I am at The intermediate English level thanks to you, too. Thank you!


I do not find any quiz


    There isn’t a quiz for this lesson, sorry!

    engVid Moderator

Hello Alex ! I am the first to give you my feelings after your lesson. I think I’m an intermediate English learner after nearly four decades of trying to become fluent. I will be satisfied the day I have enough understanding to easily follow English news channels on TV. I work every day and try to alternate between interesting subtitled news videos and no subtitles. I guess I’m not really good at it, but I’m stubborn as a mule. I really appreciate your help.
Thank you and good learning of French if you still continue.


    This was a very strong paragraph and certainly above an intermediate level of English, beernaard! :) I would say you’re probably ready to engage more with authentic materials such as news articles, books, films, etc. You’ve got the right attitude!

    Merci pour votre encouragement. Mon francais a…stagne? Mais c’est ma faut parce que je ne practique pas regularment. Desolee pour TOUT les fauts qui sont ici!


      can I get bigganer class or lessons

      Adam Musa yusuf

Thanks for your priceless advice Alex!!!
Being honest, I consider myself to be at an upper-intermediate level of English. I´ve tested myself many times with online moke exams and self-assessments and that´s what most of them have shown!! I´m very lucky as I speak with native English speakers on a regular basis, which makes me feel a bit more comfortable every single day and encourages me to carry on learning this difficult language. At the same time, I study grammar on my own and try to watch English TV programs or news in English at night when it´s possible.
I also like music A LOT, particularly English music. Needless to say that I´m a very big fan of Knopfler and Dire Straits, but I also like Pink Floyd or The Stones. From my point of view, having English music in the background is also positive to get used to the intonation and expressions of the language.
Thanks again Sir, and keep on improving your French ;)


    Pink Floyd was one of my 3 favourite bands in high school and college. You have good taste. :) I agree that listening to music in the language you are studying is beneficial for the reason you stated, and to get more in touch with an aspect of the culture.

    You’re lucky that you get to speak with 1st language English speakers on a regular basis! That’s a major benefit and advantage that many people don’t have. It looks like you’re making good use of it!


I’ ve a Question: I made a mistake in a statement, It said: “ I could stay up all night and still have energy for the next day.”
I answered incorrect; because I thought adverbs, (in this case *Still*) It goes after the main verb. I learned in that way (long time agooo) Example: I’m still in love ….. thanks


dear Alex.
i need some advice. in your opinion for listening is better engvid or a tv series?
can it be that listening to the lesson is easier than a TV series?


    Yes! Especially if you are a beginner and you do not know which TV series is appropriate. Beginner English lessons are a great way to start improving your English listening skills.


Hello Alex! Thank you so much for your advice. I think I am an Intermidiat level.


Hi, I am Octavio, I have studied English for long time, But I can not hold a conversation yet, over all if the people speak fast.

Octavio Gonzalez

Hi what do I have to do,to have a private class?


I watched this video twice on February 27, 2022.


Thank Alex for this lesson. I think you understand English learners’ frustration who feel they are always beginners and not improving. I’m also one of those learners. I’ve been reading lots of English and understand a lot, but I am always nervous when I have to speak in real situation. For example, I felt frustrated when I had to order fast food by drive-through lane of Burgerking in Canada. I stayed in Windsor ON for 6 months in 2020.
And I also want to talk about this. I miss the broad green grass park in Canada as in this video. Thanks for reminding me of those nostalgic and exotic sceneries.

Insoo Yeo

Hi !!l’m new here,I Hope you are tonna help me up my level in english


Hi Alex!
First time watching your video and I liked a lot!
I could understand you very well even though I feel like I’m beginner. I still not understand The Fauty Towers, for example, but I’m working on it.
Thanks for the motivation!
I’m going to take the FCE this year, is there any advise?

Vinnie MK I

Well done as always. Good job. Keep it up. Thanks, Alex. Stay well and positive!

Valery teacher

Thank you for all these detail that you mention it really helping me to understand in what level I am


Hi I like a lof of your videos. I am a beginner english student. I hope learn in engvid!
Thank you

Paulo Lira

Hello ALEX
i want to improve my english
what can I do?
and thank you so much


stay healthy with cheerfully

Aso Sdiq

Hello Alex, thanks for your advices, I hope soon start to talk and understand english with these lessons, I’m very happy for found this site.


Thank you Mr. Alex.


dear Alex

I have many problems about studing English, I have not time and ability to study in some institution in my country, so I begun to self-study, I can discripe what I did “Random Ways”, and a result ot that I have unequal skills of English, I mean I can reading magazines and political articles and books, and I have alot of words, but in contrary I can’t speaking with others, and I faced a difficulties when I tried listening. as example I understood you here without any problems, but when I tried to speaking my mind beginning to translate what I want to say to my native language first.
I need your advice friend.

Thank you for all efforts that we really need them.


    Same problem happen with me.I also have English speaking problem

    Rita Jadhav

Hello Mr. Alex, hopefully this intellectual comment will reach you, somehow. What is the assumptions of what you stated in terms of what makes learners beginner, intermediate and advanced ones?

I assume that a language is a mean, not just an objective. Thus, the rest of assumptions would be about addressing in detail what I assumed. What are the objectives you adopt which generated what you stated in this lesson?

For instance, I’m interested in English language for mainly learn, research, evolve and teach sciences. And then I think this may affect in ways make you see me intermediate when it comes to science, but still beginner when it comes to social topics\ life which I have neglected them as they are not my priority. What do you think? Do levels depend on the learner’s objectives of learning a language?

I hope wonderful feelings for you, sir. :)


Where is the quize

Rita Jadhav

    Sorry, there isn’t a quiz for this lesson!

    engVid Moderator

I’m a beginner


I am at the intermediate English levels thank you so much


i understood what you said on video,so i think i’m in beginner level .

thank you so much.

Haitahm 98@@

Teacher, I have a very good vocabulary by heart, but at the time of speaking, I forget this bunch of words.


Thank you for your video. It’s no long time that i find Engvig


Thank you for your video. It’s not a long time since I find EngVid. But I can tell you that my learning
is better with all of your lessons. Thanks again.


Thank you Alex for this shot and useful lesson. As for my level of English…I’ve been studing it for years, yes, very long time. Now, I’m just about intermediate (I think so, I had some tests, and after this your lesson I’ve became more confident). I need more practice. Thank engVid.

Catherine Honcharova

Thank su much that you to do such a job this a very helping lerning English I have biginer level but I will be more listen, read, write and I hope have higher level


Now, I clearly understand my English level, really appreciate for the information, sir.


Hello. It’s difficult for me to identify my English level. I am good at listening and comprehension, and my vocabulary is big enough, but I’m not good at speaking about routine, likes, or dislikes. And I think it doesn’t depend on my English level, it depends on what I’m interested in. Because it’s not interesting for me to talk about routine or a hobby, even if I should talk about it in my own language. I’m interested in themes about brain development. And I feel I can speak much better about this theme.


Good lesson Alex. Thak you to clarity the level of English that I could have.


Hello teacher Adam, in first place I like to thank you for your time teaching us, after see the lesson today I admite that I‘m a beginner. And think I need more vocabulary , skills of reading, better pronunciation and more structured speech, however I‘m going to continue with your lesson and the other techer‘s lessons on engVid to get better in my English journey.


Thank you, Alex, for a lesson and thank you all for your comments because I discovered that I have a same difficulty as you guys, especially in my speaking ability. So, I need more practising I guess… There is no other advice. We practice what we want to develop…


Advice is useful for beginners who are going to achieve it to improve their English. Thanks

Hieu Tr๏ng Khau

Thanks Alex.


I think I am in an intermediateI level.

Ahmed Allabani

Thankyoy teacher Alex! One question thow. Are there assessment tests for different levels of English on line?


Very nice. Thank you


Thank you Alex, I started learning English at 13 years old. This video was very clear and simple to understand,and it made me more confident in my English skills, but speaking still is the most difficult part in learning especially in a country where English is a foreign language.

Yasmin Abdulateif

Hello teacher Alex. I’m a beginner English learner at A2 level I have an online class in one on one system since I started my class in two months I’m able to write a comment and could solve my daily routine this is exactly the point you mentioned in your video I have second chance to a job interview so I must learn English in 6 months and make ready myself for interview therefore I’m trying very hard to don’t lose my chance wish me luck please. Thank you for your guidance.

Ismail Azizi

thanks for your advice i feel better when i listen to your courses believe me , i was very shy when i want to speak to people but now i’m very exited to meet to and speak with anyone and still looking for the best of mine i am greatful .


Hi Alex
how can I practice writing English?


thank you a lot

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