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thank you Mr.Alex I got 6 up on 10


    thank you! sir
    way to goooooooooo


    7 of 10 :)


      Thank you Alex, I need more practice.
      When I travel on a long journey by bus,I often fall sleep.


    Bam 8 out of ten without watching video first after video next quiz perfect


    I didn’t answer your quiz completely. But I am very interseting when I solve the quiz after listening a class.Thank you for your nice teaching.


    well, i get 6 of 10, nice job teachers you are all really goooood. It is very easy to study this great language with you. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!

    yeye trian

    Thank very much Alex, your explanation are very clear, easy and to the point.

    hortensia merringer

I clicked two mcqz wrong. Glad to hearn so easily such an important part of speech. thanks a lot Alex.


Is it also possible to say..
Even though it was hot, i put on a shirt.

Kru Jay from Thailand

    Hi Kru Jay! I’ve choosen the same answer as you! I think that it can be considered correct if you take in consideration the difference of climate between our countries and Canada! We both live in places very hot and humid in summer where men often take off tee-shirts when it is too hot… Where I live, last week, it was 35° celsius with 80% of humidity!! (95° fahrenheit!!). While in Canada when it is hot, they just take off coats and pullover ! (The best eco-friendly air-conditionating system!!)


      Hey, in Toronto, Canada, it gets that hot too! It just gets colder in the winter.


        Really? Ooops! My mistake! I’ve been traumatized by James’s lesson about winter clothing…!!! :)


I’m very glad to test how I understand the lesson


Sorry to make a spam but could not find the way to ask at appropriate place.

Could you please tell me the meaning of following
“Egg streme-ly simple” or “Egg streme-ly confusing “.

Thanks and Regards


Hello. I am a beginner in English, I want to speak English fluently. please guide me how can I improve my English?

Madiha Sandhu

dear sir,
i am simon from pakistn and i know little bit english. my question that how can i increase my english because there is no one speak english and i am spolling my english which i know little bit?


thanks for the lesson!


It was helpful for me as the beginer.

dedi erisyadi

Alex, thanks for this lesson is really good!!
Pls check if there`s a problem with the Quiz, because when you click in there, it doesn`t show anything.



Alex. You are good profesor.
May I suggest one thing to improve your teaching? I hope you take my critics in good faith. You are good and I belive you can do more.
When you teach somebody, you need to get (hmm…that is wrong, isnt it?) his attention. Maybe you think that is not important. But it is. Becouse we are mostly students (younger person) and we have a lot of other things to think. And only if you get our attention during your lesson, we will learn something.
Look at James, for example, he realy know how to get the attention of the whole class of teenagers ;)
Anyway, I can not imagine you teaching like he teaches. It is not in your character (nature). But I suggest you to think what you can do every two minutes to break the monotony of lesson.

Thank you a lot. I am very pleased to find this webside and learn english with you.
And sorry for all my mistakes. I am not good in languages. But I will find a way to improve it.


Good lesson. Thank you Alex.


Thanks Alex, it was a pretty good lesson and so much usefull for me. And a lot of thanks that the movie time is more than 10 minutes. I like this!


Vida, I want to protect Alex from you because lesson lasts only 10 minutes and every student, who really wants to study this lesson, can be able to pay attention for movie. Even if he don’t, he may repeat it again.


Maybe I was not so clear… so I will try to do it clearly.
I had told only my opinion. I believe that everyone has his personal approach to teching science. (<–Here I dont know if i choose the right words) And this is good.
Anyway, Alex is mature enough to accept that well-intentioned critic and I am sure that he experienced sth that is more stressful than my message. What do you think? If you were him, what will you do in situation like that?

Anyway, your opinion is right-minded. If someone wants to study, he will be listening and be mindful in each case.
Have a nice day. I like your protecting Alex. He is good teacher :)


Thank you Mr.Alex really I find it usefulfor me
need this kind of lessons for writing I’m bad in it and you know because I’m a secretary and I need to improve my writing especially minutes in meeting. again thank : )


Great job! I also want to back Alex up in his way of teaching because He describes things in a very good structure. I don’t think that his lessons are boring. For something to be interesting to you, you must be interested in it :) By the way, he is one of the teachers who likes explaining more complicated grammar than the others and, to my mind, he has a success. Thank, Alex!


Mam the way of teaching is so nice but there is one mistake in this video.the sentence in active is correct but the sentence of passive is incorrect because the active sentence is simple present and the passive is in pass that’s it thanks you are nice teacher take care

latifullah nangarhari

lesson is about Active and passive by MADAM
Ex;active ; I eat lunch. passive; lunch was eaten
this is a big mistake
thanks to the corrector

latifullah nangarhari

Hi Alex, your diction is very clear and the way you explain grammatical topics is just perfect for me.That really keeps me watching the videos.


hmmmm….great lesson Mr. Alex
like so much, you always explained sth better and more clearly…its very useful
thank a lot, you spended many times in this lesson. success for you


thank you so much Alex for lesson…it s really useful..
but i couldnt understand 3rd question of quiz, because of sentence meaning

“Even though the band was really tired, they finished the concert.”

if an independent clause is negative form, it would be better ???

i meant ” Even though the band was really tired, they didnt finish the concert.”

i just wanted to ask, maybe i thought wrong way

i m trying to learn english with engvid supports..thank u for all lessons

bye :)


nice alex,i like it..you explianed it clearly, i remembered this lessons,when i was in high school student but our teacher before are not good to explainations..but your explainations are so great..i immediately understand this all.


Thank you so much for you lessons Mr.Alex, you keep on bringing up the good stuff, I wanted to ask you about a couple of things:
what does “My head is all over the wall”, when A for instance is talking to B and B says it , does it mean he is not following? does it have a specific reason?,
also, “To see right through someone” I think it’s a bad thing as if he doesn’t exist I think. would you explain it to me, also to ” dismiss someone out of hand “, and last thing is most important
I rather (go – to go – going)
I’d rather (go – to go – going)
I prefer (go – to go – going)
I’d prefer (go – to go – going)
I like (go – to go – going)
I’d like (go – to go – going)
I suggest (go – to go – going)
I’d suggest (go – to go – going)
such verbs ^^
Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you


it is a good place to improve our English.this test i got 9 right answers out of 10.
i am happy. Thank you so much.


Thank you so much for teaching us proper English grammar. You make learning easy and fun. God bless you and more power to Engvid.com Everyone is doing a great job!


i cannot see the questions!so i cannot test my knowledge… :( i don’t understand if it is my computer’s problem or if it depends on the website!


I got 8 out of 10. Thanks! Though I haven’t watched it fully. ;) You’re good.


Dear Mr. Alex.
Thank you for learning, i’m understand at all. but i’m still confusing when we change adjective to be adverb. when we could put “-ly” in the end word of adjective. eg.: “she work very slow” and “she work slowly” => what is different of this two sentences? which is correct?


can tell me best materials or way to improve reading and writing score in ielts


yeh!!!!!I got 9 out of 10. Thanks !!!


hmm.. good!!


Really, I understand it and I got 7.Thanks


10 out 10 on quiz you are a good teacher thank you varery much


Hi Alex, I scored 5 out of 10. I need to improve on this. Thank you.


Thank you so much Alex for your lessons, i scored 8 out of ten!


thank you for all the team.i appreciate all the sacrifices you are doing for us.thank a lot.


Hi Alex, this class is really important but I scored 5 out 10. Can you explain.
what is wrong on the followed sentences:
Thank you.

you=Because it was hot, I put on a t-shirt.
me=When I put on a t-shirt, it was hot.

you=I will go to Niagara Falls if the bus ride is cheap.
me=I will go to Niagara Falls when the bus ride is cheap.

you=Because Suzie is going to the party, I won’t go.
me=Even if Suzie goes to the party, I won’t go.

you=I remember the place where I saw an amazing sunset.
me=Because I saw an amazing sunset, I remember the place.

you=Since Scott loved the book, he really wants to see the movie.
me=Although Scott really loved the book, he really wants to see the movie.


    Hi Friend ! It’s really a little bit confusing to understand.However I can give you a hand for the sentence that i understood.
    It doesn’t matter if Suzie goes to the party. I still won’t go!
    your answer is correct : Even if Suzie goes to the party, I won’t go.

    I remember the place. I saw an amazing sunset there.
    here it’s about place so we have to use “Where” ( which place i remember? the place where i saw a sunset)

    Scott loved the book. He really wants to see the movie now.
    Scott loved the book ( the verb is in the simple past ) so here , Scott read the book and he loved it and since that time( the time when he read the book) ,he wants to watch the movie.
    it really quite confusing! i failed in the 2 first sentence that you wrote in your comment and i didn’t really get it. but the 3rd one it’s correct.


hello sir Alex sir I I’m from Pakistan my problem is those whom are people speaking English with me I’m understand but then I’m not reply answer to in English what i do

abrar khan

7 out of 10..not bad=)


thanks,the test is good for lession.I really want to test more my skill by it.I got 9 scored.Try the best!


English is my first language but the Elite are dumbing down western education so much that I have had to teach myself how to write properly. It’s difficult but your video’s are extremely helpful. Thank you.


I’m really happy, Your lesson is good, teacher. I’m always tried to remember the Adv-type, but now I think they are memorized.
I got 9 on quiz.
Thank you Mr.Alex :)

Huda Harun

I scored 9 out of 10. Question no. 2 confused me.
Ti was so close.


i need understand


Thanks for the lesson. It’s really helpful. However, I don’t understand the answer of the first question “Because it was hot, I put on a t-shirt.” Can I say “Even though it was hot, I put on a t-shirt.”? People often take off their clothes when the weather is hot.


A fantastic lesson. It was just what I was looking for. Clear and concise from a friendly face.


thanks teach for the lesson !
you’re a great teacher !


Thanks a million for teaching me. You really made my day!


i have a question what is the difference between clause and sentence?


I just want to say “Thank you” to you and all ENGVID team…..very nice vdio.


I scored 8 out of 10.


it was helpful me thankyou.


Thx you so much!now I clearly understand about the Adverb Clause.


Hello Alex. You said: “after i finish my breakfast, i went home”, is it correct to use the past in a expression of future? didn’ t i hear it properly?


thanks , i got 9 out of 10


thanx alex…i wanna improve my soft skills , can u please suggest me the good way ??????????…


Dear Alex,
I have a question about the sentence below. My answer was “Because the band was really tired, they finished the concert”
Your answer is below sentence.Could you please xplain why?I dont understand.
“Even though the band was really tired, they finished the concert”


yes! also me I got 9 out of 10…


good job, the lesson was really really good and exercise also, but i score only 6 out of 10.thats not good.


Dear Alex

When I finished work, I called you.
Can i say it -When i finish work, I will call you.
What is the deference between this two, if second one is correct.


    I think I can help :)

    In the sentence “When I finished work, I called you.” you talk about past activities – both verbs are in the Past Simple here.

    “When I finish work, I will call you” is also correct, but now you’re talking about two future activities: ‘first I’ll finish work, then I’ll call you’.
    We can’t say: “When I will finish work, I will call you” – this structure is not correct.

    The basic structure of sentences like this is:
    When I do sth, I will do sth else.

    Even though in the clause with “when” is no “will”, we know it’s about future, because the other clause has a verb in Future Simple.


Thank you so much !
I finally got it ;-)


I learne the lesson ! 8 out of 10… almost there ;-)


Just want to congratulate Alex on a very effective style of teaching. I disagree with one comment that he needed to be as animated as James (who is also a very good teacher) but has a different style.) Just as learners have different styles – so too do teachers. If you are overly attentive to the attributes of teachers you can forget that the onus to learn is with you. I have to say Alex is my favourite teacher – though by entertaining a variety of teachers you can increase your understanding of a grammar point. Well done to all the teachers at engVid – Btw I am also a teacher – and will adopt some of your ideas. Good teaching requires we adapt delete and add to any ideas or material we come across. Currently, i am studying my masters in Applied linguistics and that has opened up a whole new world of language use and usage. However, I never would claim to be the font of all knowledge when it comes to the nuanced nature of English grammar, and therefore, welcome the effort others make to contribute to everyone’s language competence and performance. Thank you.


thanks Sir Alex,9 out of 10 not bad….you are a good teacher.God bless u.


thank you Mr.Alex
I get 8 from 10


    Can you help me?

    Zafar Ali Soomro

Thank Mr. Alex
I learned from you and got 5 from 10.
I will try again. Thanks


Thank you Alex. I am a new learner. I have a question about another topic. Just I wonder.
How can I make a good centence like these two centences? “They are very lucky. Because they have a very beautiful home.” If you answer my question, I’ll be happy.(I think, it’s related with this lesson,isn’t it?)


Alex,thanks-you are a complete teacher.


thanks ,i get more information about adverb clauses.


thanks, my scored 8 out of 10.However, I still to improve my English language


I GOT 1 OUT OT 1O..I want to improve:(


thank you i got 8 up on 10


sorry mr.alex i ll try my level best next time


thank you Alex.


hi . alex.your teaching is great. even i was many years in school and learnt english many years.but i could not learn more.i really understand more that your teaching .

I want to write more english really rigtig. i hope that you help me to write english


thank you sir,very much,that was so good.


you are perfect teacher,to be honest i watch only your movies,i can understand everything when you teaching,thats why when i watch in here i choose just your movies,thanks a lot,and sorry with my mistakes


Thank you Alex. It was really helpful for me


    where do u come from sweety ?


    Dear teachers, if I could ever be of any help for you, just let me know loonytunes@mail.ru


dear Alex,
Thank you for your lesson.
I got 7 out 10.
Could you please tell me about (even though, although) and what diffirent between everywhere and wherever?


Dear Alex
I got 9 up to 10. I think the response of the last question is:
Although Scott really loved the book, he really wants to see the movie.
Am I right?


    First time,I think like you.but I think If I put “because” instead of “since”, I’ll get “Because Scott loved the book, he really wants to see the movie now”.That might be better answer.


I am very confused with the first correct answer by engVID which says Because it was hot, I put on a T-shirt. Why do you have to put on a T-shirt when the weather is hot? Aren’t you suppose to take it off instead? Please explain why can’t I say “Even though it was hot, I put on a shirt.” Thank you very much


    I though tthe same thing. I thought that maybe it’s because people from cold countries lik bto wear a t-shirt inside the shirt when it,s hot, because of the sweat.


I got 8 of 10 ;) Thank you,teacher Alex.


I got 7 out of 10, I’m a little confused.


i got 9 out of 10


I scored 8 on 10.. :)..


i’m really glad to get lessons like this thinks a lot alex for your graet efforts


Easy as pie :) 10/10


I got 9 of 10, Thank you Alex:)


To EngVid:It would be good if you could a video dedicated to the inverted sentences.


I under stand a lot more, then I did be for I saw the vedio I’m in high school, at LCC college, I have 4 more units to go. an I am 38 years old. Thank you for your lession.

Curtis Jones

It is very confusing me when I write an essay. I do not that, which a word end with -ed is the simple past tense or an adjective. Are there any rules that I need to know to help my writing?

Thank you very much!


I got 9 right answers out of 10
thank you Alex


you stillmy best teacher Alex thankssssssss


thank you mr alex i get 10 out of 10


It doesn’t matter if Suzie goes to the party. I still won’t go!
Because Suzie is going to the party, I won’t go.
When Suzie goes to the party, I won’t go.
Even though there is a party, Suzie isn’t going.
Even if Suzie goes to the party, I won’t go.

I scored 10 out of 10 but this particular one concerns me. It says the correct one is ==> Even if Suzie goes to the party, I won’t go.

But what about this one ==> Because Suzie is going to the party, I won’t go.
Why does it say it is incorrect one? :O


hii alex
I could not visit this site as my semester exam had been going on.It has been over now and I am back again.I am happy to see that you have accepted my friend request. I am having a problem now a days-sometimes I think that everything I am doing/learning is not correct-sometimes I feel that all I know is wrong-I can not come out of this situation-give me some suggestion so that I can get over this problem-I have another question-you said that-“when I had my breakfirst,I went to school”-In this sentence first part/action was done prior to second one i.e-I first ate my breakfirst then left for school-If I frame it as “I went to school after I had had my breakfirst” ,will it be wrong?

sona sharma

thhank you Mr Alex, i got 8 out of 10


ilove this program and rebecca


thank you Alex


Thank Mr Alex
my scored 7 out of 10


Hi Alex. I have a question. In your last example for adverb clauses,it says that “While she’s good at math,I’m good at history.My question is:Why you’re not using “IN” instead of “AT?” When are u going to use “IN” or “AT?” Thank you . GOD Bless you.


Thank you so much!


It takes more practice…
By the way it was good.


wow..thanks Mr. Alex.My scored 7 of 10


thanks for your effort. you do well and have a good way of presenting what should be done. yours a.t


scored 9/10…only failed on even though the babd was tired…… ty for the help…. i m not sure if we can sure also a comma in the middle of the sentence…for example…i want to do this,because it is important for me…. WE CALL IT INTELLIGENT MISTAKE… this is because we want to emphiasize the first idea…instead of the second… am i right??…. can you give me a help?? -..-..ty again… regards…lima.peru


Hello… I liked your lesson… By the way, do you mind if you can make more lessons about writing?? I can’t improve my writing skills and I want to learn skills from you, that’s all…


I just want to say “Thank you” to you and all ENGVID team….


its a gread lesson.




hai alex… thx f the lesson.
I very enjoy your lesson.


I got 9. Thanks for good lesson.


Thanks Alex, this vid really helped allot. I will definitely continue to come back to this site!


Thanks Alex. I got 8 out of 10.


When I prepared the food, I found the mistake. Is it right


wooow I was really I love my score!!!!! very helpful


10 out of 10


thank u sir

Marlon Baderas

could you let me know how to use ‘of’ and ‘on’ eg. is it: “assessment ‘on’ the heavy metal silver in fish” or assessment ‘of’ the heavy metal silver in fish?


I scored 9 of 10…. I’m proud of my…. Thank you Alex =)


I scored 9 of 10 yay …the first one was wrong


after it finished the lesson , i was feel easy to understand ..



10 out of 10… many thanks. The ‘tricks’ with commas were really helpful.


thank u so much,alex.I got 9 out of 10.


Thank you very much for another great lesson. You’re wonderful.


Thank you, Alex. Your lesson hits my points. Your explanation is clear and easy to understand.


I’ve got 10 out of ten. I killed the exam.


I’ve got 10 out of 10. I killed the exam.


I got 10. thakns Alex :)


Hi, Mr. Alex. Thank you for the lesson. However, I still have question regarding adverb clause. I do not know what verb tense to use for dependent clause and main clause. Let say, if you use present tense verb in the dependent clause, it is automatic that you should use present tense verb in main clause. Please help me. I am still confused about verb when it is complex sentence already.


9 out of 10 ;)

Luis Felipe

sir, first i want to thanks this all lessons .oyu and your team give big big support to bigginers .now a days i’m following this very happy because these lessons can understand easily.i’m a srilankan.i’m giving my thanks form my bottom of my heart.


Since Alex has told me about an adverb clauses, I can expand my writing knowledge.thank you :)


Why do call adverb clauses like this clauses?What connection with adverb?


Tanks Alex, very good


sir alex, I find it difficult one ‘coz I got only 6 out of 10. I have to learn more on this lesson. Thanks so much sir.


9 out 10
not too bad ha.
Alex is always my favorite teacher!


hi alex
thank you i’ve got 10 on 10 because you are a good teacher .


Hi, I got 8/10. I love the lesson!
Thank you so much!



fari khan

im from china but it won’t work

Ronald chu

Thanks Alex so much. I got perfect point. :D But i don’t understand the result of question below clearly.
4. I want to go to Niagara. However, the bus ride needs to be cheap.
I think result of B and C that is the same. Could you explain to me?
Thank you again.


Amazing, thanks so much. You are a GREAT teacher. ♥


8 out of ! Good job Alex!


Thank you !!!! It is very useful!!!


hello all,
I have been studying English for more than 12 years.I would like to people who wants to improve their English.Please contact with me.
Msn: soulmateturkey@hotmail.com


hi, I’m from Nicaragua and a have been studying english for 6 month and I was seeing your videos and they are great and easy to understand
¡¡¡You are a excellent teacher, I got 9 of 10… thanks a lot!!!
I’m sorry if I make a mistake in these few words


Hi there, thanks a lot, clearly explained lesson:” You got 9 correct out of 10


To :jonathanhans
I will try to explain the ideas of your confusion in spanish to see if it clears it up for you best.
You wrote:
you=Because it was hot, I put on a t-shirt.
me=When I put on a t-shirt, it was hot.
You=Porque hace calor, me pongo una camiseta.
Me=cuando me pongo una camiseta, hace calor

you=I will go to Niagara Falls if the bus ride is cheap.
me=I will go to Niagara Falls when the bus ride is cheap.
You=Ire a Niagra Falls si el transporte es barrato.
me=Ire a Niagra Falls cuando el transporte sea barrato

you=Because Suzie is going to the party, I won’t go.
me=Even if Suzie goes to the party, I won’t go.
you=Porque Suzie va a ir a la festa , yo no ire.
me=Aunque Suzie vaya a la fiesta, yo no ire.

you=I remember the place where I saw an amazing sunset.
me=Because I saw an amazing sunset, I remember the place.
You=Yo recuerdo el lugar en donde vi un asombroso atardecer.
me=Porque yo vi un asombroso atardecer, yo recuerdo el lugar.

you=Since Scott loved the book, he really wants to see the movie.
me=Although Scott really loved the book, he really wants to see the movie.
you=Ya que le encanto el libro a Scott, el realmente quiere ver la pelcula.
Me= Aunque a Scott realmente le encanto el libro, el realmente quiere ver la pelicula.
Ojala y esta traduccion te haya ayudado!
Hopefully this has helped!


You teach really well. Many thanks!

Joe Amos

i got 7 of 10


i got 5 out of 10 i want improve my writing(Adverb clauses) pls mail me writing topics…


Got 7/10. I need practice. Thanks, Sir!


thank you very much




Alex, you are great teacher,
thank you for you amazing job.
To study English with you and engvid.com it’s a pleasure for me now.
So thank you again


well, i get 8 of 10, nice job teachers you are all really goooood. It is very easy to study this great language with you. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!


it is helpful to me
thank you very much


thank you very much Alex!!! 10 of 10, good exercises!!! I really enjoyed learning!


Thanks so much for your excelent explanation!


Great efforts =) thank you for all these very useful tips !


perfect score. thanks Mr. Alex


Thank u very much


I’ve got 7/10


thanks a lot, I got 8




hello sir
I have read something about grammarian tips about ‘so’emphasizing that its not connectors and always comma must be placed after that.
pleas help me , its confusing
best regards


because it was hot , i put on a t. shirt??? how can this be the right answer … i just don’t get it :/


Thanks a lot.Mr alex.From Vietnam.




thanks a lot, Mr Alex. for treaching me and otrher people .


Hi Alex. Your class is really good, but I have a doubt about the quiz. I think question number one is a little dubious. You said the correct answern is “Because it was hot, I put on a t-shirt.” Here in Brazil men and kids take off their t-shirts when it’s hot, so we’d choose “Even though it was hot, I put on a T-shirt.


    I agree with you. We will change the quiz, Alopn07!


Dear Alex ,It has been nearly 3 months i’m watching your video .whenever i see this(Especially) chapter,i don’t get any idea about this chapter.At the same time lot of doubts regarding all of these from school time so i started watching again & again .Today i cleared the doubt very well.Got 9/10


dear Alex you have to axplane me .what .s correct? betwen.she work very slow” and “she work slowly.
Lina Winny . you also .must support neither you got the true.

basher adam alnor

First time taken the test ….not bad 9 out of 10. Great job Alex.


Well done Alex!I really appreciate your lessons!
I’ve got a question ‘What are the differences between I come from somewhere AND I’m from somewhere?
Thank you very much!

Roohallah Ahmadi

You are an incredible Teacher I learn a lot with you.Thanks :)


I only get 7 correct answer :(

Aprido Silalahi

Thanks I,ve got 10/10


I will never be able to thank you enough.


    it’s exactly how I feel


Thank you for the class, it was really good!

Andrea Ferreira

Thank you Alex, you are one of the best teacher a I have ever hear.In general, I can’t express in words how thankful I feel for the Job you teachers do for the entire world with the English Language. It is amazing. Love this web side.


10/10! Since I watched theis lesson, I chang my way of writing.


I got 90 %. Thanks Alex a lot.


thanks !!!!


Wow, 10/10 Alex.
Thank you for another great lesson.
I am one of you fanclub and looking forward to studying your other lessons.
Thank you again. Bye bye.


I got 9 out of 10. Thanks for the quiz.




thank you very much


Even thought I understand the lesson, I got only 7 correct out of 10.

Thanks Alex for the lesson I appreciate it.


I so happy that without watching video I could scored 6 out of 10, many thanks dear teacher it will improve my English understanding.


Thanks for your lesson. You pronounce the words
clearly, securely and we can feel that you like
being a teacher, or should I say Professor?

Thanks again!


I got 100%

Imtithal Saeed

Thank you.


Yay!!! 7/10 :)


It doesn’t matter ıt is rainy I want to go outside
Even if the weather is rainy, I’ll go outside
All my best wishes to you Alex


I made one wrong. It was third question
I don’t still understand meaning of this question
Why did you use ‘”stiil” in this sentence


Thanks, Alex. It was very useful for me.


got 9 out of 10! failed on question 8. but still don’t know why my answer was wrong “because I saw a beautiful sunset, I remember the place”
while the answer was “I remember the place where I saw a beautiful sunset”
why can’t both be correct? I think they both are.


hi Alex tomorrow I will have a test, this class help me to study, and improve my English, so I will keep watching you classes thank you much for your help!!!


Great class with a fantastic explanation. 9 out of 10.


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thanks a lot Iis amazing lesson

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Mohammed Hashem

Thanks. very helpful. ButI have problem with number 3 question.


I got 80. Now I start to realize how to use it.


:( 6/10 I have try again thanks anyway


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I really don’t understand for this sentence. Since Scott loved the book, he really wants to see the movie.Please Alex.

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I am a little confused, because I was taught that you must place a comma before the conjunction if the sentence after the the conjunction can be read as a complete sentences by eliminating the conjunction.
John called me, because he had an accident.
John called me. He had an accident.
Two independen clauses, comma added
John called me because of an accident.
An independent and a subordinate clause, no comma. By the way, I love this site. I have really cleared lots of doubts.


Sorry for the writing errors. Typed too fast.


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Thanks Mr ALEX

Hussein Gabralla

Thanks a lot dear Alex;
I have a question about the sentence below. My answer was “Because the band was really tired, they finished the concert”
Your answer is:
“Even though the band was really tired, they finished the concert”
Would you please explain it.


Thanks a lot dear Alex;
I have a question about the sentence below. My answer was “Because the band was really tired, they finished the concert”
Your answer is:
“Even though the band was really tired, they finished the concert”
Would you please explain it.


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teacher !thank you so much for your great lesson but i really confused adverb clause vs noun clause.


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In resources adverb clauses page you write if and when for condition adverb clause , so in the question four we have two right answers.
I will go to Niagara Falls if the bus ride is cheap.
I will go to Niagara Falls when the bus ride is cheap.


please give me a reason for question 10 I choose the wrong answer ( Number four ) .

4) Although Scott really loved the book, he really wants to see the movie.


thans teacher


Hi Alex,
what’s wrong with this sentence,
Don saw a nightmare on Elm street since he hasn’t been able to sleep.
can’t we keep “since” between two clauses?


You make it easy Alex ( 10 of 10 ).. thank you.


Even though I’ve got 100 points, I still don’t understand the different between adverb clauses and noun clauses!

Teresa Wise

if clause(condition) is an adverb clause? widely its not yet known. Though any advanced uses of if would matter beside the if clause I have not seen it anywhere in lesson.It was you Alex,who had a short and good reference to such things,earlier


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Q6- I was wonder


Sorry~ Question 6: It was a perfect day outside,so I went for a walk. Does comma need front of so?
Please let me know.
Many thanks


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Alex can you explain about the question 3? I chose the C, but the quiz shows that the right sentence is that below:

Even though the band was really tired, they finished the concert.

I didn´t understand, could you explain it to me please?

Bye bye

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Please check out the answer to the question number three, I believe there is a mistake in the correct answer.


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Hello, Alex. I teach Practical Grammar at University in Armenia and we’re doing the complex sentence now so we watched a few videos made by Alex and you. We also went to the resources section and did a test there on the adverb clause. I’d like to make a comment on two sentences in that test. They are thought to be adverb clauses as they are in this quiz but don’t yu think they’re actually adjective clauses? Here are the sentences :
1.I remember the place where I saw an amazing sunset.
2.I remember a day when I was young and energetic.

Will you please comment on the type of dependant clauses in these sentences? Thank you.


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I watched this video twice on May 9, 2021, and I took the quiz after watching it once. I got 9 correct out of 10.


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quiz looking difficult to me,

Please advise how can I get a tutor to learn English.

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Hello Alex,
I am an English teacher in Sweden and one of my students had a query. It is about the following open cloze test:
“I didn’t realize there was so much to see in Greenwich! As well as the Maritime Museum and the Observatory, _______ is a beautiful park.”
I wanted the students to write “there”. My student wrote “which”. I do not see how this can be grammatically correct. He has been on forums that tell him it is possible, but I am at a loss. Can you give some clarity?

Anneke Taylor
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