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thank you so much for this lesson


thank you JON . you rockkk

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If it were two hours later it would be half as long until midnight as it would be if it were an hour later. What time is it?

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    I know the right answer, but I’ll wait until someone else respond :) It’s between 18:00 and 00:00 :)


      excuse me,

      I think you understood the lesson very will. so, can you help me pleas..

      what is the mistake here “He’s as happy as be” ?


        I think in last word (be)… right?

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realy i like this lesson thank you very much


rock>> It was agood name for our teacher


Thank you for this lesson. Very important.

Juan Carlos

The web side give me help a lot. Thank you!
I really love you


I thank you too. By the way an answer in the quiz make me laugh. :D

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Thanks teacher.
This lesson was as easy as drinking water. ;P


1st tx;
1 ? Ive got plz:Do always we use plural verb 4
” news “?!
4instance:News r showed.
Am I right?!!

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    4give me,I was totally wrong,,
    I mean singular verbs after news not plural ones!!!!!!!
    Do we should singular verb 4 news always???????

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      Fatima, let me explain it to you. I know that text is long, but read it, you will learn a lot from it.
      We have countable and uncountable nouns in the grammar. I am sure that you can differenciate count nouns such as apple, banana, ball, glass etc. from non-count nouns such as sugar, coffee, flour, milk and so on. You must keep in mind that nouns such as information, news, music, progress, luggage, business, furniture, advice, knowledge don’t have plural, therefore here is your answer that you have been looking for. You always use them in singular. E.g. What time is news on television? The same thing with information, you cannot say I gave you a information, but you can say I gave you some information.
      Ok, now when you know the difference, let me add something more in order to teach not only you, but everyone who reads this text.
      Nouns that have irregular plural are: Foot-feet, man-men, woman, women, child-children, mouse-mice, tooth-teeth, goose-geese and so forth.
      The following nouns have the same form in singular and plural: Sheep-sheep, means-means, species-species, deer-deer, fish-fish, series-series, and so on.
      Compound nouns form their plural by adding S to the principal word: Sister-in-law-sisters-in-law, writing-table, writing-tables etc.
      Sometimes we use a plural noun for one thing that has two parts. For example: Trousers, pyjamas, glasses, binoculars, scissors. E.g. Those are nice jeans, or that is a nice pair of jeans.
      I’m glad I had an opportunity to explain this to you, so read and learn, it’s not as difficult as it seems to be. Take care :)


        I see that I’ve omitted one letter. I’ve meant an information and not a information, however both are wrong :D


          How can I thank u Merlin!!
          Hope all is well with u.
          ” The only man who never makes a mistake is the man who never does anything “!
          Have a ball.

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          You are completely right! :)


        yah,, your right its help us. thanks for the effort….

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He He .. Thank you very much sir !!!

It’s as cold as ICE ! :D

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thank you too. By the way an answer in the quiz make me laugh


John, tell me what is the correct way to ask someone for permission? Would you mind if I open the window, or would you mind if I opened the window? Respond ASAP.


    “would you mind if I opened the window?” is the correct form. Also, you can say: “Would you mind opening the window?”.


      Carlos, can you explain it will? cause opened is past tense and would you mind if i opened the window is not done yet…

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john, your lesson and way of teaching is superb.


think you for this lesson.


thank you for your helping us

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this lesson was good as always, thanks Jon. BTW U r as good as the others teachers, see u dude next week.




great information, it was so useful


Hello,could I say ‘such cold as ice’ and etc.. is it correct?

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Can plz tel me frm where should i begin to learn english because in english i stand equal to zero n i ve to improve my englsih within 3 months then my exam of english will occur.


Dear Valen,

Hope all is well with you ,

My writting and reading is Excellent but my vocabullery and grammer is not good i wish you to run me on easy path or way to learn Excellent english speaker . thank you very much from your lessenons which i have study it was really apprecaited,

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    sanaulahjan2003, read, read, read, read a looooooooooooooooooot, practice, listen, speak and write, you can also to correspond with foreign citizens. If you want to improve yourself, do it!


      On that way you will see where you make mistakes and learn from them. I made one in previous comment, but next time I won’t.


        Merlin, thanks, you encourages us to learn,,,, keep it up…. you see you bears fruits.

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Thanks for your help


hi the video doesn’t work

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is there anything wrong with your site. the video can’t be played.thank you

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thank you

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thank you


Teacher Jon the comparative structure well done for me and i understood it many thanks


which are correct.
verb after subject or
to be after subject?
actually i’m still confuse with the lesson.
please answer my comment

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thank you for your lesson

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marcio americo

thank you

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Thanks Jon, you are a good teacher and your lesson is very interesting.

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Grazie dreossi =)


damned ____ exercises again.
dont use it plz.




this helps me..

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thank you so mutch the lessons is very good


Very good lesson and very good website, I am learning a lot of small things from this website.
Thanks a lot.


Thanks. I am so glad as cheer as you in this lesson to everybody. And I hope my English as well as your ones because I want to more achievement.


thank u sir for this lesson


it’s very easy


thank you

this is nice lesson


you are not as good as a valen…


    Thank you for your respectful and constructive criticism. -_-

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thanks very much

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lets learn english


the teacher is great as a world


thanks very much

jojo jomana jomana

thank you so much for this lesson


thanks sir Jon,,, good lesson… hope you have more of this…. God Bless you….

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I just want to say ………..
Thank u engvid.com

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Wow! I’m a teacher and use Engvid every Monday. However, I won’t be using this one because of the Sarah Palin flash———I’m an avid Sarah Palin fan and I was put off by implication. Can we leave politics out of English Grammar, please!!!!!

Irene Kelleher

Amazing stuff John, really helpful.


hi nice the instructinc at learnd english thanks teacher

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Hi teacher. I’m not good in Comparatice Structure YET. Tks




You are right ! they are great gifts. I have been learning English from books and there is no cpsraoimon to watching video to learn , they ( the video) make it easier to understand, as you have a live teacher infront of you. This is really great. Thank you engVid! You have made leraning fun, finally.


Nice Lesson teacher!

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Thanks Jon!!!


fatimii are you fram iran to


ty vm teacher

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Thanks teacher.

Ali Murad

thank you JON for this lesson… ;)


thanks a lot teacher !!
you are really wonderful
I’m so pumped about this lesson


we mustn’t be dumbed


we mustn’t be dumbed


It’s easy lesson.;)


Thank you ;)

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Thank you for a nice lesson!

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thanks for supporting!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ben jackson adolphe

Thank you!


nice video


You are a great teacher!! thank you so much for the interesting lessons


You are as good as the others teachers of engvid…


hahahah xD but it was so funny when I read that sentence about “ass smell” I was like O_o lol thank you teacher :D

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nice and simple lesson

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Thanks :)
It’s easy to understand and helps a lot!

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Thanks a lot.

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Thank you Jon!!

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Thankyou so much for this lesson… I just love your way of teaching!


I have learnt a lot




    I’m approving this comment because poop is funny.

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Thanks a lot, teaching me good lesson

Abdiwali Mohamed

Thanks a lot

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good lesson but bad sound :S:S:

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thanks a lot .

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Hi John,
Coul you please explain this structure to me: “as soon as possible” and as much volunteers as possible” and similar others?

I am look forward to hearing from you


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thx john

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Thank you very much Mr.John.

nice lesson.

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Thanks got 100%.

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thanks!But I have change some words…

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Thank you, I really appreciate that Mr.John.

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Thank you!

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Thx a lot Mr Jhon…………..well done

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veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery good

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Easy explication Jon.

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Thanks, Jon.

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I think that we have to write “a” before the noun, anyone with me?

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I got 4 correct out of 4. Thank you.

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Thank you.

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ohh it’s so amazing…learn here…
And this video..help me alot..thanks
and Merlin..thank you for your explain…

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Thanks a lot

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Thanks you so much.

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easy and useful lesson

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I am not as good as when I was with you.
is this sentence correct?

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Thank you Jon

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4/4 good:)

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Thanks my friend!

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Thanks very much

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Thanks Jon this was a good lesson. This makes me feel happy.wooooooooooow very good at (subject +verb +as+adjective+as) examples of verbs like run jump swim ride write etc.adjitive like :the short is blue,the size of the shirt is 12 inches +6 inches.

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Thank you Mr. Jon.

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