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But let me send a little request: can you speak more slowly?

Money for all, from Italy!



    Good lessons but I agrew with Tony, speak a litle more slowly please

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    you can control the speed of the video.

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– Time is money
– Put your money where you mouth is
– Money burns a hole in my pocket
– Money makes the world go round
– Shake your money maker
– Money talks
– Money is the root of all evil

That’s very useful ! I will try to remember all idioms about money from your lesson !
Thanks a lot !

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Are you british?


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Thank you for your class.


    I’ve the same thing


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Mr..James i wanna asking you , are you going to teaching a grammer such as Past perfect , past simple ect.


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english very important my proplem is prounciation i can listen well
how can i Improve my learing english



You are superb.I like your style to teach.

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hey guys,how knows where i can take teh exams about each subject?

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There are definitely set ideas on how you should run a business. Not all those things are right. believe in yourself and don’t give up. you have to have a plan and stick to it.


If you want to be succesful, you ‘ve got to go for it.Don’t ever let anyone say it can’t be done.If it doesn’t work the first time , give it another try and another try, until you find a way to make it work.


I didn’t understand most of the ( money) idioms, I need more examples if you don’t mind

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thank’s james for your help


James you are very funny with those lesson thank you.


thanks for the lesson …

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Nabil RAteb

Especially the painting to “Money is the root of all evil” was amazing! ;-)

Go on James!

Greets from Austria!


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i’m very interested with english . we need if this were maybe .to live lessons . be cause that is very important for questions and finaly i thank all the crew of the engVid and jamse Particularly


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Best wishes


Brilliant!! Keep up the good work!
Here’s my page in which I posted your videos;


please give us atleast an example for each idiom and write it on whiteboard ! like Valen .That ‘s gonna help us to understand deeply !
Thank you


Excellent. But please speaker more slowly.


you are so funny :)dude I love your teaching


terrific very nice english class
thank about free

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James, thanks a lot for such a great class! I like all your classes! Cool! Keep teaching us new interesting things! :))) Good luck!


money :
waste (money bums a hole my pocket
money is important
time is money
money money money
money is good
money make word ground
thanks for performance about money
I want to be a millioner with money


I’m superstudent!!!


hi ur funny
lol im crazyyyyyyy


hi James I enjoyed this lesson too .. And your style and your smile helps me in a very absorbed .. I wrote the comment only to tell you that. You’re so wonderful , and u helped me with my university classes .. i study english:)

hsna from ksa


Money doesn’t grow on trees!

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Fakhar zaman

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Thanks, James :)
I also know this idiom: PUT ONE’S MONEY ON A SCRATCHED HORSE, it means ‘to make a mistake’ or smth like that


James, you are the guy!! Great time with your lessons. You are a great teacher. Thank you a lot!


What can I say?This is a perfect way of teichang english.The way you teach people will encourage to listen to you. With your permission, I would like to share your videos to all my Japanese friends here in Tokyo.Good luck! Phil/Tky


I like you way james I think your the best I will learning eng from you only thanks alot


Hi! Nice class, by the way, have you got any relative in Brazil – Rio de Janeiro?

Edinaldo Pereira Dos Santos

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Money is not the root of all evil but loving money is the root of all evil.




English for free? How can it bee?

Thanks all the teachers!

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Thanks for sharing your lessons.

Greetings from Mexico!

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Can I ask you something? Why didn’t you create a quiz on this lesson?
Thank you, Anastasia

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Money is earned by rich people and poor people want to earn money, therefore money is a very important thing in our savings but it’s the root of all evil. Money against poverty but it’s not only money better than healthy. Thanks a lot teacher James from EngVid.

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