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We use superlatives for comparing two things.

If a word has one syllable, we usually use the THE + ADJECTIVE+EST form to make it a superlative.

Josh is the ____________ student we have ever had at this school.

If a word has two syllables, we usually use the THE + MORE + ADJECTIVE form to make it into a superlative.

Change into a superlative: busy

Change into a superlative: wonderful

Change into a superlative: good

Change into a superlative: funny

Change into a superlative: bad

That is the ____________ cow I have ever seen. And it runs so fast!

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Good lesson.
Ronnie,would you tell me the meaning of “after”.He runs after me.My name is Lulu,thanks

Thursday, September 27th 2012

    To “run after” means to chase.

    Thursday, September 27th 2012

      thank you Ronnie:)

      Friday, September 28th 2012

      What about “far”? Don’t you want to include this exception to your list?!

      Friday, January 11th 2013

      What is mean by rigid

      Saturday, March 2nd 2013

    dont worry you must have confidence and everything it will be ok.learning a foreign language might be difficult but not impossible.you must have confidence in you and dont worry about mystakes.good luck:)

    Friday, September 28th 2012

      very well<
      your advice is very good

      Saturday, September 29th 2012

    you are the best.

    Monday, February 25th 2013

    Good lesson

    Wednesday, March 29th 2017

Very good lession. Thanks Ronnie

Thursday, September 27th 2012

I like the way you teach. It is the most fun ever. ;D

Thursday, September 27th 2012

thank you :)

Thursday, September 27th 2012

Hey, Ronnie !
I guess, The question number 9 has a wrong answer. Check this if u can !

Thursday, September 27th 2012

    Seems correct to me!

    Thursday, September 27th 2012

I’m enjoying this new way of learning English

Thursday, September 27th 2012

Congratulations! I learned with the rules and I did get grade 10 on exercises!! Thanks

Thursday, September 27th 2012

thank you but alitet defecalt for me .sorry abut my spelling

Thursday, September 27th 2012

Thank you! Good lesson.

Thursday, September 27th 2012

hi you can taking me one lesson today

Friday, September 28th 2012


Friday, September 28th 2012

The most fun…..
I didn’t know this rule before!
Thanks a lot Ronnie!

Friday, September 28th 2012

Hi, do Americans use to say “the funniest”? I saw lots of example of such usage on Google.

Friday, September 28th 2012

    hello my neighbour

    Friday, September 28th 2012

    look closer at the word you used and see ‘the funnIest’ – that’s an example of funny, not fun.

    And a note:
    She’s funny (=ridiculous, comical).
    She’s fun (you have a good time with her)

    Friday, September 28th 2012

    “the most fun” the correct answer n

    Saturday, December 21st 2013

I like the way you teach. It is the most fun ever.

Friday, September 28th 2012

Hello Ronnie,
all lessons you teach are of great help to us.i have a question for you. Isn’t funniest the superlative adjective of the word fun.please do reply.regards.

Friday, September 28th 2012

    NO, funny is an adjective. So you have to say the + funny + i + est.
    Fun is also an adj. but they mean different things!

    Saturday, September 29th 2012

      alright i got it.thank you:)

      Saturday, September 29th 2012

      Hi Ronnie! Could you explain what’s de different between “fun” and “funny”? I thought “fun” was a noun and not an adjective. I’m lost :O
      Thank youuuu!

      Wednesday, October 17th 2012

        Hi @crispoke, I think the difference between (funny) and (fun) is:
        funny is an adj. and it’s a situation when someone or something make you laugh. like a comedian is funny because he tell you jokes make you laugh.
        fun is also an adj. and it’s when you enjoy yourself and have a good time. likes visiting new places is fun.

        Wednesday, October 5th 2016

      thanks a lot

      Wednesday, November 5th 2014


Friday, September 28th 2012

Ronnie, the most amazing English teacher I’ve ever encountered!Thank you

Friday, September 28th 2012

WOW 10/10 !!

Friday, September 28th 2012

the funniest teacher is Ronnie. thank u Ronnie come back 4 another class, as soon as possible, be nice with us.

Friday, September 28th 2012

Thanks for this useful clas

Friday, September 28th 2012

Ty for the answer, Ronnie !! But You wrote in the video “the worst” as superlative adjective of “bad”, and the correct answer of the quiz is “the worse”. May you explain it to me, please ? :(

Friday, September 28th 2012

Hi Ronnie,

I had never heard of ‘Most fun’ before. I always thought superlative of fun is funniest same as ‘funny’. I must say, I had most fun while watching this video. :D.

Friday, September 28th 2012

Sorry, I made a mistake. I should have wrote ‘ I had the most fun while watching this video ‘.I missed ‘the’. Am I right?

Friday, September 28th 2012

thank you good lessons

Saturday, September 29th 2012

8/10 is my score, NOT good. I need to study hard, hard, HARD.

Saturday, September 29th 2012

Ronnie, thank you. I enjoy watching this funny and fast-learning video.

Saturday, September 29th 2012

Now I am 10/10! Yehey!! Thanks to the questions of EngVid.

Saturday, September 29th 2012

Roses are red, violets are blue. EngVid.com is the best english site for you!( A quote for EngVid)

Saturday, September 29th 2012

    Perphaps the best poem I’ve ever heard. )
    That’s nice poetry.

    Wednesday, October 31st 2012

thanks so much dear Ronnie…..
and please teach comparative adjectives too…..
i wait for it :)

Saturday, September 29th 2012

Old man said-you know,you can just believe in yourself.You are right.Have a nice day Ronnie.

Saturday, September 29th 2012

Hi Ronni . I’d like to ask you about some words .what is the difference between the word discover and explore . And error & mistake . How can I compare between them .

Saturday, September 29th 2012

    Discover means to find.
    Explore means to look for/at.
    Error and mistake are the same!

    Saturday, September 29th 2012

Hi ronnie.
You are a very funny teacher.
I enjoy follow your lessons,you involve me very much in every lessons.
Wow, jason statham is my favourite actor me too.

Saturday, September 29th 2012

Hi mh the words explore and discover and error and mistake means the samething you choose what you wanna use,are sinonymous look the sentences:

the men discover the florest/the men explore the florest

you’re doing a error for your life/you’re doig a mistake for your life.

^.^ that’s so easy!!

but is a intelligent question!

same thing !!
But is a intelligent ask !

Saturday, September 29th 2012

how are you?
i m very much confuse as i want to learn English but how can i start it from where please help me, specially i am very much weak in writing peaking spelling please help me.
hope you help me.

Saturday, September 29th 2012

    Spelling is just remembering words! Speaking is difficult to practice if you cannot speak to others in English SO>>>>>leave your Skype name on the website and invite others to chat and or have video chats with you!!! This will help you with writing and speaking!!

    Monday, October 1st 2012

I also have never heard “the most fun”.
Only “the funniest”.
Dut now I discovered that there are an adjective “fun” apart fron the “funny” and the noun “fun”!! Cool!

By the way, what is the difference between adj.-s “fun” and “funny”?

Saturday, September 29th 2012

    She’s funny. = ridiculous, comical, strange or even foolish
    She’s fun. = you have a good time with her

    Saturday, September 29th 2012

Thank Ronnie….I got 9 correct out of 10.

Saturday, September 29th 2012


Saturday, September 29th 2012

Ronni you are a good teacher in my life

Saturday, September 29th 2012

Thank you

Sunday, September 30th 2012

Thank you !

Sunday, September 30th 2012

how a good teacher you are,Ronnie

I am so happy being here .. thanks a lot sweet

Sunday, September 30th 2012

i have a question for you that why you used “the more wonderful” instead of “the most wonderful”.thank Ronnie!!

Monday, October 1st 2012

Hi, Ronnie! I have a question for you
must an “noun” follow after “the + superlative adjective” ?
thanks a lot!

Monday, October 1st 2012


    Monday, October 1st 2012

      I think a noun is not required. You can say “She’s the best”, can’t you? And there’s no noun after superlative there)

      Wednesday, February 6th 2013

Thanks . Ronni and brazilian . brazilian I hope to add me in this email .. alharbi_mh22@ hotmail.com

Monday, October 1st 2012

hi…i really got confused about the word ‘busy’ is it 1 or 2 syllables coz when we make comparative we say busier not more busy! thnx

Monday, October 1st 2012

    Busy is 2 syllables.

    Monday, October 1st 2012

Thank you!! I need learn english this page is wonderfulll!!

Monday, October 1st 2012

Ronnie can i speak well in English? b’coz I’m not good in English. :(

Tuesday, October 2nd 2012

thank you very much ronnie, I Would like to appreciate you for three resin cause solving big problems to me
1- you have spoken so slowly inorder to fix tenses
2- your prononucetion and spelling word such as ran ,run ,walk ,work in simple way
3- allways using spoken language

Tuesday, October 2nd 2012

I’m sorry to tell you This Ronney but to be honest with you: you look so stupid and idiot! That’s the truth! And especially with the lesson about sounds of the body and so on and so forth etc.

Tuesday, October 2nd 2012

hi ronni

Tuesday, October 2nd 2012

ronni Do you agree to be friends ???

Tuesday, October 2nd 2012

Do you agree to be friends ???

Tuesday, October 2nd 2012

hi Ronnie
My vocabulary is very boor please help me i am engneer

Wednesday, October 3rd 2012

“something fun”. Is it correct?
“something funny”. Is it also correct but means … a litle crazy? thank you for answering me.

Thursday, October 4th 2012

    You have to say the something is fun or funny!
    fun = good time
    funny = makes you laugh

    Saturday, October 6th 2012

Hi Ronie,
thank you alot because you help me to understand the superlative-adjectives lesson.keep on the good work!

Thursday, October 4th 2012

I learned a lot. Thank you. I’m happy. I tink that, I’m the happiest.

Friday, October 5th 2012

4. If a word has two syllables, we usually use the THE + MORE + ADJECTIVE form to make it into a superlative.

confusing … USUALLY it ist true!

Friday, October 5th 2012

Happy Teacher’s Day Mam.All the Best .

Friday, October 5th 2012

I need to learn more… i got 70%..i think i need extra help…

Friday, October 5th 2012

I got 70%, I still have confused about “Fun” and “Funny” . Why aren’t they same?

Saturday, October 6th 2012

    Fun = is an exception to the rules = the most fun. BUT, a lot of people say the funnest!
    Funny = 2 syllables, ends in a “y” = the funniest.

    Tuesday, October 30th 2012

hi Ronnie,
it is very nice to watch your classes………..it is really useful…… I’m a Ph.D student and I am facing too much difficulty while writing a scientific paper…….could you please suggest how should I improve it……it is a big pain for me………. I’ll wait or your kind reply……… thank you….. have a good day..

Saturday, October 6th 2012

    Sorry, scientific papers are something I do no t know how to write.

    Tuesday, October 30th 2012

Happy Teacher’s Day Mam.All the Best .

Sunday, October 7th 2012

howdy Ronnie,
it`s really awesome lesson,but there is some thing <> what is the superlative for it ?
and also there is <>
hopping if u reply ??

Monday, October 8th 2012

howdy Ronnie,
it`s really awesome lesson,but I`ve Q for you ?
well what is the superlative for it ?
and also far !
is it the same rule or there is an exception
hope if u reply :D

Monday, October 8th 2012

    Sorry I don’t understand your first question but the superlative for “far”….the farthest/ the furthest!

    Tuesday, October 30th 2012

      Dear Ronnie I mean by my question what is the comparative and the superlative for this word ^^well^^ I think its wrong to add er & est to the word ^^well^^
      thank for your attention
      adios ^^

      Wednesday, November 7th 2012

        .’well’it isn’t adj

        Sunday, October 29th 2017

Thank you Ronnie for your help>

Monday, October 8th 2012

I am such a good student i’ve got 10 out of 10

Tuesday, October 9th 2012

Thank you, Ronnie. You are very positive!

Tuesday, October 9th 2012

Thanks a lot Ronnie. I have a question. How can I memorize words? :(

Tuesday, October 9th 2012

    The best way is to get a big paper and write a few new words each day. Hang the paper in your room/house so you can see it everyday…it will help you to review new vocab.!

    Tuesday, October 30th 2012

Hi Ronnie ;-)

I would like ask you , its possible make video about :

– too
– as well

This is very confused how work – as well , its more difficuld than … -too

Thanks you :)

Tuesday, October 9th 2012

Hi Ronnie,I’ve two request one for all engvid teachers and one for you.Basically I want all teacher to add subtitles in every video of Engvid atleast in upcoming videos because sometimes teachers pronounce and speak words or sentences very fast it’s not so easy for every buddy to understand that kinda words and If all teachers are not agreed so atleast you do it If it’s possible for I’ll be thankfull to you.Thanks to being with us..

Tuesday, October 9th 2012

    Sorry, I personally cannot subtitle the lessons as I don’t know how to do it! I will have to talk to the editor of the site!

    Tuesday, October 30th 2012

hi ronnie thank you very mauch…

Wednesday, October 10th 2012

I want to chat with you via Facebook please do not stop me this

Wednesday, October 10th 2012

hi Ronnie im imarwan / would you maind tilling me how can i emprove my reading / everyday i read but sometimes i fuond some words diffcolt to say it


Wednesday, October 10th 2012

    To help with reading, try to find children’s or teenage/young adult books. The vocabulary is much easier than “adult” books!

    Tuesday, October 30th 2012

Ronnie eu amo suas aulas!
Ronnie I love your lessons!

Wednesday, October 10th 2012

you are the most fun teacher in engvid.com thank u soooooo much for the best lesson

Wednesday, October 10th 2012

Hi Ronnie! Thanks a lot! I do love your classes!!!!

Wednesday, October 10th 2012

hi ronnie

Thursday, October 11th 2012

hi ronnie do you know about valen where is valen she is very good teacher

Thursday, October 11th 2012

you’re the most idiot and stupid teacher i ever met in my entire life and sorry by the way

Thursday, October 11th 2012

    It should really be “most idiotic”…

    Thursday, October 11th 2012

thank u very much for your replay i m happy
anwarali_nizamani at skype

Friday, October 12th 2012

Hello, my name is Edison and I’m from Brazil. Today I was doing some research on the internet and found EngVid.com. The videos are wonderful, but your tips and explanations are very good and the main thing is that I can understand almost 100% of what you speak. I believe that with your help my English skills will improve greatly, and much faster than I expected. Thank you very much.

Friday, October 12th 2012

hi Ronnie i wanna to ask a question please ….what is the difference between SINCE and FOR when we talk about time ? wait for your answer thank you

Saturday, October 13th 2012

    Since we use with a date/time/month/year/age.
    For we use with a number/a short time/a long time.

    Tuesday, October 30th 2012

hi ronnie what can i do to improve my language ? to be bad-ass language , really i want to learn , please help me and give me any way to contact you

Sunday, October 14th 2012

    The best way to learn “bad ass” language is to watch movies/tv shows with subtitles in your language, then with English subtitles to learn the slang words!

    Tuesday, October 30th 2012

wow nice lesson and the most funniest i ever hardthanxs ones again

Sunday, October 14th 2012

thanks teacher

Thursday, October 18th 2012

Thank you for lessons
You are not teacher only
You are angel
God bless you

Friday, October 19th 2012

Thank you very much! I’d love to watch your lessons! Everything is simple and clear! Now you are my favorite teacher! =)

Saturday, October 20th 2012

Ronnie, you are the most wonderful teacher I have ever known. thank you very much)

Sunday, October 21st 2012

thank you Ronnie XD

Rebbic: Hi my name is Rebbica and on today’s lesson…etc
Jon : Hi there , jon again or hellooo jon here again(with strong jump):P
Alex : hi this is alex thanks for clicking
James : … reading newspaper or book
Ronnie: ..appers from under the camera with a big smile .. HOW AWSOOOOOME U R


Monday, October 22nd 2012

How We can identify syllables ?..

Tuesday, October 23rd 2012

    There is a lesson on how to count syllables! Search for it on the site!!!

    Tuesday, October 30th 2012


Thursday, October 25th 2012


Saturday, October 27th 2012

HI ^^ RONNIE I have a question. funnest and the most fun is both correct??

Saturday, October 27th 2012

    oh im sorry funniest and the most funny ^^

    Saturday, October 27th 2012

      In proper grammar, it is the most fun. However, when we talk, we say the funnest! A lot of times when we talk, we ignore grammar rules!

      Tuesday, October 30th 2012

        And which variant is more common? In daily usage I mean. “The most fun” is grammatically correct, but maybe “the funnest” is more preferable when you speak? Oh, and a mangled comparative form of “fun” is “funner”, right?

        Friday, November 2nd 2012

would you please explain how we can change helpful into the superlative?

Sunday, October 28th 2012

    Helpful is 2 syllables = the most helpful!

    Tuesday, October 30th 2012

Thank you very much Ronnie!!!!!

Sunday, October 28th 2012

Thanks Ronnie. Nice Lesson….

Monday, October 29th 2012

Newbie here. Thank you. Im learning :)

Friday, November 2nd 2012

the exercise number 8 = the superlative of fun = the most fun? Is the answer correct on the web?

Monday, November 5th 2012

Hi Ronnie thanks you are a very nice teacher also ur funny

Monday, November 5th 2012

Many thanks to Ronnie. I am writing from Mongolia. Your many lessons are interesting and fun. I would like your teaching method. Good luck in your career. I hope that you can travel to Mongolia.

Monday, November 5th 2012

u describe urself as ‘nutter’
I like t way how u make fun of English :)

Wednesday, November 7th 2012

Hi Ronnie
When You explained this lesson &you say (fun) will be (the most fun), but in the quiz the true answer is the (funniest).
Which one is correct?
Thanks a lot..

Thursday, November 8th 2012

Thank you very much Ronnie!!!
I am your fan!!!

Thursday, November 8th 2012

you’re the best! hehe

Thursday, November 15th 2012

Hi Ronnie. thank you for your lossons. i hope to learn me how can i improve my acsent?
thanks for your support

Thursday, November 15th 2012

Hello Ronnie, there’s something I didn’t understand, it was about the word “fun” because in the quiz it says that you cannot say “the most fun” as you taught us, so I got confused, what is the correct form to say this superlative form, please replyyyyyyy :D

is it correct to say “the most fun”?? or “the funniest”??

Thursday, November 15th 2012

    Fun is an irregular adjective. If you look in grammar books, they tell you that you have to use the most fun. However, when we speak, we use both!

    Thursday, November 15th 2012

Perfect! Thank you very much for replying, you are the best!! <3<3

Friday, November 16th 2012

Hello darling, what the difference for worst and worse? bye bye

Monday, November 19th 2012

    Worse = comparative. He is worse than his sister.
    Worst = superlative. He is the worst.

    Saturday, December 8th 2012

I’ve just found your website and YOUR lessons Ronnie. You are great ! funny and efficient (always confused between effective and efficient; one of them being with effort I think… nevermind)thak you so much for what you do…

Monday, November 19th 2012


Monday, November 19th 2012

Hello Ronie

Is Smart 2 syllables adj ? So It has to change the most smart ?

Saturday, December 1st 2012

    NO! Smart is one syllable (one vowel sound) so the smartest!

    Saturday, December 8th 2012

      why the answer smartest is wrong in the quiz.

      Sunday, October 21st 2018

Thanks Ronnie a lot.
I started to follow your classes about one year ago, without know how many things in english. Today I can understand better the language and this is help me alot in my job and my friends relationship.
God bless you!

Saturday, December 1st 2012

hi, i have a question, it is not connected to the topic but i did not know where to post it, please help. I need to know what is the difference between to bloom, to blossom and to flower? I have read different opinions and some people say blossom refers only to flowers found in the trees.

Sunday, December 2nd 2012

    You can use “to blossom” to refer to girls who have become woman. But to flower or to bloom is usually used for plants. However, if you said flower, or bloom, people would understand you!

    Saturday, December 8th 2012

Thank you very much :))

Wednesday, December 5th 2012

perfect thanks alot

Tuesday, December 11th 2012

Good lesson, Good teacher, Good web site,

Wednesday, December 12th 2012

hey Runnie. what about gorgeous.. like this the most gorgeous ?

Thursday, December 13th 2012

    YES! 2 syllables that do not end in Y = the most!

    Sunday, December 16th 2012

hii ronnie , i love you , you are ( the best) teacher in the world , i’m Egyptian and i feel the most difficult thing in this language The Grammer , iam good in writing , notbad in speaking , very good understanding , if here be a live lessons , please tell me how can i share it with you .

Monday, December 17th 2012

Can the word “funny” change to “the funniest”? Cause the word “fun” can´t change and it has to be “the most fun”, like you said.

Monday, December 17th 2012

dear teacher i would like to know the difference in comparative and superlative of the adjective “new” it is one syllable adj but the “w” doesn’t get dabbled, as it does in big or sad. how can i explain this. and one more thing is if you can make another video like this for the comparative forms.
thank you

Tuesday, December 18th 2012

    I have no idea why we do not double the w (hehhehe) in newer or newest. There is a CVC (consonant vowel consonant) rule but there ALWAYS exceptions to EVERY rule in English! This is why learning English is so hard!

    Saturday, December 22nd 2012

I like You Ms :Ronnie

Friday, December 21st 2012

Thank you so much Ms.Roonie .. You are the best teacher i’ve ever seen <3

Thursday, December 27th 2012

Thank you.Ronnie

Thursday, December 27th 2012

Ronnie you are the most wonderful teacher in the world.

Thursday, January 3rd 2013

dear Mrs Ronnie
I’m happy to see your skills, thanks for your works. I have a problem of speaking english, can you help me? please?


Saturday, January 5th 2013

I enjoy your teaching method

thank you

Saturday, January 5th 2013

hi my ronnie

may i get your email address ??


Sunday, January 20th 2013

Thanks Ronnie!!!

Monday, January 21st 2013

My English teacher @ the university in Brasil used to say that to do the double letters it will always be a ” sandwich “‘, one vowel in the middle of two consonants.
Ex: big, thin, fat…so on
Double the last letter
Bigger, thinner, fatter…
The same apply for the verbs
Ex: run ( running)
Get ( getting)

Monday, January 21st 2013

thank you

Saturday, January 26th 2013

thanks Ronnie u r the best an the most telented teacher i am very happy and satisfy!With ur lesson thanks!

Saturday, January 26th 2013

Thank you Ronnie! You are THE BEST!

Monday, January 28th 2013

Hi Ronnie thanks for your help, but I have a problem for the word fun.
You said I can’t say funniest, I should say the most fun for superlative,so in the quiz I used the most fun the computer marked as a mistake, the computer said funniest that was the best answer.I am very confused
I am waiting for your feedback thank you.

Thursday, January 31st 2013

Dear Ronnie, Can you pleas etell me when to use
fully like beautifully, wonderfully,faithfully… ect and I’d like to know what’s the superlative or comparative of well.please reply me as soon you can.Thank you

Saturday, February 2nd 2013

That was a good lesson. Thank you Ronnie. Could you help me to understand the following sentence.. “The snow was taking hold…” Does it mean that the snow fall was becoming stronger or it means that the snow fall was stopping?

Sunday, February 3rd 2013

thank u but how to compare between tow things?

Monday, February 4th 2013

Ronnie – You are Supper.

Wednesday, February 6th 2013

9 correct out of 10 – Thomas from Poland thx

Thursday, February 7th 2013

hi Ronnie. thank you for your lessons,but I remark.
the word fun is a noun and the adj is funny, so the comparative is funnier and the superlative is funniest and excuse me if I am mistaken.

Thursday, February 7th 2013

thank you Ronnie. you are the best teacher ever

Thursday, February 7th 2013

Hello Ronnie. What About The Word Dry ??

Saturday, February 9th 2013

Thank you…..Ronnie

Friday, February 15th 2013

Pleaasseee Ronnie..
Be my teacher…. :)-

U are the best….

Wednesday, February 20th 2013

Thank you so much!!! Ronnie.. In my opinion your class is really exciting!!!

Thursday, February 21st 2013

good lesson

Sunday, February 24th 2013

Ms.Ronnie u are the coolest teacher that i really adored:)thank u so much 4 the great lessons that u cared to teaches 4 us:)

Monday, February 25th 2013

Thanks Ronnie Great effort from you

Tuesday, March 5th 2013

Thanks Ronnie

Tuesday, March 12th 2013

Hi Ronnie
word beautiful has 4 syllables not 3 is it right?

Friday, April 5th 2013

Ronnie is the best teacher of all! HUMMMHUM!

Wednesday, April 17th 2013

Thank you! Good lesson.

Friday, April 19th 2013

Hello Ronnie,
the funniest and the most amazing English teacher.
Good day.

Tuesday, April 23rd 2013

Hi, Ronnie !

I have difficult on the superlatives. I need more more and more practices. But you are the best. Thank you!

Thursday, April 25th 2013

Hi, Beatiful teacher Ronnie!

When I say that you have learned my comments?

Thursday, April 25th 2013

Hi, Beatiful teacher Ronnie!

When I say that you have learned my comments?

Thursday, April 25th 2013

Thank you for the lesson . Thank you very much.

Friday, April 26th 2013

Ronnie you are the most fun english
teacher of ever.

Monday, May 6th 2013

Thank you so much.

Friday, May 17th 2013

hello. thank you

Sunday, May 19th 2013

i like your way
when you shenge your sound
it’s was woooooooooooow

Monday, June 17th 2013

Thanks… Very helpful!

Monday, June 17th 2013

Thank you teacher . You ‘ re the best

Monday, June 24th 2013

Thank you. :)

Sunday, July 14th 2013

Thank Ronnie i got this lesson and got 100 marks thank you again keep going teaching and take care wish you to be healthy and good time.

Saturday, July 20th 2013

Thanks Ronnie.

Monday, July 22nd 2013

Thanks Ronnie, you’re the best, ever!

Thursday, August 29th 2013

please tell me how to download any chapter of eng grammer of roonie

Thursday, September 5th 2013

this year(2013) is busiest in my life what is learning english in the best site :D.
Thank you Ronnie~

Friday, September 13th 2013

Hi Ronie! Can you make a video on “when/how to use ‘is’ and ‘are’.” Thanks!

Sunday, October 13th 2013

I’m going to have the best grade for the test;
thk ronnie

Tuesday, October 15th 2013


Sunday, October 20th 2013

Thanks. I think that was very good lesson

Sunday, November 17th 2013

Hello Ronnie I’ve heard in some movies ,the words “bader” and “the badest” , is that correct or not ?

Lots of thanks.

Thursday, November 28th 2013

Shouldn’t I to use adj+est for two syllables ended by ER, LE and OW too?

Sunday, December 8th 2013

hey can u tell me how to download this videos……

Monday, December 16th 2013

You´are the best English´ teacher that i’ve seen on the internet. The most fun.

Thursday, January 2nd 2014

Hello Ronnie , thank you for this lesson . It was helpful for me because i had an exam for two days ago . I hope to improve my english by watch your videos they are very easy to understand and your style is very fun , thanks again ..

Tuesday, January 21st 2014

This is the most interesting, funniest, easiest lesson that I have ever teach :)

Saturday, January 25th 2014

Thanks I got 80%.

Thursday, January 30th 2014

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Wednesday, April 2nd 2014

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Wednesday, May 14th 2014

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Could you please explain to me, when can I use much better in the same sentence? since, to me use much better in the same sentence is incorrect, exa. last car is much better than the new car, that is wrong due to according to my learning, to say “better” it’s enough, we don’t need the word “much” .

Please help me to clarify when is appropriate to use these words

Friday, June 27th 2014

Fun –> The most fun. Funny –> Funniest. Ok, I’ve gotten that. But bad –> worst NOT worse?

Friday, July 4th 2014

The best…I mean,u are the best one!o.O!?

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Tuesday, September 2nd 2014

hi..can u please explain me the last question…i got it wrong but am not able to understand why..the question goes like this,”that is the _______ cow i have ever seen. and it runs so fast! so my question is in this sentence what do we have to look at for syllable..? like u gave beautiful word..so we had to count syllable in it..but here do we have to count syllables in “THAT” or “COW” or “FATTEST”? please help.

Thursday, October 23rd 2014

Hello!!!! I do not understand why if you explain than FUN is an exception and we have to add THE MOST FUN why on this question is FUNNIEST???

Wednesday, October 29th 2014

90 . I answer the first one wrong .

Monday, November 3rd 2014

i wrote the most fun the answer was wrong?

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And “new”? , It’s an other exception?
Good leasson Ronnie! (:

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hello all , especially Mis ronni , really i get confused of that lesson even , i can’t count the syllables how many they are , i am a new learner ronni so give me advice that i am study english at home ..

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hello! Ronnie thank’s for your effort which u do want to aske u for one question is occupes my mind what’s the differnce between who and when i can one of them pleas and thak’s other times

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    hello! Ronnie thank’s for your effort which u do want to aske u for one question is occupes my mind what’s the differnce between who and whom, when i can one of them pleas and thak’s other times

    Saturday, July 9th 2016

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Hi Ronnie
Would you mind helping me?
“Mary is the smartest student in our class” or “Mary is our smartest student in the class”
Which one is correct?

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Im still confuse on 10th question. How could fat become “the fattest” ? It was not same with “the bigger” in the video 😐

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Hi Ronnie, I got wrong for Fun -the most fun from quiz. plz clarify.

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you will help me pass pls :)

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Hi! I come from Hong Kong! I wonder whether there is any difference between “This is the best website ever” and “This is the best website” ! If so please explain such difference to me ! Also please explain the meaning of “ever” in This is the best website ever”! Thank you! By the way, your video is quite good ! 🤣😄

Friday, May 4th 2018

The first query “We use superlatives for comparing two things”. Actually, you need to compare! The best, the worst and so on are compared to something!
The best cant be the best´, if there not something else “not that good” Right?

Thursday, May 17th 2018


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