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Hi Alex,it is a very good useful English lesson,but a little bit hard to remember 100%.

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    Learning a language takes practice and hearing the same thing again and again.

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

      Exactly Alex. :)

      Profile photo of SanjulaHapugoda SanjulaHapugoda

      I agree. But I also agree that it´s too hard to learn.

      Profile photo of frarlley frarlley

      yeah! exactly! you’re right

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very good explanation teacher continue this way

Profile photo of Isac  10 Isac 10

Thanks, Alex! Love your lessons!

Profile photo of artykuzmin artykuzmin

hi Alex, I love lessons about idioms and phrasal verbs !! thank you very much !!! I got 100%

Profile photo of xavier0912 xavier0912

    Nice job!

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

Thank you so much Alex ~ I got 100% :D

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I got 7 correct out of 10. I was confused but good for me. I’ll watch your video and try the quiz again someday. I’ll keep my word. Thank you, Alex :)

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    No problem. Keep trying.

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

      Thank you Alex. This time I got 9 correct out of 10. Yes! I’ll keep trying :D

      Profile photo of Happy04 Happy04

Idioms are great! I just have to keep in mind everything I’ve learned. I’ll use it a lot and keep you posted.

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    That’s the right idea!

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

Thanks Alex

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Thanks, Alex!

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Thanks Alex; everything in this web page is awesome. I’m fascinating about all.

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    “I’m fascinated by everything.” :)

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

Great. Thanks a lot!!

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Thanks, I got 90 %

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Hi Alex
thanks for your great effort
I’d like to make a lesson for the most common words that are synonym like
essential vs quintessential
surplus vs excess
and so on
thanks Alex

Profile photo of MohamedShehab MohamedShehab

    Not a bad idea. Thanks. I’ll keep it in mind.

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

Wow! Very useful Alex. I will keep it in mind. And trust me, I always keep my word. And please, keep me posted so that I will keep an eye out for the new coming lessons! ;)

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You could have mentioned an idiom ‘keep in touch’

Profile photo of jeffreyemty jeffreyemty

    I thought about it, but it’s a bit simple and I think other teachers have done a lesson on it already.

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

Thank you, Alex!

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Thank you.

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Hey alex…. I am very grateful and I wanna give you my sincerest thanks from deep inside my heart, your lessons are very helpful and I always find something useful in each one, you real help me a lot in improving my vocab, idioms, and phrases
Thanks a lot man
But I have a suggestion to make, would you do a lesson on a family tree?, well I’m looking forward to hear from you soon.
Once more thanks a lot teacher

Profile photo of Amar Amor Amar Amor

    That would be a long and complicated lesson because I’m not a great artist. Haha. But it’s a good suggestion. I’ll keep it in mind.

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

Tks. Alex, It´ll an usefull tip

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Thanks, i got 90%

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thanks Alex.this is very usefull presentation lecture that is necesserry for our life.

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Hi Alex,Thank you for the lesson.Please tell me where to use keep and when to use ‘keeps’.How it differs by adding s.

Profile photo of rohit177 rohit177

    Present simple third person.

    I/You/We/They KEEP
    He/She/It KEEPS

    “He never keeps his word.” (he always lies)

    That’s it. :)

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

      oh i really happy to see your reply teacher Alex

      Profile photo of savith sahara savith sahara

Hi Alex
Could you please suggest me a good english grammar book

Profile photo of priya122 priya122

thanks Alex…your lessons are great

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Thanks Alex,as always that is really great lesson but i cant understand “keep me posted “. This one is a bit complicated to me .

Profile photo of aduinterpreter aduinterpreter

got 100! :D
another usefull lesson from the teacher I like the most!

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Hi Ronnie,
You know, I’m in love with you!
I enjoy very much whatching your video classes. I sometimes get one of your videos to my classes so that students can see your pronunciation to check that it is not that difficult.
Vandilson Felix.

Profile photo of dilsonfelix dilsonfelix

A couple of discoveries, thanks:)

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Thank u so much, so much to keep in memory…

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Thank you Alex. Useful lesson. keep us posted with your lessons :)

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that is the same for the Algerian dialect we that

Profile photo of tomahawkdw tomahawkdw

we use that

Profile photo of tomahawkdw tomahawkdw

hi alex, thanks for your lesson. I just got 7 out of 10. I confused some situation. I don’t understand “keep me posted”.

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thank you

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hi Alex,i got 10 thanks to you.

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Super lesson Alex. Thank…

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Hi Alex, I got 6 correct of 10. To bad I will try good for next time thank you for your help …

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Keep ur nice teaching Up pls! :)

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Alex, thanks a lot it really knowleadgeable lesson.

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thank you alex you are a good teacher

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Thank you Alex for your lesson ! I got 10/10 :)

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thanks alex about your video>:)

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good one

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I will surely keep this teacher in mind when it comes to learn interesting and usefull tips. I follow the Engvid in Facebook, so I can be kept posted of all this awesome material. If you want to have a good comprehension of daily english, just keep an eye out of this buddy. Always good content in his classes.

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Alex, I’ve only known ‘ keep in mind ‘ before.I haven’t heard the others.Thanks a lot for the clear explanation and for the subtitles.A foreign language is like an ocean.Always there are new things to learn.Dear friend, Have a nice and happy day.Your help is irreplaceable.

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Thank you sir! It’s a good and useful lesson. thanks once again.

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thank u so much =)

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thanks ALEX))

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Thank you Alex, very useful lesson :)

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very good lesson

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Very interesting…Thanks

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Thanks, Alex. These idiom are really useful.

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Thank u alex. It was a useful lesson. I will keep It in my mind.

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In Lithuania all idioms are same. :)

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7 correct out of 10…

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Thanks Alex
Q #7:-
If she keeps her word,you should trust her.
Why you said I don’t trust her?

Profile photo of agadir agadir

    (I don’t trust her. She RARELY keeps her word)
    you can’t trust her because it’s rare when she keeps her word …
    Be careful with the word RARELY

    Profile photo of youness128 youness128

      Exactly. “Rarely” means “almost never.”

      Profile photo of Alex Alex

Hi Alex .I would like to contact you about my english if you do not mind. thanks

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100 yeah
thanks Alex

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    Nice job!

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

      thanks to you :)

      Profile photo of NADA SOUBH NADA SOUBH

Thank you

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First time on your site and lessons.
Nice job, please make more lessons about
idioms. Thanks a lot !!!!

Profile photo of Sergei Sorokin Sergei Sorokin

I´ve been studying English for a long time in a college, but in a few videos you have teached me what they never teached me.

Thank you very much! In my opinion, you´re the best teacher of EngVid.

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that was prefect!!! thank u i luv ur teaching!

Profile photo of mod sara mod sara

your lessons keep helping me.
God bless you Alex. :)

Profile photo of Christinaroper Christinaroper

yes!! 10 / 10 thanks :)

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Thank you so much Alex, I love your lesson. ^_^

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Thanks Alex. I got 50%. It’s very bad :(

Profile photo of Liza18 Liza18

    Don’t worry. It is not that bad. Just relax. Try again. I’m sure you got 10/10.

    Profile photo of aroibas aroibas

I got 10/10. I don’t know how. Only paying attention to you.
You’re good.

Profile photo of aroibas aroibas

I’d like to learn more phrasal verbs, all of them. You’re the best. What do you say?
Are you ready? I’m sure you are. Step by step.
I would offer you gold and diamonds, but your job is invaluable. It would be an offense. (Is it correct use the comma?)

Profile photo of aroibas aroibas

I got 100%. Thank you for this teaching method. It is very useful and easy.

Profile photo of Robie18 Robie18

Thanks a lot

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You are doing such a wonderful job sir.. I am enjoying each and every class of yours.. I shared my experiences in my class and told them about this site.. You can never imagine, You made a large number of fans/followers- Literally everyone of my class who saw these videos..!! Wishes from India.. Want more off you..!! :)

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Yay! I got 10/10. Very clear explanation Alex. Thank you so much for the great effort! :)

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Thank you sir.This is very helpful.

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Hi Alex, thank you for the lesson.

Profile photo of Mottana Mottana

Hello Alex. This lesson was new for me. Now I learn many thing. Alex I have difficulty to listening. I am trying a lot of time to improve my listening and my perform this bad. What do think about this? Thank you! There is a way that i can do?

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Practiced really paid off. I got 100 percent on the quiz it motivates me to continue learning the english language. Oh yeah, I have been practicing a lot too. Thanks teacher Alex for inspiring and motivating us ESL learners.

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Thank you Alex.Really motivating.Got 100%

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Thank you alex

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very helpful and i really appreciate your explanation.

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Thank you ;-)

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Thank you Alex!

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Thank you a lot Alex, (keep) the great lessons (up)!

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thank you Alex

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really nice,Alex

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Thanks for the lesson. It’s very interesting.

Profile photo of sanuser sanuser

It’s always good to learn new vocabulary and expressions.
Thanks to the teacher!

Profile photo of buyeromanya buyeromanya

i’ve got 100 percent without even watching the video
ps in number 9 i think it should be -i’ve just downloaded- not -i just downloaded- because there is just and the tense is in the past so automatically we should use the present perfect
thanks for the Quiz alex i would like to follow your lessons.
happy new year

Profile photo of williameddey williameddey

9/10, i made a mistake in the second sentence.

Profile photo of liona liona

thanks sir.

Profile photo of irfanokten irfanokten

it was very benefitial lesson.Thanks Alex.These lessons are more enjoyable than memorizing vocabulary…

Profile photo of hkn48 hkn48

Thanks Alex =D

Profile photo of murilomoreiraaguiar murilomoreiraaguiar

Hello Alex. Thank you sooo much for being an amazing teacher. Is there any way to send you an email ?

Profile photo of Alireza.Keikha Alireza.Keikha

can you teach us on when to use “if” and “whether”?

Profile photo of hinahoney hinahoney

I got 10 out of 10. thank you Alex!

Profile photo of ivanann ivanann

I have got 70 grades . Thanks a lot Alex . You are a great teacher .

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Hi Alex,
thanks a lot for your lesson. It’s very useful
take care

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YEEEEES..I got 10/10 with flying colors :D

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It’s useful expression!

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Good lesson Alex, I’ve got 100% of quiz score.

Profile photo of Jacek 79 Jacek 79

10 from 10) I am really happy) Thank you very much, Alex! I love your lessons)

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I think I do it 10/10

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Ok, that it’s right. I must keep it in mind.

Profile photo of moezbesbes moezbesbes

Hmm, when I answered the questions, I thouhgt that I’ll make some mistakes. But I have 100%, ehhuuuu:)

Profile photo of Neuromance Neuromance

Nice lesson Alex.

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Profile photo of khaoula@ khaoula@

Hello Alex !
I like learning idioms.
Some of them goes deep imside !
Regards !

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nice lesson, thank you!

Profile photo of Julia Egorova Julia Egorova

Thank you Alex, I appreciate your teaching method. You are great at teaching.

Profile photo of fereydoun22 fereydoun22

Thank you

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It was a great lesson. Thanks for that.

Profile photo of ccardera ccardera

I had to study more !! Its very Effective !!

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Thanks for the lesson,I understood you very well

Profile photo of saej234 saej234

thanks a lot guy,i really appreaciate your free lesson,it help me a lot.by the way,i will try to keep a straight face when telling lie to my parents and just keep me posted about your videos.eventually,i always keep in mind all your lessons and look forward to your others lesson,thank you so much again

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I got 10… Thanks Sir Alex…

Profile photo of Icy Mp Icy Mp


Profile photo of ann ann ann ann

thx great lesson
got 7/10 :)

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I got 9/10: … Alex, thank you very much for your excellent expanation ! *** I got it, a lot ! … My best wishes, from the Caribbean coast of Colombia, South America !

Profile photo of CaribbeanX CaribbeanX

Thanks Alex.you are helpful i will keep my word to keep practicing

Profile photo of ed.abubakri ed.abubakri

Thanks Teacher I learnt a lot today.

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great lesson keep going

Profile photo of habib1996 habib1996

60% quzi right. Ithink not bad

Profile photo of serdar8520 serdar8520

Good lesson. :)

Profile photo of SanjulaHapugoda SanjulaHapugoda

Got.a perfect score again. This is just keeping me on track!. Thanks alex…

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Very good

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Thanks alex, you get transmit all yout lesson very well.God Bless you.

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Hi Alex thank you for this lesson.And your way is simple I like it . thank you again 😊

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Many thanks! I keep it in mind.

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Thanks Alex, gracias.

Profile photo of ClauG.4 ClauG.4

Thanks! Great work!

Profile photo of Jonathas Wilhem Jonathas Wilhem

i’ve got 10/10 ! i’m so fascinated ,, thank you so much Alex

Profile photo of AimenDegaichia AimenDegaichia

Hello dear Alex.
Thank you so much for your instructive classes.
In the question number 10 I can’t get the meaning. Wouldn’t it be more meaningful if it were “I would appreciate it if you keep me in mind for the…”, or maybe it is interpretable based on some context which I’m not aware of?

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Thanks a lot Mr. Alex!

Profile photo of Alex-1956 Alex-1956

I rarely make a promise. When I do, I’m sure I will keep my word.

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