sophia,

    ” I will always remember what she said.”

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

hi! I have just met you by Lingualeo with this video:) It was great. Thank you I made 10 correct :) Studying for toefl I am sure you will be so helpful for me! Thanks a lot!

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    Welcome Ecehediye :)

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Isn’t easier but I get points to answer questions of TOEFL

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I’ve done the TOEFL test once and I can state this is not easy, nevertheless tips like yours are not given on any preparatory course I’ve attended so I thank you so much for these videos because when I was taking the test with a lot of work to do in a quite short time I just could remember your tips, it was like you were whispering in my ears lool, thus I got a better grade than I was expecting. Thank you Adam and keep up with the great job!

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    I’m glad to hear that Felipe. Thanks :)

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

What a super guiding lesson! Thank you so much teacher Adam. :)

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I cannnot hear the audio for this section. How can I use it?

Profile photo of isabelabastos isabelabastos

    There is only the video with me speaking :)

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Hi Adam,
What is the easiest way to learn Synonyms and Antonyms? Could you please make a lesson about this?
Thank you
Thiago from Brasil

Profile photo of LEARNER LEARNER

    I’ll get on it Learner ;)

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Hi Adam, great lesson.
Could you make a lesson on difference between various, diverse, distinct and similar.
I’ve tried to read about them but I’m not sure I understand it completely.
Keep doing great work!

Profile photo of ValeraKundas ValeraKundas

    I’ll get on that Valera :)

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

thank you very much…

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thank you sir ..this is interesting lesson

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I did not understand anything

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    Watch it again Fawze. It just takes practice. Also, keep in mind that this is about the TOEFL test, so if you don’t know this test, this lesson might be a little difficult.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

hi adam
you’re speaking faster mr adam please speak slowly for better understand thank you

Profile photo of imane haddad imane haddad

    Hi Imane,

    As I mentioned at the beginning of the video, I speak faster in the lessons for TOEFL and IELTS to give people practice for what they will hear on the test. Usually, I don’t speak this fast. :)

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Thank you Adam.

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hi Adam
I suggest you to make engVid telegram channel and upload all the videos there because in Iran we don’t have access to youtube :(
any way a telegram channel is an excellent way of sharing!
have fun ;)

Profile photo of Hossein Hossein

    I’ll pass that idea on Hossein. Thanks :)

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Thanks Adam for this very elaborate lesson!

Someday I will try the Toefl test. I think this will be a good method to use in the writing section.

Profile photo of Fabio Cicerre Fabio Cicerre

Hi Adam.
I have a question.
please tell me the meaning of below words.
please help me Adam.

Profile photo of Mark-Plank Mark-Plank

    And I’ll be happy if you help(tell) me how I can improve my English speaking.
    Actually, how can I improve my English speaking?

    Profile photo of Mark-Plank Mark-Plank

      And I want to get TOEFL license A.S.A.P, Any suggestion?

      Profile photo of Mark-Plank Mark-Plank

    Hi Mark,
    irony:noun– when the opposite of what was intended occurs
    sarcasm: noun- saying the opposite of what you mean in order to emphasize it
    sarcastic: adjective
    figurative: not the meaning the words suggest
    literally: exactly as the words suggest
    disapproving: not approving
    pejorative: putting something or someone down
    derogatory:- insulting, or putting someone down

    Type into Google:
    Use _____ in a sentence— this will show you examples.

    Hope this helps.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

thank you Adam.

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Hi, I should take the class again. I failed the quiz.

Profile photo of ishaja ishaja

    You can try as many times as you need to Ishaja :)

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

    Lol. I’ll see what I can do. That’s a funny video, though most of the misunderstandings can’t be explained here I’m afraid ;)

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

      Thank you for your answer. I watched the whole movie https://youtu.be/LRvb5dPLhso, there are a lot of such situations, that could be add to a video and explained, what was said, what should be said and how…

      Profile photo of Roman06 Roman06

        Thanks for the link Roman!(it’s funny) I think you can like something like this with Canadian accent – “The Grand Seduction” 2013.

        Profile photo of KATRIN777 KATRIN777

        The problem with this video, Roman, is that many of the expression are sexual in nature and so I can’t really put them up here. I’ll make an expressions video soon though :)

        Profile photo of Adam Adam

Thank you very much Adam. I got 90 points in the quiz. I am going to take TOEFL exam only 13 days later. That’s why I feel more appreciated. I am looking forward to hearing from you a new lessons about TOEFL. This video has several beneficial tips.
You are a great teacher.Thank you again!

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Hi Adam! How are you doing? I’ve a question. Could you help me?
– What’s the difference between WALK IT OUT and WALK?
(If I say to somebody WALK IT OUT and other time just WALK will be there any difference?)Which is used commonly in America?
Thank you!

Profile photo of KATRIN777 KATRIN777

Sorry! Two more!
1 Is there any difference in meaning between:
A. I came yesterday.
B. I had been coming yesterday.

2 Which is right:
A. I have worked at the factory for 20 years.
B. I have been working at the factory for 20 years.
(Which is more grammatically correct?)
Thank you! Bye!

Profile photo of KATRIN777 KATRIN777

    In textbooks more commonly used “I have worked at the factory for 20 years”, “I have played football for 2 hours” but I think there should be I HAVE BEEN ….

    Profile photo of KATRIN777 KATRIN777

    Hi Katrin,

    I’m not familiar with walk it out, actually. I know walk it off means walk to relieve the pain in your leg or to calm down.

    A. I came yesterday.–correct
    B. I had been coming yesterday.–incorrect (come is not a continuous action)

    A. I have worked at the factory for 20 years.
    B. I have been working at the factory for 20 years

    both are correct and acceptable. If you want to make sure the listener knows you are still working there, use B

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you are the best Adam :)

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Dear Adam,
Thank you very much for your vivid explanation.

Profile photo of Zeinab.Salehi65 Zeinab.Salehi65

By the way, I got 10 out of 10 ;)

Profile photo of Zeinab.Salehi65 Zeinab.Salehi65

hello Mr. Adam , thank you so much for the info that you’re providing .. I’m really interested in what you’re doing ..

Profile photo of rami rh rami rh

Thanks, Adam.
But I want to ask ‘lots’ and ‘a lot’ what is the difference?

Profile photo of Sophie Sophie

    Hi Sophie,

    Essentially, nothing. Both can be used interchangeably, though lots is more informal than a lot.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

I got 90 point in this quiz.What do you guys think abouyt my point?If you don’t mind I would like you to connect me and share experiences which is related in all respects.Please contact me. See uu :)

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Good morning Adam sir. i studied your all classes. I will certainly hug with you if i will meet.

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    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Your comment is waiting to be approved by engVid.

Profile photo of chorikanya chorikanya

thank you and this is very helpful. but what if the terminology is confusing me like medical words?

Profile photo of Yonis Yonis

    Hi Yooniesta,

    Don’t worry too much about the technical words. They do not expect you to know them, and will only use common ones (like influenza) if they want you to include it.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

Thank you everyone :)

Profile photo of Adam Adam

Thank you Adam

Profile photo of Yonis Yonis

Hi Adam can we take a short video call by Skype?

Profile photo of TamirN. TamirN.

    Hi Tamir,

    If you have any questions for me, this is a good place to ask :)

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

I am so surprised,10/10.) Maybe I don’t confident in my opportunities. Thank you Adam very much!

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I got 5 correct out of 10.

Profile photo of Shyadul Shyadul

I haven’t try it yet.

Profile photo of Fedorovsky Arthur Fedorovsky Arthur

    Sorry, I haven’t tried it yet.

    Profile photo of Fedorovsky Arthur Fedorovsky Arthur

I’ve got 7 correct from 100l i’ll work hard to get more and also succes at toefl exam thank you 👏 teacher

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ThanksAdam, I got 9 out of 10.

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Thanks sir

Profile photo of muntather1985 muntather1985

Hello Mr. Adam,
A Plenty of thanks for brilliant videos you prepare and publish here. Nowadays I’m preparing myself to get TOFEL internet based test, but I don’t know which kind of accents is better to be followed and speak accordingly (American accent of British accent)? or dose accent has a specific role in order to get more score?

Best wishes
Hasib Nasir
Kabul, Afghanistan

Profile photo of Hasib Nasir Hasib Nasir

    Hi Hasib,

    On the TOEFL you’ll here more North American accents in the listening section, though they are trying to be more global now. On the IELTS you’d hear more British and Australian.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

In quiz, I got 9 of 10.

Profile photo of Hasib Nasir Hasib Nasir


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9/10. Thank you teacher.

Profile photo of Soei Soei

I want to ask
“sth might prove difficult.” is it correct?
If it is correct, why don’t we use passive voice “might be proved difficult”?

Profile photo of Sophie Sophie

    Hi Sophie,

    It’s not about someone proving something, it’s about something proving itself (to be) difficult.

    Does this help?

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

I’m so grateful your help.
You help me a lot.
Thanks a million.

Profile photo of Sophie Sophie

    I’m so grateful for your help.

    Profile photo of Sophie Sophie

hi adam
i cant stand to join your telegram channel adam ! and i would be wonderd if you had mind focusing your unique lessons on vocabulary. i think the most chalenging part of learning a foreign language is learning vocabularies , so what kind of methods do you suggest me to memorize vocablularies?
a red rose for you from your student and also your fan , Sorso ;) gl

Profile photo of Sorso Sorso

    Hi my friend , Sorso
    Thanks a lot for your exactlly true message !
    Best regards: Soei

    Profile photo of Soei Soei

Hello. How can I improve my speaking in English. is listening to videos help it?

Profile photo of mouloud77 mouloud77

Great lecture, thank you. It is really important to know how pass this part of exam.

Profile photo of soppa91 soppa91

for the body paragraphs, I know we are focusing on Listening but what about Reading. Do we need to write what the reading about?

Profile photo of sttmt99 sttmt99

HI ADAM!!! first of all , congratulations. you are a very good teacher. I had aa problem during nunmer 5. i didn´t get it. i tought that i realy should write down the main points of the writing.

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Nice video, thanks Adam!

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Great lessons, thank you, Adam!

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thank you so much teacher Adam, it really helped me.

Profile photo of Adendiriye Adendiriye

Thank You, Adam . :) Very informative explanation.

Profile photo of jeannesargsyan jeannesargsyan

Hi Adam, can you please help me with some tips about celpip test as I’m looking forward to write the test soon.
Thank you.

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alright, thanks

Profile photo of Ayomide Ayomide

I got 70/100. Cry and Cry

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Hi Adam I really want to say thank you! you’re awesome man!

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hi adam… can i get some your contact in social media… bbm, facebook, or line?

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Thank you very much for your teaching. God bless you

Profile photo of solomonvan solomonvan

But I want to ask ‘lots’ and ‘a lot’ what is the difference?

Profile photo of nagendragnr nagendragnr

Hi Adam, well I got 50% was my first time. I will be better next time. For sure.
Tks Adam, you have been great.

Profile photo of Miranice Miranice

Thanks Adam, I’m a Malagasy and I got 70 for my quiz.

Profile photo of SolofoNiaina SolofoNiaina

Hi Adam, Thank you for the video.

Profile photo of jjcopl jjcopl

that’s great! thanks for the lesson

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Hi Adam, I hope you are doing well. Please, would you tell me how would it possible to listen to the lecturer to response to the quiz? Thank you for all your videos are very interesting and useful to prepare TOEFL test or just to improve English.

Profile photo of Leila16 Leila16

Ok, I got it! I thought that I have to listen to another video to respond to the quiz. I got 9/10 because I didn’t answer to the first question. :)

Profile photo of Leila16 Leila16

You are probably the best lecturer with the clearest ideas in the site.
you made TOEFL seems easy, i think i will get my try, if it is as easy as this i’m gonna make it.
thanks for you and other lecturers as well.

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Hello Adam! Thanks for this usefull video. I will take TOEFL soon and I want to know if is there a word counter on the screen or do I have to count words myself? Thanks in advance for your help.

Profile photo of monica monica

Thanks Adam. I made 9/10 in my very first attempt! Ever since I found your webclasses on youtube I can feel my english has improved substantially.
Keep up with the brilliant work of yours!

Profile photo of Guilherme Cota Guilherme Cota

Hi Adam this Navneet.I am planning on taking TOEFL test some time in August so I can take admission in university coming fall.Bit problem is TOEFL test.I am scarred to take TOEFL.is there more study material or help that you can help me with I enjoy watching TOEFL related videos.

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you are a good teacher Adam, thank you .
for me all your lessons are beneficial and helpful .
thanks again

Profile photo of zari1974 zari1974

Hi Adam, in your video you said that each paragraph should have a topic sentence, an explanation of that sentence and an example. I couldn’t understand the word “example”. Will I have to use an example of my own to support the idea or does it have to be from the passage?

Profile photo of bidishapaul bidishapaul

Hello Adam, I want you to know that you are my real teacher :) I told everybody that my english teacher is Adam, I don’t know where is he from, but he is the best teacher I can ever see :)

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Hi Adam, my english too bad, help..

Profile photo of sarwaidi sarwaidi

Hello Adam. Thank you so much for your tips about TOEFL Integrated writing task. Though I am a bit confused. I follow TOEFLtv (a youtube channel) and there they advise you to write a conclusion statement at the end of your summary. Here, however, you recommend us not to do so. Please, can you help me with this doubt? That you so so much

Profile photo of MartaJSanchis MartaJSanchis

Hi Adam. I have been practicing to take the TOEFL test.
I have watched one of your video where you have shared ideas on how to aproach the writing task #1. Is there a way to see one full answer about the writing task#1 that has gotten a score of 5. I would love to see one because I am visual learner. Thnaks so much for your time and all the excellent tips on that video I watched.

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Hi dear Adam.Thans for your this video.I think you can give us very important points that we should do.

Profile photo of Sedatk Sedatk

thank you so much teacher Adam.This is really helpful

Profile photo of Asmaa Naciri Asmaa Naciri

Greetings Adem, I need a favour from you. I suppose I wouldn’t cause you much of a trouble but I wrote a short story, a humorous one and I want you to read it and reflect your ideas. Does that sound feasible?

Profile photo of Nathen Sol Nathen Sol

Hi Adam! I have been watching your videos for years,and I have learnt alot from you. Thank you!!!
May I ask a have a question. I am confused about writing essays. My teacher said that it’s cheating

Profile photo of Hilola92 Hilola92

Hi Adam! I have been watching your videos for year, and I have leanrt a lot from you. Thank you!!! May I ask a question? I am confused about writing essays. My teacher said it is considered as cheating if I use the sentence from my resource. I was told, I have to read the article and then write an essay with my own word. But how about facts that is given in the article? If I read the article and write essay about that topic it’s still going to be the same. I hope I was able to expain what I mean. If you can can you please make a video about that. What can I use from my source and what I can’t.

Profile photo of Hilola92 Hilola92

ı took toefl exam and the result ı had was 79 , whıch was really upsettıng . however , ı dıd not study for the exam . ıf ı had studıed ıt properly , would ı have gotten more poınt .

Profile photo of podes podes

Dear Sir Adam,
I have encountered some problems whilst completing the writing task 1:
1)I have acquired the topic sentences for each body paragraph. However there are points from both reading and listening. Which should I mention first?
2)Do I have to you flow bridges like “firsly, lastly”?
Anyway, yr guidance and tips are really helpful and appreciated your sharing of skills. Thank you.

Profile photo of brooklynlew brooklynlew

Hello Adam,

Thank you for your wonderful lessons, but I have a question, I have watched most of your videos about writing. But if I do practice for writing an essay or paragraph, I can not check it by myself, as I am doing self study so internet is the only way to get help,although I have internet as help but still it can not check my essay or paragraph so kindly tell me any solution of this problem ?

Profile photo of KamalBisht KamalBisht

Thank you Mr. Adam!
Great explanation.
I’m preparing for a TOEFL iBT test here in Kabul-Afghanistan at PDI section of American University.
Your lesson would help me as long as I read the comments of other audiences.

Profile photo of Karim Khan Wardak Karim Khan Wardak

amazing, all details became broken down for me, but i have one question what grammar structure you advise us to use in this task???

Profile photo of basel mac basel mac

hi Adam,
i m preparing for toefl exam by myself and i really liked your lesson but could you send me an example of writting task 1 of toefl exam? i would like to sse it because it will help me a lot to write any of my own.
thanks :)

Profile photo of muehsam muehsam

How to get to the listening?

Profile photo of Doaa84 Doaa84

Hi Adam!

Great video! I’ve seen it more than 10 time by now.

Plus, i was wondering if you could help me with a concern i have on it. Look, I’m preparing myself to take the TOEFL, and got the “official Guide” from the online site. However, you mention that we must not leave a conclusion or summary paragraph, but the guide mention the opposite. Could you help me to understand it better?

Profile photo of Emanuel Mtz Emanuel Mtz

Hi adam can you explain me the use of this ‘his or her’ versus ‘their’ in neutral gender?

Using “their” is this ungrammatical ?
thank you

Profile photo of the best the best

Hi Adam! I’m really confused about one of the rules you mentioned in the video. You mentioned that personal pronouns should not be used. I understand not using personal pronouns like I, me, mine etc. But wouldn’t it sound a bit awkward not using he/she while referring to ” The author” or ” The lecturer”?. Please help me with this.

Profile photo of Ankit8244 Ankit8244

hello everyone.I am trying to find the video for this quiz but I am not getting.Please tell me where I can find it?

Profile photo of SudhaPriya shrivastava SudhaPriya shrivastava

Creative lesson Mr. Adam! Thank you very much!

Profile photo of Alex-1956 Alex-1956

Hi! I really like your lessons.
Would you like to tell me what are the most common writing and reading topics for TOEFL IBT?
Thank you.

Profile photo of vasileskah vasileskah

thank you so so much

Profile photo of Abdulrashed Hasan Abdulrashed Hasan

Thanks a lot for the wonderful tips, Adam.

Profile photo of PrashanthG PrashanthG

is there any website that has volunteers to review my writing for free ?

Profile photo of sherinhanem sherinhanem

Hello Adam! This video is really useful for us. And i actually want to read more your sample essays to understand more and compare with mine. How can i find it in this site. Can you help me, please? Thanks a lot

Profile photo of TuyetVi TuyetVi

An excellent explanation about task 1 of writing. Such valuable information can easily boost the chance of exam participants to pass the question well.

Profile photo of RasouliBiotech RasouliBiotech

Thank u teacher I scored 90% that gives a great pleasure

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