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I got 10 of 10 thanks Adam for this lesson and keep going


    Good for you Habib! Keep up with the good work.



      In my view, in order to learn a language, you need to get actively involved in the process.

      One way of doing so is precisely by providing students the basic tools to express their doubts or concerns about the “new” language.

      It was high time -with all due respect Adam- you addressed this topic in your video lessons especially the part on students’ questions.

      Superb class Adam! Thanks for sharing your teaching experience with us.


        Thanks Regino :)


          please teacher i start learning english since 4 years but with bad teachers and level but i see movies i have a little background please what i should start with a plan to get step by step and thanks

          tarik el barq

    Hello Adam well don.Your teaching is very clear to understand.


I got 9 correct out of 10. I was confused about No. 7. But I understand now. Thank you, Adam. Useful :)


Nice.Thank you Adam.I got 10/10.


It’s very useful. I’m looking forward to your new lessons.Thank you Adam:))


I got 9 of ten, thank you for this lessons, they so helpful!


Oh, why did I misunderstand about the first question? I’m embarrassed…


I can not understand why i can not access after two question.

Amjad Raza

    Try again Amjad. Maybe it was a connection issue.


Thanks Adam. I got 10/10. The problem now is I can’t speak in English. :(


how we can listen the lesson video I am a new comer on this website…….
please tell me…….


    Welcome Saher. If you press play and turn up the volume, it should work fine. You can also watch it on Youtube.


thank you it was very interesting and useful.


Thank You Adam. It was another very useful lesson. As usually. Greeting from Poland, eastern part of Euro-kołchozu


Ups. I only got 7 of 10. Thank you Adam for explaining.


    i am also ((


Good and understandable lesson. Thannk you! I finish the quiz with one hundred success rate! :)


10 out of 10 :)


    hello..i want to improve my English can u help mrs inkara?


I want someone who talk with me in english on skype for practice, if anyone has some free time please send me request on this id abdur_rehman71


Awesome !
What a practical lesson.
Thank you Adam.
Have a good WE.


Thank you, Adam. It was very useful. I got 10/10!


I really like your way to teach and to Speak clearly, thanks you for your lessons!


    hello..can you help me to learn English?


Hi Adam I cannot really describe you, just you are really perfect in all respect you are 100%. recently I have a problem with my English teacher & I don’t know why, can you give to me some tips to improve my relation with her? I’m a top student & I know all of lessons but she is very angry than me, please if you can, help me. as you are a teacher.


    Just say sorry to your respected teacher… Sorry will work like magic ;)

    R Kumar

    Hi Muhammad,

    I wish I could help you, but I would need to know why she is angry. Most people don’t get angry without reason. If you did something to bother her, then ask her what it is and how you can help avoid it in the future. If she won’t speak with you about it, then just do the best you can, don’t disturb the class or your classmates, and don’t worry too much about it. Just also keep in mind that sometimes the top students feel bored with the pace of the lesson. If the class is too easy for you, remember that it is not easy for everybody. Help your teacher help others. If there is a more advanced class, ask to be moved to it.

    I hope this helps a little.


thank you Adam


thank you sir for this lesson its so every important to learn more about English,Thank you very much sir.


I got 10 out of 10
thanks so much ,Adam :)

Mostafa Hussein

Thanks for your class.


Hi Adam! Happy to join your classroom. And thanks a lot for a new expression for me – Roll Call. It means when you’re checking out who is here and who isn’t, right? (Wanna say thank you for answer(r)ing my last question about translation. You’ve made it clear to know)


    How can I ask Adam about something??can I ask him in the comments here or on youtube?


      Sarah, you can make it right here, under the video. Have a good day!


        Thnx dear


          You’re welcome.


      Hi Sarah,

      Go right ahead :)


#3. Turn to page 56 means: turn around 56 times – You’ve got good sense of humour :) But because of my sense of humour I was behind the door very often. It’s unfair ((




Thank you , can you tell “common idioms in English” as a lesson please?


    Will do PassionOf :)


I got 10 out of 10.Thank you Adam sir.

Amjad Raza

Thank You Adam. I only got 7 of 10.


Thank you.I got 8 points.


    Not bad Chorchaba. Keep up with the good work.

    All the best with your English.


This lesson is good.
I want more especially about the sentences teacher will say in the class. :)


Thank you, Adam you’re really a professional teacher specially your teaching way, it’s clear and simple.

mariam algsiseb

thank you,I got6 point _ _*


I am very happy to have found these lessons, so I can recycle my knowledge. Thank you a lot.


thanks ADAM


thanks ADAM 7/10


Such an interesting lesson. I’m an ESL teacher, I constantly use those phrases while teaching. If you don’t mind I’d like to suggest giving lessons on the medical and health field for the fact some people get rather confused or puzzled in their communication with their doctors/specialists. Just set up an introduction of a doctor/patient situation between patient highlighting the key terms and phrases in use (healthcare, medicines, recommendations, diseases..)
I am delighted to have a variety of topics and lessons being discussed and argued from professional teachers? I thank you for the efforts you are giving. I love you Engvid teachers!


    Good idea Omaxious. I’ll see what I can do.


J’ai eu 10/10 et fut fort étonné! Comme quoi la leçon était bénéfique; Merci Adam


Thanx, Adam. Interesting lesson!


Thanks …I got 8 points

Lokit Babbar

Thanks Adam


Thank you Adam. Very useful!


thank you Adam


Thanks Adam
In Q5
If the teacher does not know my language ,
How it comes by asking him to say the word in my language ??


    Hi Wisha,

    This is usually asked when the student is learning in his/her home country; in this case, the teacher might know it, or a classmate will. In fact, you’d be surprised how much of a local language a teacher learns while teaching. ;)


I got six of ten.


thank you
i got 8-10


Thank you! Very nice teachers!


hey there engvid,kindly develop your website where we can make new friends or make a every persons”s inbox option with that source of contact where we can talk on skype to improve aur english thank you.

Kashif shahzad

Thank you Adam, I like your way of teaching the English. Thanks


good job Adam :)
i got 9/10


First of all Adam you are great, love your lessons, but I have a question:
Why in the question #5 the answer is
How do you say this word in my language?
Let’s say if I spoke Quechua, and I knew my teacher has not clue of my language, how could I ask my teacher how do you say that word in Quechua? I believe the question number 5 should have a different option, like : Can you use a synonymous?
Well just my opinion!


    Hi Lore,

    You make a good point. However, this is usually asked when the student is learning in his/her home country; in this case, the teacher might know it, or a classmate will. In fact, you’d be surprised how much of a local language a teacher learns while teaching. ;)


Thanks Addam.Perfect as usual!


You got 10 correct out of 10. :D
Thanks for Adam!


Hey Adam! Thank you for this lesson. You say it’s for beginners and I want to help.

Hi, welcome again to engvid.com . I’m Adam. Today’s lesson comes as a request, because I know that there actually quite a few of you who are teachers of English and you wanted to know some classroom English. So today we gonna look at classroom English. This is more for beginners, especially people who have just joined in English class, in ESL class, EFL class etc. And you started to get used to a classroom environment and you not exactly sure what the teacher saying, what you should say etc. We gonna start with the teachers. What do the teachers say that you need to understand? OK? Excuse me! First the teacher will take attendance or the teacher will take “roll call”, sorry these are two separate words “roll call”. Basically they want to know who is here and who is not here. OK? So if a student is in the class he or she is present. So,of…, the teacher says Bill present, Merry present, Builler,Builler…Builler, Builler is absent. He or she is not in the class. So absent – not here, present – here. If the teacher has finished with attendance and starts to teach the class. And a student is late. And they get a little cheek to many late’s you’re going to trouble. Now, you could be absent, but you could have an excused absent – means you have a note from you parents, from your doctor, from your boss or the teacher just knows you’re not coming today, it’s OK. It’s excused. Now the teacher will give you comments. He or she will tell you to do things. OK? So it’s very important that you understand what to do. If a teacher says “put up your hand, raise your hand, don’t speak out, because if everybody speaks out – it’s just noise. Put up your hand, ask your question, get your answer. OK? Then, the teacher will ask you take out your pens, take out your earphones. Basically get them ready, we are going to use them. OK. Take your seats. Basically means – sit down, sit. OK? He is trying to get organised or she is trying to get organised. Next. They’ll say take out your book, turn to the page 37. Means, open your book,page 37, let’s start reading, working etc. Now, if the teacher wants you to do things, but not along, for example, if you doing math, yea you do along no problem. If you doing ESL the teacher will wanted to work in pairs. Means, two people together, you so you can speak. Work in groups means getting to a few people together, three, four, five. If he wants a specific number, he will say getting to groups of, or work in groups of three. So you find your two friends. Three sit together. Do the exercise. Now, if the teacher…, as everybody is talking, teacher wants everybody to be quiet and listen to one student, he will say or she will say, please pay attention to Jack. Jack is going to speak. Everybody please pay attention to Jack. Or if you doing exercise and the teacher wants you to be careful about one word or one grammar structure. Pay attention to the independent clause. Means, be very focused, be aware. OK? So these are basic things you need to know. What that your teacher will say. Now, you are the student, you have questions, you don’t understand something. What are you going to ask? Let’s see. OK. So now, you are the student and you know sometimes you don’t understand everything that teacher says. So there things you can say or ask from the teacher, of course, to help you. If you didn’t hear something, what will you say? You can say – I didn’t catch the last part, now, if you say – I didn’t hear. And I’m a teacher, I have been speaking for ten minutes and you say I didn’t hear. He’ll say “everything? ten minutes ? I can’t say again”. So I didn’t hear or I didn’t catch the last part. So, I will go back and say again the last part. Or I didn’t hear the part about what to ask. Or I didn’t hear the part about independent clauses or whatever the lesson is about. So, be specific, tell the teacher which part you didn’t hear. He or she will say it again. Or you can say: could you repeat that please? Repeat – say again. If you didn’t hear, could you repeat that please? Could you say that again. But again say which part. Be specific. Or I didn’t hear/catch what you said after here. So, tell the teacher you heard everything until here and from here, you didn’t hear, you didn’t catch. Catch means hear or understand. OK? And if you having a lot of trouble ask the teacher – can you please speak more slowly. And the teacher will slow down and it will be much easier for you to understand. OK. Now, if you’re learning something, and again we are learning English and you’re not familiar with what the teacher says, it’s something new or you didn’t, you don’t really know what it is. First of all make sure you know how to spell the word if it’s a new word, ask the teacher – how do you spell that and the teacher will say – S P E L L – spell. OK? How do you spell that. Now, if you don’t know the meaning of the word and the teacher just continuing speakings – put up your hand, say “I’m sorry, what does this word mean?” And the teacher will explain to you. Now, if you’re learning in another country, you learning EFL(English as a foreign language),you can say – how do you say this word in your language? If you’re learning in Japan – how do you say spell in Japanese? How do you say spell in Spanish? How do you say spell in any language? And what is this word in Japanese? What is spell in Japanese? So these two basically means the same thing. By the way, this marks means same as what was above – ………………… What is the word in your language if you’re learning outside. If you’re learning in Canada, for example, and you are …….. Oh, how do you say this word in Spanish, I don’t know, I don’t actually speak Spanish, I wish I spoke Spanish, I will learn one day, but for now I don’t. So, you have to be careful. OK. And finally, if you need a bit more information you want the teacher to explain a little bit more, may be you understand or you heard, but you’re not really sure. So you can always ask for more specifics – “Can you use this word in a sentence?” So, for example, you heard the word, you understand the word, but you’re not sure how it would fit in a sentence, how to use it. Ask: ” can you use(for teacher) can you please use this word in a sentence. So I can see how it works. Or can you give me or can you give us(the class) an example of this? OK? So,for example: the teacher touch you about some new technology. You understand but you want to see in real life – what this means. So you want examples of things that use this technology. So you ask. Now, this is everything you need to know, teachers, students, entering the classroom but most important thing you need to remember – if you don’t understand something – ask. There is no such things as bad question or stupid question or you’re not sure about. If you’re not sure – ask. The teacher will be happy to tell you the answer. He or she will be happy to repeat a few times until you understand. I’m sure that other your classmates, other people in the class, they also have questions. But they too shy to ask. You ask, you get the answer, you move on. OK? Go to Engvid.com, if you have any questions for me. Write them in the comment box. I will answer them, do the quiz, make sure you understand everything and come back again to Engvid.com. Bye!




    Are you ok?


      Thank you, I feel better. I recommend to you to have such exercise.


        Congratulations Katrin777 !!! Great exercise!

        Sally S

    Hey,friend,you are so kind to do this for beginners, but the subtitles of this video have already been written on this video below. Do you know?


      Sorry noneggo, I didn’t noticed.


        With all due respect Katrin, I do not see the point of doing this.

        Please bear in mind that this is a COMMENT section. Hope you do not mind.

        Have a magnificent week!!!


          I’m sorry that you don’t see. I didn’t know that there ARE subtitles underneath the video. When I began to learn English(some years ago)videos were without subtitles(but they(subtitles)were very necessary to me).
          I’ll try keep it(what you have suggested)in my mined, but I don’t think you’re right. Have a good day.


    Thanks, Adam.


    Are you OK?


    Good listening exercise :)


      Thank you Adam! You’re the best.



    Nguyen Van Hau

Thanks, Adam

Richard Diehl

I got 9 correct out of 10 and I understand the other one,thanks a lot Adam and also keep going.

Ahmed Daud Warsame

Thank you! Adam, I like it, realy! I Need so much Learn English


I got 9.. Thank you Mr.Adam..

Intan Wihdah

Hi Adam,you are awesome!Thank you so much.
and for Katrin777,I wish I had your time.


    Alainaldo, I wish I had more…


      salam hello privet. I’d want to help me for my English and Russia..can u teach me Russia?


        sorry Imran, I’m not a teacher, and I’m here to improve my own grammar…


Thanks. This lecture is very helpful for new students.


8/10 Hi, about Bulher? I think I saw him yesterday, skiing in Whistler, with is girlfriend Katrina.

Jorge Pedroso

    ummm… OK Thanks Jorge ;)


thanks Adam soo much it was much useful and this lesson will much help me when i was in the class :)

nouf abdullah

thank u

taj kadar

Thanks. Adam.


Hi, Adam. You make really useful videos, which I thank you! I would like to learn more about how to use verbs – should, must, ought and what is the difference between them…
Could you make a video for it, please. :)


    I’ll see what I can do RossiV :)


i get 6


Thanks Adam .I have learned a lot from your class. You are excellent!


thank you so much Adam,It’s very useful.

akram alfaghi

I got 09 but I´m so happy for that.


I love your lessons! They are simple and clear! Yu ar a fantastic teacher. Thank you.

Sally S

    hi sally ,you wnat paractice you language with conversation
    my skype id :simo.med183


Thank you Adam, 10/10 :=


Thank you so much adam


thank you Adam 8/10


I got 10 of 10 :D thanks :)


What is the problem i can not access after 2nd question.


    Try again Ammy. Maybe it was just a bad connection.


Thank Adam I got 10/10 :-)


thanks adam i got to know new things.


i like your way to teach thank you adams


Thank you Prof Adam i got 9/10


Thaks Adam! i got 10/10. You explain very well


only get 4/10. oh my god..

Faiz Alwi

I have got 8/10. Thank you, Sir. :)

Novi Rizki Amelia

Thank you Adam.


Thank you Adam I got 9 correct out of 10.


Thank you Adam. I got 10 out of 10.You are a good teacher.


Thanks. I got 8 points.


Thank you Adam i got 10 correct out of 10


10/10 Thank you Adam! :)



I got 9 out of 10. I made a mistake in question 5. The right answer makes little sense to me. How can I assume someone else knows my language and ask them to translate something for me in my language?


    Hi Knightrider,

    This is usually asked when the student is learning in his/her home country; in this case, the teacher might know it, or a classmate will. In fact, you’d be surprised how much of a local language a teacher learns while teaching English. ;)


I got 9 of 10
thank you for your effort

Muhammed Gaber

Thanks a lot Adam!!!
See you next lesson!!!

Andrea Viviani

thank u Adam, i got 9/10


Very useful lesson


Thank you Adam !


Thank you Adam I got 9 correct out of 10.


thank you dod i got 8/10 my teacher


Thank you Adam


Thanks mr.Adam
i got 8 correctout of 10

salamah s

Thank you so much, This lesson is useful.


i like it too much it is very useful lesson.i like it .

allahdad tayeb

I got 9…thnx adams


Hi,Adam!Useful lesson as always!Could you please to clear some point.Is there any difference between “what do you call this thing? ” and “how do you call this thing?”

anton m

    Hi Anton,

    In terms of what others will understand, not really. They will answer you in the same way. For a native speaker, though, the how sounds a little strange because it goes with the verb (how call) which asks about the way to call (with a loud or soft voice, for example).

    Does this help?


      Yes,thank you a lot,Adam!

      anton m

I got 9 correct out of 10 .it’s a great lesson .thank you adam.


I got 10 correct out of 10! Yeaaaahhh!!!!! Thanks a lot!


9/10 thank!


8/10 thanks


Hi Mr/Adam
i really thank you very much about your efforts here on engvid website.
but i would like to ask you about your advice if i come to take the IELTS certification exam
so what should i do and how can i study for the exam? as i want to obtain a high score
thanks very much

Andrew Adel

    Hi Andrew,

    For the IELTS, start building your vocab and practicing your skills, like listening and reading. There are many websites with practice questions, but you should find the Cambridge books of past papers with old official tests to practice with. You should also make sure to practice every day until your test.

    You can also check my site (writetotop.com) for help with the writing section.

    Good luck


Hi Adam..I’m always having this problem between the for/of and in/on uses in grammar and when to use (much more)..so would you explain it for me plz?


    Hi Sarah,

    I’m afraid it would take too much space here to answer these. However, if you have a good grammar book, you can study all the prepositions together. Keep in mind that in/on have different uses in different contexts (as do for and of). If you give me specific sentences, I can tell you why you should use one or the other.


9/10 thanks teacher, thanks for everyone help to create this website ….

Mohammad El Musleh

i can’t answer after qoestion number 2. i understand about this question but i can’t accesa


    Hi Faiz,

    It seems you’re not the only one. Try again. Maybe it was just a bad connection.


thank u adam i got 8 out of 10 :)


got 8 correct out of 10. I will better thanks


Thank you Adam!


This is can be oh help both to teachers and students.
Thanks Adam:)


not OH but OF!


thanks Adam, I need improve my English in little time, any suggestions??


    Hi DAsensio,

    The only thing I can say is to fill your days with English, especially by reading a lot.

    Do you have a test coming up?


10 out of 10))))) Thanks for the lesson.


Thank you so much.


Thank you so much :)

i am eve

100You got 10 correct out of 10.


I got 9 correct out of 10, Mr. Adam I am confusing of the use Words in pairs in the 9 point of the quiz, thanks for the lesson.


    I like your name. That’s a good name.

    Adi Peterson

    Hi Jesus,

    Work in pairs means work together in groups of 2 people. Pair means 2.

    Is this what you meant?


      Thanks Mr. adam, i m understanding the mean of The work in pairs, and thanks for you answer.


Thank you Adam I got 8 score out of 10


Thanks Adam! I got 10/10!


Thank you Adam! Very simple but instructive!


Thank You ADAM! Very nice.


great job

fahad al harbi

Hi,thank you Adam.
Really you are a good teacher,and I hope improve my English thanks of your important lessons.


It´s my first time. 9/10
You are a good teacher, thank you very much.

Carlos Silva

i got 8 out of 10

fahad al harbi

thanks you are a good teatcher

mohamed abdelfattah

G thanks adam I catch it


nice job


Tks Adam!!! :)


I got 9 out of 10. Thanks Adam.

tony wang

Adam,thank you very much! very cool!


hi how can i watch these videos?


    Our videos are all on Youtube, which might be blocked by your internet provider or government. Try using a VPN or proxy?

    engVid Moderator

What if the teacher don’t know your language?


    Hi Zuhoor. I guess you are wondering about question 5. This is usually asked when the student is learning in his/her home country; in this case, the teacher might know it, or a classmate will. In fact, you’d be surprised how much of a local language a teacher learns while teaching English. ;)




Thank you Adam.it’s helpful.


wooooooooow this the first quiz for me and i got 10 of 10


I got 10 of 10 thanks Adam for this lesson, regards.

Cristian Gutiérrez

How can i improve my english if i cant learn english around 10years. but now i back to try it. I want my second english language is native speaking, listening , writting. Adam i’ll try to learn from you. You are my best teacher.
Thanks and Best Regards,
Ah Net


    Hi Ah Net,

    It’s like riding a bicycle– you never forget. It will come back to you quickly :) Keep trying.


I’ve got 10 0f 1o. Thank you so much Adam. You are my favorite teacher.

Adi Peterson

Thank you! It was very interesting. I got 10


very nice teacher… speak so clear


thank you so much..:))


Thank You! Adam. Great class.

Junior Franca

I have a question for you Adam, but not related to this topic. I have been trying to find a solution to this question for many days now. however, I haven’t been successful in doing that, so here’s the question.

Which sentence is correct:
1. One of the students is missing.
2. One of the student is missing.

Should student be plural or singular?

I know that the first one is certainly sounds better than the second one, but I still want to know the grammar behind this because I’m a bit confused right now.


    Hi Mkb,

    #1 is correct. Remember that ‘one of’ means one (out) of the whole. It needs to be a countable noun for the whole, so that you can take one out of it to focus on. Then the whole is made up of a countable noun and must be plural.

    Does this help?


      Thanks Adam.
      I wonder how you manage to answer all these questions in the comment section, but I must tell you that you are doing an excellent job.


I got 8/10, thank you so much Adam! I really love your explanations, you speak very clearly and I can understand everything you say.


Thank you but I want more words because I want to be unique in the class.


    You’re already unique Raihana :)


Thanks, Adam! You explain things very well1


it is very easy lesson, Through the use of facial expressions and body movements, he studied a vibrant, very easy, and very understandable words, and thank you for writing lesson in English language (smart move) and the lesson is from real life of class
I wish you could give a lesson about
How can we learn English easily?


    Thanks Mouhammad. I wish there was an easy answer to that ;)


Cảm ơn thầy Adam với bài học đầu tiên.
Thank Adam for your first lesson.
Tôi được 10/10
I get 10/10
Rất vui được học cùng engVid
Happy to know engVid!


Thanks Adam ,its a very easy lesson.

lil amoola

Thanks Adam

Jose Reis

Many thanks Adam


Thank you so much, Adam!!


Thanks Adam! I have an observation only, the legend closes the end of the whiteboard.


    I’ll look into that Mogueira. Thanks :)


Thank you Adam!It’s help me to start lerning English


I really liked this lesson, it was very useful to me. Thank you teacher Adam.


i got 8 of 10 :( :( :(
but its ok :D

hossam nabil

Your classes are incredible .. Thanks Adam.!!


Thank you Adam.


Thanks you Adam i got all


thx Mr.Adam I got 9 of 10


Hi Adam. I really like the way you’re teaching. Your lessons are pretty useful and it really helps me a lot. Could you please explain to me or just do some lesson on difference between “at the beginning, in the beginning” and “at the end and in the end”

Thanks Adam


    Hi RRojitas,

    In the beginning/end refers to a general time or situation of beginning/ending. At the beginning means at the starting time or point (likewise for end).
    At the beginning of the school year, Tom was very shy and quiet.
    All the racers lined up at the beginning of the track.
    Tom went to a new school and had a hard time making friends in the beginning. At the end of the year he already had many plans for the summer with all his new friends.

    expressions: at the end of the day = ultimately, finally

    in the end – finally.

    Hope this helps a little.


only 8/10 :( i still need to improve my english


Hello, Adam! I was wondering if you could make a video that would clarify the meanings of such phrases as “in the beginning / at the beginning”, “in the end / at the end”. I read some information in the Internet, but it`s still vague for me. I don`t know whether there are more such phrases, but I would really appreciate it if you made that kind of the video!

P.S. You`ve got a huge <3 from me for the work you do. I hope to master English someday and I`m sure that it won`t take long as there are teachers like you:)


    Hi Snow white,

    Someone else just asked the same question :)

    In the beginning/end refers to a general time or situation of beginning/ending. At the beginning means at the starting time or point (likewise for end).
    At the beginning of the school year, Tom was very shy and quiet.
    All the racers lined up at the beginning of the track.
    Tom went to a new school and had a hard time making friends in the beginning. At the end of the year he already had many plans for the summer with all his new friends.

    expressions: at the end of the day = ultimately, finally

    in the end – finally.

    Hope this helps a little.


Hello dear teacher
To be honest I am very glad watching yours videos, because when you explain, it is really wonderful and every one can understand it easy. Thank you


Really u r good teacher thank u


Thank you Adam


Thanks Mr/Adam I got 9 of 10

omnia selim

Thanks Adam, could you please perhaps later talk about when use the verbs to do or to make. I will appreciate it, and take care.


Its helpfull . I catch everything .

thank you so mutch




Hi Adam as you are great please teach us a little more grammar.




Thank you so much Adam

Ghana Islam

Thank you for the kind words everyone.



ups, i got 8. i need to improve my English. help me to be smarter!


English is easy when you are the teacher!
I got 10 out of 10 btw :D


I got 10 out of 10! #Happy! :) But it’s just the beginning!

Poliana Almeida

Your class is great! Thanks Adam!!!

Poliana Almeida

Very good! This is the first lesson I’ve attended to here in EngVid and I liked it very much!

The quiz in the end of the lesson is also very good. Neither too easy not too difficult also.

Thank you so much for these great and free video english lessons!


first of all thanks Adam :)
please what is the difference between EFL AND ESL ?

Walaa El-Hamamy

    Hi Walla,

    English as a Foreign Language (you learn this in a non-English speaking country)

    English as a Second Language (in an English speaking country)


I got 8 correct out of 10.

asm towhid

Thank you


thank you my teacher .. I got 10 correct out of 10 :D

JeJe alqurashi

10 of 10 ,, YEEEEEEH XD


good job man, it was so fucking easly.


Greetings from Ecuador….Excellent class !! Thanks you!!


I need more practice, I got 6 to 10 questions, very bad…


I got 9 out of 10, nice lesson and quiz

Andreza viana

I have got 10/10 thank you adam

ghada gad

I got the tenth


thanks adam you are my favorit teacher i’ve got 10 correct out of 10


How can I download the lesson and the exercises in pdf file?


i got 5 correct out of 10 :(

bela firmantoyo

hi Adam
I have a problem in my class English .
I always try to talk or ask my teacher but I am afraid if I have mistake
How can I talk in my class ?
Excuse me about mistakes in this message


    Hi Hamdi,

    If you don’t make mistakes, you won’t learn. Don’t worry too much about it. Also, do the other students have perfect English? I think no, right? Remember, you will get better and laugh about these days in the future.



Thanks Adam :)


Thnkx adam sir your claases are helping me alot


thank you for your lesson, Teacher Adam. i have completed all quiz and what i got is 8 our of 10. actually it is not difficult but i make a mistake. I will be fighting to next quiz either.


Oh my God!!3 mistakes


I got 7 today is my fist lesson thank a lot Adam.


i have 7 \10

moctar dieng

Thank you Adam. You are very successfull teacher:)


I enjoyed y first class!!, you a re excellente teacher


Thanks you teacher. I would like to learn with you.
I’m speak English not very well but I will try…

Thanks again.
New Student


teacher adam i got 10 out of 10


Thanks very good!!!

Felipe Duarte

Hi Adam, thanks for the lesson and keeping sharing your knowledge and experience with us :)


thank you my teacher

haider j touma

I got 9 of 10. Thank you so much! Keep going.


Thanks Adam. I like your lessons. 8 correct out of 10.

Best regards from Poland.



Thanks for the lesson Adam. Good job!!

Deybi Mejia

I got 7 correct out of 10!! but thank you Adam I’ll do better next time!


i got 8 in this quiz :-)

majid elly

Hi Adam.i have a question.i m teaching english to my student but he don’t know basic of the grammar.He is in 5 standard .his english is very weak.can u give some tips how to start teach him.


Thanx T-Adam ..
I very sad because i get 6 from 10 .
But i well try aging in another lesson


thanks Adam for the good lesson .. pay attention you are the best


You are só good…

Josinei philippi

i got 8 out of 10. thank you adam sir.

mallikarjun s honakeri

Adam, you are a perfect teacher. Thanks for your lecture.


thank you adam im happy and im rely intrsting your lessones
i got 9 out of 10 (:


I got 7 correct out of 10 :) Adam, thank you for your efforts to help us ;)


Thank Mr adam


Thanks Mr adam


Hi Adam, I’m a new comer. It’s so amazing the lesson you have done even I’m not a teacher. But I wish i can be an english teacher someday.

When you have plan to come to indonesia?
hehehe,,,Who knows that you are interested in opening for a real english course here.

You re really passionate in teaching.
Hopefully, I can improve my grammar and listening fro m this page or this website.

Again, Thank you so much.
Have a great day, bye

Lius g

Lius G.

Great Job!


Hi Adam!! My name is Allyne and I’m from Brazil. I’ve been studying English since 2012. Actually, I returned in 2012. I found out EngVid on you tube and I really love it! Every day I try to study something here to complement my studies. Thanks a lot and Congrats to share knowledge. See you soon.

Allyne Grell

Thank you!

Alexandra Slominskaya

this is my first wisit here and now im sure its not the last. I got 9 correct answer.
Thank you Adam, you are the best teacher ;)

Hripsime Loqyan

I got 9/10 thank you teatcher


Hi Adam! I got 8 out of 10. Thank you very much.


Thank you

alaa jaber

Thank’s for excellent lesson


thank you, this is a really good class for beginers.


thank you,


Thanks adam,,you’re great


Adam is the best teacher i have ever seen


thank you adam

hoda said

Very interesting and helpful ……thanks adam sir

Harsimranpreet singh

thank you so much my english isn’t good enough ,but i will study hard in Adam class.


Wow, i got 10/10 thanks Adam for such a wonderful lesson.


I got 10


My first 10 :D


gr8 sir

divyesh patel

Hello Adam im new student here ,but my department its not English, and i hope to learn English and i want to learn more how to speak English but i hate grammar :D lol

btw thank you i got 8-10


thank you


Very clear and easy to catch, thanks a lot Adam!


Interesting lesson -thanks a lot




Thank you Adam … ❤:)

Mohamed Soliman Ibrahim

I have 7 correct its good for myself and I happy tanks you are amazi teacher


    Welcome! Just so you know, your comments had to be approved by me first because you’re new here. If your comments aren’t posted right away, that’s probably why :)

    engVid Moderator

I learnd a lot from this video and I did understand all about it. Thank you for your time to explain that topic and I’ll wait for more videos of you.

Steve Arvizu

Thank you Adam. You are one of my favourites teachers.

Jacek Dawid

I got 10 thanks Adam

Mohamed abdelraof sobeh

Adam, thx a lot!)


thank you Mr. Adam

Truong Anh Ngoc

I got 10/10

Truong Anh Ngoc

thank you Adam


I get 8 correct out of 10. I must be more observant listener for next time. Thank you, Adam. Your English is very clear.


Thanks Adam!!!!


thanks a lot Adam,


Preloved for previously enjoyed stuffs in Malaysia.

Imtithal Saeed

Hello Adam, I have got 8/10, I like a lot your english class


Thanks Adam , I got 10\10.

anfal kabil adam

10 of 10 , thank you Adam.


7/10. thank you so much

Lan Lan

hi adam , i’m new here and i like ur way in teaching english .. i have problems in listening and speaking :(


Hi Adam, I iumderstand everything you say.


thanks theacher I got 7 correct out of 10. It is good For me .


I got 10 of 10, thank you so much teacher adam , you are really very very good , thanks again

Ibrahim Jamal

Thanks My Teacher Mr.Adam
I got 10 of 10


my name is phu .and i came to canada two months ago …does anbody help me ???/


Hi Adam. I really like your classes. Thank you so much!!!


I will use it…


Hiii Adam,..
i’m new on ENGVID.COM ,.
but Adam yo explanation , way of talking (speech) is really superb :)
like someone explaining me in my MOTHER TONGUE.


the way you explainig things are wondorful.
i started waching your vedios a week ago an i’m realy glad to be your students thank you very much Mr Adam..


thank you




Adam has a nice way to teach I can understand everything. Very good teacher. Thanks a lot.


hello, i got 8 correct out of 10. Thanks so much for teaching me this lesson


i have got 10 out of 10,
and i think i got a good teacher Adam, n i like this website


Hello Adam
(I’m raising my hand to ask you right now.)
I have a question. When my teachers finish teaching each part, they often ask students “That makes sense?” or “You feel me?” Does it mean “Do you understand?”,right? and when I didn’t understand, Can I answer “It doesn’t make sense” or “I didn’t feel you” instead of “I didn’t understand”?


I got 8 of 10. It’s not good, but I will be try do it better)


I Got 8 Out Of 10 :D


Hi Adam. Thank you so much for your lessons.


Your English very easy for listening. Thank you very much Adam.


You are perfect teacher Adam . I will follow all time your lesson .


Mr. Adam , please i want a help !
I watch your lessons everyday , but i can’t catch it very well :( , what i have to do ? Should i prepare a book note , to mention the important information ?
Please please please :(

Ahmed Al Hossainy

*Them , not “it” :)

Ahmed Al Hossainy

Hi Adam, it’s very useful lesson for English beginners and I will use some skills that you teach in my online English tutor lessons, such like use a word in a sentance.
best & regards,


I got 80 score.. haha


Thank you, Adam. If I wanna know classmates understand the part or not, can I say: ‘make sense’?


I’m Thai and I want to learn english very much. This website is very useful for me to learn english.

at last I got 80 score for this quiz, if my sentence is wrong I’m sorry and i will try it again next time.

thanks you very much.


hi Adam why we don’t make chat here to practice this language with others ?!


I’ve got 10 correct out of 10 – thank you Adam for this lesson!


I got 9 thank you adam


Thank you. I got 8 out of 10.

Shakil Arsalan

thank you


Best teacher EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I agree with you ;)


I got 10 of 10 thanks Adam for this lesson and keep going


    Did you get 10 out of 10? Wow! Good for you.
    You’re really good at English Draganka.

    See you round!


Hi Adam, I like your teaching method .I watched your videos it’s very useful for me .Thanks a lots


100 % thnanks Adam

Omnia aboelmagd

Thanks Adam


I’d love to teach you Spanish!


Adam thank you for this lesson. Excelent job.

tony bendeck

yah!!! I got 10 out of 10… Thanks Adam.

Lakshmi Priya

Thank you adam i got 9 out of 10 i hope get 10 next time

Marwa anas me

Thank you.


thank you Adam i got 10 out of 10..:)


thank u a lot Adam .
I wanna ask if there is a quiz can test my self to know my level ??


10 / 10 i’m very lucky because it’s my first lesson and i’m begener on inglish thnkss teacher wish inderstand more with you


Excellent teaching Adam! Very helpful.
For curiosity purpose, where are you from ?
Germany ?


love it. Thank you, teacher.


Very helpful video (y)


It’s really usefull! Thank you very much. I’ve got 10/10

julia spinchevska

it’s very very useful,thanks adam
i got 10 of 10


Thank you, Adam!


Nice to meet you.I start to learning english…
it’s my first lesson.
Thank you, Adam!


I GOT 10….ufa. MY SECOND 10. ADAM, YOU ARE GREAT… THANK YOU!!!! if someone wants to chat (to) me at whatsapp to improve English, I am available … +55 65 8115-8402 . Rubens


Very interesting lesson ,thank you Adam

Fati 15

Why my teachers aren’t amazing like you Adam ?


I got 8 point.I have happy . Thank you ,Adam ,I not good speak English but I want practice it , because I wanna be go to work and travel at the USA.You help me please.


I got 10 of 10 thanks Adam for this lesson and keep going


thx 5/5


thank you adam
now i can to be active in classroom

Florida hutapea

Hello Adam
I’m Saeful from Indonesia and I’m a beginner.
I got 9 of 10
Thank’s Adam keep going.

Saefullah Hidayat

This is one of the easiest of your lesson! Thanks Mr Adam!


9 out of 10.
But this lesson is really easy.
Thanks Adam.


10 of 10. Thanks a lot.


Will it be a joke to say “work in pairs of three”?
Or it is unacceptable?


Adam thank you…

Marta Lopez

Thanks for the lesson Adam, how advanced is your spanish speaking, i also learn spanish in my school:)


Thank you Mr Adam
this first time I get high score
9/10 .. it’s awesome for me

thank you a gain Adam =D

Ahmed Alsafi

I got 7/10.


Hi Adam!Thank you very much! You help me with pronunciation,grammar,vocabulary. With everything!
The problem is that I want to read novels or stories or sth else and I can’t find sth that will be for my level, means that will be easy to read and understand! can you recommend me sth, please?


thank you so much

Nguyen Van Hau

Teacher Adam, it’s correct use, here, to responde the teacher in the classroom


It is real simply and clearly. Great course! Thank you for all lessons here! That is great to I can find this website. It is real pretty helpful.


I got 9 correct of 10 questions in quiz. It is so sad for I have not read clearly the 4 options of that. I understand in fact. :-)


thank you very much teacher. I learned a lot !!

Sam Yang

Yipeee! I got a perfect score, Adam! I thought I have forgotten everything in English language! Well, I need to refresh myself and take more quizzes! LOL! Thank you Adam. By the way, I need to know more about English for Specific Purposes on Law Enforcement. Do you do a lecture on that? I’ll be looking forward to that! Thank you!


really thank you Adam.

Abdullah Barakat

I need more practis about this video, excelent


Thank you so much, Adam. I have learned new expresions and I’ll use the advices about ask and not be shy when I do not understand something. See you, then.


Hi adam, a very interesting lesson, Thanks. I have a question to ask you please: Is it correct to say Can you repeat again?

Tarik rahmouni

Thank you Adam.


Sir! I got 10/10 .thank you sir

Habib Haraj

I listened to up 10 lessons and I will listen to all your lessons
but a small request , could you please explain the new words/Idioms slowly?
thank you in advance for your effort

Shimaa Ragab

Hi Adam, it was a usefull class for me…One day I´ll do a IELTS or TOEFL test but I´ll still whatching videos like this one, grettings from Venezuela


i didn’t understand answer of ques. no. 5
can you give me the explanasion?


i got 9 but very useful.Thank you



astrid carolina

I got an 80% Thank you, Adam, for this training


I listened other teachers, but your technic is very useful. thanks.


i got 9\10 , it’s the easier quiz i do it , thanks you adam so much


i always shy to ask anything to my teacher :(


    My advice to you is: Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

    Asking questions and making mistakes are the best tools to learn a foreign language.

    keep up the good work Shegufta! ! !

    See you round!


I got or i have got 10 on 10 or 10 of 10 which one is correct?


    As far as I know, the correct expression is:

    “I got 10 out of 10”

    Good for you Shegutta! ! !


What does the word mean or what is the word mean which one is correct?I need an answer.Thank you


thank you .


Very good!

Eli Costa

thank you Adam

george 14

I got 9 of 10 :) thanks Adam


waw this teaher is good

xamdi xiis

I got 10 of 10 yeay!!


i got 100 !!
Hey Teacher
you are the bessttttt :D


Adam,thanks very much.your lessons’ very carefull.


Thank you adam.

Abady Essam

hi adam .. i got 8 of 10 . and i wants thankyou to the interest lesson


im happy i got 6/10 and i will try to improve. God bless you.

Noreen jonathan

Hello, everybody I’m soufiane from Morocco I’m beginner in English I want to improve my language is there someone help me?

Souf Iane

Thank you! for your lesson Adam.


I understood perfectly thank you. now I need to practice the pronunciation I want to improve my speaking


thanke you Adam ot this leson … I got 9 of 10 <3


thank you adam


hello adam
how can I find English native speakers?


Thanx you Adam! I have got 9 correct out of 10


Igot 8 of 10 :)
Thanx adam

Sajeda Alolyyan

5. To know what a word means, you could ask:
How do you say this word in my language? But,
The teacher does not speak all languages.


I got 10/10 !
Thanks Adam !


Thanks ,Adam.
This is a useful lesson .
I will bring it to study in ESL class.^.^


Hello Adam sir.
please any suggestion for english speak

Md Firoj

thanks for this . but i have one question if i need to learn English conversation what i should to do?/


Thanks Adam I got 9 .thank you a lot


Hello? Iam get 7 /10 are this good?

Gody Rosy

hi adam i really like the way you teach and i got 9 for this lesson

black gregory

hi adam i get 9 i like your teaching style its easy to understand. thanks

habtu tesfa

Its my pleasure I’m in here and learning from teacher Adam
his work is best and very useful
so, thanks a lot


adam i wanna say you are my favorite teacher thank you it was so clear

ahmed rayan

Thank you for the video??❤️


thank you i get 8/10


Hello,sir i get 4.i will be try,

Nyi lay

Hello,sir i get 4.i will be try,

Nyi lay

Thank you so much Adam I get 90 really I’m interesting with your lessons ??????


good topic, thanks


Thank you, Adam? I learned a lot from your lesson. But I’m having a hard time in constructing sentences. I watched your video about it, but I am more confused to use those words in the simplest way. Do you have a video that I could watch on how to translate an advanced word into a simple one?
Thank you and take care yourself most of the time.


i got 9 out of 10 :D i am feeling good..want to do better :D need help :)


i find problem with speaking specially how to say some word plz help me


thank you adam


Hi Adam,
I have read some of your explanation about different example like phrasal verbs like “take# very interesting.Indeed,I am very interested on this now.

thank you very much


Thank you Adam . I got 9/10
I hope to be excellent in English.


I got 10 0f 10, thanks Mr. Adam, the lesson was very interesting and useful, keep going.

Fauzia A.

I got 10 of 10 for Adam sir. Thank you so much, sir.


Great Lesson, I got 9 of 10. Thanks for your explain.


I understood completely what you said. You are a great teacher. Thank you for the lesson


I got 8/10. Thanks Adam to explain.

Jane Dararat

Hi, Adam
Thanks for your precious lessons.
I have a problem. Lesson after lesson I forget .should I repeat old lessons or what to do.


Hi Adam! I am a beginner students, í need to learn speack english, i’m sorry for my writing. I speack only spanish.


i got 7out of 10 thanks

homa Db

I got 9 out of 10, thanks for your lession


i got 7out of 10 thanks. thanks for your lesson


The teacher explains very Good. Thanks

Alexander 77 ulcue

    Hi. Teacher Adam, i am Alexander. I was watching your videos 6 months ago and i liked it a lot. I only hope that you help me, because i want learning to speak very good the english language.

    Alexander 77 ulcue

hi Adam, I’m new here and this is my first message.
I think you are good teacher for understanding.


I got 9 of 10 … thank you Adam

Heba Hamed

hi got 8 of 10 thanks alot ?

nesreen muftah

Hi Adam,

I got 10 of 10. Your teaching is easy for me to understand and remember new words. Thanks so much.




Hi Adam,
Thank You very much for your amazing class. It’s really works for me. But I cannot move on to your next lesson.
could you plz help me to fix it.

Nasrin Sultana

Thank you Adam
I got 6 of 10
but i can’t speak english
I wish to become better than now


I got 9 of 10 ?..thanks alot

Entisar Mattog

Thanks alot Adam..your lessone is very interesting and I hope to learn more than before about English..but my big proplem,I feel Shying when I spoke english with another person and I can’t speak very well…please help me how can speak well without shying… ?

Entisar Mattog

Got 10 on 10 woahhhhh


hi adam,i am mona i got 8 to 10
thanks alot

Mona yousef

    Adam ,my big problem I cann’t speak English very well

    Mona yousef

Excellent, I caught the lesson. Thanks

Lourdes Torres

Great Adam, I like so much your explanation


I got 8 of 10
I will try again to get 10
thanks, a lot Mr Adam


    nice Javad


wow I’m in.
Now I can learn more.


First of all thanks Adam help me to teach.
So the my question is how i can improve my vocabulary and which kind of vocab…. I should learn because i wanna take promotion in next sex month so give me suggestion so i can improve my vocabulary… And i remember them for long time…

Shyam singh rathore

I got 10 out of 10. Thanks Adam!


Thank you Adam


thanks a lot

Amina Mammadova

Thanks Adam for this lesson :)

ahmed rashad00

learn to understand more about myself

Darmawan kehl

Thanks you teacher Adam


Adam i want to practise english with native american or anyone has english good…on skype


I got 9,I didn’t understand that question.but now I understand.thanks Adam for this class.i really want to continue with you.your teaching method is fab.

At ks

I got 10 out of 10
Thank u Adam best teacher


I got 8 out of 10 . But I confused about test number of 7.


thank you Adam Your presntation is very clear and you speed voice is perfect.


Thanks Adam for teaching me


thanks adam


Hi teacher, you are very clear. I can understand. We keep go on


very nice class teacher…congrats


Hi Adam Sir, you are my favorite teacher.

Nisha Chaudhari


Thazin Yu

Hi I am new student and I like your lesson English class room and I like it Thank you my Teacher Adam

Osama khadar xirsi

10/10! Great! I was shy to ask question when I studied at school. Now, I encourage my son to be bravely raise his hand and ask questions.

Jerry Gu

Thank you very much Adam

Mindy H

I got 10 correct out of 10. So thank you so much for your effort.

Fauzia A.

I can’t thank you enough teacher this lesson was very useful for me (if this sentence is not correct please correct me)



abdelaziz ata

Thanks Adam


Thank you Teacher,


I forget to tell you when i follow your course or your class, it’s easy for me to understand. But when i try a other one, it’s very difficult for me to hear them


I got 9 out of 10. Thank you so much Adam I like your methods of teaching. Thanks a lot for your useful lessons and ideas. lots of luck


hi adam my name sirish i got 5/10

T. Sirish Narayan

Good advices and we should ask always and never be a shy


Thank you. I got 10 points.


Very nice class , got 10 out of 10


Thank you for your explain.


thanks a lot.God bless you.Iam satisfied with your over all lesson.by by.


Thank you very much Mr Adam. I got 7 of 10


Thanks a million. That’s so nice of you.

Lee jin woo

Thank you a lot Mr.Adam, you`re really an amazing teacher. This lesson is so helpful.
My score on the quiz is 10 out of 10.


Thx teacher

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