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on the test understanding, question 4th and 5th are the same.


    I was just going to say that, I scored 5 out of 5 btw.


      This is fixed now.

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      It is needed a few more expressions in order to be able to tell how to get to a given place; however, it is a good start.

      Thanks Jon.

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Thanks Jon


nice presentation! keep it up and more videos to post… thanks a lot teacher John.


    Thanks. There are more coming. Thanks for you enthusiasm.

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Nice video, contratulations from Spain.


hi Jon :
thanks alot


I enjoyed :) thanks

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    I´m from Brazil and want to improve my english with people from Canada. If you want, pease add me on my MSN: val-decy2008@hotmail.com

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thank you a lot MR.jon

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Hey Jon, good session from you. I enjoyed it. You did not waste time erasing the board or writing. Hope to see more from you.


hello, i didn’t see the clip. but i done the quiz, it’s everything right.


Thank You teacher Jon. I’m aprecciate your lesson. Lily from Brazil


    In Brazil always hot?



Abd Allah

Hi Jon sorry to bother you ,could you tell me how to get to your house to thank you so much for this lesson ?

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    That’s great!!! Excellent use of “could you tell me how to get to…”

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For all fellows that don’t live in USA, follow below some common streets suffixes abbreviations. I have doing too much job outside and my GPS has taught a lot.
Avenue(AVE); Boulevard (BLVD); Circle(CIR); Court(CT); Extension(EXT); Gardens(GDNS); Highway(HWY); Lane(LN); Parkway (PKWY); Road(RD); Shore(SHR); Square(SQ); Street(ST); Terrace(TER); Trail(TRL); Turnpike(TPKE); Valley(VLY);


    Thanks!!! It’s very helpful indeed)


It´s fantastic!


Thanks Jon is very helpful to know directions.You are excellent teacher.Do you have skype maybe we can speak together my skype is carabas24.Peace out Dorin from Moldova.


thank u ,lol & very cool ur

Shayma EL.

thanks jon that lesson was very interesting and the other thing that i wonna tell u that my score is 4 out of 4

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yahoooooooo….. i get 4 out of 4 marks

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yahoooooooo….. i get 4 out of 4 marks

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    Well done.

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I got 4/4…. Mr. Jon, why don’t you try to give us a lesson between may and might?

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sir Jon, i’m going to wait ur may and might.

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Sir jon, thanks.its really intresting video.

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Where’s the library? Tim: It’s on the corner of Ontario Street and Maple Syrup Avenue.

The second one “at, in” could be nice too?

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    I would not say “in the corner”. “At the corner” means very close to, so people would understand, but I think “on the corner” is the best answer.

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      yes. MR ITHINK THAT ALSO AND thank you very much you`r very talent

      nada sherif

thank you it’s helpful

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thank u veryuch for this intresting lesson


sir Jon,,, hello… can u give a lesson about the rule of combining noun and pronoun in a sentence… like “Jon and I or Jon and me”. I’ll wait for this from you.

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    I will take note of that. Thanks.

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      oh,,, i have a long time to open engvid,,, coz i’ll became busy lately,,, but thanks sir Jon,,, i’ll wait that lesson… i’m sure, it helps us a lot…

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John, tell me something. When you say DIRECTION it sounds like D[:i]rection but there is another pronuncation like D[:i]rection (something like wide, wife). I hope you get what i mean. Are they both correct?

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    Unfortunately, English is not as consistent as Spanish for example, so you will here many variations depending on where the ‘native’ speaker is from. My suggestion is that you listen to native speakers from Australia, Ireland, Scotland, Canada, New Zealand, the U.S. and England, etc. Choose the accent that you would like to hear and practice with their pronunciation. Good luck.

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Sir Jon, hello, I’m curious why you didn’t reply our comments. Are you still reading it? Anyway, I want to ask you a favor about a lesson using a conjunction “and” and “or” in a subject or predicate of a sentence.

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    Sorry about taking so long. I will take note of your request. Thanks.

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      thanks sir Jon, its help us a lot….

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Thanks :)


yeah ! i get 4 out of 4 marks


thank you for this lesson teacher jon.

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    need ur help

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Basem Majed

It was great!,.. good job teacher jon.
I learned a lot from you thanks for the infos. you share,….^__________^ a big smile 4 u


iam mongolian i want study english very well

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good !

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Thanks very much for your nice ecplanations.

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I did all :)

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thanks so much t. jon i’v benefited a lot from the lesson ^_^

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thanks jon


thank u for this lesson which was wonderfull
go ahead teacher jon

emad alhattamy

Thanks John !

Batyr Turkmen


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Awesome video Jon !!! Regards from Brazil
That’s the best website to learn and understand English!!And I hope to keep learning from all of you qualified teachers !!!

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    Thanks. I lived in Recife for about 6 months in 2006. It’s a beautiful country and the people were very nice and friendly.

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    Hi,Would you like to be my friend? so we can practice english.If you want, please ad me on my MSN: val-decy2008@hotmail.com. See u there.

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thanks engVid so much .


jon u r agreat man .


thanks so much<

al sadek

thanks =)


thanks a lot


cool lesson… thank you so much teacher.. :)

Neng Nezha


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    seme to you


Wonderful lesson


Great lesson




thank you very much jon. you are great.

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great job

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thank you!!!! that’s great!!!

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thank you Great lesson


hello jon! u teaching very faste,and understanable. good job and god bless you.Good night

jenel sanon

you are good teacher and and i hope if i can meet you to thank you any way its thaaaaaaaaaaaaank you

mustafa yassin

jon it was nice..


Thanks your efforts are appreciated

shaheedullah Safi

Good choice for the names of the streets ! Very witty :-) !


thanks. after this lesson. i have known how to give directions.

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    I’m happy that you found the lesson helpful.

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    Nice pic alex)


Thanks Jon, you are perfect :)

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thanks Jon , it was helpful and useful for me, because i am not very good in directions

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i hope you’ll give us more useful lessons like this next time, Jon. we don’t need to go to English Center, just stay at home and watch your videos.Studying English become more effectively than other way. thank you and your lessons very much ^^

chung le

Thank you Jon. It was very helpful lesson. I got 5 correct answer :-) But prepositions are not to easy to understand and use. There are meany of them which have the same or similar meaning!!! Maybe you can prepare a video lesson about this subject… Thanks


thx MR JON YOU`R VERY good MR and iunderstod all of the section today

nada sherif

thanks a lot.

the sun

that is great thank you very much.


I dont know when im gon’ stop thank ya

nd i woud say it for thousands times because You already helped us!


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Hi Jon

Thanks a lot for all your lessons. Everything is very helpful and in a good sound and video quality.
You’re the best ;-)

greetings from Europe


I am an Egyptian girl .I want to thank you for your great effort in teaching us.You made us like English language more for your cheerful character


Thanks Jon!

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hi!thanks I’ll try to be watching and practing
with your videos are easy to use thanks.
and have nice thanksgivig day


I want to learn more,thanks for teaching us,hope we learn more,really good,


Thank you!
Don’t you think to do this in Sri Lanka?


I think the last one is Terrace (Ter.).Thanks for all.


thnks my greatest teacher, thanks so much but i have a small question i want to ask you what does this mean”i must dash’ thanks again

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thank for lesson my teacher…


Hi friends I am glad to connect to this site…
i hope to learn english with you…
Thanks for this lesson Jon…

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Thank you for very good lessons.


thank you very much. This lesson very helpful for me.


very helpful sight and keep posting new lessons.


I like this lesson.. it’s very useful..
and I felt like I’m practicing the listening skills too..

Thank you very much Jon

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ThkQ Jon, nice and useful lesson. BTW, What’s a Court (Crt) What kind of street is that?
Another question, when one says opposite (meaning across from), does he have to use the preposition to, (opposite to…)?

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i really enjoyed listening to this lesson!


thank u so much it,s really good lesson :)


good job

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thank u lotsa!

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thaank you jon


I really appreciated it!!!

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Thank you Jon, Well done !

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Hi, Jon. I`m a teacher from Kazakhstan and thank you for your good lesson.These are good ways to explain students all the material. It`s so simple and understandable!!!!!Thank`s a lot!!!!!I enjoyed !


really good


i really enjoy ur class jon, i bet u going to be a great and fun father. ty

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easy, very easy


u really made it east
thnx jon


thank you a lot teacher , my name is jamal , In yemen .arabic


How Can I change(shape)… my shape


4 out of 4
thanks jon

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Mr. I’m very enjoy about your lesson.. thanks a lot…


this is cool! i’ve been looking for something that could help me in learning expressions to use when giving directions. is there more? especially if you’re on the road?


what i mean is are there more?


But, what people need to learn, are the street corner directions: Is this the Southwest corner? How do you know, from there, how do they get to the next place, and turn left on the NorthEast corner?


Thank you so much for your marvelous lessons.:) I just would like to make sure that I could use ‘make right/left’ instead of ‘turn right/left’. Actually, I’ve heard lots of people saying ‘make a left and go straight’. I would appreciate it if you could reply me when you have time.

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I’m the best student here ever hehehehe

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The lesson is very important because we
all have to move to places we don’t know.

Thank you teacher.


Thx so much it’s also useful


usefull!!! thank you..


Thanks for every good lessons.
I’ll learn more by the video from this website….:-)


Thanks for every good video..:-)


Jon, Thank you so much.


Thanks Jon


mmmmm….I’ve got 75…. hehehehe


You are such a good teacher


If I want to ask about certain building, what should I say? “How can I get to ten Main street?” Is it write?
And how can I say about a building on, for example, 6th avenue? “How can I get to nine hundred sixth avenue?” Is it write?
Please, answer both questions.


thanks engvid


you’re a great teacher .. thanks so much :))

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you are fantastic, jon… thank you


thanks so much


Relly, Thank yu Jon, u r good

Hany Amen

It’s very hard for me to give directions.I’m hoping to try after this video.Thanks,

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Hi Jon,

Thank you so much for this helpful lesson. Go ahead

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thanks Jon.it was a really very nice lesson.

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LOL that stupid face like a completely lost person was funny! Nice lesson, thank you Jon

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thank you too much for this lesson jon, finally, I can understand how to say directions :) thanks again and you’re so funny ;)
grettings from Mexico

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Hey, that lesson was great. I think we all need to improve so many things in English and listening to a native speaker is great.

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ehhh 75 %…..sorry. thanks was helpfull

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Your hat is cute ;-) Thank you for your lesson, Jon!

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A very practical video. Many thanks!

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thank you very much teacher!

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thank you Jon .could you tell me how use this site for speaking ?

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Thank you for your lesson.

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Thank you for your lesson , I got 100%

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John!It’s a pleasure watch your video.

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Thanks EngVid.

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Thank you Jon!!!

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It was very helpful muchas gracias

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It was a nice lesson! thanks

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Very interesting, I’ll practice and I’m sure I’ll improve with your helpful video. Thanks!

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Thanks Jon!!!!!!

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Great lesson! Thanks John!

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thank you Jon for this useful lesson
best regards

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thanks jon!

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Oh my i Just disvered your Channel, i always saw ronnie and James videos,i like your way to say jokes. I dont understand a lot your face when you mentioned your wife!?!?

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This lesson correct my mistake… Thanks a lot

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Sorry.. This lesson corrected my mistake

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Thanks a lot,Jon

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Very interesting, thank you Jon

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Thank you, teacher Jon.

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Thanks a lot! Is “Drive” one of the names for road?

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Hello jon thank you

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