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I was wondering when I was a kid: when Tom can catch Jerry, wanted to jump to that episode…


    When I was a kid -not long ago, LOL- I used to watch this cartoon too.

    Yeah, Adam was right. These two character did really hate each other.


      Two short comments about this lesson Adam:

      First, I did not know these two pronouns were referred to as reciprocal pronouns.

      Second, I also didn’t know that both pronouns were interchangable. My old grammar books say that “one another” is used to refer to a group of people or members of a group. But the English language is always changing, that’s a fact, right?

      Many thanks for this great lesson Adam.

      Take care.


        Hi Regino,

        You’re right: that used to be the distinction, but these days the lines have been blurred.

        Yes, language is always changing because it is a living thing.




    Hi BianLei,

    I remember episodes where they eventually became friends. But it wasn’t as much fun and the show stopped soon after I think :)


      So bad.. Some people support Tom, some people support Jerry. But this cartoon is mainly focus on how Jerry play with Tom. XD


thanx Adam,
useful lesson


Thank you!!!!


    I agree with you


Thanks Adam …
That was so useful lesson…
I got 8/8.
Do u mind if u prepare some lessons about passive verb in all different tenses and teach me how can use them in my speaking and writing? I always have a problem with them and I am using them in a wrong way.


    Hi Haman,

    I will see what I can do, but in the meantime, type passive in the search box on the engvid site. there are a few lessons there already.


      Thanks for reply ;)


5 out of 8 :(

Thank you

wfa'a mayb

    Don’t worry! By making mistakes, we learn much more.



    Hello! I’m looking for a partner to talk to. We may help one another to get better English)
    skype: dzhemilamedov


      Hi! I am also from Ukraine too)


This was my first quiz And I got 5.. I will definitely improve that .. I promise


    Not bad Lezama. A piece of advice . . . watch the video again and do the quiz once more.

    Keep your word Lezama, eh?


Great Adam ¡¡ I got 100%


I got 100%! Ya~y :D I loved Tom & Jerry when I was a child. Fun example! Thank you, Adam :D


I wasn´t so sure about the last question, but I got all of them correct, This lesson was really helpful, Thank you Sir.


Many thanks .I would like to explain between tackle, deal, and solve.


    Hi Khlidse,

    Tackle means struggle with something (not necessarily solve it, but make an attempt to).

    Deal with means handle, which means manage.

    Solve means find a solution for, fix.

    Does this help?


Engvid is the best!!!


tanx Adam for great explanation


Thank you sir, got 88%.

Abdul Qayum

Hi Adam, I’m 52 years old, and since I remember Tom and Jerry always loving one another’s in the end. The very true is, what they try, is to pull out a leg on you, I think.
note: I read sometime ago that to “pull out a leg” means make you confused.

Jorge Pedroso

    Hi Jorge,

    To pull someone’s leg means to try to trick them, or play a joke on them. Good expression :)

    As I said to Bianlei, they were Tom and Jerry were friends in the end, but then the show wasn’t as fun :)


By the way 8/8. The score is very important…..?!

Jorge Pedroso

    Nope. What’s important is that you understand.


      Hello Adam! very useful lesson for me. Under my point of view, Ronnie and you are the best teachers.
      In your answer to Jorge, you wrote “Nope”. Is this the same to say “No” or there is some difference?? Thank you!


        Hello Ochaller. Nope means No !
        Usually searching more to find the answer is fun !


thanks adam.


very usefull lesson thanks Adam


The young lovers were happy spending hours looking into ___________ eyes.

in this question why i use (each other’s) not
(each other)also if i use one other it is not correct


    Hi Yasmin,

    It has to be each other’s because they each possess their own eyes. I have green eyes. They are mine.
    The answer can be one another’s (don’t forget the ‘an’)


      Thank you Teacher,you are best teacher :)


grazie… now all the doubts are clear

dilbag italy

    Prego, Dilbag :)


Hi Adam,
You spoke rapidly. It is unusual. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. People should help one another even when they don’t know anything about each other. By for now.


    Well said Nadia :)

    I’ll watch my speed next time.


      I don’t agree with Nadia. Adam, you speak absolutely normally. For my opinion, an average speed. Acceptable for studying as well.


        I think so, he’s a good teacher because he speaks slowly and absolutely :)


    Hello! I’m looking for a partner to talk to. We may help one another to get better English)
    skype: dzhemilamedov


      Hi! Dzhemil….I am searching you on skype. Because I would like talking to you. I’m Patico from Colombia.I love english.too.


        Umm, I’m always ready, please add me on Skype


At school, I think I was told there are subtle differences between these two phrases. Could you elaborate on that, too?


    Hi Hetzer,

    You were probably taught that each other is for two people and one another is for three or more. That’s a little old-fashioned now, but you can still use that distinction if you like.


Thanks a lot,Your explanation is great,Adam.I got 8 out of 8. Engvid is the best.


Adam, i got two confusing phrases, and I need your help..
what’s the meaning of the following:_
1- she has refused to back down in a row with him.
2- he has walked back the statement.

Yazeed Alsahafi

    Hi Yazeed,

    1- she has refused to back down in a row with him.
    They were having an argument and she refused to give up on her opinion. She wouldn’t let him win the argument.
    2- he has walked back the statement.
    He said something before, but now he has changed his mind and doesn’t agree with what he said before.

    Does this help?


      it does. thanks Adam

      Yazeed Alsahafi

THANK U SİR ADAM i get the ball rolling to learn englis with engvid thank you for that useful lesson


thank you Adam ,,that was usefull


a very important lesson.. thank you much Adam!!


Nice … enjoyed it :)


Thank you, Adam, and looking forward to the next lesson!


    Hello! I’m looking for a partner to talk to. We may help one another to get better English)
    skype: dzhemilamedov


thank you for this lesson

kareem abd el aziz

Thank you, Adam,The lesson is viry useful and but difficult at the same time


Thanks Adam for the lesson.I really happy to learn a new lesson


Thanks!! Many times when I had been reading anything “each other or one another” appears and some times was dificult for me understand in the context. Since today I’m sure that will be easy for me.

Dennys Espinoza (Vzla)

Thanks Adam, 4/8.


All thanks to you Adam , Iam really thankful for you cause you share your knowledge with us. By the way, everyone see you love what you do and you do your job genuinely.
Allah / God bless you .

adnan ta

Thank you Tom! I’ve got 100%!

the seaman

I loved this lesson. It was a short, easy-to-learn and useful one; so practical.


I love it. First attempt 7 out of 8. Second attempt 8/8


Nice lesson Adam, as usual. But I think you can go back and repeat the lesson more deeply. To many mistakes (me an the other pupils;) Thanks a lot!


Thanks Adam.


yes !!!! i got it..


Thanks Adam.


Thank Adam very good lesson


Thank so much for the lesson . Have a nice day !


tks very much

Ricky Fiebig

Thank you so much dear Adam. I got 88 :)
I really like your accent, teaching method, and useful lessons.
I have a question:
I found this exercise in the Net:
My brother and I drove you mad and you drove us mad. We drove ….. mad.
Here we should use “each other” or “one another”?
I personally think both of them are correct, but the chosen one was “one another”!!! Why?
Thanks a lot.


    Hi Elmira,

    You are right. Both are correct. However, the person who wrote the exercise probably thinks in the old-fashioned way in which we use each other when discussing two people, and one another when discussing three or more people.
    These days it doesn’t make much of a difference.


    Hi Elmira. When you choose a book to study or to do the multiple- choice questions please pay attention to the date and the writer of the book. Best regards : soei


good questions


Thanks, very useful lesson ;)


That’s amazing lesson, congratulation!


thank you sir


You are always so clear, Adam. Thank you very much. :)

Sally S

so clear …
thanks Adam


good lesson thanks


Thanks Adam!


I was 6 from 8 don’t excellen but more or less


Thank you for the lesson!
Is there a difference in using each other and one another in TOEFL or IELTS, etc.?


    Hi The Precious ( nice handle :) ),

    No, the TOEFL and IELTS don’t directly test grammar knowledge, and in the essay both will work fine.




I got 100% . Thanks Adam, it very clear.


Thank you so much, it makes me clear


great lesson!
thanks a lot

ramzi mzara

Thanks Adam. I got 6 out of 8. It was a great lesson but it made me a little bit confused. any way I have to review it once again.


Thank you Adam and come to Brasil to watch the world cup!!




    I wish :)


7/8 a little bit carelessness. Can you help with the word order in this sentence ?
C)Many school leavers choose to continue with their studies abroad.
d)Many school leavers choose abroad to continue with their studies.
Thank you beforehand.

Gulum menim

    Hi Gulum,

    Not sure these sentences make sense, but grammatically I would go with (C), but I would drop the ‘with’:
    Many school leavers choose to continue their studies abroad.

    (it doesn’t make sense if they left school but want to continue their studies. I don’t have enough context to suggest a better phrase, but I would change the “school leavers” or even “dropouts” to something else).


      unless you mean graduates (i.e. finished school)


I got 7/8..
I enjoyed this video and quiz as well..
You made it very easy to understand..
And now there is no more confusion in my mind regarding this..:-)Thank you ADAM..


I appreciate all your efforts already and I would humbly ask if you can make a lecture regarding figures of speech and the elements of poetry like Similes, Metaphors, Consonance , STANZAS, Rhythm and Meteretc , Assonance
Denotation and Connotation
Diction etc like almost everything about literary writing and Thanks in advance


      Thanks alot Sir you are greatly appreciated


Thanks. I’ll get all of your videos. It’s very simple and effective. Thanks so much again.


I got 88% but I understood what you explain to us.

Thanks a lot Mr.adam

wael alzahrani

thank you I liked, that video was very usefll


I got 8/8! Thanks for the lesson! Very useful!


    good job men

    kun kung

Thank you Adam, very useful lesson.


I could get the whole score… Thanks for the pieces of advice…

Luis Humanez

Thanks for the lesson
but I wonder if “one” in “one another’s nose” is nesessary.
I’d rather say just “rubbing another’s nose”


    Hi Skhodzhaev,

    If you leave out the one, then you have only one person performing the action on another person. It doesn’t go both ways, so changes the meaning of the sentence.


could you make a lesson about diffrence between WRITE UP and WRITE DOWN please ?


    Hi Maqsudi,

    It’s a little too specific for a whole lesson, so I’ll do it here:

    write up: fill out a report. e.g.: the police officer wrote up the driver for speeding.

    write down means to write what you hear, i.e. take notes.

    Does this help?


Thank you Adam.


    Hello! I’m looking for a partner to talk to. We may help one another to get better English)
    skype: dzhemilamedov


Hellus, class and


Hellus, class and Adam , how are you all, today i have been down totally i got 2/10 and really bad level but will chech it out and that i am happy to make mistakes because will shop me my real level thank you again good luck every one ( please help each other ) bye


    I hope you can terrific at English soon. You had a positive vision. a lot of people they give up too early because of they made a many mistake. but you are different. although you made a mistake, you were happy. you are’t give up and continue your goal. anyway though I am not proficient at English too much, but I can give you an advice if I can. And if you want to practise with me. such as we have the conversation this is my e-mail and facebook you can send the friend request and we can help each other.

    kun kung

    Good stuff Samirpro. Just keep going :)


Thank you :) Very useful.

Peter Jeon

thanks for lessons, Moreover, I was accepted to study in English and the only thing of my preparation for the exam was video on this site! :) thank you again and engVid


    Congratulations Ekaterina :)


It’s a great lesson.


Thanks Adam .You’re great.

Ahmed saleh74

63/100 ppffff hard work waits

charaf benamar

Dear Adam
Thank you for every thing you giving to ours. its helpful.you are not only giving a new knowledge but also changing ours life.such as if I can terrific at English. I could be a pilot and I think many people who following Engvid, They also thought as same as me too. I hopefully you will maintain your goodness and keep help us.

kun kung

Hi Dear Adam,

I’m so fond of your lessons,your great explanation.You are an invitive and really good teacher.
If you are fond of travelling ,come to Armenia.I recommend that you won’t regret.
Armenia is full of beauty.It is a museum under the open sky. We will show you our spectacular and historical country.And if you want you will be our guest.We will entertain you with a great pleasure.

Again I’d like to ask you some questions.

I think it’s no better /not the better than the previous one.
Which one is right of the two?

“Will he be working for this company in a few years yet?”
Is this sentence right or is yet extra?

“ This question will be discussed tomorrow.”
What question will be discussed tomorrow?
or Which question will be discussed tomorrow?
Which is right what or which?

Thank you so much in advance.


    Hi Anahit,

    Firstly, thank you for the invitation. You make your home sound very attractive. :)

    As for your questions:
    I think it’s no better than the previous one.
    I don’t think it’s better than the previous one.
    Both of these are ok. The first suggests that it is the same as the previous one. The second suggests that you are answering a question about the two.

    “Will he be working for this company for a few years yet?”
    Notice I changed the prepositions ‘in’ for ‘for’. When you use ‘yet’ in this way, it means ‘more’. So ‘yet’ is ok, but it has a specific function.

    “ This question will be discussed tomorrow.”
    What question will be discussed tomorrow?
    or Which question will be discussed tomorrow?
    Both can be correct:
    If you don’t know the question, then ‘what’ is correct because you want to identify the question. If there are two or more questions, then ‘which’ is correct if you want to identify which one.

    Does this help?


      Yes,it does .Thank you my good teacher :)


Great tip, thank you.


What about my writing ,Adam?Are there many mistakes?


    Not many :) the point is that understood what you intended.


Very helpfull


hi is it correct if i say. we were not introduce to each other yet? thanks


    Hi Joanna,

    You should make this a perfect tense because of the ‘yet’:
    We haven’t been introduced to each other yet.


Thank you Adam…I often watch your lessons…your pronounciation and your way of explaining are very clear and I like to listen to you


Thank you Adam. I’m very bad in grammar. I need to improve it more and more.

Han Pham

Adam,how do you call a future student who is going to study at the university?An applicant?


    If he has already been accepted then he is a degree candidate. If he is waiting to receive acceptance, then he is an applicant or prospective student.


Mr.Adam I have a doubt between the word Crash and Crush! Csn you help me figure out!

Japang LY

It was a good lesson. thank you.


Thank you everyone. You make me feel all tingly inside :)


You, Adam, are awesome.


Thank you! The lesson is really interesting and informative!


thanks and i will try my level best !

Muhammad Hanif

thanks you SIr, and looking forward to next lesson.

Muhammad Hanif

Thannks you . i can learn ” listening ” skill, and grammmar !
Very helpful ^^


I must thank you for all your great lessons! I really like your English and in my opinion you are also a very pleasant man ;-)

Ms Flea

thank you Adam , this lesson is short but very useful


thank you Adam , this lesson is a short but very useful


Thank you Sir Adam, I got 6/8. Atleast im learning from you. Big help to me. thank you once again. Your such an Awesome teacher. if you were my english teacher during my school days, maybe now i am a great english speaker too.


Hi Adam…
Thanks for the video..It was worth watching,,:):)
I have one question..Like “one another ” ,can I use “each other” when more than two people are involved.


    Hi Nrb,

    Yes, you can. Some old-fashioned English teachers will say no, but these days it is acceptable. :)






I got just 7 out of 8.But your lesson is so awesome, Adam. THANK YOU!!!


Thanks)) I love your lessons))

Yulia 29

Thank you for the lesson. It is as useful as others.


Спасибо for intelligible lesson, Adam Benn)


i got six of eight , Thanks for knowledge Adam.


Thanks Adam, you are a good teacher.


I just got 7 out of 8 are correct.
“6. Bill and Ted always say great things about __________ when they tell stories about their adventures.

each other

I misunderstand your meaning, I thought Bill talked about himseft and Ted talked about himself


hi sir thanks for the lesson.
i have a question to you is that
where we can use the word debate,conflict and dialogue.


thank you teacher,I got 6 correct out of 8.I want to ask you, question 4 I think the word “commit” must made by only himself or herself but everybody(the members) also,so I chose the first answer.Question 6,I think they have been in same adventure ,Bill say great things about him and Ted say great things about him , so I chose the third answer.Please comment.

chutima anest.

Adam! thank you for teaching!


Hi Adam i appreciated for you teaching . those lesson i understood some how. so what steps that i follow up to understand me
thanks Adam.

asha abdirahman

1. The young lovers were happy spending hours looking into ___________ eyes.

one another
each other
one anothers’
each other’s
I just want to know why the correct answer is each other’s ??

Marwa memo

    It is because the sentence means that she was looking into his eyes, and the man was looking into her eyes, the apostrophe in “each other’s” means possession, the eyes of him, and the eyes of her.


Great lesson)))
Thank you)


can some one explain 5.question ?

adam said “one another = each another”.


    Big thanks to Adam ^__^

    khounsavanh khounphon

    I think Adam said ” one another = each other :) ^^

    khounsavanh khounphon

Ohhh not good , only 50 %. sorry…


very useful lesson,thank you very much indeed


I have been studied this video, I have more understand..thank Adam


Simple and clarifying explanation! That´s the way a lesson should be!


for a moment I thought I was wrong about one another, but all is well … thanks


Good teach i like your lesson


Great lesson. Thanks Adam, I got 100!


Thanks Adam, you are the best teacher ever!!!


thanks Teacher Adam, it is useful lesson


Thank you very much , although I did not get the lesson very well , I answer all the quiz questions correctly.


Thank you very much Adam.


hi Adam! I wanna say when I perform your tests I always grasp a fair score, I believe you are an exigent teacher, (with the others I often get a good one or excellent one)

The doubt i got here is, Why or how can I use each other and each other´s ?

I’ll try again your videos until I´ll get a better one result,


just started a class, i think it will help me to equip myself. thank u very much

Arun Wesley

I failed; it was very helpful though.
Thank you Adam


Hi Adam,

I was wondering about the last example, I didn’t understand if it was wedding or weddings, and I think about others examples like that, such as “My brother and I congratulated on each other’s birthday” is it correct? or I have to write birthdays instead of birthday? I think that the first one is right, maybe it is related to countable and uncountable nouns, isn’t it?

thanks for the lesson :)

I’ll wait for your reply


I got perfect score, this was pretty easy. Did you know that there’s this relatively new cartoon called Ogie and the cockroaches? it must be influenced by Tom and Jerry :)


hello Adam i m very glad to talk with you and i had many problems in speaking english which now I overcome…..I feel very familiar with your videos and like your teaching way…..thank you so much…..
I have no english friend which i can talk and now i have the oppurtunity to talk with you….i m very happy today


    plz ignore my silly mistakes,and i m continuing practising through your videos lectr.
    I love eng. and want to become a shakespeare….ha haa haaa
    i m just joking


Hi Adam! i don’t understand the main difference between each other and one another..help me please!! :)


engvid is a big help … Thanks Adam…


thank you professor. 7 out of 8. cool


I like to learn your lessons cause your accent is very clear thank you


I don’t know why you don’t approve my comment please reply.


    I’m sorry, only got to it now :(

    engVid Moderator

I can’t see the video on my android mobile, the link to the video is invisible


other with each n another with one got it.. :)


Great! Got perfect score! Thank you Sir cute Adam


Thank you.


I am bitterly disappointed in myself;(. I thought ‘o… another easy lesson’ and in fact when it comes to the test…6/8 ;(. Adam I LOVE your presentations. Your lessons clearly show that you have an impressive command of English grammar. But please don’t take me wrong. A like other teachers too. It’s just your lessons are something I’m looking for.


Thank you Adam for your commitment and engagement. Wish you all the best


Thank you Adam for the effort to teaching
peoples to learn English grammar.

evelyn echanis

thank you Sir, and now i know

Saly B Sacang

Hi:) Thank you so much, Adam! Your explanations are absolutaly clear. It’s easy to catch the point. Always)
May i ask you a question? This pair makes some mess in my head – ‘May/Might’. I often notice guys use ‘might’in present tense in movies for a example. Not sure when we are allowed to use one of them and when it should be another one. Could you help, please?)

owl o.o

Hi I’m new student;
so pleas can you tell me whats is the difference between i think and i guess :)


I agree with Bian Lei, because Tom and Jerry played each other…Nevertheless I am very grateful for your teaching!! YOu are very valuable teacher for the foreigners. THANK YOU!! I am violin artist from Hungary (Vidam Zenesz= Happy Musician) my name: Ferenc Karpule, my nick name: Feri :-)


It’s very helpful. Thanks


75, WOW. I think I have to watch the video more often!


Tnank you, Adam, simply and funny. :)


Yey i got it perfect! ^^ thank you so much!


Thank you for this lesson.I have a couple of questions. 1. how do you know when use ´one another´ instead of ´each other´? eg: the quiz showed both as answer but though they have same meaning, only one was the correct answer. 2. Can you use one another to ask other drink that you were drinking before? thank you


Thanks got 75%.

Abdul Qayum

2nd time after consulting different grammers on net, I found that ‘each other’ is used for two and ‘one another’ for more than two but in Cambridge there is no much difference both are used for same category and I got 100%.

Abdul Qayum

Hello everyone…Adam I like your teaching so much.I don`t have English friends too,,and I hope I`ll improve my English with you and I`ll find good friends.Let me say you a big thank once more….


why themself is wrong in question no. 6??
plz explain..


    Hi. Them is plural so Self also should be plural. The plural form of Self in Selves.
    Best regards: soei


Man, you’re a nice teacher! I’m learning so much with you. Thanks!


Could we use “one another” or “each other” for a group of people (more than 2)?

MyLinh N. Roy

I think I know the answer. ” yes, we can”.
Thank you very much for a great lesson, Adam.

MyLinh N. Roy

I got 100 marks
Thank Adam alot


Thank you, Adam! I didn’t know how to use each other and one another. See you, then.


I don’t get the last question! Would you mind replying my message? Thank you!

San M.

thank you!, Adam.
but I need your help!, could you explain me “passive voice” because I haven’t been unable understand this topic.
thanks so much!

So long!


hello Adam! I confused a little bit thing in exercise 2. what the word His refer to(Tony or his parents)?

sithi pho

Thank You Adam. Your teaching is very clear and useful.


Thanks a lot Adam.

So, Can “each other” and “one another” always use instead of each other?!



    Hi Dr.Sahar.




thanks! very useful!


I don’t know what to say …….! 100000000000000000000 THANKS. I myself couldn’t read the number !!


I like your lessons, Adam!
You are so sweet!

Ekaterina St



I got 7 out of 8… thanks adam… your lessons are really easy to understand…


Hi adam, I have a question to ask you please; Do each other and one another have the same meaning in a sentence?

Tarik rahmouni

Nice lesson! Thank´s Adam.


Thanks Adam!Your videos were always been very helpfull..Got 7 out of 8..:)


Thanks a lot! Everything`s great and clear as always! But this time many special thanks for reminding about those two cute guys from our childhood who really hated each other … And as you said, that was much better! ;-)


Many thanks
it was really helpful

Mohamed Sedky

I’ve got a 8 out of 8 points. Thanks for your job! Now, I can make romantic stories with this expressions.


The most I love about teacher Adam are:
1. He explain vividly
2. When he’s explaining, he speaks very correct grammatically.
3. His classes are engaging
4. He’s handsome.
5. He’s pronunciation is excellent
6. It makes me watching his videos over and over again (not boring)
7. Etc


I really enjoy all Adam’s videos :)


thanks teacher i enderstand from you , thanks again


Hi! You are a great teacher!


I visit your site accidently. I am so glad i had this chance to know you and other venerable teachers.

Thanks a lot


Thanks for lesson, 8 out of 8 points :)


Thank you! You are a great teacher!


Hi teacher I m from Colombia, do you hae a link for listening practice please and I dind understan in which moment I should use each other. Thank you


Thanks Adam! Y liked it very, very much!!!

Marjor 2

Thanks, Adam. My friend and I always talk to each other in English so that we can improve our speaking.


Thanks, Adam


Appreciate for your efforts along,Adam.
I’ve got an annoyed question about these sentences below.I’m not sure which of them is correct in english.Could you help me to ferret out those correct ones.And what’s the differences.Thanks for you help again.

1.We each know what the other thinks.
2.We each know what the other’s thinks.
3.We know what each other thinks.
4.we know what each onther’s thinks.
5.we know each onther’s thinks.

wasa li

wow, I’m very happy and pleased because of I completely understand your amazing and simple lesson, and about the Quiz I got 7 of 8

thank you so much




Thanks Mr. Adam!


Thanks , I started my English with Tom and Jerry .
It was long time ago . :)


Thanks Mr. Adam I will return to the others !

Maxa Pisova

88 % well done :)


Excellent lesson. Keep up the good work!

Arieh Dorjee

8/8 thank you adam

imad messaoudi

8/9! Good! 8/9! Good! I need to check the question carefully. It’s a careless mistake.

Jerry Gu

Thank you again Adam. Even though it was a grammar lesson, I learned some new vocabulary expressions like bridesmaid.

Emmanuel MANDEBI

hi adam do you have whats app account iwant to meet you ofcourse virtual meeting would you like to come to my meeting? im glad to see you wish you a happy life


I watched the video twice on June 21, 2021, and took the quiz after watching it once. I got eight correct out of 8.


Very effective lesson. Non-speaking people will definitely learn the use of reciprocal pronoun very clearly.Thank you Adam.

Md. Ishaque Sikder

Thank you Adam. I like your way of teatching



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