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You are arguing over money with your spouse, and you use the "twist" persuasive device. You say:

You are at a work party, and your boss shows you pictures of her handmade jewellery. You say, "Wow! That is beautiful. You are so talented."
Which persuasive device is this?

At the fast food restaurant, a customer checks her order and realizes there's been a mistake. She says, "I'd like to speak to the manager."
Which persuasive device is this?

You are having a debate over politics online. Someone replies to your comment with, "You don't know what you're talking about." You want to reply using a rhetorical question. You write:

You use the "guilt" persuasion device to ask your kids to leave you alone to rest. You say:

You want to convince your husband to be more active. You say, "Exercise is healthy, positive, and fun."
Which persuasive device is this?

Your friend tells you, "McDonald's sells 75 burgers per second."
Which persuasive device is this?

When you ask someone to try to understand your point of view, you are using the __________ persuasive device.

When you try to get someone to feel sorry for you, you are using the ____________ persuasive device.

The "shock" persuasive device uses the element of ____________.

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Why I can’t see the videos? I’m so angry and sad 😔 Is here anyone can help me? Please 🌸

Saturday, August 10th 2019

    Hi, Reyhaneh. All our videos are hosted on YouTube, which may be blocked where you live. If you can’t see any other YouTube videos, that is probably the reason.

    Tuesday, August 13th 2019

      I think that Reyhaneh used the argument “emotive” for persuasive you to help him.

      Wednesday, August 14th 2019

        😮️ Oh my god, you’re right.

        Saturday, August 17th 2019

      Hi there; how please can I contact anyone in EngVid by phone or email? In fact, I have a very important question about (academic matter) and I need help. So, please help me and I will greatly appreciate that.

      Friday, September 13th 2019

        What exactly do you need help with?

        Saturday, September 14th 2019

Thank you, Benjamin, it’s an amazing, informative and very useful lesson.

Saturday, August 10th 2019

Thank you, Benjamin, for a great lesson. I learned not only new english words and rules but I improve some communication skills too.

Saturday, August 10th 2019

I’m sure that you know how it can be difficult to learn a new language. But what you don’t know that I’m your son. Yes, it’s true, my brothers recently told me about it. Oh, they’re your sons, too. There’re ten of them. I know, I know, you haven’t known about it, but I couldn’t sleep after they told me the truth. I don’t what to do and how to live. I hope that you’ll write me a little message here to know that I’m not alone. You’re a kind and responsible person! If you don’t answer me, I’ll talk to your family. It makes you feel miserable, guilty, heartbroken. You don’t want it, do you? I’m begging you! Please, please answer me. If you answer me, you’re going to feel for 5% better according to the recent research.

Sunday, August 11th 2019

Wow! Useful.

Sunday, August 11th 2019

Initially I got the quiz very tough ,but surprisingly I got 90℅ . I found the lesson unusual but indeed so effective and useful. Thank you so much Benjamin! <3

Sunday, August 11th 2019

I hope you don’t mind if I ask an unrelated question!
Can I translate “YOU” in the following sentence as an “impersonal YOU”?

“You could not live with your own failure.”

Sunday, August 11th 2019

I’ve got 5/10

Sunday, August 11th 2019

Thanks Benjamin! Good lesson.

Sunday, August 11th 2019

10/10 – i’m shocked

Monday, August 12th 2019

Thank you a lot!

Monday, August 12th 2019


Monday, August 12th 2019

I got 6/10, I wrong something, especial at guilt device and deal device. if you don’t mind please explain for me. Thank you

Monday, August 12th 2019

Does “surely” always have to be there in a rhetorical question?

Tuesday, August 13th 2019

Thanku, very helpful :)

Tuesday, August 13th 2019

i got 9/10!

Tuesday, August 13th 2019

    Great, I got 8/10, almost reached you… rsrs

    Monday, November 4th 2019

where is the next lecture, please?

Wednesday, August 14th 2019

you are good

Friday, August 16th 2019

Thanks Benjamin!

Saturday, August 17th 2019

in China can’t watch video.

Sunday, August 18th 2019

Thank you for your useful lesson. Actually I got quite “shock” about McDonald sells 75 burgers per second…9/10. 🤣🤣🤣

Friday, August 30th 2019

good very

Tuesday, September 3rd 2019

I’ve got 8/10!

Tuesday, September 10th 2019

Hi, Benjamin… Plz can u explain the difference between “to persuade ” & “to convince”?.

Wednesday, September 25th 2019

Thanks for your time.

Sunday, September 29th 2019

10/10 good lesson
thank you

Wednesday, October 2nd 2019

Ok Benjamin I’m trying to repeat this lesson again thanks.

Tuesday, November 5th 2019

Thank you for the lesson, very useful.

Wednesday, November 27th 2019

Thank you Mr. Benjamin; you presented the very, very interesting lesson.

Thursday, January 2nd 2020

Thank you, Benjamin, for a great lesson

Thursday, February 20th 2020

Thank you, Benjamin!

Thursday, February 20th 2020

Thank you Benjamin!

Thursday, February 20th 2020

it’s very useful!!

Thursday, May 7th 2020

Well explained Benjamin.

Wednesday, May 13th 2020

Thank you Benjamin.
These lessons are really helping me improve my english learning.
You rock!

Friday, May 15th 2020

Thanks for the lesson Ben!

Wednesday, May 20th 2020

Very good teacher and actor too! Lol! I´m kiding.
Thanks Benjamim!

Sunday, June 28th 2020

Cool lesson! Thank you Benjamim.

Tuesday, July 28th 2020

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