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Last week my car broke down and I had to _________ $1000 to fix it.

Mr. E lost his job last week, so now he has to _________ on $20 a week.

I can't spend all my money at the bar. I need to __________ a few dollars for my dinner tonight.

Last week I _________ my new car. Now I can afford to take you out to dinner.

Can I borrow $50? I promise I will _____________ tomorrow!

Sharon: How was the poker game last night?
Ethan: I lost and I had to ____________ $100.

I ____________ my savings and bought myself a new coat.

I can _________ on $1500 a month and still have a lot of fun because I'm smart about how to spend my money.

It takes a long time to _______ money for a new car, because cars are expensive.

When I moved out of my apartment, the landlord made me ________ an extra $200 for all the damage Mr. E had done.

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Hello, James. Very interesting lesson. Money is a good subject to talk about. Thank you so much. I wish you all the best (health, peace and MONEY). I will see you next time! Bye! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Wednesday, June 29th 2016

    Today I was going out, but since I didn’t have money to burn, I decided to stay home.

    Money talks, bullshit walks (… and expression picked up on a film).

    I don’t have the words to thank you James.

    That’s it for me now.

    Sunday, July 31st 2016

James,thank you so much for your vivid English class each time, I really learn a lot. Thank you a million~~~

Wednesday, June 29th 2016

💰💰💰💰 thank you James!

Wednesday, June 29th 2016

Thank you for this wonderful lesson. Now I know how to use these verbs and shock my friends. Thanks a lot!!

Thursday, June 30th 2016

thank you mr. james.
it was a good test for me.. :)
i’m so excited to learn more and more :)

Thursday, June 30th 2016

Great lesson. Thank a lot

Thursday, June 30th 2016

thank you Mr. James Your lesson is useful but I have never used these phrases .

Thursday, June 30th 2016

nice lesson
thanks james
can u put fluency lessons ?

Thursday, June 30th 2016

What’s the difference between “dip into” and “dig into” ?

Thursday, June 30th 2016

Thanks, great lesson

Thursday, June 30th 2016

Nice lesson. It’s so awesome to use mind map to teach! This method is really efficient and helpful.

Thursday, June 30th 2016

James, you are a great teacher! Thank you very much! :)

Thursday, June 30th 2016

hello james ! we pay money in rupees not in dollar ! The topic was excellent and useful.

Thursday, June 30th 2016

Thanks a lot James!!! I really like the way you show a lot of new vocabulary and expressions by doing that kind of diagrams and explaining in detail and with examples all that information.

Thursday, June 30th 2016

Thanks James!
these phrases are very useful.

Thursday, June 30th 2016

James!! You´ re a great teacher!
You have an amazing ability to transmit knowledge.

Thursday, June 30th 2016


Thursday, June 30th 2016

Thank you

Thursday, June 30th 2016


Thursday, June 30th 2016

haha! Great lesson! Easy peazy lemon squeezy! I got 90 on the quiz. You rock at teaching, James!

Thursday, June 30th 2016

hhhh so funny i like this Lesson

Thursday, June 30th 2016

Hi James!
Why can’t I use “pay you off tomorrow”? Why does it have to be “pay you back”? It’s not clear for me.

Thursday, June 30th 2016

thank you

Friday, July 1st 2016

Thanks James for this great lesson. It is very useful.
I love Abba, too.
Money by Pink Floyd is also a good lyrics about money. :)

Friday, July 1st 2016

Excuse me, I haven’t understand the difference between “fork over”, “cough up” and “shll out”. Could someone explain me it?

Friday, July 1st 2016

Thank you for your lesson! You are the BEST!!! A good explanation plus a lot of charisma

Friday, July 1st 2016

8/10. The vocabulary was new for me. Thanks, James. You´re the best!

Friday, July 1st 2016


Friday, July 1st 2016

Hi James! Thanks for this vidao, it was really interesting. I got new vocabulary to use when talking about money.

Friday, July 1st 2016

Thanks for everything

Friday, July 1st 2016

thanks Mr. James!! Thanks for this awesome lesson!

Friday, July 1st 2016

hello, this approach is very helpful to understan the phrasal verbs and your energy is totally great:)

Friday, July 1st 2016

very useful. thanks

Friday, July 1st 2016

Big thanks teacher James for really pretty useful lesson.Teacher I have problem how to use phrasal verb in a sentence.Can you give us phrasal verbs with the sentence next lessons?

Friday, July 1st 2016

    where r u from mesume

    Saturday, July 2nd 2016

      My county’s name mentioned there.I’m from Azerbaijan.

      Saturday, July 2nd 2016

Hi James, i love watching your videos lesson, it really helps me to learn English ..i also like your sense of humors… Am i saying right if not please correct me.. See u in your next video ! 😘

Saturday, July 2nd 2016

Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks alot

Saturday, July 2nd 2016

Love your mindmap! That is so creative!

Saturday, July 2nd 2016

Thank you James !!

Sunday, July 3rd 2016

It was very informative! Thx a lot!

Monday, July 4th 2016

he is awesome, I love your lessons James. You are the best ))))))

Monday, July 4th 2016

Mr. E
Always the villain! :)

Tuesday, July 5th 2016

Great lesson, thanksss

Tuesday, July 5th 2016

thank you, james
It was very helpful for me
If you want to sometime practice, my account is ahmet.peace (skype)

Tuesday, July 5th 2016

This Mr. E got into trouble again

Wednesday, July 6th 2016

Thank you, James, for this wonderful course!

Wednesday, July 6th 2016

Thanks a lot for another great James, I like the way you teaching us( yeah us)

Wednesday, July 6th 2016

Great lesson**

Wednesday, July 6th 2016

James, the question #5 could be “pay off” because he borrow me U$ 50 and he’ll paying all money back that mean he will be paying all of his debt with me. In the video you’ve talked about it or I am making a mistake?

Wednesday, July 6th 2016

    hi. I have the same question as you.
    I did make a mistake on that quiz too.

    Monday, August 15th 2016

cool, really useful :)

Friday, July 8th 2016

Very good explanation, James; I can understand now how to think in English. Thank you very much.

Friday, July 8th 2016

Same here, I thougt to paying the debt of 50$ we could use “pay off”

Friday, July 8th 2016

thank youuuuu great lesson ^^.

Sunday, July 10th 2016

Very good lesson mr james, I think someday i’ll pay you back all this. lol

Monday, July 11th 2016

Thanks a lot

Monday, July 11th 2016

Great lesson thanks teacher

Tuesday, July 12th 2016

useful thanks

Tuesday, July 12th 2016

Thanks James!

I think you employ a very efficient way of teaching English, using these diagrams, topic words and examples! I understand it very quickly and, generally, these contents last in memory forever, after one or two revisits.

I desire to you all sucess to save up money more than enough to satisfy your wishes.

Tuesday, July 12th 2016

Sorry. I don’t understand the final sentence of your story. I understood that it costs 500$ so next week Mr.E had to PAY BACK on 20$ a day. Because he don’t have enough money so he had to pay back each week is 20$. 500$ is as a debt and he has to reduce a debt by pay back (I understood “pay back” means I pay a debt each time some money until I finish it. I hope you explain me to understand more. Thanks you so much!!!!

Wednesday, July 13th 2016

very gôd
thanhk you

Wednesday, July 13th 2016

Thank you James you are the best👍

Wednesday, July 13th 2016

Hi James! Please – write me in what school you teach, because I want to come to Toronto and be a student in your class and fix my english.
Greetings from Poland.

Wednesday, July 13th 2016

Thank you very much sir !

Sunday, July 17th 2016

Thanks, it’s so interesting

Monday, July 18th 2016

unbelieveble lesson! so cool! congratulations teacher!

Monday, July 18th 2016

Wow!! Thank you James. I learned a lot. I like your way of theaching!!!

Tuesday, July 19th 2016

thank you James,

Friday, July 22nd 2016

Thanks James! You have the gift of teaching grammar using situations of our everyday life. That’s very didactic.

Saturday, July 23rd 2016

I have a question ,sir
in your very short story in the final minutes of the video , the last line
It actually cost 500$ so he had to ( you said get by ) 20 $ a day .
I thought it might be pay back .
Can i have an explanation ?

Monday, July 25th 2016

This is the worst lasson of ALL of lessons I’ve ever seen before. Becouse explanetions is so short and fast. (

Wednesday, August 3rd 2016

I was listening a music called “The show must go on” made by Queen and I didn’t understand an expression “I’ll top the bill”. What means to “top the bill” in this context?

Thursday, August 4th 2016

thank’s James you’re my favorite teacher , it was good lesson for me with new phrasal verb for money

Friday, August 5th 2016

Thanks James. It was really interesting, and your way of teaching is really amazing.

Friday, August 12th 2016

Thank youuuuu 💕💕💕👍🏽👍🏽

Monday, August 22nd 2016

I like lessons like this. Usually I use simle vebs: to earn money,to spend money , to keep money.. Very useful. thanks. Need more lessons like this!!

Thursday, August 25th 2016

Thank you I hope understand 😂😂💔

Monday, August 29th 2016

Thank you.

Wednesday, August 31st 2016

I am so luck because of ı met you…You are teach so funny…Thank you so much….:)

Wednesday, September 14th 2016

Hi, fresh teacher James and taciturn Mr.E! That was a real good lesson! But why don’t a little explanation about exercise tasks? For example, when you give back money to friend, why don’t you say “I’ll pay you off”?

Sunday, September 18th 2016

thanks a lot! Jame`s spidergram helps to remember the info as a visual trigger which is always helpful :o)

Sunday, September 25th 2016

Real cool lesson, I do remember everything! Thank you a lot James!

Sunday, September 25th 2016


Monday, September 26th 2016

I’m very pleased.

Thursday, September 29th 2016

Thanks JAMES ! Really important things about Money learned today ! Thanks again for your interactive lesson ! I like when you involve the listener in searching the write phrasal verb in the sentence !! Much luck $_$

Thursday, September 29th 2016

A useful lesson as usual. I don’t know how to pay you back all these knowledges, i guess by being always concentrated and keeping visiting this website. Thanks a lot for the way you are involved in making us understand the differences between some of the words you teach. That’s what we say in french “la subtilité de la langue”.

Wednesday, October 19th 2016

sorry… that’s what we CALL in french

Wednesday, October 19th 2016

Thanks a bunch james…

Thursday, October 27th 2016

I also have a request!
Could you please teach us some useful expression for greeting and the expression which are used when we want to say goodbye?
thanks in advance…

Thursday, October 27th 2016

James, thank you. Your lesson is always so clear and we can be able to get all the information you want to teach. I think this one of the most complicated subjects for us, Brazilians because the way foreigners talk about money, is very different from us. I love your videos and I take note about everything. Please, DON’T STOP SINGING! Haha. :)

Tuesday, November 8th 2016


Friday, November 18th 2016

loving the way you deliver it, James! I find it easy to understand. Thank you! :)

Sunday, November 27th 2016

hey james, u r the best english teacher which i had seen ever :D

Friday, December 30th 2016

Hello James. I’m Ivan from Brazil. I have learnt a lot with EngVid. I and Know people who have learnt much also with EngVid.
I really appreciate that, and it would be even better if you from EngVid could make up and App.
Take care!

Tuesday, January 3rd 2017

I decided to buy a new house so I need to save up money, I know it is not easy to buy an expensive house because at the same Time we need to cough up for food, electricity and so on, I have 1000$ monthly, I should dip into about 300$ for my house’s money, anyway i am happy because I paid off for my new car.

Sunday, January 15th 2017

    Excellent !

    Friday, February 3rd 2017

A very interesting lesson . Thank you teacher .

Friday, February 3rd 2017

It’s useful lesson about money, and also it’s increased my vocabulary and practice made more connections in my mind.

Saturday, February 11th 2017

Thank you, James. I did 7/10, because I did not get clear spending money fork off, cough up and also save up. Good lesson.

Wednesday, February 15th 2017

thank you very much.

Friday, April 7th 2017

Pls add me in skype for conversations: kirill199420

Thursday, April 13th 2017

thanks a lot names.. it was an important lesson especially that we’re suffering from many financial problems
here in Syria the salaries are too low ..maybe the salary doesn’t even be enough to eat and survive
you need hundred years of saving up money to afford a new apartment
every day you’re scrabing by
what a hard life !

Sunday, May 7th 2017

Thank you James!

Wednesday, June 21st 2017

Hello James, it is not easy to learn all those phrasal verb until we use them several times.Thanks a lot

Monday, November 20th 2017

Excellent lesson, interesting and useful.
In the song “when I am 64″ the Beatles say:
” we shall scrimp and save”. Is this idiom stronger
than “save up” or is it the same.Hope you have
some free time to read this comment.

Tuesday, March 6th 2018

thanks a lot phrasal verbs it’s very important

Tuesday, April 3rd 2018

very helpful lesson

Saturday, April 7th 2018

I think it is a hard lesson I hope if you provide us with another one to keep it deeply in our minds.

Thursday, April 12th 2018

Very good lesson .thanks

Sunday, April 15th 2018

You got 10 correct out of 10.

thank you for your efforts.

Sunday, May 20th 2018

This lesson was superb.

Tuesday, August 21st 2018


Sunday, September 30th 2018

Thanks,James.It helps me be good at English.

Sunday, September 30th 2018

Thank you so much James you’re my favorite teacher here!


Thursday, March 7th 2019

James, you are my favorite teacher ever I have! You are so charismatic! if I have some money to study English with a native speaker >>you will be wealthy

Monday, March 11th 2019

Great lesson, Thank you.

Saturday, July 20th 2019

Thanks James!
I got 9 out of 10.
I missed question 8.

Wednesday, December 25th 2019

Seems to interested, I need to be fameliar with this new words

Wednesday, August 19th 2020

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