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Thank you Adam ! Interesting topic !

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Hello Adam, I really apreciate all your videos, they have been really usuful. You don’t imagine the important labour that your are doing for all the ESL students all over the wordl. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Sincerely!

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very important lesson. thanks, Adam!

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I think I can improve my listening here ✨

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    that’s right, what a useful website ,isn’t it?

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Hello Adam,I’m new here and I started learning english a year ago so if you feel some mistake in my speech. Before I apologize to you. I am going to ask you about asking someone’s birthday for example what is your date of birth? How can I answer this question. Could you explain me please

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    Hi Bek,

    Firstly, welcome :)

    The answer can be I was born on March 15th, I was born in May, I was born in 2000, etc. All are fine. if they want more details, they will ask.

    Hope this helps.

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Thank you Adam. I’m on a diet. I have spinach and egg for breakfast, fish or chicken for lunch and for dinner just salad.just fresh vegetables and fruits and nuts .also 7 spoon of rice sometimes for lunch. I was born in Gorgan I love rice. Dates and olives help a lot. No candy or cake just candy crush Saga game. And yoga . Have lost 3 kg in 12 days but it’s getting slow I need to get used to it and make it routine. I don’t go to gym I don’t like to touch stuff that smells sweat. I dance almost everyday and still 10 kg overweight. That’s weird every time I start doing something or start planning your videos comes out. You’re awesome.

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    Good luck with that Soozi. Sounds like you’re doing great :)

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Interesting facts about essential elements of the food and also what actually mean diet. Thanks!

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Thank you teacher….!!

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I got 10 correct out of 10.

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Got 100 :) . Thank you Adam.

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Adam, a great teacher and a reliable source of wisdom to always take into account.
Thanks a lot for your well-prepared lessons ;)

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Great lesson, Adam! Very complete nutrition concepts and vocabulary. I think that more than diet a natural food and an active life style is the best way to keep us healthy. Hope to see you soon!

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Nice video! Could you do a similar one for exercise in general??

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wow. this is really helpful.

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Thank you great teacher

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Thank you. that’s what I need exactly

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Thank you Adam.

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think you very much Adam.

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Thank you Adam!

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very helpfull

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Thanks Adam for the amazing lesson about nutrition!

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Thank you for this interesting video

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Great lesson, thanks Adam. A smile:)

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Adam, you are the best of the best! Thank you for your lessons!

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Thanks Teacher Adam… I’ve learned something today.

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very useful thanks.

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Hello .My Dear teacher
My name is emad. Fortunately I became familiar with (engvid) two years ago and have been following your lesson for long time . i have some question about English which I would be grateful if you answer them . I am aware that they might seem strange , so i really need your help, Thanks.

1) Dose the pronunciation of a word in English make it formal or informal ???

2) Do you as native speaker consider these two sentence differently ?
( door has been locked) (door’s been locked)

3) What about the verb ( tobe) ?
( he is nice ) ( he’s nice )
(Do not do that )( dont do that)

4) dose English language have
special grammar or structure for writing or the grammar is the same ?

5) could you introduce us a good book in this subject ?

I hope you can get my point . because in my language or two other one that i am familiar with , the way and the tone words are said make them polite or formal or informal . The reason why i emphasis this point is that since english word are not changed in text , student are confused and do not know whether it is in polite way ( formal ) or not .

I will send this email to others teacher in order to hear all opinion as well .
We are all looking forward to your reply .

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    Hi Emad,

    Here are the answers (I hope)
    1) Dose the pronunciation of a word in English make it formal or informal ???

    — not really. Intonation can imply meaning, but it does not change formality.

    2) Do you as native speaker consider these two sentence differently ?
    ( door has been locked) (door’s been locked)
    — They are the same. We tend to shorten whenever possible. The ‘been’ clarifies the apostrophe.

    3) What about the verb ( tobe) ?
    ( he is nice ) ( he’s nice )
    (Do not do that )( dont do that)
    — these are contractions. In formal writing, you should avoid these. In spoken English, these are more common than extended forms.

    4) dose English language have
    special grammar or structure for writing or the grammar is the same ?
    –tough question. The grammar is essentially the same, but you can “bend” the rules in speaking, whereas you cannot in writing. Writing is much more precise. We also tend to use more complex structures in writing to add some style and make the writing more interesting.

    5) could you introduce us a good book in this subject ?
    — If you mean writing, I made a video on my other Youtube channel about good books for preparing for the writing section of the IELTS or TOEFL:

    Hope this helps :)

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Ok!!thank you !!Very important


Hello Adam. Always, thank you for your support. Can you help to figure it out which expression is correct: “must have forgot” or “must have forgotten”? First one sometimes see in songs.

Profile photo of AlexanderR134 AlexanderR134

    Hi Alexander,

    Technically, you need to use the past participle for the perfect tense. That means “forgotten”. That said, many people use forgot in spoken English.

    Songs are not a great place to learn grammar, though they are good for vocab and intonation.

    Hope this helps.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

      Yes, thank you. It is the thing I’ve been looking for.

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Adam can you please make videos on CELPIP English exam.

Profile photo of reemamin reemamin

    That’s a good idea, reemamin!

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

    I’ll see what I can do Reemamin ;)

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hi sir could you explain about correct way of using pronoun for SAT exams and for class

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The bug put customers at risk of possible surveillance and was discovered at a time when CEO Tim Cook has been calling personal privacy a “fundamental human right.”

Does the sentence still has a complete idea even if we take out “and was discovered at a time”?

How do we explain this clause (and was discovered at a time)?

Kindly elaborate the sentence structure above.

Thank you, Adam.

Profile photo of JohnLuEngVid JohnLuEngVid

    Hi John,

    Yes, it is complete. The second clause (also independent) is part of a compound (The bug put… and the bug was…). The when CEO… is an adjective clause describing the ‘time’.

    All together, this is a compound-complex sentence
    (two independent clauses joined by a coordinating conjunction (but) and a subordinate clause (adjective).

    Does this help?

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tank you very much
i like your lessons

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Thank you a lot for your help and support , I like the way to teach and the subjects you choose for us .thank you a lot.my best wishes for you.

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Hi Adam.Thank you for this helpful lesson!
But I have a question,as usual.And this is about Gerund.
Please,Adam,could you explain me and other students what the Gerund is.
All time I look for the grammar about and read it ,but can’t uderstand how to distinguish Gerund from the other forms of verb, such as participle and even from a noun.
I am passing an exam at 14th of April.There is little time left.
Help me please…

Profile photo of Asmer Pashayeva Asmer Pashayeva

    Hi Asner,

    A gerund is technically a verb, but it is used in the noun function in a sentence. Mostly, it is an activity.

    Actually, my latest video might help with this.

    Profile photo of Adam Adam

      thank you very much:)

      Profile photo of Asmer Pashayeva Asmer Pashayeva

Thank you everyone :)

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Great lesson!! Thanks

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Great lesson. I always like to listen your lessons. Thanks Adam!

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Dear teacher,I understand what you say but speaking……is so difficult. How can I learn to speak fluently? Thanks

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Thank you Mr. Adam.

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10 out of 10, woohoo 😊

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I got 70% out of 100

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Thanks Adam. It’s a good lesson for me.

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