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ya,its gud but,what about the rest of the other tenses.
such as
present continous,and model auxiliaries??????
i need more lectures on passive plzzzzzzz



    with the present continuous tense
    (is/are + being + P.P)
    eg.> changes that are being wrought…
    with modal verbs
    (can/must + be + P.P)
    eg.> food production can be increased.
    > you must be restrained


Very nice Lesson keep it up


Sorry James but I don’t think that was the correct form to explain the passive voice

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very good lessons.
could you give examples for the four passive options(tructures).


hi James
very good lesson. could you please give me some examples for the fourth passive options that you mentioned.

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i hope that i enjoy it

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Thanks!! very good!


Thanks a lot!! it’s nice.


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This is all fun and all but this is the easy passive there are many other passive parts that are so hard.


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hi , thank you for your effort. but i am sorry to ask you again if you can explaiin lesson without usinge this fucking execuuuuuuuu. it’s nothing what the add value of this excuuu , nothing. it make me all over in the map


Hello Mr James,Thanks a lot.you do not have any idea how helpful is you’r lesson.you make the lessons easy to learn.You teach English lesson perfectly .Thank you for your effort.you are the best teacher i have ever had.


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it is good but we need examples about passive persent perfact as past perfect and will


It’s nice…thanks.

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thank you mr James,your way of teaching English lesson has been attracted me and i am requesting you to give us more time in every lesson like this one for passive voice ,any way i liked your effort and i will attend your course.thank you again


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good job!!Thank’s james


could I ask a question Mr. James: if I want to make this tag question”there used to be people in the house ……….can I say didn’t there? …….plz answer cause I REALLY NEED IT….

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hi james i just want to know what is v2b.could you kindly help me on this…..


thanks/it was very very interesting.

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good lesson. thanks james. viejo james where can i find the quiz about this topic?

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hi james i was bad at passive and now u have enlightened me with ur teaching
plz make video about active voice aswell please


please help me to change into passive voice this sentences: 1. An actor killed president Abraham Lincoln. 2. Everyone can see the film soon. 3 Millions of people watch this TV programme. 4. His parents have bought him a new bicycle. 5. A van has taken the load


i wanna talk about your comment.If I am not mistaken,It would be :1.President Abraham Lincoln was killed by An actor,2.the film can be saw,3.this programme is watched by millions of people and e.t.c

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    i think the secont sentences was written wrong bocouse the p.p for saw is seen


thanks a lot, it’s funny to learn with you.


Thanks alot.
It’s very exciting.
However, althought it very basic, it vey useful to practice and listen.


thank you so much for your classes man are wonderful.


Thank you for such a great way of teaching.


William Shatner


when we you to be + P.P ?? who can explain to me ?

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thanx! passive voice is such a difficult thing


Nice clear explanation of the form (of the Passive Voice)but the use (why after all do we use P.v)remains less stressed upon.

Shafiq Siddiqui

So nice explanation thanks teacher you are the B E S T ! ! !

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what is the passive form of this sentence “I am reviewing by myself”. Appreciate it if someone will change it into passive. Thanks in advance!

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Could somebody write for me, please?



What about- James is ‘writing’ the message
Will it change to be:
a) the message ‘was being written’ by James
b) the message ‘was written’ by James

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Hi James ,

Could you tell the relactive clause ?
Take care of you


Hello James , very interesting lesson, just I would like you add a short test as usually.
Thanks so much, your lesson really help me.

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firstly i want to say u r just great teacher.
but I am a little confused as am not able to understand the sequence of the videos and its getting really hard for me to understand.
i want to learn good English and want to do it in the most proper and effective way i can.
so if u can suggest me a proper way to catch the sequence it would be great.
by the ways thanks a lot.

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Hi teacher , please help with this sentence…. I don`t know whether to put BY or WITH….. HERE IT IS…..”The hall look was made more beautiful ….. the lights.” I hope you will answer me soon…


Hi! thank you for your lessons!!! I want to ask for help. Which preposition to choose?
– The glass was broken by/with a stone. I found the rule that says- after verbs to destroy, to break we should put preposition by- The house was destroyed by fire. So what about the stone?
Please, help me)))))


This lesson has been done by James and watched by me. Thanks a lot, James!

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They bought me a watch..
She takes after her sister….and
My father offered him…..

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but i can’t find the quiz

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I hope you can help me. My question is about : BEEN !
I am very confused bout it.

Mr. E wrote: this lesson has been thought up by Mr. E. Why is there ”the” been? Couldn’t i say ; this lesson has thought up …?, cause i also say i’ve broken my leg and not i’ve been broken my leg, right? Generally i do not get why it is not: this lesson was thought up by Mr. E.

I thank you very much.

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I am really enjoying THANK SO MUCH. can i use pronouns in passive?
you can contact your school Councillor for advice.
= He can be contacted for advice.

Reply on ndaagrace@gmail.com

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Hi James, Thks for yr lesson. You are very clear.
Just a question, Which is the different between these two passive sentences?:
The apartment has been cleaned
The apartment was cleaned
I don’t understand when We can use one or the other. Thks in advance

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‘….have been…. ‘:-)

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very good lecture James Keep it up

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This an email is being written
These buildings were bulit
This massage will be written
This story has been written
Thank you very much

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I like your explanations even if sometimes they are not complete. I would just advise you to speak A LITTLE more slowly.

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