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Thank you Adam.It’s a bit difficult for me, but it will help me when reading a English’newspaper.


This lesson was extremely difficult.
Therefore, I´ll see it again tomorrow ;)


I tried,but this lesson is a little bit difficult for me. But I’ll try again. Thankyou


İ think in this structure the important point is to be able diferentiate between the those words


Tks a lot for that lesson. It isn’t an easy task. I’ve tried to do the quiz and my score was not good. I used to use that sentence a lot when I was an auditor, (kind of pattern). However I used it at the end of the sentence. “these financial statements encompass a series of actions relating to management, existence, evaluation and accuracy of assets and liabilities, as well as the presentation thereof. Can I use the rest of the transations at the end as well?


    Hi Juju,

    Yes, if they imply the same message, then yes. Your example works well.


MR ADAM would you please repeat this lesson with an easy vocabulary and clear-cut examples as the transitions are almost similar which make things more difficult, waiting for a good response from your side


    Hi Zaki,

    To be honest, if you are using simpler vocab, you can find other ways, more simple ways, to say these things as well. This is part of more advanced writing skills. Writing needs to have a uniform style, so if you use simple words and then connect them with these transitions, then it might not seem natural.

    Hope this helps.


Thank you very much!! I was confused about them, I met them in books frequently, and it is very pleasant you are paying attention to the comments and requests for new videos.


you gave a comprehensive lecture thereby able to improve my writing.
EngVid is a resourceful website, therefore, i love to visit it everyday.


Thank you Adam. It is very useful lesson.


Thank you, Adam! I love this lesson. It is a pity that we can not use this website in China. It is like a treasure chest for English speakers.
Furthermore, I do want to know how to use a sentence with”; “.


    Hi Yuxiayang,

    You can try to use a VPN in China, but the government there doesn’t allow YouTube, so not much else to be done. Hope you can keep watching :)


This is a really difficult lesson but it is very important to me. That is because I see those words many times when reading some international contracts in the company. I will watch this video many times, I hope. Thanks Adam.

John B

Thanks a lot, Adam! A very useful lesson as usual.
I have been watching many of your videos and as we say in Russia “You are a teacher from God”!


it’s sophisticated lesson ,,i got 5 out of 10 !! it;s the worst result at all ..anyway thanks Adam

yasser Daoud

    Keep trying Yasser ;)


I know these transitions in portuguese but isn’t use to common; hereby these transitions are in difficults sentences and at vocabularies more elaborateds. :)
I got 4 out of 10! in second try! nice! thank you Mr. Adam!


Although I have got 70 out of 100. But these transition is difficult me to understand till now. I need you to pl. Again make a lesson again on this thereby it would be more clear.

Hemant Rawat

    I’ll see what I can do Hemant.


thanks Adam


Very difficult


    It gets easier with practice, Renato. Do a lot of reading and you will see these in use.


Hi adam i wanna to learn something from you.i have a confusion in use of get. I have seen ur lecture on causative verbs n passive of get.lets get some shopping done.is the passive causetive form of get .the meaning of this sentence is taken.as i offer someone to do some shopping. Or myself is going on shopping plz clear me.

Rabbia bilal

    plz adam answer me

    Rabbia bilal

    Hi Rabbia,

    Let’s get some shopping done means I am suggesting to someone to go shopping together.

    Does this help?


      Thnx hope so

      Rabbia bilal

Hi, I got 6/10.It is very difficult, I need to understand clearly.


    Keep trying Kgp2018 ;)



Abdulrhman Jamal

I can’t imagine the score I got 80/100☺ Feeling worthwhile . <3 you Adam. I want to learn more such lessons. It was such a great pride for me to have the most knowledgeable teachers. Thanks A lot.


Adam, special thanks for this lesson!


an excellent lesson and a challenge to many students thanks Adam!


hi adam special tnx and congrats to you for your fantastic videos.pls make a video and describe the words when got under at the begining.how does that change the definition.like :underlye,underachievment,undergo


    Good idea, Dr. Richi. I’ll see what I can do.


I really like your videos! Thank you.


Thank you very much Adam, as an internal Lawyer, it is very useful to learn how to master these transitions, even more, I see many of these transitions used in the legal writing and commercial agreements, many thanks for the lesson, appreciate!


    Yes, Sofia, legalese can be very “wordy” :)


hi adam.you are doing a fantastic job.pls make a video phrasal verb and expressions with the verb cut and pull or go


    I’ll get on it ;)


I have a thought that these words could remain in that shape from the germanic origin of English. I mean such german words as damit, dabei, dazu etc, where “da” in German in this context is kind of “that”. The etymology could be interesting.


    Hi Vadim,

    Etymology can go a long way in learning a language.


Thank you so much for your lesson, it’s quite difficult however i got 8 outta 10 :)


Hello from Bangladesh!!
i want to know about the difference between “i know that” and “i do know that”.
is it about to put some more contrast or something?
God Bless You


    Hi Rashed,

    Adding the do to an active verb is meant to emphasize the verb. Usually it is used when someone might suspect the opposite. For example someone thinks you don’t know, so you correct them and say I do know.

    Does this help?


      Yes,sir. Thanks for your prompt response.


I got 10 correct out of 10. I can’n believe it!!! :)

Oleg Kosyak

    Good job Oleg :)


9/10!! Wow! I’m happy, given the complexity of the topic!


    Good job Calibardo :)


Hi Adam. I adore you and your lessons. You are great teacher. Could you explain the different type of use of WOULD? I read some stories where its use in past tense is very often…but sometimes I cannot translate it to myself, especially in complex sentences.Thank you in advance.


    I’ll see what I can do, Monik :)


Very interesting this topic


Thanks everyone :)


The discussed topic has its importance in our understanding of an academic paper. The class was difficult for me, indeed, but incontestable useful. Certainly I’ll have to watch it again and use them in my writing countless times to fully comprehend the usage of those words.

Thiago Milcent

You’re a great teacher, Mr Adam. Thanks.
I got 9/10 but, honestly, I don’t know how I did it.
I’ll keep practicing with your help. Looking forward to taking more lessons


Sorry Mr.adam, I unable understand this lesson
is it possible to teach any simple way to learn

Ramesh muthusamy

    This is an advanced writing lesson Ramesh. I can speak more simply, but the material won’t change. Try reading some academic essays and you will see these used.


it’s a bit difficult to understand the way to use them, but i will listen again, i think it will be useful for me to read the document and newspaper.


Hey Adam, any opinion on “ergo”?
Do you recommend using it in IELTS writing?


    Hi Sina,

    It’s old-fashioned. No-one uses this anymore. It sounds a little pretentious. I don’t recommend using it.


thanks a lot, Mr Adam
I want to know there are differences between thereby and therefore.


Hi Adam,
I got 5 out of 10. Thanks!

Sarah Rocha

I hereby restate that Adam is the best teacher in Engvid.


I got score 5 out of 10. As legal officer I’m still think this is a lot difficult event though often see it in the contract or agreement or clause of agreement. I should take more test and practice them on my writing skill within drafting such an agreement. Thanks Adam giving this lesson to know more how to put them proper and right way.. keep waiting new video lesson from you!


Hello adam
You r totally amazing teacher???


Thank You, Mr Adam. I got 10/10 on this quiz…


Thank you Mr. Adam! Your didactic, timing, subject, quiz, etc, represent a good set of learning tools and resources for all of us. 6/10 without proper study :( need to practice a lot more! Congratulations for a distinct and differentiated work.


Thanks for the awesome lesson.
I’ve observed that “thereby” is mostly followed by (verb+ing) form regardless of whether the sentence takes place in past, future or present. As in this example from the dictionary: “The number of uninsured cars will rise and the cost to the industry will increase, thereby pushing premiums up further.”.

However, I seldom see “thereby” followed by a verb in other forms such as past tense. For example: “This behavior increased demand and thereby pushed prices up still more.”, why isn’t it “pushing up the prices…”. Is either form right,?


Would it be possible to write ‘therefore’ instead of ‘whereby’.If not,could you please explain it!!!

monaim knight

In the question number 2. Will it be – it clear or it clears.

monaim knight

Thank you, Adam. For the first time, I achieved 6/10
thereafter I watched the video again and again then I achieved 9/10

Mehriban A

Hi Adam, thank you because of your greats videos! I’m an intermediate English learner and was thinking about to take a course abroad of about 4 weeks to ground up my English. Is there in Toronto any place that offers this kind of courses?


Oh wow, I expected I might have scored even less, but 7|10 look pretty good to me with such complicated topic.


Hi Adam,
Thank you so much for the video. After learning from the video, I still confuse of some of them. I am not sure when to use thereby or whereby, therein or wherein. They are similar to me. Could you explain more the difference of them?


The teacher in this video did a very good job thereby getting all the credit and was able to be understandable. the footage and all details therein; was very well explained by the excellent teacher. The lesson was so sophisticated, especially the words chosen thereof, and was pretty much informative, there is no reason, therefore, we should be confused. he elaborated on each part until we understood it, thereafter, It began simplifying. The video did not show wherein Mr. Adam had done anything wrong, whereby, all of us has benefitted. So given the above circumstances, I hereby declare the lesson was marvelous. How have I done? Please, would you explain the expression “he’s into surfing” or “he is just not that into you”.

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Hassan ABS

    amazing and ‘helpful’ reply. Thank You


      Thank you Laras, I hope it was helpful.

      Hassan ABS

Hi Adam, the lesson is easier to understand than the quiz, but your explanation is perfect. Maybe ‘practice’ on phrases and examples is the key for improving :)


Adam, you’re doing a good job. Keep up the good work. We’re blessed to have a teacher like you. :)


Thanks for the lesson Adam. I am preparing for General IELTS and I have a question related to that. When you say these transitions need to be used for academic writing and formal writing, does it mean this is important for General IELTS as well? or it is only for Academic IELTS?


Great, thank you. 8/10. I did better than expected. I learned your lesson.


I scored 90 in the quiz in first attempt therefore, I need not to take the quiz again.


4 out of 10
the worst result i scored in here
need to watch the lesson again until it become fully understandable


Wow, I like this this stuff, nonetheless it’s a way over my head, thanks a lot Adam. What Im doing right after I took a video, I shared it with my crew, it helps me to get a better comprehension and give some space to rehash about something that I learned from you.

Thanks a lot dude.


hi ADAM,
what is the difference between where and wherein


Hi Adam,
could you please tell me what the differences between transitions and conjunctions?
And is it possible that a word like “since” act both as a conjunction and transition?
Thank you very much for your reply in advance.


9/10 a half of a year has passed thereafter.
Thank you very much Mr. Adam


I think, it is a little bit for advanced english learner.


Hi Adam i have a question about ‘whereby’ is there no semi colon ; before whereby. Could you please advise me on this. Thanks.

Pinky k

Omg, I need more practice to distingush them in writing. Please more details explanation. Thanks Adam


I only missed 2 answers. Therefore I am feeling pretty good about my score.


I, hereby, feel pretty good about my score.


this topic is very useful for me. before, i had no good idea about the uses of therein, thereof, wherein, thereby..


Difficult lesson for my level but I really like the lesson and the new vovabulary, that you very much.

Ivonne Malave


Yary Ibarra

Thank you so much, your lessons are so helpful and interesting.

Clara C

That was a quiz with huge dificults. I got 80% and think I have to study much more because it’s very easy to forget lessons like that.


Hi Adam,
Thank you for clarifying these transition words. Your explanation is highly effective. However, i am still confused between thereby and whereby.


Thank You Adam For This Advanced lesson You Are really motivate me to learn more vocabulary by knowing these transactions

mousaab hanafy

Thank you, Do you have more exercises? Like a link to some webside or PDF documents.
Sincerely Hasan

The picker

Thank you, the topic is well explained.


hi Adam
thank you so much


The quiz is quite difficult to me. I confuse some words like wherein, whereby, therein, thereby. Anw, thank you very much for the lesson. I will watch it again.


Thank Adam, this such a essential lesson and extremely useful for my academic writing. Totally, it’s contribute my English too much.

Reach RIM

8/10 Thank you, Alam!
This lesson is for me.


Thanks Adam ??


to be honest , the test was sophisticated


let me do more on this because all these transitions quit less i use whenever i write any essay or article.thank you sir that was a great induced.


Thanks, Adam for your video lesson particularly about the topic Transition.
I felt a bit confused about which letter to choose an answer for each number of your 10-item quiz. It’s difficult, yet challenging. I am happy with my score, though it’s not perfect, but at least I got only three mistakes (not too bad).


This was definately unexpected.
I hereby declare Adam a great teacher.
Thank you


I hereby declare that the transitions definitely enhance the writing level as long as we use them in the essay.


This was a little bit difficult for me, but I really have to learn how to use those words. I study a lot of essays about literature and sometimes I get confused. I think I am going to study one at a time, by reading all the examples of google translator, and thereafter take that quiz again… Thank you!!!

Aphrodite Manousaki

Thank you, Adam, for the great lesson! Is it possible to have more exercises on this topic?


Marvellous Lesson Adam! Thank you immensely


After watching Adam`s videos I got 8/10 :). I am preparing for a test and this is helping me a lot to write an essay. Thank you Adam!


    Good luck on your test, Antonio!

    engVid Moderator

Thaks so much eng vid God bless you

isaac Luna

Thanks Adam. This lecture helped me a lot in my academics. I tried this test and got each of them correct. You really teaches very effectively. :)

Tanmay kaushik

For me, this lesson is hard for me.


90, confusing. I’ll keep it in the loop.

A. N. Woof

I hereby declare that Adam is the best English teacher. for sure i will be using these words in my academic writting ahead.


These transitions were never taught to us in class :(


These answers that I tested were good practices to learn from.

Hwanjun Choi

Hello sir. Please make videos on tenses

John Wick

Great Adams!!! Love it!!!

Antonis Evdaimon

I can see the difference you put in the use of Wherein here in the quiz and in the video there. Thanks for let us know about both of them.

Harshit Sharma 999

i wanted to ask about IELTS. Is IELTS same for all age groups or is it different? I mean will a 16 year old have same test as a 20 year one? Please anyone answer to this because I am confused.

Wahaj Bakht

Thank you Adam it is too hard for me

Karla Chavez



Thank you so much. It was really a wonderful explaination by you. Hope it helps me in clearing my exams TOEFL and GMAT both.


    Hello Sir, I am utterly cofuse about these transitions. Please tell me what should I do??

    Srinibas Rana

Excellent lesson. I got 9/10


This lesson was hard and tricky, Teacher. I have to watch it again morrow, for I want to be better and better at English. Four out of ten; I wish I could do superiorly.

John Dick

I enjoyed the quiz. I am looking for lessons on, how to build a paragraph.

Thank You.

big mel

6/10! It’s difficult for me! I confused everything!

Jerry Gu

Thanks a lot for this great lesson. I have a question about question 9. why not therein? Like the sentence, you gave in the lesson, therein also means “in which”?


Thank you so much! The lesson is very productive!
I have a question about the third sentence: “The new contract does not allow for extended maternity leave; therein lies the problem for union, 60% of whose membership is young women.” Isn’t should be “that/which membership” instead of “whose membership” because “union” doesn’t mean a person or people?


I believe you absolutely right, but I just want to understand what I am missing. Thanks for your patience!


Good lesson but dificult. Thanks Adam and if possible speak more slow please.


Do you offer lessons?


Thanks Sir Adam and to all teachers, after watching Sir Adam video about transition signals on youtube, I decided to visit the website and I never go wrong for signing up. Your videos and short quizzes helped me a lot on my studies, especially on writing essays and improving my grammar.


I hereby declare that getting 6 out of 10 is promising.


Very tough chapter, trying a lot to get clarity.

Renu Khurana

I did not understand the difference of therein and thereby


Hey… Transitions are commonly used in LEGAL SENTENCES, therefore they are extremely difficult.

Muhammad Kamel Anwar Abdelmonem Mansi

I think these advanced transition words are hard to understand… :/

5/10 :(

sule irem

Hi Adam, it’s my first comment on engVid. I m really glad to know these transitions because I believe they will further enhance academic manuscripts and specific discussions/comments thereof. I appreciate your effort and enthusiasm. Best wishes.


Very clear explanation. Thank you Adam for these beneficial lessons. I almost watched all of your advanced grammar videos and they really helped me recognizing many of my grammar weaknesses.


Excellent lesson Adam I liked too much,it was quite nurished for my vocabulary


great adam. i got a 10!


Hi Adam
Can you do three examples of each transition words?

edith pelaez
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