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Brittany: I finally graduated from university.
Josh: ________________!

What can you say when you are raising your glasses before dinner?

You have a guest staying over at your house for a few days. You say:

Josh: I'm so sorry for bumping into you.
Jelena: __________________.

Nicola: Thank you for clearing the snow from my driveway.
Noddy: You're welcome. __________________.

Leo tells you he failed his test. You say, "I'm so sorry" with your voice going _____________.

Daphna: My pet turtle died this morning.
Yael: __________________.

Dinner is served. Everybody ________________!

Johnny: Shall I pick you up at 8 o'clock?
Amber: That _____________ good.

You hold the door open for your colleague to pass ahead of you and say:

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That’s was a fantastic lesson..thank you

Tuesday, May 5th 2020

    That is a great lesson

    Tuesday, May 5th 2020

This lesson is so useful. It helped me a lot! Thank you, Benjamin.

Tuesday, May 5th 2020

i’m a begest thanker

Tuesday, May 5th 2020

Thank you.

Tuesday, May 5th 2020

It’s not too difficult, but saying it at the right moment makes all the difference and helps you get into a polite conversation.
Well done Benjamin. That’s a good lesson!

Tuesday, May 5th 2020

Congratulations for such great lesson Benjamin!

Tuesday, May 5th 2020

well done :D

Wednesday, May 6th 2020

Thanks, I enjoy the lesson

Wednesday, May 6th 2020


Wednesday, May 6th 2020

Thanks! Congratulation for this class.

Thursday, May 7th 2020

Benjamin, don’t mention it.

Thursday, May 7th 2020

Great lesson, thank you very much.
I think such expressions (and especially the way they are said) are useful not only for beginners but also for intermediate students.

Thursday, May 7th 2020

The ING form can be a complement without a preposition. For instance: “I hate waiting in a queue”. It’s correct? or shut be “I hate to waiting in a queue”

Thursday, May 7th 2020

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Thank you.

Thursday, May 7th 2020

Nice, it was such a great lesson, can’t wait for more.

Thursday, May 7th 2020

thank You very much

Thursday, May 7th 2020

Its very useful and it helps a lot. Thanks

Thursday, May 7th 2020

Fantastic lesson!

Thursday, May 7th 2020

I’ve got 90 score. I think that is good. Isn’t?

Thursday, May 7th 2020

Great lesson!

Thursday, May 7th 2020

thank you , i enjoyed

Thursday, May 7th 2020

It was a fantastic session. Thank you so much

Friday, May 8th 2020

well done

Saturday, May 9th 2020

10/10 thanks:)

Saturday, May 9th 2020

Thank you,it really helps a lot!

Sunday, May 10th 2020

Thank you sir.such a great lesson!

Monday, May 11th 2020

oh i loved this video so much! Great job, Benjamin, thanks a lot!

Wednesday, May 13th 2020

Love it

Thursday, May 14th 2020

Hi, when someone thank something to you, can’t you also say: “you’re welcome”? Or maybe that’s already old fashioned phrase?
Thanks :)

Tuesday, May 19th 2020

I’d like to talk about one of my weaknesses in learning English. It’s about listening. The reason I’m not very good at listening is because I’m easily distracted and can’t concentrate for a long time. If I concentrate what speaker say, I may understand most of them. But I often lose focus and get stuck what the speaker said just before and then can’t listen the remaining portion at all. It would be good if there is a lesson about a topic to strengthen concentration when talking in English.

Saturday, May 23rd 2020

Thank’s Benjamin ! Well done

Tuesday, May 26th 2020

thanks teacher very good lesson, is great

Thursday, May 28th 2020

Very good lesson.

Tuesday, June 9th 2020

Thank you and well done.

Thursday, June 18th 2020

My problems are spelling,writing and punctuation

Wednesday, June 24th 2020

Thanks Benjamin. I got out 10 of 10

Friday, June 26th 2020

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