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Very glad to have your lesson again Rebecca! Thank you very much! Your lesson is very interesting!


    Yep! I agree with you,Rebecca’s lessons are engaging.

    Affixes are excellent tools for expanding our vocabulary Rebecca, no doubt about it. But as you mentioned not all the words follow the same pattern. So, how do we know when to use a given suffix -say “-ment”- in order to change the function of the word and its meaning?

    Very useful tips to increase our vocabulary Rebecca; thanks for sharing all this with us.


    So glad you found the lesson useful. We need all the tricks and tips we can get to learn more effectively. All the best to you.


Interesting and useful! Thank you, Rebecca :)


YEAH Rebecca..the same haircut..i like it


Amazing lesson, Rebbeca!! Extremely helpul!! I would like to take the opportunity to express my enormous gratitude to you extended to all of teachers of the Engvid for the outstanding job. Your lessons have been more than useful for me since I got in America few weeks ago. For all THANK YOU KINDLY!!! Jose.


    Thank you, Jose, for your warm words. I am very glad to know our lessons have helped you. You communicate very well and on behalf of everyone at engvid, I wish you all the best.


      Your reply brought happiness to my day, dear Rebecca! Thank you very much! I’m living in Portland, OR for two months now, and I keep learning with the lessons of Engvid team — really really helpful!
      Warm greetings.


        Hi Rebecca,
        I’d like to ask a question on grammar. In my message above I wrote that “I’m living…” Since I’ve refered to certain period, what is the grammaticaly right form:
        “I am living for two months now”
        “I have lived for two months now”
        “I have been living for two months now”
        I’ll appreciate your precious answer.
        Looking forward to hearing from you.


          “I’ve been living in xxx for yyy months and…” –> Duration, still happening

          “I have been living in xxx since September” –> Starting point


Thanks Rebecca!

This was another great lesson from you which helped me a lot. My English speaking is strengthen every day because of you all.

Fabio Cicerre

thank you for new words


YES, mam Rebecca mam as you said in the video while teaching it’s strange..


Yes It’s strange for me so we have to understand this short of word and have to comfortable with the word sing with others And everyone have to follow this pattern as Ms Rebecca told us and most significant also who is learning and improving English..


Thanks Rebecca! It’s very easy and fun)


thanks for your this nice and really helpful video and it worked out. you have really shortened my english learning time, haven’t you Rubecca? :P :)


    Thank you, Ahad. It’s always my goal to teach the tricks and shortcuts that allow people to learn more quickly and confidently. SO glad the lesson helped you. I wish you all the best.


Hello Rebecca! Thank you for the lesson! You are so positive, I love to learn English watching videos of yours.


    Aww…thanks, that’s very kind of you. I believe we are all teachers and learners in one way or the other and the best way to live in this world is to be warm and encouraging towards each other. My best wishes to you, Anyur1984.


Thank you very much Rebecca!!!I didn´t know how easy it could be to sound smarter!!!
Hope to see you again soon in another interesting lesson like this ;)


    Well, there you go! You got the point! Thanks for your feedback and all the best, Knopfler86.


Thanks very much! I didnt’t know that it can be so easy.Very good lesson. :)


    Yes, I am so glad you enjoyed the vocabulary hack. I plan to record more shortcuts like these to shorten people’s learning time and deepen their understanding! My best wishes to you.


Thank you very much, Rebecca. It is a very useful lesson! I got 100! Bye!

Júlio César L Sousa

Thanks you Rebbecca, Your lesson is so helpful with me, i study a lot from you. Hope can see your new lesson soon. thanks again

Mai Anh June

thanks Rebecca:)


Mrs. Rebecca,
What is the difference in meaning of these adjectives ending in -ing if they come after sense verbs with people?
Your boss sounds interesting.
He looks boring.
You sound amazing.
They seem amusing.
She sounds exhausting.


    Excuse me, Fahdbensalman! About interested/interesting, according to the Learnersdictionary, “Interested is an adjective that describes a person or people who like something and want to know more about it, as in these examples:
    The listeners were all very interested in the lecture. (interested describes the listeners)”.
    Also, I would like to add: the ‘ed’ ending indicates the person or thing that suffers the action, and the ‘ing’ one indicates the person or thing that causes the action; for instance, a boring boss (he causes something annoying), and a bored boss (somebody else caused something boring to the boss).
    I hope that it will help you.
    See you.


    -ed adjectives

    Adjectives that end ‘-ed’ describe emotions – they tell us how people feel about something.

    I was very bored in the maths lesson. I almost fell asleep.
    He was surprised to see Helen. She’d told him she was going to Australia.
    Feeling tired and depressed, he went to bed.
    -ing adjectives

    Adjectives that end ‘-ing’ describe the thing that causes the emotion – a boring lesson makes you feel bored.

    Have you seen that film? It’s absolutely terrifying.
    I could listen to him for hours. He’s one of the most interesting people I’ve ever met.
    I can’t eat this! It’s disgusting! What is it?
    Remember that people can be boring but only if they make other people feel bored.

    He talks about the weather for hours. He’s so boring.
    NOT I was very boring at the party so I went home.

    Briklend Handersson

probably this isn’t my level, I didn’t understand too good, but I have 10 out of 10)
sorry for my mistakes…


    work more Gulzar ….. I’m sure you will be successly


Thank you very much for your lesson.it’s really I know and I got 9 out of 10

Muad Abdiaziz

Great! Very usefull! Thanks a lot!


Great lesson ! Thank you Rebecca !


This lesson helps us a lot for expanding our vocabulary. Thank you so much, Rebecca.


10/10 Thank you for the lesson, Rebecca! You are the best!


Amazing lesson..

Angel. M

I got 9/10

Angel. M

Thanks Rebecca. This was a very usefull lesson, I learned a lot. I helped me to widen my vocabulary.


    Great! Then the lesson achieved its goal. Thanks for your feedback and remember that useful is spelled with one l, as are the words beautiful, helpful, etc. All the best.


Thank you Rebecca. For your lesson is very useful.


thank you, Rebecca! You’re a great teacher! 100%


    Well, you must be a great student. That’s all I can say! Thanks, and my best wishes to you.


thanks teacher rebeca i got 9.


Thank you Rebecca for the lesson.It is quite interesting .I haven’t know this pattern before ,although the form seems very natural.It helps to shorten the speech and it will sound more fluently.Thank you.


    Thanks; glad you found this vocabulary hack useful. I wish you all the best.


thank you Becca


Thanks, Rebecca!


Doesn’t this set of verbs reflect German origis of English?


Thanks a lot !!!!


Thanks a lot, Rebecca! You’ve just expanded my vocabulary.

Benny Dilson

Thank you so much for your impressive lesson.But if you do not mind i want to you to make a lesson for me.
The lesson about passive voice “A movie produced by Hollywood actor Brad Pitt” I know when we use passive voice we have to use a helping verp(am,is are,was,were,has,have)but in above example why we dont need?

Thank you..


Is “sickens” the correct answer in the 9th question? By the analogy with the 10th question.


    Thanks for your consideration.You always make it great.I have watched the lesson then I did the quiz and I got 10 correct out of 10.In additional I have taken a note-write down the new words.
    So helpful for better understanding while watching a movie or listening a music and etc.
    I appreciate you

    Demis Roussos ( lyrcs music name is Rebecca) :
    you help us to your star,it shines right away wherever you are
    Rebecca,let your mind no more over such darkening your door.”darkening” I found out a word which it belongs our topic.

    bakhtiyar ali

what a fantastic lesson. Thanks rebecca!!!
I love you


Hello nice to with your lessons


Thanks, Rebecca!
This lesson deepened my Englush with nice and easy way!☺


9/10 Thanks Rebecca! =D

Cristian Gutiérrez

It is amazing lesson and amazing teacher. Rebecca has strengthened my English knowledge.


    Wow, how wonderful that you could apply the vocabulary hack right away in such a powerful way. Congratulations and all the best to you.


Well, that was a brilliant lesson I got ten out of ten. ĤĔĹĹŐ ŤĤĔŔĔ ĎĔÁŔ ĤŐŴ Well, that was a brilliant lesson I got ten out of ten. ĤĔĹĹŐ ŤĤĔŔĔ ĎĔÁŔ ĤŐŴ ĨŤŚ ĞŐĨŃĞ ŴĨŤĤ ŶŐÚ Rebecca

Mohammed navigation

Hi ms Rebecca, I’m new here. thanks for your nice and helpful video, it really works. I hope in joining here it will broaden my knowledge in english language.


    Welcome to engvid! Please explore the site to find what you need, in terms of level and specific areas of interest such as Business English, Grammar, Idioms, etc. I wish you all the best with your English.


Hi REBECCA “NAMASTE” your lessons are really informative and helpful to improve English. Thanks for your generous help. I hope we will get more lessons from you.. Thanks a load… I Love ya..

ankita verma

Great class Rebecca. Thanks


hi mrs rebecca
i want to continu my english studies
how can i do

jamal jimo

    You could try the usual ways of joining an English class, working from textbooks, finding a private teacher, learning online, etc We have about 900 lessons on engvid that can help you too. Just search for your level and area of interest. I wish you all the best.


Many thanks, same too as my friend , I am Very glad to have your lessons again Rebecca! Thank you very much! Your lesson is very soften and strengthen !


mam, can you help me to find out in which part of these sentences there is an error with explanation ?

1. He opposed the scheme at the first(a)
but when it was fully explained(b)
he came to our views.(c)

2. Any meaningful discussion of national
must take stock about the tendencies(b)
which threaten it.(c)

3. She wanted to be an actress,(a)
but her father soon(b)
nipped that idea in the bud.(c)

4. Respectfully I beg to state that(a)
I am suffering from fever(b)
for the past fortnight.(c)

5. You may have regret later(a)
if you do not start living(b)
within your mean.(c)


Thanks i appreciate your Efforts that you support Free volunteer teacher and i understand 80 % i wish you Good Lucky and continou

Abdinasir Nor Abdullahi

Hi,Rebecca!You are very good in teaching. Thanks to you,everything is clear. I vish you the best. Thank you.


    Thank you kindly for your feedback. I wish you all the best with your English.


Thanks, Rebecca!
Your lesson really helps me!
What about the verb fasten?
It seems fast + en but it doesn’t mean make faster, if I don’t get wrong.
Is there a reason for that?
Thank you!


    You know that English has lots of exceptions and you just found another one! All the best!


Frankly, I was expecting a quick way to weld some words into my brain, because I just realised procrastination is simply bad( I know I’m a bloody fool)…
Is there a way to do so other than to learn easy inflexions which I’m already aware of?? Also, does anybody has(/have?) an idea how I would do at the academic(-)ielts if got like 9 outta// 90-100% for most of the advanced-tier mcqs on(/in) this site …?? lol I really swear those last bits that ended up grey is merely a coincident!!


    You write very well overall, but do have some mistakes in English:

    Does anybody have any idea
    on this site

    Please check this site: goodluckielts.com

    All the best to you.


Good day, Rebecca!
I extremely like your lessons, it really helps to BROADEN our knowledge of English!


    Great use of the term! And doesn’t it make you feel proud to speak so well? Congratulations and all the best to you.


Thanks a lot!


it’s helpful.Thank you Rebecca!


You are a good teacher!!! Thank you a lot!!!

Alexsandra Barros

it is very good very easy lesson rebeca thanks!

eliegina silva costa

Dear Rebecca,
This exercise strengthens my English language mastery.
Yours sincerely.


    Way to go! Congratulations on applying what you have learned so confidently. All the best to you, Peter.


This exercise is very confused because there some words that change in en and ed very confused well, I learn more


thanks for this video
its amazing to learned VOC


Thanks for your lesson.


Thanks for your lesson! I have a question for you, if we follow the rule to add “en” to the end of a noun or an adjective to make it become a verb, but it’s not all situations we can do like that. So, we have to learn by heart these words? Are there any trick to recognise these situation? Thank for your help!!!


Hello, Rebecca! Thanks a lot for your lessons, I learn and injoy your positive :) You are an enchantress! All the best to you! :)


Hello M.r.s Rebbeca,I have a question for you about your lesson. I could notice that various of the words that you turned up in verbs seem to be past participle verbs one time they are changed and put in context, it would be correct to say they have became or fit in some of the cases as past participle verbs or they are just converted words or maybe present tense verbs? Because for example, If I say: She whiten her teeth,that makes sense like a past participle tense. Thanks, I hope your answer.


Rebecca your lesson is so good i learned a lot from this.. i have a question by “en” we can make an adjective or a noun a verb and by adding “ed” in the last we can use it in past tense but what about other tenses can we make past/present participles?


Thank you for the lesson, Rebecca. I was wondering should we use s or ing for certain sentences as you informed to add ed for past tense. And it had been confirmed by the 10th question which was: You’ve been here all day. Why don’t you go home? If the situation WORSENS, I will let you know. (becomes worse). Thank you, Rebecca.


Thank you a lot of,your lesson is certainly a good way to improve our English.


Dear, Rebecca, could you also explain to us the rules to use ending -fy in verbs.Is it the same as using -en? In which cases we can make verbs with -fy and -en?
Thanks a lot!
Best regards.


Very helpful trick, thank you so much Rebecca! I’m afraid I didn’t understand when I have to put “en” as prefix instead of suffix. Is there any rule about it?


great , strange , and important lesson
thank you so much
I made one mistake because I did not pay attention to the spelling .


Very interesting lesson Rebecca. Congratulation!!!!

Leandro Cleber

Hello Rebbeca thanks for your helpful and interesting lesson that u teach us.


Rebbeca, thanks a lot for the interesting and helpful lesson.I deepened and widened my vocabulary =)




very useful thank you; miss


very cool , thank you :)


Rebbeca, thanks a lot for your lesson. I studied a lot from you.

Pham Hong Nam

Thank you!


Hi, thanks a lot . 10/10.


Thanks dear


Hi, this helped me sooooooo much. Thank you!


Very helpful topic. Thank you very much !


Rebbeca, thanks a lot for your lesson. I studied a lot from you.


Dera Prof, I do like your teaching. Thank you. H

Briklend Handersson

I got 100 out of 100. H

Briklend Handersson

Thank you Rebecca. I really like this lessen. Give us some more other words like this.

Sincerely yours


I’m first time in this site. But I adopted here easily. Rebecca thank a lot for you lessons. There are very useful for me.


Another great lesson as usual. Thank you, teacher!


Got 100 on the test, yay!


Thanks for this great video! :)



ann ann

thanks for the lesson…


hello,I didn’T know this technique and thanks to you, now I am better, my knowledge broadened. I love this website and you guys..
And I wonder that is there any tips about when we can’t use this technique? a kind of rule?


Thank you very much Rebecca!


Thank you.


Thank you. I am looking a native English speaker. If some one interested to talk with over Skype, please feel free to add me in your Skype list: my Skype id : alchemistbd


Hi Rebecca, you cannot imagine how wonderful your lesson was to me, I enjoyed it a lot, thank you so much.


Thank you, Rebecca~~ It’s very helpful!!!


thank you so much Rebecca. It’s a very useful for me being an English lesson beginner.

danny perez

very good lesson


I absolutely loved the lesson, thanks a million.


Thank you, Rebecca)


Thank you Rebecca ???


Thanks Rebecca! Yours lessons are very interesting and useful!


worsens? Shouldn’t be worsen?


Hi Rebecca, I really love the way you teach, my congrats to you, you are such an amazing teacher! About this lesson I’m wondering if it’s ok to use those verbs in gerunds, I would thanks your answering.


You are really an angel, nothing more, nothing less.
However, I couldn’t find the word “greaten” in any dictionary. That apart, this has boosted my confidence to a cosmic level.( please do reply to me whether my sentence structure is correct. :) )


thank you so much for the lesson <3


your lesion is so useful, thank you so much!


Thanks Rebecca. You teache in a nice way. All your lessons are quite enjoyable.


Thank You So Much Rebecca. I got 100 again. Interesting Understood and got clarifications as well.

Syed Ameer

Very helpful~ I will keep in my mind. Thanks Rebecca.


hello Rebbeca, thanks for your efforts and advices it helps alot. But I have this feeling about this lesson that using the (en) is “weaken” the language some time . Is it ok o use it in writing articles in TOEFL esseys’ ??
thanks again.


Thank so much, Rebecca! I have really enjoyed your lesson today. Wish all the best to you and merry christmas!


Tkanks again and again


Thank you Mam,,
for the first time i login this site and watched your vedio then complete the quize, got 100% correct answer.
Thank you again


Is really helpfull for my. Thank R.


Thank a lot for this lesson that lengthened my vocabulary as it an eve of my English learning..

Hasitha Perera

Got 10/10.
However, Question:

Usually, when there is one verb present already we use grand after a TO. For example, “she used cold cream to softening her hand.” If I write ‘she used cold cream to soften then hand” would that be grammatically correct?

I also find difficult while writing letters:
“Looking forward to hear/hearing from you.”…what to chose?”

Kindly help. Thanks.


I thank you again for another wonderfully explained
subject. You are a great teacher.
I think I have widened my vocabulary thanks to your
amazing teaching skills.
I really love the English language.And the more
I learn it the more I realize the less I know about it.
I got 10/10,thanks to your proficient and friendly
Many thanks,again, Rebecca.


When the weather get worsened, the airplane crew asked the passangers to tighten the belt. However my daughter just so busy to sharpened her pensil :)

wiwik junus ismail

10 out of 10 amazing lesson professor thank you .

Amir Loucif

fantastic lesson

aminah adnan

thanks it was very helpful


I clearened some doubts with your wonderful lesson, god bless you dear teacher.

fernando triana

I got 10/10 in the quiz.
It was a very useful lesson.
Thanks teacher.


Thank you Rebecca


Thank you Rebecca, you are doing an impeccable job here.


Thank you Rebecca!


awesome , thank you so much


Nice lesson




Awesome, Rebecca!!! Thank you very much!! :D


Thanks for your effort. we got this lesson.see you in other lesson


It was very useful lesson ..I learned a lot :) Thank You Very Much


You got 9 correct out of 10.

thank you..

M kartal

Thanks Rebecca. This was so informative.


Thx Rebecca 10/10 PERFECT!!!


9 out 10. Need to work a lot. Thanks Rebecca


What’s different between +en and be+ing. E.g. She sharpened her pencil and She is sharping hers pencil.


Thank you, Rebecca!
I have not expected to find so very simple way to widen my vocabulary.


Thanks Rebecca!


thank you


Hi Rebecca im new in this page. I become interested because of your speak like a manager lessons. I learned a lot. You are a good teacher.


It’s a great way to quiken studys. Thanks))


Thank you for all these lessons, bye,I’ll see you soon


Thanks to you 10/10


Hi Rebecca,
I think in question 9 the right answer should be sickens not sicken. As the speaker seems to be talking about routine or what usually happens when he watches the horror movies? Could you please enlighten it a bit?


Top! A very interesting lesson.


thank you very much!10/10


Thanks Rebecca. I`m really enjoying your lessons and you are very talented in delivering your ideas.


In the beginning, I frighten about this test. I deepen my knowledge about how to broaden my vocabulary. It saddened myself, I realised that I needed to look up my Diccionario some adjectives and nouns. Now I have strengthened my English skills in 10 minutes. I need to say “Thank you very much”, Rebecca.


Thank you so much, Rebecca, your lesson is so helpful and very interesting


Thank you, Rebeca,

Your lessons are helping me a lot with my work. I like the way you explain and speak.


Waw ! This lesson was a big surpise ! Thank you!


    Sorry ! I wanted to say ,, surprise,,:)


Thank you for sharing this video with us!

Jose Carlos Campos



I got 8 .very useful lesson.I want to become fluent in English pl give me advice.


Good day
i am happy today i have come to knew about this english learning platform
i would like to thank you Ms Rebbeca Mam for making such a video on verbs
i would like to know how to conclude the word should end with ed or en based on tense
could you please explain with an examples
awaiting for your reply

Shabnam banu

i am your big fan from Kazakstan 24Sept2021
thank you for perfect presentation


Thank you for your interesting presentation.


thanks you for the lesson


    thank you


are all the en-verbs regular?


I got 10/10.

Thank you!


Thanks a lot, Rebecca! You are amazing.(Azores Islands, 22Aug2023);


that was an amazing course. you’re really the best teacher. I think that will be my turning point to improve my language and my understanding. thank you for the effort. god bless you

soufiane farik

Wow, this lesson was really hard (especially pronunciation part) but also interesting. Need to rewatch it in the future a few more times. Thank you Rebecca for all your efforts.

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