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Thank you very much for all your lessons. Every one provides me something new in very easy and interesting way. It’s my first time I leave my reply anywhere in internet. Just because you deserve it.
Good luck!


    It is the true AlexESLvid and RebeccaESL are most profeshinal teachers on ‘Net.


    This is excellent lesson that i learned. You are the best teacher that I met. Your teaching ways are simple, organize, and easy to understand.
    thanks very much


    Qu = W
    Thx mr

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you have an angel smile. i like the way u teach us so much. take care. wait for more episodes from you. I’m from Vietnam. i go to your page by chance. by now, i often come back to watch your videos. they’re really useful. thanks


when i attend the same class (not your) of Ms.Valen, unfortunately i culdn’t understand. but today i culd understand after listening yr class. in my opinion really i culd follow u. coze u r teaching us very slowly. so we,who r the beginners can follow u. really after listening yr class up to an extend can correct the spelling of the words. thank u sooo much


Is one of the most important lesson,is necessary to review all our students starting for myself!

Thank you Alex.

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Thank you sir for your great efforts. Ilike all your lessons and we need more .


Professor Alex, you are great! Thank you so much for your lessons! I’ve always gotten confused with those doubled letters, and now it’s very clear to me! I’ve been studying english for many years, and I was never told about this rule nor about ordering adjectives (another great lesson!). Hope to hear more from you!


    Thank you for your compliments, daniela. Keep watching!

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Hey, thanks for the lesson. I am about to take the TOEFL test, and this was a topic I was a little concerned about. Thanks again and keep up the good work!


i am now a fourth year college here in philippines and my language research is about spelling having double consonants and silent letters and my goal is to find out the frequently misspelled words of freshmen education students of our school and i’m so glad that thru this research i also learn about this thing which most of the students have no care of

glendale monte

sorry Boss,

its very hard…..

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Very helpful. Thank you very much indeed.

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Thanks! I’m a teacher and I’ve been struggling to simplify what seems like an overly-complicated idea. You managed it perfectly. I will point my students to EngVid.com for review after class.


Great Alex.


Thanks teacher, my english will be best with your help, but I have a doubt, is in the five question, the Ring word if follow the single syllable CVC rule, it must spell ringging, true? pleasse helpme is the one ask I wrong.

Alex too

I am grateful to Alex.I like how you say words,very clearly.I am from Lithuania.




Thank you so much for your videos.i really enjoy and i learn a lot of things in english.i also recommend this website to all my friends.It is really helpful to all of us specially immigrants here.Im taking ESL lesson to the school ,now that i found your this website.i gonna spent more time learning from u guys.thanks a lot…more power..and please continue and keep up your good works…


Thank you very much for the lesson it is quite handy.


Thanx, this is the first time I konw when to double consonants.


Hey Alex you are wonderful teacher.
I am from Bulgaria but if all video lessons has a subtitles will be good – just idea :)
email – jakomen@abv.bg

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Alex, thanks to your lesson, I can distinguish how to put double on this word. Your dedication helps people who are learning English very much. I hope you continue bringing these lessons to us. Many thanks to you


Until now I couldn’t understand clearly. So I have memorized the words pattern. But now I see. Thank you so much.

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Thank you for your lessons. It is easier to remember with cvc rule. Your lesson with ordering adjectives is also good.


Hello Alex how’re you?and hello everyone so when i can see your great lesson with CONVERSATION thanks you alot i’m weiting bye bye

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can we have class on commonly made speelling error

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It’s irresistible…

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Thank you

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think you i have a main problem in grammer.plz help me. bye bye


hello alex how r u. alex you are wounderful teacher. i watch this vidio & learn so many thing. so think very much.


Hard lesson :(
need 2 2.practice more
thank you

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I am positevly surprised as for every thing there is its own rule to explain it rationally.
I mean, very often I write or say something in a way and later, I discover there is a rule suitable for it. Magic!


i hop to learn english so fast cause a want to change my job im living in mexico but i just watch some videos to learn all about please help me !!!! can you understand what im tryin to say..?


    Hi alejandro,

    Yes, I can understand you. Search our site to find more useful lessons for you!

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thank you very much sir and i hope you will keep continue


what a wonderful instructor you are Mr.Alex

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I am from pakistan ,I wish to congratulate you for your worderful and impressive style of teaching.One can easly and effortlessly understand your english words .Good bye alax.


thank you alex

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Thank you sir for your help.
Thanks Engvid.com that has provided us the most intelligent teachers in the world I can claim.
Alex sir I look forward to your very important points (like you have discussed), by the way it was so important sir thankkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkks.

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    Thank YOU.

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Hey! prfessor Alex, I need to tell you something. “You rock” ! =)

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this a great lesson because before this lesson i hv lots of misconsaption, well if anyone of u want to practice to improve ur speaking and mine too, you can voice chat with me,i have skype id babar_haider

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I just want to thank you for helping us with these wonderful lessons. God bless you all

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Thank you Alex for your lessons!!!


Why exiting is wrong in first question?


Thanks Alex for your interesting lesson. It is easy to understand and apply to living.

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hi alex, i like your way. l didn’t understant stress rule. could you explain it more clearly one more time? take care bye


Hi.. Alex thanks a lot..
Please explain for us about the added the less, un ,in, to the word to make sence (without) when we chose these words and how we chose them. For example Uncorrect incorrect or correctless how we must know .if ithere is rule we dont know Thanks


Hello Alex,

Why do you use ‘is’ instead of ‘does’ to form your question at 1:10?
Great video though. Looking forward to your answer.

Max from Munich


hello alex, thanks a lot mate for the lesson, take care

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Hi Alex thank you so much for your time and effort. I been watching your videos for a week or so and I have learned a lot. This website is awesome! God bless you all!

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This is the most difficult lesson of all lessons on Engvid!!!


I adore your lessons very much!)Easily and clearly))

Any Russia

thanx alex keep upn with such kind of lessons.for me these lessons are very helpful may god guide you on right path


Thank you very much, i enjoy listening your lessons and your method

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thank you for your lesson.


thank you

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thanks/ its wonderful.


Well,this is a hard one for me.Thank you for this lesson.

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you know what when my teacher though us this i was so so confused but now i get it well thank you so much man you are the best you teach my teacher hahha :)


great .Imlooking forward to your next lessons.


yes, Professor Mr ALEX , CAN U EXPLAIN ABOU , tenses, PLS , how many tenses?

thax somuch


Great lesson, Alex. This is difficult to find in books. It’s a great job you all do, guys!


Thank you for this lesson!!!!!

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Hi Mr. Alex
I have a question. How do I know that Stress Rule is on the first syllable or in the second syllable?

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Dear Alex.
Thank you very much for this lesson!!
It is wonderfull:)


Great lesson Mr Alex ,I like your lessons . I find it very interesting and useful ..
i have one N.B sir ,
CVC stands for Chronic Venous Congestion .,,, hh just kidding .
keep it up ( Great Teacher) and Thanks a lot for helping us .


how about ” appalled , cruelled, duelled , refuelled …” they end with “l” , so will we double “l” in all cases ?


Hi – just watched your doubling consonant video (thank you!!). What about the word row? It is one syllable and the last 3 letters are CVC, but it is rowing not rowwing…?


    Of course The final letter of the word “row” mustn’t be doubled because it’s not a matter of letters but sounds i.e. the word row as you can notice ends with a diphthong /əʊ/, so why to double the letter “w” then? I hope I could help you

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professor Alex
thank you so much and God bless you all!


very useful!!

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You are my best teacher.Waiting for your new videos…


Dear teacher Alex.
You are really good!
Thank you.

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Dear Alex,ı m an english teacher in Turkey,and I’m also watching your videos to develop my teaching skills.Thank you so much for these videos.

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Thanks alot mr Alex actually you’re help us

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i like the way you teach us…
thank you so much….


Thanks teacher. You are very nice !


Thank you! Your lessons are really nice and clear. I am improving my English watching your videos.


The doubling rule applies for words ending in one short vowel + one consonant, so “exited” is an exception.

Jesse Corey

what a great lesson ! Thank you very much teacher.
btw, what about the words having more than two syllables? Are there any rules for them?

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man the quiz was easy but i know what i did wrong thanks how do i take a different quiz this make learning to another leve for me


Hi, Alex. your lesson is great. making me to understand them clearly.
Thank you very much.


Excellent! Great! Thank you.

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Thanks not bad

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I am afraid I misheard the exception regarding words like equip. Could anyone please explain it to me? As far as I am looking at the word, the end of it consists of vowel, vowel, consonant. I think there are more exceptions not mentioned :(

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Thank you Alex. It is an excellent lesson for doubling consenant. I am always have a problem with doulbing words. Thank you again


so clear, thanks a lot sir Alex.

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Thank you, I really learned a lot from this video, I also have problems with syllables, I would be happy if you work on it:)


thank you very much for your english lesson. i dont understand why in the questin n° 5 you have put the answer n° 2 . i think that “ring” can be “ringging”?

anna maria

Very clear explanation…thanks a million

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Good evening, my name is Ethan, I’am 7 years old and I just took your test after my dad was helping me with my home work and I’am proud to say I got a score 80/4 out of 5. My dad said I’am very knowledge and must be paying attention in class, I told him of course. Thank you for your web site.
Have a good day

Ethan Wells

Thank’s for the lesson. It is very useful for me!!! I didn’t know the thing before, despite of lerning English for 6 years.

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Hi Mr.Alex.I just want say thank you very much.This lesson is very helpful.

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Thanks so much for your wonderful lesson.

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Hello all,

Everytime I watch one of these lessons I became more and more addicted to this website.
Thank you all,

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Hello Alex,

I have been studying your lessons and I wonder if you can help me with this question:
Is there any rule or explanation for some english words have double consonants in cases on which the comparative, superlative, past or progressive rules aren’t aplicable, such as the words “grammar” or “announcement” ?
All the best,

Profile photo of Joao Correia Joao Correia

Thank you Alex for your lessons it was clear
God bless you

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Hi Alex, I make Daniela words’ mine. I’m studying English for so long and for the first time I understood about doubling consonants. My question is; why teachers don’t explain it as clearly as you do, why why ????? Anyway, thank you sooooooooo very much. You are the best!!!!!!!!!!!

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5 out of 5 , great lesson !

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4/5 80%

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Thanks for the great lesson.
are there more exceptions to these rules?
as for ADVISE, it is 2 syl word with stress at end, but it would be ADVISED, ADVISING?!

Profile photo of Mohsen Lotfi Mohsen Lotfi

    I think in this case we have open syllable: “VISE”, and because of it we don’t need to double consonat “S”. Otherwise the pronanciation of syllable “VISE” would be changed.

    Profile photo of daniyar daniyar

In other words we need to double consonants in order to keep pronanciation of the syllable. Am I right? bite – bitting; bit – bitting.

Profile photo of daniyar daniyar

    Excuse me. I wanted to say: bite – biting, bit – bitting.

    Profile photo of daniyar daniyar

      For the same reason we must double consonats in the words “Quit” and “Equip”. Is it correct?

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Great lesson, thannk you!

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Great lesson, thank you!

Profile photo of buyeromanya buyeromanya

May I ask a question? According to the ‘cvc’ rule, should the progressive form of ‘ring’ be ringging?

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It’s an interesting exercises to test our knowledge.simply superb.

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not clear ????

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Thank you for your lesson.
I got 100%.
I’m really clear now.

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seems to me very difficult lesson.

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Thanks a lot, Alex!

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Sir Alex I just want to ask. What if the student don’t know where to put the stress in the 2 syllable word? Is their any way to deal with this kind of problem?

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Thank you Sir Alex.:) I got perfect again.:D…lol

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Great formula.Thanks alot.Got 100%

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usefull rules, thank Alex

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Sorry sir! Its very hard.!!!!!!!!!!!

Profile photo of hammadhassanhashmi hammadhassanhashmi

How about the verb “fix”? We don’t double the consonant and it ends in CVC. Why is that??? Can anyone tell me, please?!

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I’ve got 5 correct out of 5 :D
thank you so much Alex

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thank you.

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Thanks Alex :)

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I made 5 correct out of 5. To check my notes is the only way to finish it. I need to practice more.

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Thanks Alex! You are a wonderful teacher! Your lessons are very useful. I have watched almost all.

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Hi Alex! Your lesson is useful, thank you so much, i need to learn speaking and listening, can you give me the way to learn, thank you!

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Thanks in advance for such a great material, absolutely useful. 5 out of 5.

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Hi Alex!
Thank you for the lesson!

But what about such verbs like: “to cancel” , “to travel” and so on? They also consist from two syllables being stressed on the first one just like in your examples: “to enter” and “to exit”. But still the verbs I’m talking about are spelled with a double “l” when either “-ing” or “-ed” is added.

Is there any other rule that could be applied for such verbs?

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thank you

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5/5 – nice result

Profile photo of tacagero tacagero

I didn’t understand the (stress )rule
and how do we know which part of the word is stressed more
can anyone help?

Profile photo of a5000.bb a5000.bb

Alex, thank you so much.

Profile photo of Marta Lopez Marta Lopez

Hello Alex
this video is very helpful for me but I have some questions about the rules you had discussed
1 when the stress is on the second syllable of the word we have to follow the CVC rule if somewhere CVC rule is not applicable then what to do, just add other things while leaving consonant single.

Profile photo of Anil Kumar Malhi Anil Kumar Malhi

2. you also had discussed the exception of the rule is it applicable only for the “qui” words or it is applicable on any double vowel word, if it is then please give me some examples.
Thanks to you

Profile photo of Anil Kumar Malhi Anil Kumar Malhi

Thank you, Alex, for your Lessons

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Thank you for helping me understand these rules.

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Thanks for this lesson

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Thank you for the helpful lesson.^-^

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i want more lession

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Great lesson, thank you very much, teacher Alex.

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Shit!, I forget the exception equipped. :'(

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I got 80…replay the video. thanks Alex

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Hi, how about the word exit?

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    Are you kidding now???

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thank you very much for this useful lesson

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Thank you so much for your lessons

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thank !

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thank you very much

Profile photo of Aml Mounier Aml Mounier

Thank you Mr. Alex!

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