hi, there is any speaker that want to help me practice my english speaking?

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    What’s up guys ^.^
    I hope there is anybody wants to practice his English with me voice chat :)
    my skype is khalid_3adel

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      i want to pratice and improve my english .this is my skyp mahamat.hassan33 may i add you friend ?

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        Hi Alex, how’ve you been?

        Today I watched one of your lessons about “Music Idioms”, very interesting by the way.

        At the end of the video you mentioned your full name, but I didn’t quite get your last name; is it Mackarthur? Please correct me if I’m wrong.

        Thanks for all these great lessons.

        Take care! Bye for now.

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          It’s Makar. :) I’m not sure why I mentioned it in that video. I did it by accident!

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        Hi soumanine i want practice and improve my self too could we practice on the skyp or you’re busy?

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      Hi there! Can I add contact you to practice English speaking?

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      hi KHaled ,this is Bishoy ,i am fucking Egyptian like you ,i will add u to my Skype,

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    Hi tikkadwhile I’m fer my Skype is luisfer900530… We can practice over there…

    Alex thank you so much for the class, it was really interesting…. Greats,.

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      Luisfer i see that you are from Italy and i am trying to learn some Italian. Can i add you on Skype so we talk and practice some iItalian and English. Thanks

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    Hi , I also want to improve my english speaking. Please email me lukarinio111@wp.pl .

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    ok but you help me frist

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    It was a great idea Alex to develop a lesson on tongue twisters. As you well put it, they help you improve your pronunciation.

    Apart from that, they make you aware -to some good extent- of the English sound system.

    Frankly speaking, it will take some doing to master some of the tongue twisters from the resouce list. It is a good support for future reference, though.

    Thanks a lot Alex

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    am ready

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Many thanks . I would like to explain how pronoun like, lake ,look ,lake, lock ,lack, and luck and follow and follow.If do not mind . WILL YOU

Thank very fot this subject

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    Many thanks . I would like to explain how pronoun like, lake ,look ,lake, lock ,lack, and luck and follow and follow.If do not mind . WILL YOU

    Thank very much for this subject.

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Hi, Alex! We also have tongue twisters in Japanese. Even I can’t say them well in Japanese, saying them in English is more difficult! But I think they are very important to improve my pronunciation. Thank you for your useful lesson.

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    You’re very welcome.

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Thanks, Alex and all of you EngVid.com

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Thank you so much … Maybe I’ve become Advanced ! :D

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I want to test my language please

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Thanks Alex Man you are the BEST ^,^
I hope there is anybody wants to practice his English with me voice chat :)
my skype is khalid_3adel

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Thank you! It’s very useful lesson. I’ll practice my pronunciation.

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    i’m agree with you but it’s a very difficult lesson.
    now my toungue hurt ;)
    bye bye

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To, All the English Teachers here
Hi Sirs n Mams, i don’t know how to post an ENQUIRY …
well i want to know the uses of…
1.wake vs awake
2.rise vs arise
3.wait vs await
4.sleep vs asleep
5.rise vs raise
6.affect vs effect
please pm me at….uniquera97@gmail.com

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Nice video :). I know a bit longer version of the one with the shells, though. It goes:”She sells seashells by the seashore. The seashells that she sells are sea shells I´m sure.”

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    That’s definitely more difficult, but it’s fun to say!

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how about betty botter bought a bit of better butter

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Not so difficult but still not easy

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No more words:You are always useful.Being useful for others is a real source for happiness.Good luck to you

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difficult but very interesting, thank you so much, teacher :)

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I’ve to say, you’re so good that I think like I’m having a private class with a teacher.

Thank you.

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It’s really helpful to me sir thank you

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It’s difficult!! XD


Thanks you are always a big help for me.
By the way guys do you know a web site that I can learn German (i.e. Deutsch) by similar way to Engvid?
Thank you

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    U can get more than ten language in LingQ of Steve Kaufmann.

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HI Everyone hope you all are OK and fine I am very eager to learn English but I need your help Dear all friends if you contact me with this Skype ID I will be Glad (jamil.241) and I am waiting for your Response back
as soon it’s possible love you all

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i thought a thought but the thought i thought wasnot the thought i thought i thought

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      I like Alex if he accept me I will engage with he

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that was fun :D thanks Alex

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Hi Alex…this topic is very interesting but little difficult…thank you !!!

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Fantastic Alex, very good lesson. Thank you.

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interesting lesson Alex.Where I could get to hear other remaining 46 tongue twister. (Y)

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Hello Guys i am new here and i am finding for new friends ? my facbook id is

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Hi there
unfortunately I can’t access your videos since Youtube is blocked here. Would you mind uploading your videos on other websites like “www.aparat.com”.
I’m not sure if it’s possible but thanks anyway

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    Sorry, you’ll have to use a VPN or something like the Tor browser!

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      Is it possible for the engvid team to write the transcription or the lesson summary for each lesson ?

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Actually I need to improve my accent. I am very thanksfull with engvid. The best online way to learn english.

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There is a joke abaut english tongue twisters in English.
First lesson – Three witches watch three swatch watches. Which witch watches which swatch watch?
Second lesson – Three switched witches watch three Swatch watch switches. Which switched witch watches which Swatch watch switch?
Last lesson – Three swiss witch-bitches, which wished to be switched swiss witch-bitches, watch three swiss Swatch watch switches. Which swiss witch-bitch, which wishes to be a switched swiss witch-bitch, wishes to watch which swiss Swatch watch switch?
Enjoy learning :)

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love it .

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thanks for good lesson.

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Hi, Is there any body can help me learning English??

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I am very excited about this project. Tongue twisters are very important while practicing the pronunciation. Thank you!

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it helped me a lot

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hello teacher you are great at teaching i tested to repeat the third and the fourth phrases but .are so difficults for a semi intermediaire student like me……:D.thousand of thanks for you sir alex hay from algeria.

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hello teacher you are great at teaching i tested to repeat the third and the fourth phrases but .are so difficult for a semi intermediate student like me……:D.thousand of thanks for you sir Alex hay from Algeria.

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I’m Patrick a french personn living in the south of France I discove your lesson with a great interest. you are an excellent commnicate
How to improve the prononciation and to hear the sound some words and some sentences like you said.
It’s very difficult to speak perfetly I’ ve been living in london district for more eight months ago in the end 90’s I had speaking
with many people speaking english native your country in Great Britain .For exemple an Irish man ,a Scotish man , and some londoners speaking cockney).it’ s not easy to make to understand
At this times I studdied my english with a french teacher for adult. I prefer to improve my english speaking with you .Good lesson Alex

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    Thanks a lot. I have a pretty neutral semi-Canadian accent, which I’ve been told is easier to model than other English accents. :)

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i love the way you speak ,i can undersand very clear thanks for this lesson!

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it was good lesson , thank’ s

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Hello? Alex !
Thanks for the lesson and 50 tongue twisters !
Besides, Makar in Russsia is a first male name

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Hi everybody.I’m new here and I would like to improve my English.So is any body who could help me?

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Hey guys my name is Sam. I am trying to improve my English by speaking with other people on Skype. I also would like to learn other languages. I do speak Portuguese ( Brazil). If someone is willing to talk on Skype just add me samuel.carvalho57

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Thanks for this lesson)))

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great morning with this interesting video ! thanks a lot sir, it helps me a lot .

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Alex, you are a born Teacher! Thank you so much! Can I ask you to explain the difference between Gerand & Participle 1?? I know them, but I think sometimes I still make mistakes in distinguishing them . Thanks a lot!

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wow! is difficult for me

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Alex :) you are the man, this was so helpful. ill put my time on it to learn thanks alot

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Thank you very much.. Really you bring something else..fantastic

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Mr Alex is a good teacher. His short lessons are very well expressed. Thank you to Mr Alex, I will stick with his lessons to try to improve my English, I will try not to be a LACKADAISICAL person, indeed that adjective I learned with you is a smart one to use. thank you.

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It’s so funny! Thanks Alex :)

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Hi, Sir. It’s a fairly useful lesson. Thanks a lot. Wishing you happiness and good luck.

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If any one likes to practice his beautiful English ( : just add me in Skype OK1070

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Huge thanks Alex,,,I really enjoyed this lesson,,,, I laughed and laughed. :D
It’s the best lesson in pronunciation I’ve ever seen :)

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Of all the vids I’ve ever viewed, I’ve never viewed a vid as valued as Alex’s engVid vid. :) :)

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Good practised teacher. . .
Hopelly I can learn as much as possible.
Thank you

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huge thanks, I feel to learn from you directly, not from a video, very interesting!

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Hi,Alex.I’m very grateful to you for interesting videos like this.Looking forward new ones.Good luck to you.

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Hey alex,they you give lesson any one can learn English …i really like this video …do you after practice this tongue twisters i can improve my pronunciation..

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Thanks Engvid…i love all of your videos, helps a lot

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Thank you,teacher for your helpful video!It’s very good for making accent better!!!))

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hi Alex i did understand the lesson but how quick did you learn these tongue twisters. It took me a few days to learn them.

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thank you for your videos

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Thank you

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i’d dearly like to practice English, i’m really interested in speaking.
this my skype ibennadim.

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Thank you very much. It’s very fun but it’s not as easy as I think, especially 50 tongue twisters :)

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good lesson thanks

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Thank for good lesson

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Interesring video! Thanks

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So cute.

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hello Sir its really very help full i saw 50 tongue twisters statements but i wish for all those you should make a video so that we can know the correct pronunciation. Thanks Alot for all the efforts uyou guys make to improve nonnative speakers i really appriciate (Y)

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It’s a interesting lesson and I really understand it :)

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Add me on facebook pawan.spkt
Raj kandel

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Thank you, Alex for good explanations.
For those who’s still afraid of practicing those twisters: don’t be afraid! Even if they’d twist your tongue they wouldn’t damage your fingers, and your keyboard would be available for communication anyway! :-)

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hi i want to improve my prouniciation how i can

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that’s really awesome.
Is there any source where i can get all the tongue twister with audio?
thank u Alex for ur nice lesson. :)

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I can’t! hahahaha…. I need to practice more! :)

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That was AWESOME! liked it ^__^

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thanks for your help. but it is difficult for me! haha~ but i’ll do my best to improve my pronunciation.

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i want to learn an excel

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hi alex hi every one although my tongue was tied , but this was interesting and useful lesson

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very fantastic lesson keep on

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it so difficult to say it :XD

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wooo, difficult, the second one and the last are so difficult. but i will try it again. Thanks

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hi guys, i wanna practice my english as well … add me on skype @gustavomz01

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thanks Alex.It was a great lesson. loved it.

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Hi teacher Alex, I don’t know how to pronounce words that end with “ght”, sounds like a “t”?

great lesson

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Hi Teacher Alex! I really love your lesson about Tongue Twisters.. Actually, I’m looking for one.. Can you please give me an example that is NOT in your lesson?

It is one of my subject requirements in English!

Thanks a lot! :)

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Great lesson Alex! Thank you for helping me!

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Hi Alex,
it make’s me a hard time but really useful.Thank you!

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I feel low confident about my english. My pronunciation is weak(i can’t pronounce EXCUSE word fluently)…and i always struggle with my vocabulary…. when i try to conversation with someone who speaks english better than me. I don’t know how to deal with it. Can you help me to overcome from this situation.

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it’s fun.

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Hi Alex,I have just signed up,awesome da be here,thank you for everything.

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Thanks a lot!

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Thank you very much Alex for video and list.they were great!

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I had never made before an excercise like this. It is exactly what I needed to improved my pronunciation. I do really appreciate your help in this matter. I keep continue practice it everyday.

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nice lesson

Profile photo of mustafa. elmekawy @yahoo.com mustafa. elmekawy @yahoo.com

Teacher Alex,thank your video first.And,could you record or make a 50 tongue twisers to improve…..list?I really want to model youself on mouth

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Thanks alex for this very useful lesson. I will up to that tongue twister page and make practice with it. Thanks again.

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Help me to have a correct grammar and good pronunciation.

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How easy to read your comments after the twisters! Thanks a lot!

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o love tongue twisters, and i’ve loved this website.

if someone want pratice english with me, please add me skype: vivitecnera@hotmail.com

see ya

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That was a very interesting topic!! Thanks a million!!

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Hi Alex,

I had some speaking troubles until I saw this amazing video about “Tongue Twisters.” After I saw, I practiced tongue twisters and my speaking came back!!
Thank you Alex.

~ Daniel

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hi my english friends…how are you doing everybody?

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thanks for the videos on the youtube.i do fallow your videos…thanks alex

Profile photo of marellaprem marellaprem

thanks Alex :)

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Thanks Alex, some great tongue twisters there though I think it will be a very long time before my students will be up to some of them!

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Thank you for this wonderful site. IT helps my ESL international students with accent reduction and pronunciation improvement.


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You’re very good!!! Amazing!

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Thanks Alex :)

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Does it really work? I can speak English but I cant talk clearly I mean i can pronounce and i had a bad habit of speaking fastly.

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Thanks Mr. Alex.

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Hi Alex! Thank you for your lesson! How should I practice the list of 50 tongue twisters? I mean, should I practice one by the time until being expert, or practice one following another? And how long could it be by day? Thank you so much. Helena

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Thanks Alex, good teacher

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