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hi Mrs Rebecca, first happy new year for you and all Engvid group. This lesson is very important for me because I had confuse to answer some question like that. now I can answer correctly thank you very much


your lessons are very accurate,thank you!


    y er right

    Rohit kharya

thank you rebecca . it’s a good one . very short but effective.can you please tell us the meaning of those words which you are using in your conversation or writing on the board in your lesson like recruitment .and please conduct a lesson on vocabulary of english language . you really teach that well.


    To recruit someone means to hire someone, to give that person a job.

    Hope that helps! All the best to you.

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Hello. I have to ask a question. Why can not I watch none of all the videos? If you reply my question, I’ll be content. Thanks already.


    YouTube is probably blocked in your country.

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    I had the same problem, now I am using Google Crome, it’s working ok. I recommend that you should change your browser.

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Thanks a lot.




thank you Mrs Rebecca

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thanks aot

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THANKs ALOT i understood so well

ahmed abdi

Hi, Mrs Rebecca. Your lessons are cool and help me to improve my english skills. I understood you clearly. Happy new year. Thank you very much!

José Luna

thanx a lot it was good lesson


Thanks so so so much , teacher Rebecca.

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    how can i contact with you?? please send me your mail address. we will talk together.i from vietnam


First of all thanks for your lesson!
I’ve got a doubt:
I use responsible to when I refer to sb in a senior position.
If I’m the senior person, can I say:
I’m responsible for the junior employees/ for the junior staff…?


    Yes, you can say that too.

    My best wishes to you, Claudia.

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Happy New Year for you and your colleages, your videos are very good and I’m improving my english.
Can you explain me what is the best way to use, to talk, to say and to speak?
Thanks a lot
Ximena from Chile



abdul malik

Hi teacher

I got 6 corrects out of 6 quizzes, but i am just thinking… Cant we use “on” or “with” after “I’m responsible”?

Thanks for the lesson
best wishes

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    Good job on the quiz!

    No, you cannot say “responsible on” or “responsible with”.

    My best wishes to you too, Ruwan.

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Hello there, thank you for the nice work you always do concerning English. I’d like to know whether ‘responsible for’ is similar to ‘be in charge of’ and thank you.


thank you teacher

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Hi Mrs Rebecca this is the first time , i have written comment to thank you for your Help us to improve our communication in the business English , i know that i found many things to get progress ,

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    Thank you for writing. I wish you all the best!

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thank you!great job!tested myself!

Maral Kuzembaeva

Thank you and your team for this really usefull, efficient and magnefic lessons.I’ve a request from you.Actually it’s a suggestion…If it will not be a moil for you…If there is another quiz before watching the video to check our level about that subject, we can realize the differences between before and after watching lesson.Furthermore if you can analyz the answers of the first and second quizes, you will be able to observe how your students improve themselves by this lessons….Course if this information is important for your team…. and if you think that it will be leader for your strategies.
Thanks a lot again…

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    That’s a good idea, korty. I will think about this.

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    Yes, that is an interesting idea. Thanks for sharing it with us. My best wishes to you, korty.

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Hello Rebecca,
Thank you very much for you lessons!
Could you please explain the difference between complicate and complicated? Which one do we use in a sentence like “It is complecate/complecated”

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    “It’s complicated” is the correct choice.

    The word “complicate” is a verb.
    The word “complicated” is an adjective.

    For example,

    Don’t complicate your life by going out with your ex-boyfriend.

    In the sentence above, the word “complicate” is used as a verb.

    My best wishes to you, Natalia.

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thanks a lot


thanks God bless you


tank u so much…………


That’s what teachers are for…
But you’ve been more than a teacher. So, allow me call you “friend”.
Thank you Rebecca!


Hi Rebecca,

That’s a fantastic explanation.
Thanks a lot.


Happy New Year to all our viewers and thank you kindly for your feedback.

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Thank u Mrs. Rebecca. And i hope to learn from u.

…….>Happy new year<……


yes i got 6 correct out of 6.

Thank you Mrs Rebecca.





Thanks Rebecca ! Very clearly and useful your lesson ! We are responsible to Eng.Vid. ! Happy new 2011 !

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hi thanks it’s great .happy new year engvid n all d students to.


Thank you for good lessons


Thanks a lot madem


Hi! This is the first time I visited engVid.com and thought I would comment back to you that I will definitely use this page diligently and thank you for this page


    … I`m so glad that I discovered it and I will recommend it for others too. – Norway


I am happy to watch wideos Thank you very much


Dear Rebecca,
Your clarification is amazing.I really was confused between the difference but know it is very clear.
Also,I am very happy to know that I can inquire about any problems in English language.Thank you and Happy New Year.
Eng.Medhat Nagy.Cairo.Egypt

Medhat Nagy

Hi Rebecca, My brother advised me your web-site for improving my English level..I watch your lesson and I got 6 correct out of 6. I am glad to meet you..

Happy New Year.


thanks for your lesson, it was really helpful to my business english :)
but i’m still wondering whether i should use “responsible to” when i only refer to a senior position person. can i use “responsibel to” when i refer to a junior staff?


hi, my mother toung is not english , but i wnat to learn english, can u healp for this,will u give me some ideas that how i can improve my english , i am thank full to u.By and also i am waiting for your reply, thank’s

sajjad ali

teacher Rebbecca your teaching way is very good and easily understanding thank-you….


thank you, my teacher I appreciet you.

wondimu woldetsadik.

To be honest your way in teaching is Terrific, it’s clear and good and easily understood.. Appreciate Your Hardwork , Thanks!


I find your website helpful.
thank you very much


Hello Mrs. Rebecca,Happy New Year!And thank you for your loud and clear voice for every lesson.It’s really interesting and educational video.


hi thanks lot mam. very useful to me ur class


thanks a lot mam.
question : i take tuition’s of english at my home and i have to create listening skill of students then what can i do for?

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Hello dears,
I am new here and i am studying for DEL, it’s my pleasure to joined you specially EngVid team thanks, i received a video from my friends which lectured by dear Valen so i interested, your great Dear Valen


thank you so much


Very good ,… Thanks

Luis Miguel

very nice,effective..good job

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Rebecca, I can’t upload this lesson. Probably, I am blind….
Can somebody help me? Where have I click?!

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    You might have a problem with your browser. Please use a modern browser like Chrome, Firefox, or Safari, and make sure to have a recent Flash player installed. The lessons are normal YouTube videos.

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Hello Rebecca! Thank you very much for your lessons! They help a lot of people all over the world. Could you please recommend what I can learn in addition to your lessons for improving my business language? Maybe some American/Canadian business English books and things like that. Thanks.


Hello Rebecca! Thanks for your lessons.
One Request, will you please make it more simple while writing on the board. Sorry for my bad English.

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nice lesson…thanks teacher!


hi,madam rubecca i lov to speak english but some of silly mistakes i couldn’t speak english frequently and sm other problem is, that i can make sentences in my mind and write it down in paper but when i want to speak fast english i face many problem wid it plzzz imprve my english…and in last quiz question y u use To???harvy hill is the name or the place name???tell me plz


thank you very much Mrs Rebecca
i feel my english languge will be better with your lessons


hi, thank you very much for your lessons, they really help and are very easy to understand.
i´ll keep on working in it!

maria jose

i like ur all vedios u r the great teacher


Hi, Mrs Rebeka. Thank you for your video. May I have a question? Can I say? – “I am not responseble for this situation.” – I mean that I am not who was strated this situation, but at this time I am part of this situation. I hope that it is clear what I am meaning.

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Hi, Rebecca!!. I like a lot your lesson, this help me to improve my English skills (I am a beginner). I watch all your videos and understood you clearly.
I am from Argentina.
Thanks a lot.

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hi and many thanks for you


Hi Rebecca your lesson is very clear I thing I will improve the English language .
Juan CArlos

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hi Rebecca thank for lesson …..


thank you so much


I really like your lessons!!! thanks a lot teacher!!!


hay. madem u r so nice and ur english teaching inspire me to learn english langauge via ur nice videos lessons and im feeling it will help me to improve english…………….thanx Mrs rubecca

sabir afghan

hi this is nice video to learn English

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hi rebecca hi every body thanks a lot fo your seriousely work i t’s really a good work you’re the best rebeca


thanks alot for teaching.

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Hi Rebecca,

If I understand well, when I say :
“I am responsible TO Mr John” it means : Mr John is my boss, and my position is under his ?

But, if I am the boss or the manager, can I say :
“Three people are responsible to me” ?

It’s confusing for me, in French it is the opposite …


How to download the lessons?

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    you should set up IDM, you will see the window on the left top of video, click on that. it is very easy.


maybe it is gonna be better if you put the subtitles your videos so who wants to learn english it will be nice :D

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Rayan Ahmed

Congratulations for your lessons! So, let me see if I understood! I have to say:

I am responsible to Mrs.Elizabeth. She is my boss. She is the USA International Director.
I am responsible for Pedagogy Department. I’m responsible for teaching English.
I have to say like that?
Thank you very much!

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Thanks teacher Rebecca!

hector ararao

hi mrs Rebecca, thank you a lot for you’re great lessons..

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thanks soo much from Egypt

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why can’t i see anything about the video, so what i should do, can you tell me ?

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It was a great lesson because in Spanish the meaning for the word responsible, changed when it was used with the preposition “to”. Too I’m just looking for someone who can talk English wiht me on Skype in order to practice. Mi e-mail-account is oswaldo [ d o t ] sossa [ a t ]gmail [d o t ] com and “oswaldosossa” on Skype.

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Thanks a lot from Bangalore, India


hi this is suman last time I asked how to speak about a topic spotaneously without having proper idea about that.But I didn’t get ur reply please give your valuable advice.

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Thank you Rebecca. Honestly, I knew about phrase “responsible for”, but I had no idea about phrase “responsible to”. You`ve helped me a lot Rebecca!!! Thanks again. My best wishes to you. Natalie.

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wow! this is so helpful!

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Respected Rebacca,
Now onwards you are my “GURU”(learned,Knowladgble,Guide)for speaking english.
Thank You(Aabhar)in return i try to teach you Hindi & Gujarati Language by comment.

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Congratulations Rebecca!

Your lessons are amazing and your pronunciation is great!

Thank you very much.


Yes, I did it. Thanks Rebecca.


Hello, Rebecca,
Thank you for your wonderful lessons. I like them very much indeed. You have fine pronunciation and your lessons are logically built. Thank you for your great job. Victor


Thanks very much :)

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Gotta say, love English even more because of your website! Thanks! ;)




You have a good way to introduce information


Thank you teacher, the class it was very well and I understand everything.


i thank you very much ms rebbeca for your knowedj that is helpping us to improve our english.good luck


hi rebecca
now i am student and my major is accounting and i do not know what English’s course should i take to help me improve my career. thanks so much.
i from vietnam


Thank you for everything, your lessons are terrific, but I have a doubt, can you please explain to me the difference between the word “for” and the word “to”?. Because I’ve always got confused with the use of those.
For example:
– You are everything to me, or
– You are everything for me.

Which one do I have to use?

Best wishes for you and all the envid staff.



hi ,,,Rebecca ! I don’t know how to thank you.
there were many mistake in my speaking but after watching your lucture Now by the bless of God im good in speaking ………..thanks a lot.

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YES!!! I gotta. Thank you so much,REBECA


That’s good explanation for learning.

Rohit kharya



Really it’s very nice and effective for every one. Thanks a lot. I believe that if regularly follow your lesson, easily can learn English.


yehey!! i got the perfect score…!!!! tnx…


I really appreciate your lessons they are fantastic. I hop you’ll provid us with more and more lesson about business english.


Thank You for taking me back to my school. I remembered my good old school days.
Good jog , keep it up………..


thanks for this intresting lesson

farhan khan

nice one, thanks maam rebecca


Hi Rebecca, I have a doubt. In the sentence:
“I’m responsible to Mr Jack Douglas”, Mr Douglas is the responsible, but in the opposite situation (if I’m the responsible), may I say: “I’m responsible for Mr Jack Douglas”?

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Great to know this. thanks again Rebecca :)

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It sounds very useful. Thanks Rebecca!

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Thanks.it’s a nice lesson.


thanks a lot …teacher ,now i know how to use the word responsible,thanks again in laos we say “khopchai”

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Thank you.

Ngoc Nguyen

Thanks for you useful lesson.

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thank a lot ma’m rebecca! you’re really nice teacher,without you,my knowledge is stagnant,now its flow already


Hi Madam !

Of course, it is very helpful for me. I am confident to develop my skill through your lectures. Thank you.

Nazrul, Bangladesh




very good lesson


Thanks so much really I got new information that I didnt know about it before I love you teaching and I love also

Tahnks again

khalid from Oman


very interesting and useful
thanks a lot.

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Dear Rebecca,
Thanks for your kind effort.
Please what is meant by RESPONDIBLE OF(not for or to)?
Medhat Nagy
Cairo – Egypt

Medhat Nagy

Thanks dear teacher Rebecca, the lesson is very useful.
thank a lot justin

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Hi, thanks for the lesson video, is great like all of them.

I need to pass mi resume or C.V. from spanish to english (uk). I had been reading english webs about this item but I don’t get a really good translation for my cv. Could someone tell me please when o how can i get it?. Thank you very much.

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Hello Ms. Rebecca.
Thanks for these very interesting tips. It was so usefull for me as I was a bit confused to use them.
Thanks once again…Bye…Bye..

Jesus Enrique Camaran

thank you for all the teachers in englishvid… their lessons are very helpful and useful..GOD BLESS YOU ALL…


Thank you Rebecca


ur lessons r useful but we need advanced lessons…


thanks very very mutch
they are excellent lessons


thanks very very mutch

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Little things, but sometime doubts come.
Thank you my teacher


thank you rebeca,

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I liked very much of this lesson. This site is very good. Your job must be very gratfull since you teach people from all world. All you be on the ball. Congratulations. Guys, I want to meet people from other countries to talk in Inglish. If someone wish pratic the language send me an e-mail: tiago_queiroz18@hotmail.com

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Thanks Rebecca and by the way i like the way you write “&” :D



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really useful


thank u for this lesson really its helped me to understand the diffident between to and for
thanks again


Thank you so much.


Ms Rebecca


Abdul Qayum

Very nice , keep it up plz

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Thank so much. If any, I want to make friend with everyone.



Thank you so much. You really simplified it so much

Eslam Omran

thanks you…. i love ur lessons


Yeah! I got 6 correct out of 6! Thanks a lot, u r my love :x, thanks again for lesson ^^!

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you done marvellous job.first of all thank you,I learn alot of things from your videos………thank you


Good lesson! I like your lesson with clear explanation.

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Thank you so much, teacher Ms. Rebecca! :)
I got 100 score in this quiz.
I am so grateful for you!

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    My score was 83, cause I thought Harvey Hill wasn’t a person….

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Thank you Rebecca .

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Thank you.

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Thank you,Rebecca. ^”^

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Hi Rebecca,
Thank you for your good lesson, really it is a great help for me.
Rebecca, can we say “I am responsible to Umar and for Asia market” .

Kind regards,

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Very interesting for me. Thank you a lot

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Thanks a lot, Rebecca!

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good topic!

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Hi, Rebecca. I love watching your lessons. They are so useful and interesting. And of course I always do exercises after each video. Thank you very much for your lessons. I love you.

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    hello how are you lady?

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Thanks Rebbecca, Its my honor to be your new student

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Thank you Rebecca, your lesson is perfect, short and informative!

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Thanks a lot,

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very helpful

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please, i wishe pratice my english
my skype is jardel.de.cassio.pimenta8 or whatsapp

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Thank you. This lesson is helpful for me, too!!

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Dear Rebecca,
I will keep in mind this course. Thank you.
Best regards.

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Your lesson are very helpful,thank you.

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Gracias again rebeca¡¡

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Thank you Rebecca.

Profile photo of Maria Helena da Silva Ramos Maria Helena da Silva Ramos

Thank you very much!
very useful

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Dear Rebecca! May I say in English:
I’m responsible for accounting or need to say concrete details (responsibilities). Thank for your help in advance.

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I’m word for word responsible to my english teacher Mrs.Rebicca.I am responsible for improving english day after day.
Thank you all.

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Hello Rebecca,
Your teaching is very effective to me.

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thanks Rebacca for the short test of this lesson,

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Fast and easy way to learn! Thanks You Rebecca!

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Thanks Rebecca, short but clever

Profile photo of Alex-1956 Alex-1956

You got 6 correct out of 6.

thank you so much…

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Thanks so much for this key notes

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thanks, Rebecca, love your lessons very much.
after this lesson, I can describe my job. I responsible for technical support & training.

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Hi Rebecca your teaching is very interesting i am need to learn about the email etiquettes in replying where i handle with partner operations

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very effettive!

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Obrigado Rebecca! Você é incrível!!!! Adoro suas aulas!!

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Your class was very effective and efficient. I got 100%.

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