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Got confused with the sixth question. Thought we use tall with humans, not height.


    Hi Gr.Yarik,

    Yes, it can be confusing. The key is to notice what the topic of discussion is. If I describe the person (the person is the focus) then we use tall. If we talk about size as focus, we use height.

    He is 6 feet tall.
    His height is 6 feet.

    Heightwise = abut his height.

    Does this help?


      Yeah, that helped very much! Many thanks for your answer!


      i got it clearly with your added explanation. Thanks, Adam!

      Vicky Kim

    Well, it could have not been “Stretchwise” could it?


Hello Adam! Thank you for your helpful lessons! You help me to improve my skills. My English is bad. I’m frustrated (
This lesson is quite difficult, I got 80% :(
But now I know right words.
Your WriteToTop is really useful too! :)
And I’d like to say you’re witty)
Thanks a lot!


    Thank you Olga :)

    Don’t be frustrated. It takes time to learn any language. I know how you feel as I am now learning Korean. It’s difficult ;).

    Keep working at it. It will get easier.


      Hi Adam! Thanks for your lessons. You are one’s my favorite teachers on engvid. May I ask you why are you learning Korean? Very strange choise ) How many languages you know?


        Hi Dmitri,

        I actually live in Korea now, so that’s why I’m learning the language.

        I can “survive” in about 4 or 5 languages :)


      Yeah, people who learn Korean say that it’s very difficult to learn as the word sequences are different from those of English. Anyway it’s good to hear that as I am a Korean. Keep it up!

      Vicky Kim

Hi Adam. I’ve a doubt about cuestion ten. Why isn’t “achievable” but “doneable”?
Have a good one, thanks.

pepe nava

    Exactly. I mean, I think it isn’t “achievable” because of the ending of the sentence that stresses the importance of “the drive and determination” which you really have to be full of to do the whole thing and which therefore means that it’s just not enough to wait expectantly until you get something like manna from heaven, with some force majeure actually intervening in order to help you to >>achieve<< it. You have to be active and show some initiative yourself. Having said that, however, the question still remains: why is it "doneable", and not "doable"? This, I believe, is plainly wrong.


      I hope you don’t miss out the part “INCORRECT” in the question!


        haha :))) thank you, now I don’t have no clue anymore

        Vincente Than

      Hi!I think that all of verbs besides done are infinitives.That is doable but not doneable.Possibly.


    Hello Pepe Nava
    Doneable means nothing . If you want to say something that you are able to do you add to the infinitive form of the verb ‘able’ . Achieve , do and realize are infinitive , done is past participle .
    hope this help .


    “Done” itself is in 3rd form so we can’t add ‘able’ “doneable” with this. also, “doneable” is an incorrect word in the English Dictionary.


      yeah I think so, cause i haven’t see that words in a U dictionary.

      Muhammad Abdur Rokhim

    Hi Pepe,

    A good discussion here. Tjupa and Tsamp got the right idea: we can add the -able to an infinitive. Done is a past participle, meaning the action is already completed, which makes the -able redundant. If something was done, obviously it was doable in the first place.
    The same applies to all the other verbs. The infinitive is the idea of the action, the participle implies completion.

    Hope this helps.


Hi Adam,i got 90% thank you.


I’ve got 8/10


Thank you very much, Adam!! An excellent lesson as always!


Kia-Ora Adam.
One of the best lessons on here. Teaching people to use “minimal words”. I am a native English speaker & when growing up, we were taught to use minimal words. Well done. Pity you can’t spell though. “Neighborhood” is spelt with a “U”. NeighboUrhood. We use British English in NZ.


    Cheers to you as well Kestre,

    We Canadians sometimes get confused ;)

    To be fair, though, I mostly do go with the ‘u’. Occasionally the bad influence rears its — head.


Thank you, teacher..:!!!

Jakub Alvarez

Hi Adam, as I work at Santos port in Brazil, would be possible to create a video of some vocabulary words of logistics in the port. Abraço.


    Hmmm… interesting topic, Victor.

    I’ll see what I can do.


i like this video so it has more benefit about suffix, because i didn’t understand how to uses for suffixes but now i,m very know. thanks mr: adam


Got 80%. Thank you Adam.


great lesson thanks

Aml Mounier

Hello, Adam! My English is not as good as I would like … But I understood your lesson. My 90% is yours. Thank you!


    Thank you for sharing Tartatia :)


I like it.


the lesson is quite difficulte, i only reached 5/10, I will try next time. Thank Adam

nguyen van long

    NO worries, Nguyen.

    It takes time and practice, but you’ll get better, it’s sure.


Good class, I love it

Antonio Robson

Thank you Adam!
I enjoyed all.


Thank you so much for everything you did for us ♥️

Jawad zouggari

As the lesson seemed difficult for me, I listened it a second time and it’s better. Thank you Adam.


Dear Sir
I am a foreign language learner and it’s not possible for me to use youtube. would you please help me to open your video files through any other way or is there any other possible way to have access to your video lessons for IELTS skills?
thanks alot,
best regards


    Hi Zahraakbari,

    I’m afraid there isn’t really another platform available at the moment. You can try using a VPN, but other than that, I’m not sure.

    I hope you figure out a way.


Thanks a lot Adam!!


got it 70% Thank you so much, am so happy to be a student here.

Mach Majok

Thank you Adam. Great lesson. A smile.


    A smile back, Byte :)


Good Quiz on #10 I choose doable but the correct answer was doneable. Hmmmm!


    Hi UnvMay,

    Make sure to notice the question asks which is NOT correct.

    We can add the -able to an infinitive. Done is a past participle, meaning the action is already completed, which makes the -able redundant. If something was done, obviously it was doable in the first place.
    The same applies to all the other verbs. The infinitive is the idea of the action, the participle implies completion.

    Hope this helps.


Adam how to remember new words and how learn new words?


    Hi Enigmochka,

    I wish I could tell you there is a secret method, but really it’s just practice and time. The best way to learn new words is to read often. Also keep a notebook and add new words to it and try to use them in sentences. Be sure to review the notebook regularly until the words stick in your brain.

    I also made a video about this:

    Hope it helps a little.


I got 6/10. but it is ok. i understood the concept of whole lesson. now I can guide for myself forward. Thank you teacher for your kind expalanations for this lesson.
Best regards,
By Mohamed Isse,


very i^important lesson ; thanks


Very difficult! Why?


    Maybe it’s difficult today, Tayeb, But with more practice it will get easier.


I love watching video on engVid and It’s been so helpful. I’d like to request for a lesson of how to give someone a direction.
What is the best way to give people a direction?


    Do you mean location directions, like when someone asks you, “How do I get to the train station?” Or just general instructions, like telling an employee what to do at work?

    engVid Moderator

    Good request, Alisachan. I’ll pass it along or see about filming this myself :)


Not so much difficult but at first it was difficult to understand.

Arefin Nejar

    Keep trying Arefin ;)


thank you so much…i start to learn shortcut words but i still need more time to learn more


thank you alot of


Thank you for the lesson, it was really helpful to me!

Jesus Fernando

Thank you for the lesson, Teacher Adam! I enjoyed it and the quiz, as well. Got perfect score! Yay!!!

Anavie Raya

Thanks for responding my question. I meant the direction and location. How to tell someone the direction and location on where she or he wants to go. For example, some people get lost and ask for the direction. Sometimes, I have to write a paragraph about giving the direction to somebody. I’m not so sure how to right it correctly. Please give me some methods.


I thought “dictatorship” has a close meaning than “dictator-like” in the sentence! it was confused me.


    Hi Natalie,

    We are describing the approach, not the government or ruler. In this case, dictator-like means his approach is like a dictator’s, but he is not a dictator. He leads a democratic government (we know this because there is free speech).

    Does this help?


Adam, please recommend a good book or website to practice punctuation.


Hey Adam
I have got a question in one of your past quiz
why isn’t ‘hold over’ the correct answer in the quiz below

With the economy getting weaker, Jim was advised to hold _______ on buying a house for a few months. He was advised to wait until the prices dropped.


    Hi Kiarash,

    Hold back means hesitate,stop oneself from doing.
    Hold off means delay, wait
    hold over means reschedule or extend (the run of something)

    Hold back could work, but hold off is the best because he has the intention, he should just wait for a better opportunity.

    Hold over — he did not have a schedule for doing this so there is nothing to move to another time. (example, The meeting with the realtor was held over to the following week).

    Does this help?


Slamwalikum and Namaste Adam from India. I loved your way of teaching.


Thank you for the lesson, it was really helpful to me. I got 80.

Sisodia Jhanvi

I got 7/10


Not bad 4/10


Exellent 10/10 100%


got 90%…. If you can clarify example of HEIGHTWISE, I’ll be very grateful. Thanks in advance..

Ismael Ibrahim

    Hi Ismael,

    -wise means about.

    heightwise means about the height.

    He is 6 feet tall.
    His height is 6 feet.
    Heightwise, he is average, but he is well above average weight.
    In terms of his height, he is average, but he is well above average weight.

    Does this help?


      Very helpful.
      Thanks a lot, Mr Adam…

      Ismael Ibrahim

Hi Adam.
Now, I’m beginning to learn how to study English for passing my IELTS exam next year. Can you help me to find the process and details. Many thanks.


    Hi Lehongthaihmu,

    We have a few videos here on engvid (find the search box and type IELTS). You can also get some sample questions from the ielts.org site.

    If you need help with the writing section, I have another channel that focuses only on the writing:

    I hope this helps. Good luck with your preparation.


      Thanks for your reply. I always see your video everyday. This so helpful and interesting.


I didn’t get the difference between doneable and achievable


    Hi Alesc,

    Doneable is the incorrect choice in the list. The correct word is doable.

    something doable means you can do it. Achieve means to reach a goal. essentially, it is similar to doable, but you use this about a noun, a situation or goal. Doable you use about an action.

    Does this help?


7/10 =/

Thank you very much for this lesson Adam!

However i still don’t understand the difference between Dictartolike and Dictator-like

Can you or someone else reply and help me to understand this?


    Hi Evimtzgvo,

    Good question. I guess I didn’t get to that in the lesson.

    Basically, words and suffixes that are somewhat “forced” together, use a hyphen.

    He acted in a businesslike manner. businesslike is an everyday word. In other words, it a common adjective.

    Dictator-like is not common and emphasizes the dictator part of the word and shows we are making a comparison. We do not want to lose the person (noun) part of the word. The -like is an “extra”.

    Not sure how clear that is. Does it help?


Hello, Adam. Please give me some vocabularies about going to the tailor.


    I’ll see what I can do Alisachan :)


thanks, ADAM

Md. Ahsanul Haque

Thank you Adam


Thanks Adam

Saeedullah Shirzoi

Thank you so much, actually I started with you to day with that first video and I hope to complete with your present and able to improve my self in English because I would like to take TOEFL exam

Samah Swedan

Thank you for teach


You are one’s my favorite teacher on engvid….


why number 7 is dictator-like plz give me reason and explian about it


8/10. I didn’t know “doable” (but I got this one). Can you explain to me the difference between worrisome and worriful (Grammarly is already saying that doesn’t know this word, which seems a spoiler haha)?


I suggest to give some more exercises. If possible.


I suggest to give some more exercises. If possible!!!


Thanks alot,9/10


Thank you Adam! I just want to ask if you could please to explain the numbers 1,6 and 7


Hi there Teacher Adam. Let me ask you when do I put an hifen between -like and/or -wise suffixed words? I thought that dictator-like, for example, was “dictatorlike” and got confused. In fact, I was think which alternative should I pick. Thank you in advance.


Does hand/handsome follow the rule? I am afraid not.


    I wasn’t sure, so I looked it up!

    Hundreds of years ago, it did. “Handsome” meant something like “easy to use” – like how one meaning of “handy” is “useful”. Over time, the meaning changed, and now it means “good-looking” (“a handsome man”), or is used to describe a very large amount (“I was paid handsomely for my work”).

    engVid Moderator

thanks for the lesson. although I got 4


thanks for teaching.


I have a question with quiz #7. Why the answer is “dictator-like”? Actually, I choose “dictatorlike”. Can you tell me why we should put “-” between dictator and like? Thank you for the good video Adam~ 감사합니다.


Hi adam,I have a phobia in using words in appropriate position but you have made the more likelihood of using those words.

Thanks man


The quiz was too dificult. But the next time I m going to practis more
CAN YOU explain me again but more easely the suffixes like and some?




It was unquestionable a very good brainy tutorial. It was excitement brain-wise to watch it, methodical right and excitable good!!!

Antonis Evdaimon

Thank you Adam for the lesson!


It was helpfull, thanks

Abo shanb

thanks, it’s heplfull.


got confused with number 10 :)


It was great lesson! Many thanks. But my question is why doable is correct and done able is incorrect? Could you explain please?


Thanks so much Adam,hopo to ger 10 next time,i got7


Thank you! Adam.


Thanks Adam


thanks for the lession MR.Adam

Red Po

Is it required to acknowledge all the phobia’s for IELTS examination?


Hello Adam,
It’s a bit different question but I couldn’t find an answer anywhere online, too many confusing websites, and your explanations are always very logical and digestable for me. Thank you for that. British English is my second language, Polish is my mother tongue. I got confused recently when I realIZED that I don’t know when to use -ise and -ize at the end of words. I know that -ize is mostly North American and -ise British English but I’ve been using them alternating and would like to stick to one system. Are there any rules to follow? Perhaps the origin of a word or the letters layout. Or do we just have to memorize (-ise) them all? Thank you.


Hi Adam. It was a very helpful lesson. The lesson improves my vocabulary very much. I am just curious about you, Adam. Have you learned the Spanish language yet? I’m about to learn that language. My mother language is Vietnamese. And how do you learn a new language at the same time u are learning another language? Thank you very much, Adam.

Charlie Williams

Thanks Adam 80%


best regards , Adam
from Kazakhstan, 18 Nov2021


Thx Alex,
I hope one day to be Alex-like in English abilities.


In my opinion, this is very difficult, I must study harder. Thank you teacher.


Thank you for the lesson! I found it helpful in the quiz. :) Very happy, good help for my portfolio!


I had 5correct….m I average

Abj finest@

the lesson is quite difficult, i only reached 4/10




Thanks dear Emma

Harriet osei

I have got it

Harriet osei

I don’t know what to say I got 4 out of 10
I was shack


Great work, Dr


I notice that all the words with suffixe phobia are coming from the Geek language. For example arracnopobia = αραχνοφοβίαρ


I got 5 unfortunately.
I have problem with making suffixes but I keep on learning hope to be fluent one day.
thank you dear teacher for your best lessons


Thankyou Adam!

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