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Hi, Ronnie. Wow, you are really excited about this rule! Oh, sorry, I mean this guideline:) And so am I! Thank you a lot, an amazing and useful lesson, as always.

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Hi, Ronnie! I never had problems with the pronunciation sounds vowels in English, but I know many people we have it and your guidelines was very interesting! I loved too much!!!



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Amazing guidelines! Thank you Ronnie!

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Regards from Israel! 💙

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very interesting; easy way to learn

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Was easy and good

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9/9. Thanx for the lesson.

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Thank you, for that. It was very nice, Ronnie!

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Than you! Very helpful

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Thanks for sharing guidelines. That too free of cost.

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I got D.
I’m very amazing !!!

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Thanks, Ronnie

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Thank you so much Ronnie ,10/10

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I liked the lesson I amazing

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Wow Ronnie this is what I have looked for and asked for . Really god lesson.
Thanke u so much. And by the way i’v got 10 out of 10 just becaus u made it so easy.

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It’s wonderful. You’re great.

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Good tips. Thanks

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Thank you it’s amazing

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Thank you….!!

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Ronnie, i loved you so much and you are really cute
Don’t worry i pronunce it “cute” with “u” long vowel and “e” is silent 😂

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thanks a lot Ronnie

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thank you

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Hi, since Mexico City

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hola quienes son ustedes ??

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Hi Ronnie, I don’t think the guideline seems to apply to words like rule or Sue ….

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    I agree with you.

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Thanks Ronnie!!!!You´re amazing!!

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Thanks Ronnie, 8/9

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Now, I know my pronunciation is very wrong. This video is super helpful! Thank to teacher, Ronnie!

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Thanks Ronnie!! You is very Nice.

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Ronnie I love you so much. Greetings from Argentina!

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thank you

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Hi Ronnie,
Could you help me, i never manage to pronounce the name “water” ! Imagine at the restaurant !
Best regards

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You are really really amazing with these lessons!!!! I spent it in my classes (teacher of English in Italian school): my students appreciated your trick a lot!

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Tanks, Ronnie! You are a good teacher!

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Thanks, Ronnie~

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Hi Ronnie! Thank for your excellent guideline. It đi bring the light to my life. You definitely great English teacher!

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thank you Ronnie

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Hello Ronni,

Thank for your excellent guideline and its helpful for me.

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Thanks Ronnie, your guideline is very useful!

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I always have a bad pronunciation of these word, I hope remember this guidelines from now on. Thanks Ronnie!

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The perfect example is the word “Vowel” the “e” is in silence.. I got it! 8/9 points.

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It’s a good explanation. Thanks a lot.

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you are such a great teacher!!!

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7/9 but it is okay

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Hi Teacher Ronnie, Can you help please I wanna one native English person who with me regular conversation if it possible?

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thank you Ronnie I got 8/9 :) love your lessons.

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Thanks Ronnie ! I got 9 correct out of 9 !!

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9 out of 9. The way you teach makes the lesson easier to understand. Thank you, Ronnie!

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thank you Ronnie

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ronnie you rock!

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I got 8 out of 9. These vowels are almost sound like in French.
My 4 questions is my mistake because of a word “discussed” has 3 vowels.
Anyways, thank you mrs. Ronnie!

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What about these words “sound “”guidance “

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Thanks Ronnie. It’s very useful. Now the big problem which remain for me is how to pronounce the i. For example : operative. How do I know if the i is pronounced like in pie or like in him ? I haven’t looked at all the lessons on the site. Maybe there’s one on this point. If not, could you find a magical guideline for that, too ? (Your lessons are very much fun, I love them !)

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Thanks Ronnie, Great lesson!

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Kiss from Brazil

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Hi Ronnie, I like the way you teach. we can have fun while learning. thanks

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You are amazing!!! Thank you so much

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Hi Ronnie! This was a really, really good and useful lesson! A simple guide that nobody taught me before! Thanks a lot! I hope see you soon!

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I like your way of teaching and your fun personality.

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Than you very much :)

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Hi, Ronnie. I wonder if you would be so kind as to teach us how to separate words into syllables. Could you also tell us some guidelines about the letter E (for example: is there a reason why the E in DISCRETION is short and not long?)

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thanks, 8 out of 9

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thank you Ronnie > i love you teaching

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    Yes that’s true

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thank you thank you soo much all of you

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Very helpful

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Thank you Ronny, I´m learning so much and getting better my listening.

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Thank you Ronnie
Why in the word head we say short vowel not long vowel although it has two vowels ?!

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thanks Ronnie for this interesting lesson

please, i have a question what if the word contain more than two vowels? for example three or four are there any guidelines for them.

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woww it was a perfect lesson I just enjoyed
thank you, brilliant teacher.

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thank you so much.

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Thanks ronnie you are amazing

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Thank you Ronnie for your teach!

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thank you verry much for that lesson lesson it would help me so much.

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Thank YOu

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Thank you Ronnie😘 wonderful lesson

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thank you for all affort

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it was so good Ronnie thanks.

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You are amazing Ronnie

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I got 9 correct out of 9, Thanks for your help Ronnie you’re amazing

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Hi, I’m so very exited because nos I undertood

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Hello Ronnie ! Thanks so much for a good trick.

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Hello Ronnie omg! i never know the Guideline this before and i very enjoy to learned with you thank you very much

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Thanks for this lesson Ronnie <3

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You took the best way how to teach in English. Thank you so much! ❤️

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thank you so much

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Thank you so much ¡¡

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Hi Ronnie > Thank you

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Thank you for this lesson Ronnie. It’s very interesting.
I have a question: Why does “have” has a short vowel sound instead of a long vowel sound?

Profile photo of MonetteLubin MonetteLubin

thank you Ronnie

Profile photo of ali ali

how can we say ‘Skype’ ?

Profile photo of gizemy gizemy

    When you say Skype our vowel is ‘y’ and this letter is going to be our vowel, like a ‘i’..
    The pronunciation of skype is something like skipe.

    Profile photo of Ismar Tovar Ismar Tovar

Amazing trick. Thanks ronnie

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Hi ronnie
thank you very much

Profile photo of jarma jarma

how many syllables in case of two vowels words? Eg: Shape and bake. Do they have one or two syllables?

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Pronunciation is the key of the convesation between evreyone. i hope one day have good pronuciation like you teacher

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Thanks my best teacher Ronnie

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Thank you, Ronnie!

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Thank for good tips. I understand more than before

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Great work I like your all videos thank you so much it’s really helping me

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thank you,7/9

You are fantastic teacher

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You are awesome!! Thank you!

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wow its become interested for me glad to know this one
im actually dit not speak english correctly but hopefully throught this i’d become native or could speak handy in english and speak it deliverately:)

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can i request a vid. about differences or when do i use ‘have vs was” and “there was” vs “there were” tnx

Profile photo of menjie menjie

Thank you Ronnie ;) , I’m very happy today cos it’s my first lesson here in your website . Thanks for all you do for us .

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Thank very much

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Thank so much

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Love u Ronnie! Best teacher ever!

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thanks Ronnie

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Thanks Ronnie…Goood lesson.

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Its not better but good tips

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I love your classes. They are fun and so helpful. Thanks so much for helping us.

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thanks a lot Ronnie

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HI ,
thanks Ronnie

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Believe me Ronnie, it’s one of the amazing lessons I had! Thanks so much.

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It’s a good way to learn it well.

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Ohh, thanks, this lesson will help me so lot, once again you did it Ronnie

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Hi Ronnie, thank you so much. It is really making the difference.

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8/9. Thank you Ronnie.

Profile photo of KrzysztofK KrzysztofK

Hello Ronnie!

Is it that according to this guideline the verb “live” is to be read as with “I” sound?
And not “e” sound?

Profile photo of Olya1207 Olya1207

Thank you, Ronnie. It’s helpful and I really like it.

Profile photo of Sharlyn Zz Sharlyn Zz

How should I pronounce water/one?

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Ronnie you are the best. I´m Yenerlyn from Venezuela, it´s so good to see you and learn with you, I love it

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You are the best teacher. thank so much.
I get 9 out of 9.

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thank you very mach

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Now, I’ve learned why ‘wear’ is pronounced like ‘where’. Thanks Ronnie

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Thank you, Ronnie

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this video is wonderful

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It’s amazing video. thank you Ronnie. But how we pronounce if there are more than two vowels in a word?

Profile photo of Hawas Wako Hawas Wako

Great lesson, Ronnie!!!
This is an excellent tool for pronunciation.
Thanks a lot for your enthusiasm. ☺

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Ronnie my favorite teacher, very clever and funny a lot kkkkkkkkkkkkk good vibs from brazil !!!

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Very cool lesson for me, You are a great teacher for me.

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Thank you Ronnie! After long,long I know! Your are a real guider of English. Now I know how to pronounce your name! Rooni not Ron nie! I’m I right?

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you’re the best teacher

Profile photo of samhass samhass

wow 100

Profile photo of aimaqzakria aimaqzakria

i got 78 thank you for a great lesson you’re amazening teach

Profile photo of Mr.iva Mr.iva

I loooooove this lesson. It really helped me to pronounce correctly and also teach other people.

Profile photo of ednabrandao ednabrandao

Thanks a lot Ronnie. It is amazing, and also you are amazing. But, what about if a word has more than two vowels? And, what about exceptions just like “love” or “law” and so on? I mean is there a pronunciation guideline for these words?

Profile photo of fatihyolcu fatihyolcu

Thank you. You are awesome.

Profile photo of misogun misogun

Thank you Ronnie.

Profile photo of Radwan S. Radwan S.

Peace upon you and mercy of god and his Blessings

This what is meen great teacher’s thank you very well for this lesson miss *Ronne ♡

…*r(o)nn(e)! <– (did you tell us how can we pronouncing it)

Profile photo of Dekkiche Mohamed Dekkiche Mohamed

You are funny i like your styl of teaching this is my first time to watch and it wont be the last . Thanks great trick .

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Great tips Ronnie, and you make the video very funny :)

Profile photo of Erness Erness

Ha ha ha ha ha ha
I had an amazing dre-am last night I was flying!!

Profile photo of utkarsh@LOL utkarsh@LOL

thnaks ronay i mean ronnie haha

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Thani you very much Ronnie for this lesson you made me very happy to pronounce many words correctly, you are my favorite teacher, thanks again, from Algeria.🌼🌼🌼🌸🌸🌸🌷🌷🌷🥀🥀🥀🇩🇿

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Excuse me it’s a mistake in comment I wan to say thank you Ronnie

Profile photo of Nesreddine Nesreddine

good job

Profile photo of haron cartaya 72 haron cartaya 72

Thank you so much !! Ronnie

Profile photo of lordjavs lordjavs

How about the words ‘one’, ‘out’, ‘sue’? The first vowel letter of those words was not pronounced as it sounds in its alphabet name. Does it mean the guideline cannot be applied for all? Hoping for a response. I’m quite confused. Thank you, Ronnie.

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