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I’m not good at note taking.
Taking note was difficult because I forgot my code :(
So I should make list, should I. Thank you for your great lesson, Adam. Code and abbreviation look mysterious and curious :)


    As far as I can tell, this new version of the TOEFL Test follows a computer-based format. It means that your typing skills also play a key role on test results, don’t they? or do they use voice recognition software?

    I think the IELTS test is a bit more reliable than the TOEFL when it comes to integrating language skills since in the IELTS speaking section you do not respond to a machine (computer)during the test; you actually talk to the test administrator who is usually an English native speaker.

    It is a fact that standarized tests and language courses are changing to unconventional formats to face the new challenges of ICTs.

    Thanks for all these great test tips Adam.

    P.S. You are a man of your word, You talked a bit faster than we were used to.


      Actually, Regino,IELTS is becoming the more popular test around the world. And yes, typing skills do play some role, but on the IELTS spelling counts, which is why some prefer the TOEFL.It ca be argued that these days spelling is less of a concern because of spellcheckers, but then again, that is why people are losing their spelling abilities. ;)

      Anyway, glad you liked the lesson.


        Thank you Regino and Adam :) I think your comments are useful for everyone who take IELTS and TOEFL.


        Hello ADam
        i want to ask you that what is mystery of notetaking ?


Thank you Engvid , thank you Adam , this is so important subject
to my companions , if anybody wants to practice his English with me ! he’s welcome , Please feel free to be in touch with me This is my Facebook account name “Anwar Aime Dieu”


thank you Adam for your informative lesson , actually I need more tips related to IELTS test specially writing , I need more information about the task 2 types and how to deal with every type , thank you in advance :)

N. Gouda

    Hi N. Gouda,

    Vheck my site. there might be some good information for you there as well. In the meantime, I will prepare more material for here.

    writetotop dot com


Hello Adam! What difference between:
– I was to London
– I was in London.
Thank you.


    You should say I have been TO london. or I was IN london.
    in Past simple we use IN . In present perfect we use TO.


      At any rate I can say “I WAS TO LONDON” if some one would ask me “WHERE WERE YOU GOING?”.


      Well, when you say that you have been TO somewhere, it means that you went to that place and you are still there, but you do not live there.
      But when you say that you have been IN (somewhere), it means that you have been living there for an amount of time.


        Sorry.. you use TO when you went somewhere and you are back now. My fault.


          Of course when somebody says I’VE BEEN TO LONDON it means
          that he’s back now, but what about I WAS TO LONDON?


          I think what changes is the tense of the verb but the meaning is exactly the same.. Lets ask Adam.


    I been to London or was to London means that you are not longer exist there ! you been there but you left
    – i been in London, it means you still live there


    Hi Katrin,

    A good discussion going on here :)

    I have been to London means that you have had the experience in your past of going there. You are not there now.

    I have been in London– if someone asks where have you been? they usually mean recently. So your answer (I have been in London), means that is where you were for some time and now you are back where you are.
    To answer the same question (where have you been?)you can answer “I was in London.” because the time reference is understood.

    I was to London is grammatically incorrect. You could say I went to London. The preposition ‘to’ shows direction of a movement, so you generally don’t use it with a ‘be’ verb.

    Does this help?


      one more point: I have been to London means I have gone there in the past. That’s why we can use it with the ‘be’ verb in this sense.


        Thank you Adan. I didn’t expect that I HAVE BEEN TO LONDON means experience in the past. I thought it is just happened right now.


          Also I knew that WAS TO the same with OUGHT TO, so I WAS TO LONDON incorrect. Thank you very much Adam.


          Sorry for the mistake in YOUR NAME!!!!!!!!!!!
          I can’t improve it. S O R R Y!!!
          I wasn’t attentive!


          Hi KATRIN777 ,

          Do you have mind if we speak to each other in English Language because I want to take tofel and want anone who’s native English speaker or sound like Native English speaker at least so he could help me to do well in TOFEL exam so I hope from everyone who’s have this quilty to reach me out here, please .

          and this is my Skype accout to whom concern and want to practice with me : immrgant.passanger .

          and Thanks fot you Agam for this Vedio .



Hi Adam,
i am really very interested by your courses , i have a question here and i am sure that you will help me to succeed: i’m gonna writing my dissertation this year and i am very optimistic because i know that i am able to get a good mark on it, i want you to help me to find a good and strong TOPIC to be written ( this topic should be related with economic world ,business world and why not by some political overviews) please write me back on my Email : takwa.neffeti@gmail.com

takwa wanderlust

Thank you Adam
It is a good tips for TOEFL & IELTS test
we must remember those notes.


Adam i love you and i am really a fan of you, i wish i had you as a teacher in real life,your way in teaching is awesome.


    Thank you Zoaldyeck :)


There placement test before the study in British institute could you tell me about that exam and how can I get a high score because I want to study from intermediate
thank you a lot you are a great teacher.


    Hi LOL,

    I’m afraid I don’t know about the placement test at the British Institute. I assume they create their own test. You might be able to email them and get a sample. But, having said that, the point of a placement test is to see where your English level is at so that they can put you in the right program. I’m not sure you are supposed to study for it.

    Let me know if I can help though.


Thanks Adam, you are a great teacher, you always give us good advice:)


Thanks a lot:) ….I didn’t do well at the quiz :/ however it really needs a lot of practice.


    hi . can i speake english with u to improve myself and yourself in english … kkapo87@yahoo.com

    Muhammad samy

can we use the abbreviation “ex” instead of “eg” for examples??? I mean if we use it,will the others know that we mean the same as “eg”??


    Yes and Yes. ex is just less formal than eg.
    Actually, you just use what you understand better and faster when you reread your note again. :)


    Hi Rahaf,

    As Tety said, yes, ex. will work as well as eg. On the test your notes are for you, so whatever works for you is good. Others will also understand ex. in context. On a formal academic essay, however, use e.g.


I’m very happy that I got 6 correct out of 6 for this quiz.Thank you,Adam, for this great lesson.
By the way, I appreciate someone can practice English with me via Skype ( ID:jarods).Thank you,every one.


thank you Adam for that Great lesson.

I have a question.
what is the difference between (one another)and (each other)?
thank you in Adavance !!!

fathy elmalt

Thank you Adam, your lesson very useful, but I just got 3/6 question :(

Khiem An

thanks adam it was a useful lesson . i just wanna suggest an idea … why doesn’t engvid add a reading section practice? … for example teachers put texts twice a week about diffiente topics like scientific .. economic … stories .. whatever .. then we take the quiz as always.. so we can improve reading skills.. it also helps students who are going to do iElts and toefl exams .. i hope this idea would be accepted :) … thanks again to all staff of engvid u r doing agreat job:)


    Hi Aboood,

    It is a great idea, but not as easy as it seems. I am working on this for my site. I will let you know when it is up and running.


please .. i want to get all your lesson in CD or DVD
How can i ?


    Hi Humood,

    I’m not sure that they are available on CD or DVD. I will find out and get back to you.


it was greatt, i really enjoyed it,but i need to improve the attention like my first teacher said


Hi Adam, your lesson are so interesting. I would like to ask you what is the best way to study for the TOEFL test, it has many things and for me have been so difficult to create my study plan. I practice my listening everyday, with difrerent issues and I write sometimes abou it. However I think that I should have a better methodology. Thanks again.


    Hi Manuelco,

    Actually, practicing every day is the best way. Read a lot and build your vocab. Create questions based on the TOEFL structure and answer them. As for the writing, have someone check it for you and learn to self-edit.
    Also, record yourself speaking and listen for your own mistakes.
    Concentrate on a different skill each day, and once a week take a full practice test to build stamina.

    I hope this helps a little.


Your sound are so wonderful. Can you tell me some methods of speaking English well?


    The only way to improve, Princess, is to do it every day. Find a prince and practice :)


    you are just kidding. Iam so young that I can’t have a boyfriend at my age


      Yes just kidding :)

      I thought you were Avril Lavigne, that’s why lol


thanks Adam..very well


Thanks Adam, your classes are as good as usual, and I really keen on your teaching style, and I’m trying to learn all these approaches and knowledge that you put online as much as I as can, cuz I really want to be a English teacher in the future, can you give me some advice of using English in daily life and being a teacher ?


    Hi Tom,

    Ideally, as a teacher you want to learn as much as you teach. Start learning new things all the time, just do it in English. This way you improve your language, and you will have more to offer your students. It makes it much easier for students when the teacher can come up with different examples to illustrate a point. So you need to have a lot of examples, which will come from your own learning.

    Hope this helps a little.


thanks a million Engvid :)


When the subject is notetaking I have to learn much more! Skills for notetaking that’s something I need to overcome. And the proof was this quizz. 2/6. The worse score ever since I attend to the EngVid.

Jorge Pedroso

    I did the same worse score!!!
    Now we are surprised about ourselves,aren’t we??


      Yep, that´s life.
      By the way in portuguese you use ex. for example but in English I think you must use e.g. (you say for example, but write e.g. the truth is I dunno why?). Cheers

      Jorge Pedroso

        Thanks my friend :)


Where’s that video about “looking forward to”.I can’t find it,could anyone help me,please??


it will be hard but we will do it


Wow! I got 100. Thank you Adam. U ar d bst tchr (you are the best teacher)
I did IELTS G and got 8 for reading and 6.5 for each other papers. I need 7 each. In first time I did Lots of past papers and didn’t know about the Engvid.com. Anyway I’m practicing again and looking forward to do the exam again. Thank you again.


    Good luck Dilanka :)


Unfortunately you can´t take notes on my country, it is not permitted to write anything down on either the answer sheet or the examination paper.


    Hi Roger,

    You should look into that. IELTS and TOEFL both allow it. Ask around.


this is the best webpage ever made


Now that I realize how important it is to take note while listening. I never took note before! Thank you so much Adam! That’s useful for me :)
Hope to see your next lessons!


please teach me how to do editing and omission

palakshi nautiyal

    Hi Pallo,

    That is a whole course in itself. Actually, not sure what you mean by ‘omission’. Anyway, If you have excellent grammar, you can be an editor. It’s just practice to get the speed for it.


Hi again, Adam.
I can see in text books “I LIKE READING BOOKS”,”I LIKE PLAYING GAMES”. But can I say ” I LIKE READ BOOKS” and so on.


    Or “I LIKE TO READ…” and when we have to use “TO” in before verb?


      There must not be IN. Sorry…


        Hi Katrin,

        I’ll make a lesson about this. In the meantime, I like to play games and I like playing games are both correct. It must be either ‘-ing’ or ‘to’ after verbs such as ‘like’.

        I know this might not help, but I’ll get to it soon :)


          That’s helped me Adam, thank you.


oh! Great!

Cuc Duong

Guess I need more practice! Thank you Adam! Another helpful tips for taking TOEFL and IELTS.

Jaecee Sponge

I think that I need more examples for to practice before that I take the TOEFL test


    Hi Cope,

    Make sure you get yourself a good book with complete practice tests. It’s very useful.


Yeah, I know how note taking’s important in a TOEFL test. As a Toefler, I appreciate your precious tip for note taking. :)


Adam I’m still confused when I use (GO,WENT). In dictionary I can see two different meanings of these words(IT’S A SINGLE ACTION AND PLURAL ACTION). For instance: I WENT TO LOCAL SCHOOL means that I visited that school for some definite time in the past(but WENT in the dictionary means also a single action). Or must I say: IT WAS YESTERDAY. I DID GO TO LOCAL SCHOOL AT 8 O’CLOCK( or I HAD BEEN GOING TO LOCAL SCHOOL AT 8). SUDDENLY I SAW HIM. It’ll be great to
know more about that. Thank you.


    The Google translator gives me that I WENT TO LOCAL SCHOOL is a single action in the past(in one day).
    I HAVE BEEN GOING TO SCHOOL also a single action in
    the past(but in the middle of action(at 8 o’clock for instance ).


      I WILL HAVE BEEN GOING TO THE LOCAL SCHOOL – is it means that I will visit that school every day for some period of time?


        Hi Katrin,

        I’m not sure what you mean by a single and plural actions. Verbs don’t take numbers really, except for their relation to the subject in the present tense(Jack goes, Jack and Jill go). The difference between went and have gone is definite and indefinite times in the past. Use went as the simple past (known time in the past) and have gone as a present perfect for the indefinite past (unknown time in the past). The future perfect (will have gone)suggests that an action will be completed by a known time in the future.

        Where did you go yesterday? I went to the local school yesterday.

        Where did you study as a kid? I went to a local school. (here ‘went’ is used to mean ‘attended’)

        Does this help at all?
        Both answers are correct for their context.


          I’ll rewrite you Adam, just couldn’t explain it to you. Thank you.


I think it’s a little bit confusing when we have to use infinitives or (to + infinitives) after verbs. Could you help us by giving some tricks you probably know? Either you could make a lesson about this, or not; we all appreciate your time teaching us.
All the best to you!


Hi Adam, My favorite teacher. You do a great job in every next video as usual. I am very thankful to the Engvid team for such a wonderful lessons that has made the language learning easier across the world. I wish i keep enjoying the lessons on Engvid.com

Yashwant Kumawat

this is really usefull thanx alot

mounir kabbani

Not bad)) Thanks, Adam!


Great teacher… I took my first lesson today.


Hi Adam. I’m not sure I can ask that kind of question here or in some other lesson. I mean does it depend on issue of lesson what I can ask) Anyway I wonder what’s the difference between “it doesn’t matter” and “it no matter”. In what case can I use one or another phrase. I hope I was totally clear. Sorry If I wasn’t.

Katrin Naito

    Hi Katrin,

    All questions are welcome :)

    It depends mostly on context. It doesn’t matter means something is not really important. It no matter is grammatically incorrect.
    No matter.., means regardless
    No matter what is an expression meaning regardless what happens.

    It’s not a matter of… means it’s not about …

    Does this help?


      Thank you, Adam, it was quite helpful. Yes, I noticed my mistake “it no matter” is incorrect of course.
      It needs to to work with a little more, but I guess I got it.
      But could you please explain me one more thing about this issue? Why then M.Jackson sings “It DON’T matter if you’re black or white…”? (or I’m just misheard)

      Katrin Naito


        Song lyrics are probably the last place you want to learn grammar.


One more question Adam! It looks easy, but what is actually difference between GOT(or British HAVE GOT) and HAVE. For instance: I GOT(HAVE GOT) a car. I HAVE a car.
I think I can’t say: I HAVE GOT a nose.


    Or may be I can say: I’VE GOT my nose from my parents.


      So, when to use GOT(HAVE GOT) and when HAVE?
      Thank you very much.


        Hi Katrin,

        Both are OK. Some people think that have got is more formal than have, or it’s a matter of British vs. US English.

        It’s a personal choice.

        Using only ‘got’ to mean have got is grammatically incorrect, though you might hear it often amongst Americans.

        You got your nose from your parents. Not have got. Also in the perfect tense, some people use gotten.

        Does this help?


          That’s clear Adam, thank you.


You are awesome..


i was not bad on this lesson 4-6


Hi Adam,could you plz explain me the meanimg of “in terms of conversation” here is context. To be honest, i was scared we would be the only ones there with brooke, i mean she is fine in a group ,but after we have compared nail polish colour’s, thats’s it in terms of conversation.


and here’s the other one. A boy asked his friend; how did practice go? and his friend said it went well why did not you come. He replied, (I thought i would let you newbies settle in without feeling overshadowed by my superior skill.)I would like you to explain me the last one sentence in brackets.and also tell me the meaning of overshadowed.


I want to know the meanings of following words here.what does trippy, purge and nark on mean.


    Hi Fari,

    in terms of means speaking about… or in relation to.
    (If we speak about our conversation, it was about nail polish and that’s it)

    Newbies- new to something
    overshadowed- feel less than someone in terms of their power
    (I didn’t want to make you new guys feel bad because I am so much better than you so I let you settle in)
    trippy- weird, crazy, wild
    purge- get rid of something
    nark on- call the police and tell them you/someone have drugs



Thanks everyone. Don’t worry if it was difficult. It takes practice and patience. It will come :)

Keep working hard.


Thank you so much Adam. I got it. it becomes easier to understand when you explain meanings of words and you explain very well. you are a Great teacher. I am so excited to find you.:)


i realy need exam to know where is my lefel in english , can i found that exam here ? thanks


I got 5/6. Yes, it’s true. If you want to pass any tests you need to be ready to do it. Practise, practise, practise like said V.I.L.)


I will make it the best with you.You are the best teacher I’ve ever seen.Thank you for all everything.

Sizinle en iyi seviyeye geleceğim.Siz şuana dek gördüğüm en iyi öğretmensiniz.Herşey için çok teşekkür ederim. :) in turkish :)


i’ve taken a short course in toefl. but i still feel that my listening ability to poor. i have try to watch film without subtitle, listen west music, and so on. actually, is there any tips that i could try?
here, i hope i can not only able in listening but also in writing.
thank’s adam

atabik faza

    Hi Atabik,

    Listening is about practice and time. You need to train the ear.

    As for writing, see my website:

    writetotop dot com.. I hope it can help


hi! thanks for your lessons Adam!
I have appeared 3 times for IELTS in last 2 months. I need 7 bands in each module to be a registered nurse in Australia.
at first attempt I got:
at next attempt I got:
them again I gave ielts and got:
now I am again appearing for IELTS on 1st November and really worried for my writing part!!
I am loosing my confidence with each attempt!!
please guide me with some most important tips for IELTS…I do not want to appear again for test!
thankyou and God bless you :)


    Hi Aarzoo,

    I guess it’s a bit late now, but you can see my website for some tips:
    writetotop dot com

    Good luck


    I know the feeling! Cheer up!


Hi Adam,
I have never been capable to take notes and listen at the same time, it’s very difficult for me, :( On the other hand I am going to try to take notes wiht a code. Thanks a lot for your lesssons.


thank you Adam for these valuable directions

haider j touma

Adam is a extremely nice teacher. I really appreciate so much their effort. Thanks!


I need to learn more and more

Arif Fadillah

am new in this and i don’t konw how to used


Thanks got 67% without watching.

Abdul Qayum

am glad …83 is very good ..thank u very much


I’m a student from Viet Nam. I’m not good at English and I want to take the Toefl certificate but I don’t know how to begin leaning. Can you give me some advice? Thanks so much


Hello Alam, I’m going to take the TOEFL test in some weeks but I’m very nervous about it. I’m learning new vocabulary, I’m improving my listening and speaking skills, I’m learning advanced grammar and I bought some books about TOEFL test but I don’t feel still ready. what do you recommend me to do to get ready quicker (because the test will be in a couple of weeks) and what skill should I improve specially to get a high score? My thanks in advance for your answer :)

Melissa Corzo

Hi. First of all I am thank full for you tips for both exam, these are useful, but reality I have feeling worried to get codes, so it’s first time to see like them. I have special codes for me, but not like your exact codes. Therefore in the IELTS exam I am going to write my especial codes as I know. I don’t know if I can ? Could you tell please how I can learn like these (( your codes ))? Really I am upset now, is it important to know them??!!


I like your style of teaching!
Happy new year to you,Adam!


4/6 Well… Way to go!


To the best of briefe you are a great teacher I don’t know how to thank you I’m sure it’s not enough to say thank you so so much.


Hi Adam, your lessons are really really useful for me. Thank you 1000 times!!

Zohreh Moradi

Hi Adam, Thanks so much! Your lessons are very helpful!!!
I do not know if you already gave this information…
I really need to know if I can write with hand letter on write test in IELTS. Because in Brazil is common handwriting, and I wrote all my life like this. I will lost my speed if I will try to write different.
Can I use hand letter on IELTS write test?
Thanks so much!!!
Edilene Gama.


can u do a video of note-making?

rajesh pb

I want to learn english Language in a short time how we can

Abdul mahfouz

Thank you, Adam. Your lessons are always useful!


Thank you !!!


Thanks Adam. I got 67. Is it ok?


very usefull information. you speak so fast, but is easy for me to understand want you’re saying. congratulations!!!


thank U very good/!~


Thanks for this enlightening notetaking lesson for TOEFL Adam.Could I ask you something ? Which one of the following sentence correct gramatically ?
I’ve been always wanting to travel around the world.
I’ve always wanted to travel around the world.


hello adam i wanna know the difference between IELTS andTOEFL? and which is the best? and if you can send me some examples about TOEFL because i want to pass it please , and i need some advice please .this is my gmail: yacinemeb05@gmail.com


ADAM you are great teacher . THANKS A LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT )))))). ı hope that your lessons wıll help ın my Toefl exam




Thank you


Hi, Adam, I’m back! I had some health problems.

My little heart got angry..I needed a surgery.

But, now, I think I’ll get better with all the
medication I’ve been taking, and eating properly.
I’ve never smoked or drank alcoholic drinks in my life, that’s why everything came as surprise for me and my doctors.

Now, I can sit as long as I want to study my
beloved language: English. I might get a little
tired, eventually, but at least I can listen to
you and learn from your wonderful teaching.

I loved this lesson,but I didn’t do well.
As you said in your explanation, it’s paramount
to have my own code.

I hope you still remember me. I’m from Brazil and I’m taking a TOELF exam this coming September.

Thanks for everything,Adam.

Did I use the eventually word correctly???


Correcting mistakes.

1)I’ve never smoked or DRUNK

2) I might get tired, at times/ now and then.

What do you think? I hope you read this!!!!!

And “paramount”? Should I have written “is of
paramount importance”?


I like your lecture about notetaking very much and it perfectly fits into my need for improving my TOEFL. At the the end of the lecture, you said that you will give more examples on engVid.com, but I have not found them yet. Could you tell me where I can get to look at those examples?


Hi Adam,greetings from El Salvador in Central America.

My question is: what is basically the difference between the different English exams? I mean, Why are there TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC and what are the strong points when you make that exams? I mean, one of them is more academyc and the other ones are more about daily speaking or what?


hi adam, i can easily understand your each and every word,i just love accent :)

if anybody interested to talk with me for practicing the IELTS speaking exam just contact me.

skype id: mohdshahbazahmed2..

shahbaz ahmed

in order to understand my note taking, the first thing that i can do is to create my own codes. i got 33 from my taken quiz, by the mistake answers were at the coding question

Petrus Costantinus Bahy

Hi Mr. Adam, actually you are the most fabulous and professional teacher i ‘ve ever seen. many thanks for you.






hello, Adam, i have been watched your videos for quite some time and i want to know how to contact you for my practicing of oral English? and how much is it for 30 minutes and 1 hour per day?
thank you.

i have skype.


my skype is : chenhongfeifei


hi Adam. I am not getting used to with the note taking styles despite lots of practice. I tried lots of tme but my notes are not clear so even if i start to speak i couldint understand my notes. So what can i do?


Well done Adam.
Thank you :)


Adam, I have seen your videos for a while and I have done twice the TOEFL test (I need a 90 plus 24 on writing; I got first time 86 and second time 88), and still I have made the same mistakes! For me is hard to know how to write what I heard… What can I do? How can I practice this skill? Do you have any example of the task 1 or where I can go and so some search… Please!! Answer me or someone else, I really need and want to tackle the TOEFL!


awesome, 5 correct out of 6
83 percent
it is a good percentage


Sir Adam, im big fan of you.

Fahad Ayub

Hi Adam! What is the best choice (TOEFL or IELTS) for a foreigner get a job in Canada or USA? I’d like to try some of these tests to obtain a professional VISA in the future (2 or 3 years).


thank you teacher..this is so helpful

Asmaa Naciri

I Adam! Thank so much for making this video.
I took the TOEFL a few months ago, which made me realise what my weaknesses are. I believe that my listening ability is the high level, but it comes to speaking and writing essays I am not very good at it.
I am planning on taking the TOEFL again soon because I really need to apply to college this year to finish my degree here in this country.
My question is, How long it will take me to improve my writing and my speaking skills to be able to pass this test?
Thank you so much and I will keep watching videos and taking notes because they really help.


Hi Sir,

Thank you for your note taking strategies.

More power.



Thank you Adam for the lesson.


Thank you so much Mr. Adam

sefri imanuel

Hi Adam, Thanks for the interesting lesson.


Thanks Adam. That’s a great hint for the test takers.




Adam is a great teacher I have been learned a lot from him . but I need to practice my English
skills if someone anyone wants to practice send me a message to my email address thegodfather26@live.com
We can help each other out


Thanks Adam. This was a very useful lecture.

Saeedullah Shirzoi

4/6! I confused about these code! fyi I’ll brt 4ever! Like this?

Jerry Gu

Hi Adam!!! Do you have more examples of this???


Hi Adam! Pleas I need help
i have an exam for TOEFL Structure grammar 60 Skills
how i can get video’s for this skills
pleas pleas
thank you


Hi Adam! Pleas I need help
i have an exam for TOEFL Structure grammar 60 Skills
how i can get video’s for this skills
pleas pleas
thank you

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