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Excellent! As usual. Thank you James.

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    u r the best teacher ever


Thank you very much for this interesting and informative lesson!


Dear Jame
a good lesson!
thank you


Thanks for the class. One little suggestion. Try to make it shorter. Your TTT is too high. But I just loved your creativity.

Márcia Freire

not bad topic,good enough I don’t know what more to write. bye.


very good explanation Jams keep up the excellent work you are doing


I like it
thanks James.

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5 out of 5 :)

In exercise 3 is Knowledge not knowledgre, isn’t it?

Thank you.

South Korea

Gabriela Bernal

hell yeah…. u’re rock james!!

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Excellent job, I liked your speech.

Aldo Marsilio

i like your way of teaching..

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    it’s true buddy…he’s the best teacher..and i’m in love with his method of teaching…!


Thank you for jour speech.

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Well done James!

Just wondering! what word we can used for people who makes a different between religions!!

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“Molto bravo” by a young teacher from the sunny Tuscany!
P.S: do you need an Italian teacher to help you? It would be really nice to work with such a competent colleague:)
see u


Thanks lot




fist time saw your videos, they are excellent and useful ! Really appreciated !


thank you James, my whole family likes to watch your lesson esp my son! Can i have a private message to you?? How?

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    Thanks for watching, Jessica. Unfortunately James cannot take private messages… there are too many students! But you can leave comments to him here.

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      Hi James,
      I wanna to see if you will take any private lesson for my son, say online conversation lesson? My son likes to watch your lesson very much, but we’re in Hong Kong. My email address is jessica.jessicachan@gmail.com. I really hope you can consider it. Thank you soooo much

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        Hi Jessica. Unfortunately James cannot take private students online right now. I will contact you if this changes in the future. Right now he is just too busy. Sorry! But we’re happy to hear that your son likes the lessons!

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The lesson was very useful to me. I learnt more out of it. Thanks u james!

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This is great stuff James! You said you have a bias against maths because you’re not very good at it. For that reason you’ve chosen for English. But at least this time you’ve given us quite a lesson in social psychology too!

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Hi James,
Thanks for this. But I would like to ask how to use lying and cheating in a sentence? what’s the difference? thanks


Dear teacher James, thank you so much, it was a very good lesson.
Best wishes


that’s great. It’s more than an english lesson. It’s a sermon.

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I haven’t practicing inglish for a long time and i am glad that James and all of other teachers helps us to support our language and feels ourselves good !! Because of this language is multinational and if you won’t practice you speach, in some times you will forget it, that’s means you lost some significant value from your life. Thanks !!!


Hello James! I loved this lesson!.. Thanks a lot for the detailed explanation of “Biased”.. Greetings from Caracas, Venezuela :)

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That was a good lesson.


It was an excellent lesson. You are an excellent teacher too. Congratulations. Thank you for explain more about this important things.

Sutter Diogo Dorneles

Good job man, Carry on your goods

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so superb teaching of James, i using your teaching to improve listening. thanks


james you are the best your classes are soo good thanks james


Very good class …. , I´m learning a lot !!


Thank you very much! I found it really interesting and useful!


I like it , thank u very much ,god bless u =D

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thank you so much for your useful lesson


I learnt a lot! You speak very fast and this is good to practice my english.


U GUYS ARE SUPERB TEACHERS!! JAMES, man.. u have made the difference here. THANK U

Shahbaz Khan

your lessons are so nice and i don,t have any nice adjective to ues for ur lessons


i like this lesson and thx James 4 ur effort.


Thank you teacher.It is a good lesson


Hello everyone. I wanna speak English with somebody. So help me guys. My scype is tumeshka join me tnks :D.

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thanks james


I have one concern with the definition or racist. Racist is not only skin color. For instance: Some Americans do not like Europians or other types of people from other conturys. Other than that great video. It has helped me understand a little more in my current course.


    When people don’t like people from other countries (regardless of skin colour) we say they’re “xenophobic”. (“Xenophobia” means fear or hate of foreigners.)

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well done so useful subject thanx alot


how can i contact the teacher

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great teaching methods …… thanks a lot.James

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Hi all,
Who can tell me what is difference between excited and interested?
Thank in advance!


Thanks a lot James.


Well,when you open your mind and you stop being ignorant,you’ll allowed yourself the oppurtunity to get rid of your biases,released your prejudices,stop being sexist and not being racist.
And here’s the deal,you can still not like people;no ones taking that from you.That’s the privilege for being human..I don’t like you! but at least you will do it from the position of being knowledgeable..
I wish my hearing is right James..I hope you could corrected me if I’ve made any mistake.Anyway thanks for your great video.

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My notebook has larger opportunities than my town,because it(my notebook)gives me chance to follow Mr. James’ lessons.There are great,great great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I love you James


Thank You so much. ! Wonderful lesson !

Marta from Poland

Thanks a lot! ^^


hi,thank you.we can benefit a lot from your lesson.


Thank you ;)

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The important thing is not to stop questioning… Never lose a holy curiosity.
Albert Einstein
…Thank you :-)


thanks for the great lesson.
t is usefl for me. u know i scored 5 out of 5 are correct…..:)

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james very good explanation keep the good work
we are all human been we should atlist respect each other
best regards


great lesson i really learn alot…………


thanks a lot James…..Great lesson


hello, thanks for another good lesson. I have a question, why in first sentence is Prejudiced> I think that the better option will be ignorant, do I wrong?


Excellent. Thank you James


Excellent ,very well explained. Thank you

Mil a Justiniano

Tks teacher James. My quiz is corret 100%
You’re good teacher. Lily from Brazi


Hi! Jmames, how are you? Thanks you so much for everything.

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oh! you are usually a good teacher.thks mr james.


thanks for the lesson.


Many thanks James from a Brazilian student.


Thanks for a wonderful lesson :) sending love and light.

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awww teacher James,we have something in common,i’m also not good in Math that’s why i chose English…:P hmmmmmmmmmmmm:) your my crush,no offense to the gf…just crush:)))))))hehe

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LIsa thinks right :D


good job.thanks :))

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my score is really good 5 to 5 thank you for teaching me

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Thnx James

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I really like the way you teach and by the way thanks you for the vocabulary words.


great, i greatly enjoyed it

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Excellent lesson, thank you.

Yes, the root of the problem is when people ‘like what they know/believe etc. and don’t like what they doesn’t understand’.

The least we can do when don’t understand something which differs from our opinions/believes is to be tolerant of strange attitudes and behaviors and try to get to know something about the matter.

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Thank you very much, teacher.


I’ve enjoyed it th

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    great job James

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Awesome lesson!

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It was awesome… I really like it thank you so much for helping me James… May God bless u!!!

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I love the Internet. The world is so huge and I can watch these wonderful lessons, sitting in my own house. Thanks a lot. You are a great teacher!

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Yuo are great James!


cool lesson !!! =)


“Ignorant person” is a person who doesn’t only have a knowledge but who doesn’t even want to have them
But the rest is a good job


James, thank you very much! It has been really helpful and interesting, as usual.


Thank you, James, it was really helpful and interesting, as always

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Thank you,Jame.Exellence lesson


Thanks a lot! James. I really enjoyed your short lecture. I’ve learned english as well as the way out of being ignorant. I’ll try to keep up not as a ignorant that being a babe in the woods :D

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Cool video james! COOL!

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Really good topic :)Thank you James!

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Hi James! first of all many thanks for all your videos, since the first time I saw your lessons I’ve improved a lot and I hope to continue making progress as long as you keep doing this great job.

Best wishes
Brian – from Peru.

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Hi, James! Thanks!!

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I appreciate you so much that I just want to stand up and applaud you for years.

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…and,your wisdom and guidance have changed the trajectory of my life!

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Good, 100 %. Thanks.

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Good lesson

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i wish you happiness forever as a teacher

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It is very nice, thank you!

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You’re a wise teacher. A lesson that everyone should watch and definitely learn.

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super lesson . I like listening to you. Because you speak naturally, wisely and fast. Thank you.

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Very good and exciting lesson, as every of yours. Thanks, now i can recognize and descript more people which makes silly prejudices. :)

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Thank you, James, you are my favorite teacher.

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Dear James, thank you for turning me less ignorant in the english vocabulary!

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It has been easier than other topics or concepts, only I have to read and understand which was every one of them, like a biased, prejudiced, sexist, racist and ignorant aren’t difficult words to assimilate in the memory. Thanks a lot, teacher James Greer from EngVid, as always a good performance.

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Great lesson, Thank you James

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Thanks a lot James! It is very interesting and useful to watch your lessons.

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Thank you Sir.Well explained.

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You got 5 correct out of 5.

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