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Very useful lesson. Thank you so much for these free lessons. God bless you. Murat from Turkey.


    reallly god bless u…tnx


    Thanks, this lesson was very helpful.


    Very interesting

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Thank you so much for lesson.Your explanation made me got more clearly…..


hi alex!!!
than you very much for your videos! they really helped me a lot with my english grammar :D

maia ghersi

good lesson!!

Ana V.

thank you for your explanation, is very clear, and to the point.


dear Alex, I like your lessons you’re a good teacher, why you said I have a little money why isn’t I have a few money, because you can said I have one dollar, two dollars

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    I said this because money is actually a non-count noun. You can count dollars and cents, but you can’t count the noun money.

    For example, you can say “one dollar,” two dollars,” but you can’t say “one money,” “two monies.”

    Because you can’t say “two monies,” you can use “few” or “a few,” because they are only used with count nouns.

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      You said:
      Because you can’t say “two monies,” you can use “few” or “a few,” because they are only used with count nouns.
      – I assume you meant to say: you cannot use ‘few’ or ‘a few’…!


        i want you explain about a few, few, a little, and little again.
        because i remember that little is negative meaning, all right? why this sentence.ex I have little time for rude people (it’s a positive?)


Dear Alex,thahks a lot for such a nice and at the same time very clear explanation of this grammar rule.Now it is clear as a bell.


Dear Alex.
How about lot of and a lot of these are same like few and a few?

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what’s the diffirence betweent “few” and “a few”

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Thanks Alex. Your explanation was so clear and very useful. Thanks again

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Thanks Alex.i wright your lesson on few pages and listen again.



That mean I can use (a few) and (a lettle) with positive sence.
And (few) , (lettle) with negative sence.

Thanks a lot.


very good


very good

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Sir, You are the best. Thanks a lot for excellent explanation.


Thank you for your explanation about the their differeneces.

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Dear, Mr Alex

Thank you very much for you teaching me and always watch your video lesson . I hope so you will have the new lesson.

Thank you.


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man u r great … :)
the best teacher at this site

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he is so handsome :x :x


I like to learn English Speaking in greatly.
So pleas help me and teach,you and me contact with my email adders.



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hi!alex ! it`s the first time i get it and… thank you for your lesson ! i appreciate that!

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Ok, now understand it, thanks

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hello alex!!

Thanks for this wonderful lesson. I had few confusions to use the words FEW,A FEW, LITTLE, A LITTLE. U clear them out. But anyway , Would u like to correct my upper sentence which i have write down with word FEW… :) Please RSVP. :)

This is Liza Here.

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Very good lesson

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thanks very interesting to follow this lesson


useful lesson, I liked it a lot.

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thank you so much alex.your explains was simply but ditactic for me.again thanks


Please tell me how to download video please

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Thank you so much for this highly informative lecture. But i want to ask you one question and that is you said in the lecture that we cannot count money but when we say that we have one Rupee, two rupee and so on aren’t we counting the money? plz sir reply to my question bcoz it is very confusing. thak you.

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    Money is actually a non-count noun. You can count dollars and cents, but you can’t count the noun money.

    For example, you can say “one dollar,” two dollars,” but you can’t say “one money,” “two monies.”

    You can have “little” or “a little” money, but you can’t have “few” or “a few” monies. On the other hand, you can have “few” or “a few” dollars, but you can’t have “little” or “a little” dollars, because dollar is a count noun.

    I hope this helps!

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      so your talking about the money in word? not in money that you can count.

      alicia reyes

Dear Alex, thank you for making so easy to understand the diference betwen “few” and “a few”, also “little” and “a little”.
I know that you do not make the rule but for me, and for “aresha” too, the money are the most count-able thing in this world.
Do you have any money, do you have some money let me know how many or how much? At this point it is confused for me.


    The teacher is saying money is general and cannot be counted. But money is made up of dollars and cents. So, a person does not count one money, two monies. But you can count 1 dollar and 2 dollars.
    I have a little money. I only have a few dollars and a few cents.

    I drank a little water. I drank a few drops of water. I drank a few ounces. I drank a few sips.
    When the general term like water can be broken down into small units of measurement, then one can count.

    Hope this helps.


The explanation is GREAT!!! thank you !


wow! thank your for your useful lesson!! i appreciate it.
i have a quesetion for you..
i took 5 questions after your lesson
but i got a wrong answer.
“She has few ideas.” is this noun” ideas” a count noun?
thank you:)

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    Ideas is a count noun. You can have one idea, two ideas, three ideas, etc.

    I hope this helps!

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Is idea countable or uncountable noun? How about CD? why few ideas and not a few CD? thank you


    You can say “a few CDs,” because “few” and “a few” means more than one. You must use a plural count noun to use “few” and “a few.” CD is a count noun. You can have one CD, two CDs, three CDs, etc.

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Thank you!!!Its very interesting and useful lesson.


Thanks Alex, For wonderful lessons . I am just wondering ,Is there any school where I can learn engvid lessons ? I am living in Toronto .
Please let me know I would like to join your class.


Hi alex, in what moment can I use “VERY FEW/LITTLE” thankks in advance for you answer.

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Very good,I enjoyed doing it.

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Thanks Alex
i am really lucky , because i have got a chance to be one of your students


    Hi Lara! I’m glad you’re enjoying these lessons too.

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really tnx,…i dont knw how to say thank you


thank you mr.Alex
u r great ..
ur lessons r interesting

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great lessons from great person

thanks for u


Thank you very much. I’ve learned a lot from your lesson.

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Simply and clearly

Thank you

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its very good website i am not good english but when i enter your web sit wil good in english please make more

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very usefull lesson, thanks! (from brazil)


Thanks alex for such a wonderful lecture.it really helped a lot.

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Its very good website I want to learn english and to be the best Thank you to our teacher Alex explaining the lesson so that we can understand easily.

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Such a good tutorial! Thank you Alex.


thank you Sir , its really helpful !

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Good lesson alex ! I have had a mistake too, because I thougt that idea is uncountable word. Now, I must think twice, before tick the correct answer !
Thank a lot !

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I got 5 out of 5. Thanks for lesson

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thanks teacher for the lessons I really enjoy it.

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thank you so much,Alex . now I can recognize them

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I don’t even believe that you are English Teachers…….


thanks so much

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thank you so so so much


All the explanation has been very important to me, I am really very happy after to find this site to take some doubt that I usually had before, I have just to say Thanks, Thanks, Thanks for at All.

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hi Alex..
thank you for the lesson…
i want to learn English i hope u can help me..
I’m not good in English actually,so i want to learn English greatly
i hope u can teach me,we can contact with my email..

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Thank you for the lesson.
It’s very good explination and I’m all ears with you on the video.

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I got 4/ 5 question.. but it is little bit confuse, until i have to read again and again… I want to ask how to use it without confuse in speaking, I don’t have a partner for talking about. Thanks.


Hi, Alex!
Can we apply rule about positive and negative sentence(with and without “a”) for 1th and 2th examples:
I read a few pages(fact without emotion)
I read few pages(i want read more and more, I regret, but I must go to work) or
I drank little water(i want drink one more glass)

It’s right or folly?
^Thank you^

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Hi Alex,

I love all of your lesson its always good to clear concept.I would like to learn all this in the class. Can you plz let me know is it possible to join your classes in Toronto??

thanks and regards

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Thanks Alex!

Such a good lesson! :)


thanks Alex
i respect you so much


thanks Alex I am learnig a lot from your lessons bye.

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I love your explanation! Very clear. I’ve learned alot with you. Even the most basic things that I considered to know, but after watching your videos I reinforced and improved my knowledge! Thank you


thanks… god bless you


Hi Alex,
What would you put her- a few or few:
We have been to Turkey …. times now, and we always enjoy it.

Would appreciate your help,


Thank you for lesson!!!


Thanks a lot i like ur classes because i can understand u than other. ur way of teaching is very good and i understand the usage of few little once again thank u

Asghar Khan

Thanks Mr.Alex… your explanation and presentation skill is really awesome…

i am expecting a lot from you..

once again thank for your good work….

keep it up…


THANKS SIR,very good lesson……i have a query about the use of ‘the little’ and ‘the few’ too…are their usages similar??

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thank you very very much sir

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thank s you have good explain lesson.we need more ;the verbs and verb sentens.good luck


Hi, Alex I´m from Brazil and I really appraciate your lessons. Please add me on my msn: val-decy2008@hotmail.com
skype: waldecy.jose.rodrigues
Thanks for all the lessons you have posted.

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thanks, Sir Alex, you are a good teacher personally i like you and your teaching way.


Thank you, it is a good lesson


One comment about the ‘few/a few’ and ‘little/a little’ topic:
Consider these two sentences:
1. There is little merit in your argument
2. Few people would challenge the giant
Can these two statements include nothing/zero in the implied meanings? That is, can ‘little merit’ include ‘no merit’? Same for few.


The lesson was very clear.Many thanks


Hi Alex!Nice to see you again:)i’ve one more question about using “a little”and “little”.For exampla,I’ve seen a nice t-shirt,and i want to buy it,but i havn’t enough maney,and i say:”I’ve LITTLE maney”but if i had enough maney i would say”i’ve A LITTLE maney”-is it correct?

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I have had a litle knowledge of a few, a little, few, little but I very confuse when using them. Now my mind is clear about them after your lesson. Thank you very much.

tam minh truong

THank you for this quiz


Hi Alex, I would like to explain about when to use Can, Could, Shall, Should, Will, Would, May, Might and must. Please …

Phyo Phyo

please explain about the difference between me and I


Thanks a lot for this lesson! It’s really usefull and interesting! You said very very clearly!
Hope to see you in many next lessons! One more thanks so much! ^_^


thanks a lo yar…., its very useful to us…

sandeep kumar

Thanks a lot!!


Interesting!!!!!!I have learn a lot.


Thank a lot !!! :D


thankxit is good

meseret L D

Hi Alex,you are THE BEST,thanks a lot!


thanks so much Alex


Hi Alex,
Hi Alex,
How are you? I’m fine!
I have curious about this lesson title. Using a few and few i a little and little.
Why did you use “i” instead “and” in a middle of the title ?

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Hi Alex,how are you?You are a good teacher,I instead a bed student.I study evry day so hard,but I still don’t understand english.Can you give mi some advice please?


Thank you very much Alex. You are very good teacher.



We really appreciate the clarity of your presentation. You are a woderful teacher. Keep up the good work.

We are from Ethiopia.



Hi Alex:

How is that idea is a count noun?


Can u please teach the difference between which and what?
Many thxs.Do you say which color is this or what color is this?


I hope to know how to diffrentiate between a few and few as well as little and a little. Now I knew when can we use little or few and in which sentence.


thx u so much,it’s so easy to understand.


thank you so much for yor excellent explanation. I hope to use well in the future.


Hi! Mr. Alex this is M.Nasim saying u greetings from Afghanistan. My dear teacher I really appreciate you, and you have a very good accent, therefore, serve us and provide us with ur better English pronunciation.
Hope u the straight and the way God likes….


I wanet learn English jasut leilial for english belues halab my

jafar saggaf

I really want you for teahing me this Alex.


Great! I already understand why money is a
non-acount noun!
thank you so much.


Hi Mr.Alex,
Thank you so much. I can able to understand your teaching video. It is very useful to improve my grammer and accent skill.


This was a very usfel lesson for me- i start learing english soon and this lesson helped me alot
thank u :)

MzMz from Qatar

Extremly good…It makes me easier to understand few and little


thanks to u engvid.


Thanks for your lessons. I really enjoy them. Could you be kind to add some more lessons related to Future Simple, Future Progressive, Future Perfect Progressive?


Hi Mr.Alex
You said really brief lesson about a few, a little.I have few questions to you, i hope you would like to answer!Thank you
1. A few is used in special negative for countnoun?example: Can i have a few apples?

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Each day is a new experience. I have been using these words/grammar for many years now and never really knew the differences. However, I now do. I feel more educated after going through every lesson here in engVid. I think my spelling and vocabulary are under control but my grammar needs a good polish up :-) You will be delighted to know that you are doing a wonderful job. Wish you all the very best and thank you so much for everything. – Maun

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my name is yara i am a new student i heard this lesson but i got difficulties in second qestion because for me i thought that IDEAS IS NOT COUNT NOUN SO WHY WE PUT FEW NOT LITTLE.THANKS IN ADVANCE


Dear Alex sir
Sometimes we also use The Little and The Few
Can you please clarify that too ?

I shall be thankful for giving a hand to me.

Sarabjit Pal


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God bless all of you for the great help you offer.
Is there any material for michigan proficiency


Why can’t we use few for few money instead of little money.You mentioned few is used for countable


It has always been a bit confusing for me! Thanks for talking about it in a clear and easy way. What the usage of “a bit”?


ash ash!! necesiito informacion para un proyecto no un viideo este hombre parece bobo ashh graxias x nada


Thanks. Finally someone explained it to me clearly :)



From Hong Kong


Dear Alex
very usefull your class for me

Rakesh singh

I’m a little bit confuse i thought I cant use few for non count noun. Thanks


    Hi Mig,

    You are correct. “Few” and “A few” are for count nouns. Did I say something different somewhere in the lesson?

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wow i found this lesson very hard to understand but thank you any way alex for the help that you give us thanks


thanks!^^u so much


thank you so much!


I got full mark in the quiz.
Thank you alex.


thank you very much i had just one mistake.


I have one mistake to:(
Thank you from Kosovo!!!


Thank you Alex,that was very useful for us.

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    hi how are you ? i am from Baku )))

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Dear sir
i download all lecture from you websit plz tell me what is the software use for see in these lecture.


thanx Alex…….. these lessons r very usefull


thank so lot alex, i wish that you’ll supply more videos same like this, thanks

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hi how are you doing sir ,first thing thank you so must for all and i wish to have good tuck you too and

kamal ramalah

Sir,money is countable,then why is it used with little?


    We cannot say “one money, two monies, three monies.” You can count dollars, cents, yen, etc., but you can not count the term “money” itself.

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I am afraid,your explanation is not so clear for non-native speakers. I explain in a different and simple way. Few is opposite to many and a few is a little bit more than few. Little is opposite to much, and a little is a little bit more than little.


What’s the difference between borrow and lend?


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thanks Alex.
This site is very useful.


Thank you so much.

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respected sir ur all lessons are wonderful and informative. i need videos on ” the use of could have , should have must have etc”


so much thanks from you your pronounciation is very fantastic i like it god bless u Muslim from Afghanistan


i cant say thnak you enough for your lessons because is very very usefull to people god is bless you are but please can you some time send for me ask my name is ahmad iam kurdish iraq but live in holand thnak you agine


Hi Alex, your explanation is pretty nice and clear. Can you please post a lesson of “can” and “could”? Please explain me how they are used because sometimes people use them as same meaning.


I appreciate it for that. It’s really benefit.

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HI Alex You are great, thank you engvid group.
Could you give us a lesson about the difference between: Than and Then

Thanks in advance


Thank you so much. You’re a very good teacher!


thanks a lot…… i thought they are the same…

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I undertood very well. Thank you so much. Lily from Brasil.


great lesson


hello mr alex it a very helpful lesson thanks alot

but why in the quiz you have a few penny is wrong


    Hi mohamed,

    “penny” is singular. “A few” must be followed with a plural count noun. If the answer said “You have few pennies,” it would have been okay.

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hello Mr Alex;i am really grateful;but i just want to shed light on this:when we talk about count-nn and the opposite ,i think we say:countable nouns,and uncountable nouns…nout count-nouns and non-count???please give me an answer to that



    it depends who you talk to. :) Sometimes I call them “count” and “non-count” nouns, and sometimes I call them “countable” and “uncountable” nouns. It’s the same thing, and just two ways to talk about the same thing.

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thax for teaching us….


i’m one of the fans for your lessons



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when we had this lessons in the school . i was angry from my teacher so. I begin draw in my book and I don’t understood anything .now i understood. Thanks alot . what we can do without you & engvid.com.

Shayma El

    Haha, that’s great. Thanks!

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    Dear Alex sir
    Sometimes we also use The Little and The Few
    Can you please clarify that too ?

    I shall be thankful for giving a hand to me.


u r great teacher i’m so thankful for what u do for us we love u .


i love you so much

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why in english that people said IN QUESTION
(a little bread)
and (a little cake)??.we can count a bread 7 cake is countable .

shayma EL

Thank you for the lesson. I understand everything, but i still have a question with using “a few of”. Sometimes they say “a few”+ sth and sometimes “a few of” + sth. Can you help?


100% quiz, thank you,I`m from Brazil


I’m thankfull to you,that you delivered your lecturer very precisely.But i’m still confused to know that little money,& few lemon?


why our teacher said cake and bread is uncountable take (a little),so why can you explane we can say one bread two bread,and cake also.
love engvid & u only .best teachers ever i seen :)

Shayma EL.

This is a terrific lesson. I always had confusion on these cases. Thanks Alex. May Allah bless you and your family.

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I didn’t understand the difference between a little and little, a few and few. And now I understand.
Thank you.


very interesting and useful for everyone.

linus. G

I always like your explanations…you are an excelent teacher.

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many thanks?


I like your method of teaching……..
thank you soo much!!!!!!!!!!!!

ghufran khan

Thank you for helpful my grammar.^^


thank you for that class,you are a very good teacher,,,,,,i have a problem with a little money or little money:why you say a little money i think you say a few money because you can count the money,,i can say one peney,two peney ,,,three peney,,,please help me teacher in that confusion,,,,,,GOD BLESS YOU


This lesson is very good!
Thanks for you help Alex!
I like very much of your classes!


thanks for all the lesson that you have, this is useful for every one who want to know the proper use of polite English.


Hello Alex,
Your explanation is very good and useful.
Could you please explain what’s different between “Kind of” and “Sort of”??

Thanks a lot,


I can’t thank you enough !

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really it’s useful, thanks


thank you so much i have scored the quiz





awesome website to improve grammar…thanks to the creator


thank u very much for this beneficial lesson.


thanks Alex
i like your lessons
what is the diffrence between a lot of and alot and lots of


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Thank you! Alex.
Like always Very Very Nice way to explain the difference. I really like Ur lessons.

Saima 4om Pakistan

I realy enjoyed this subject thank you


thank a lot :)


really helpful thank you very much


i’m in a esl program now, and i have been learning this lesson for the all 3 passed weeks nathing was so clear than it is now. thx allex


I get 5 correct answers)) Thanks a lot for your wonderful and free lessons!It’s Music for my ears!!)))

Any Russia

Hi Alex,

You very good teacher. Thanks, Agnieszka from Poland.


I am fortunate one today to learn a new lesson

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thks for your help. It’s very clearly


thanks so much , i found very useful your course
thank you again

ezzeddine essid

hi teacher you’re very good and clear , thanks a lot for your motivation and explanation ,
i ask you about some thing what i need i’m working at HP company in support technical customers and i always need to improve my English this why i need if possible to do some conversations where you can involve the users (us) to interact with some speech by recordable

ezzeddine essid

i mean by recorded speech

ezzeddine essid

hi everybody ))) Does anybody want to talk to me in English ..it is going to improve our speaking )) thanks

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you’re the best

amine cherifi

ive got it… i had a very friendly grammmar eng teacher at institute..unforn he was quiet lazy..he didnt give clear examples as u did..ty so much…i understood all—

carlos m l

Thank you for the video.

It was very useful!


It’s fantastic. I can’t believe it!

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suskun melek

thanks a lot sir for ur free lessons,, serves great help for us to know how to speak english grammatically correct… Godbless you…

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Dear Sir,
thanks for your all lessons.. but i can not watch this lesson… y

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thanks alot for your useful lesson. it helps me alot ^_^


Hi Alex, thank you for the clear explanation! You’re the best! :)

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Hi Alex,this lesson is not so easy for strangers but thanks for explanation.I like your pronantiation I understand you very well.


i learn more from your lectures. thank you


Hi, I am a TESL student at the moment and my post-secondary education is in linguistics. We were given a list of “difficult questions students will ask” the other day and little vs a little and few vs a few was part of it. Would you happen to know why we have a positive connotation associated with a few/a little? I was thinking about syntax, but a former classmate of mine suggested it might be related to pragmatics… Thanks in advance!

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thank you so much Alex,I wish you all the success !!!

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thanks teacher alex it was wonderful lesson and benefit

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for me you are good teacher!, nice explanation!

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what about work?
That company have little work?
that words are synonyms of little work?


This lesson is wonderful.now i understand the difference between a few and few


Hi Alex thank you for the lesson
but I have question. How can I know if the sentences mean you have more or less for example: I have a little sugar

How can I notice the different ? may be the sentences mean you have more ?

Tomorrow I have major in grammar.


thanks a million for this useful lesson ,I’ve always wanted to understand this tricky


thanx alex…


Thank you very much sir Alex..
but I have question about(Ideas)
can you explain to us please..??
I think (Ideas) is un countable..
ex:advice is (un countable)..
we can’t say advices

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Hello Alex.Thank you for lessons.I always watch them and nowadays I am able to speak english like Canadian.I have one suggestion for you .Can you explain me the all the signal words in english tenses.if you could I would be very happy


Thank you Alex!

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Alex u r so sweet
thank u so much!!!!!!!!!!!


Thank you for the lesson.
It was very useful!
From Miami

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Hello Alex,
Thank you very much for this lesson. I was very confused with these expressions.

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Now I could understand this complicated subject. Thanks a lot.
I’ll be always watching you .


    correcting the previous comment. sorry I wrote the teacher’s name instead of mine


very important lesson

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ok.thanks.it’s interesting.i got 80 scores.becoues of ‘sand’


thank you for your fluent and understandable accent….

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Tank you for your lesson.I would like to learn more and more.


Good test!
From italy ;)


i am very lucky,because i have a few teachers to teach me.


thanx Alex…….. these lessons r very usefull for me.
form india.


thank you a lot ,very useful and i got it (*^__^*)


its is superb explanation of few/a few and little/a little .. but there is a question raised in my mind that is ” can we use few/little in negative or affirmative sentences” like i write ‘i have few books’ so can we write this sentence as ‘i haven’t few book’ or we can write this as ‘ i haven’t any books’.

shabab shahjahan

Thanks¡¡ from Spain very interesting at last I understand


thanks so much ..really ..i wasn’t understand them before ,but in your video …. you have a way in your explanation it’s easy and flexible

thanks Alex :D


I thank you very much.I don’t understand the difference b/n them. Girum form Ethiopia(Origin of Human Being)


great lesson,thanks

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Hi, Alex! Thank you for lesson.
Couldn’t you help me?
” Oh,we have little time!” Does it mean that we are late for…plane, and we have no time to get airport?


Hi,Alex I don´t understand why the sentence”My aunt has few food in her refrigerator”is incorrect.Could you help me,please?


It’s quite difficult but you’re helping a lot. Greetings from the Czech republic.


Thank you teacher ….(*^_^*) huuuuh so difficult for me…….


thank you so much, Alex, for the clear explanation!)))))) I got it!:)


thank you so much Mr.Alex …
this lesson very useful to me and this lesson so much fun and I can understand with fast . I gor it now. :-D


Plz tell me we should use here “little” or “few”
I have a ______ money in my wallet


    You should use “little” because money is non-count. You can’t say “I have one money” or “I have two monies.” You can count dollars, pesos, etc. but not money.

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      What about if someone says “you had a few mistakes”? Is it better then “you had few mistakes”? Which of them means that I had fewer mistakes?

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Thanx sir. This lesson is very helpful


My question is: did you think about flower (one flower,two flowers….. quiz point 3) becuse I thought about flower (we use it for baking)
In my case it is correct, I think.
Your lessons are very helpful.Tks.


5 correct out of 5.I rock!! :)

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By the way, Mr.Alex. Can you help me understand the following sentence?
“Do I have to get ready now? Yes, it´s time we went.”
Why do we use “went” instead of “go”?
I didn’t get it.

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Hi Alex. I’m from Poland like you. As you know in our language we don’t have a difference between little and few in positive and negative meaning. It’s easy to understand but probably more difficulty to use if I’m not native speaker. Good Luck!


thank you so much for this lesson although I’m still not confident about this topic it still makes me confused but the lesson was truly helpful

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Thank you for the lessons, they are very helpful.
My score is 5/5.


What is the difference in meaning between a little in theses two sentences below: –
I have a little watch
I have a little time
Another question please, Many ELLs, especially those who are immersed in English classes, overuse the expression a lot (of). While this expression is correct in informal language, what are some words or phrases that all students should use to express this same idea in formal writing or speaking?


    You can’t say ” I have a little watch.” Because , watch is a countable noun.
    “I have a little time” is correct. Time is an uncountable nouns.You can’t count the time.
    Good days.

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I have got full mark,but explain me (bit,little bit)please.
Thank you again.

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Thank you Alex! I grasped the lesson.

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I don’t understand. Why sentence ” you have a few penny ” is not correct?

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    The answer should be “you have a few pennies” because “penny” is a countable noun whereas “money” is not.

    EX: You have a few dollars/quarters/nickles/pennies.
    But, you have a little money.

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oh, yes

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this is first lesson for me

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Hi Alex! this is my first time! I love Engvid, you’re the best!
I’d like to know what’s the difference between theses sentences, which one is wrong and why.
1)Suppose you’d like to give A LITTLE money as a gift.
2)Suppose you’d like to give LITTLE money as a gift.
3)We had A FEW problems finding seats at the theather.
4)We had FEW problems finding seats at the theather.
I’ll really appreciate if you help me to get rid of this confusion.

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this lesson’s very helpful. thank you so much!

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I think “I own a few CD” is correct too. Can you teach me why it’s not?

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    ne CD is sangular we must say CDs

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someone help me to understand about differnt between ‘
little’ and ‘a little’ ??

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Great explanation!Thnx)

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Thanx a lot alex not a little

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Thanks alex :) it was an important lesson… I ask you to do a lesson about economic expressions .. vocabulary … or anything related with economy and economic crisis
It will be a good lesson and I will really appreciate that teacher :)
My regards

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Hi Alex! I have question about point 3 what mean penny (it is coin or unit of money equal 1/100 of a dollar). Why answer a few is incorrect?

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    It is a coin. One penny cannot be a few pennies.

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Is it the same when we are talking about feelings? like:
I’m feeling a little better now :)
i’m feeling little better now (I was feeling much better before) :(

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What about if someone says “you had a few mistakes”? Is it better then “you had few mistakes”? Which of them means that I had fewer mistakes?

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Hi, I have one question about noun ”month/s”. What about ”A few months ago” and ”Few months ago”, is it possible to say ”few months ago”? I think the first one is correct and the 2nd one is used in order to talk about months which are left and cannot be used with adverb ”ago”, e.g. ”We have few months to finish our task”, but ”A few months ago I’ve started to learn English.” Is that correct? Thank you.

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Both “little/a little” and “a few/ few” refer to a small quantity of non-count and count nouns respectively. I often use “a little” or “a few” when I definitely know I have some and “little” or “few” when I don’t know how much I have. Please correct me if I was wrong. I’m 60 and still learning new things every day.

Very helpful lesson. Thank you, Alex.

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Thanks for the lesson! I’ve found one other way to determine which word to use with article or not. If it’s enough then we use an article. If it’s not enough then we don’t.

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