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Excellent way of teaching, very clear and very fun at the same time…thanks so much James

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100% accuracy. It happens ;)

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very clear lesson,thanks

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i just wanna say: thanx alot
cause simply u made me laughing from my heart.
i have atoefl test next week and iam so nervous
thank uuu :)


Hi there. Very good lesson. Thanks.


Hey, James. Pretty good lesson. I’ve gotta confess you something. I didn’t like your classes once because I wasn’t able to understand a word you said. But now I can and I realized the excellent teacher you are, the way you make things clear. Outta doubts, you’re the best and funniest teacher I’ve ever had. Thank you so much.

Robinho Gonçalves

James thank you so much with your teaching I really now understand the english now throught your teaching may you countinue.

olver kodo

very artistic and unusual teaching method )))

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do u know what I learn also ..?!

ohh snap & wrap it up as slang

that’s why I don’t care about chosen the topic…


James i don’t know how to thank you , your lessons are very helpful and joyful to watch


    just donate some 10-15 USD )))

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That’s cool! Thank you teacher.

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thanhks so much, it is really helpfull

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This lesson was not easy, but interesting.. Thank you James

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I love the way how all of you guys teach. Thank you James this videos are helping me a lot.


Thanks James for this convenient lesson for me.

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Hi, James!
Thanks for your explanations. I’ve got a doubt about two words you said: convenient and inconvenient. According you said, convenient is something easy to do. I think it means something good to do instead of easy to do. Maybe it’s not easy, but is good for you to do it. For example: It’s convenient for you to study five hours a day. (You should study 5h a day) It’s not easy, but it’s good, it’s convenient for you to do it. Am I confused? I know you know some Spanish. I’m Spanish and I think the most accurate translation would be ‘inconveniente’, I don’t know if they have the same meaning, or if this is a case of ‘false friends’.
Thanks a lot!


    Here’s something for a lesson!
    When you study a language (even your own native language), before you choose a word (the adjective ‘convenient’ in this case) to use in your phrase, *ALWAYS* check *ALL* its meanings (and usage) in a good dictionary! You should think that every word “somehow” carries all its meanings from the “speaker” to the “listener”. Try, also, changing the word, check:
    ‘It’s good for you to study five hours a day.’, ‘It’s proper for you to study five hours a day.’, ‘It’s convenient for you to study five hours a day.’ So, depending on what you really want to mean, choose accordingly, or, better, state your phrase so that it can be interpreted correctly.

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Thanks James.
This is a very interesting way to teach vocabulary.
Always con you. Great job.


Thnaks a lot James for this wonderful lesson.
It was not easy but you taught us in very humerous and intelligent way.
Well done………..


James you are fucking crazy mate. But you know what? You are genius in teaching.
I hope you get it.
Keep it up!

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Excellent lesson, thank you very much !
Eventually I like your style !

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thanks fo ur lessom i interest this lesson really thanks for ur time again


great sir.

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it was really great lesson.. i have no more confuse of using eventually :)

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it was very very good lesson really it is new words >>> thank u very much

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James, hi there! It is very useful lesson. You are the excellent teacher. Thank you very much:)

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Your teaching technique is so awesome and admirable ! Thanks so much for such a great lesson !

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a perfect way to lean vocabulary. it is easy to remember. Thanks sir. I hope you will give more diffrent ways to lean vocabulary.


this is cool lesson.. :)

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yhank you very much .
i do appreciate ths lesson and it help me a lot.and i do like to invite learners to caontact me so can exchange my email.is oumarsonkos@hotmail.fr

sonko oumar

James, extraordinary way of teaching, like always. It is pleasure learning with your videos!

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You make everyone happy to be with you and learning from you.Because you selected the best way to teach everyone.applause

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Thank you very much I really apreciete

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Thanks so much for opportunity to learn in such great way :)
I like it very much :)


Hi professor James, just want to say that I love your classes. They’re very good.. And, thanks to God they don’t pay you to sing!!! :)


hi, James. very important lesson. thank you so much.

Daniel C Herculano


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Great thanks for you!

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hi your lesson has been very goog but i don’t aderstend why you must say “i had to prevene” end not “i had to prevent” lesson n 8.

anna maria

Thanks BRO! YOu are really cool teacher I’ve ever seen!

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Great lesson!
I learned how to memorize spelling.
Thank you, James so much!
Yeah, I remember “Christian Bale” lessons.

Good luck, James!
I’m looking forward to your lessons!

Truly, Yan

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Thanks Jame. I like the vocabulary that you explain in this video so much and I hope to watch from your coming lessons too.

aung kyaw

Hi James,
it seems the newspaper in your hands is for the 2012-10-29 :) and there is an interesting title, in which i discovered the new meaning of word “braces”. The meaning i knew before is that “braces” is – { } and orthodontic braces. Now i know that it also can be a verb “to brace”, what means preparing.
That’s my adventures in this lesson. :)

By the way. Could you explain what is difference between? What will change if it had been written as “Toronto is preparing to superstorm”?

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James I like your lesson so much but I couldn’t find you at facebook. What can I get to you?

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Whoa !
it was really a super-cool , humors , like a learning gig vid.
I really liked and made me laugh many times.
excited for the next video :)

salman Freshie

I wanna know one thing ’bout ing form.After the word “Not” should I use the ing form?Is that necessary?
exemple: Not holding back informations….

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Very Importance i like it i can study everytime

Nhem Sras

it’s because your country has blocked youtube :(
you can use a unblock software.

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You are super fantastically awesome…

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Mr Games your lessons are really interesting :-)


Why did he write herol with L ?

Profile photo of Sally S Sally S

thanks james

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Hello everybody I would like to emprove my language
So I looking for about someone help me please


amazing lesson
90 :(


Thanks James

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thanks, it was so good

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Thank you James, I really enjoy with your classes. See you!!

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You got 10 correct out of 10.

Thanks James, I love the way you teach, fun and easy to understand xD

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Really it was a nice lesson
thanx a lot


Hellooo James. You know you are something I can’t imagine.

Profile photo of karam2013 karam2013

i got 90%, one incorrect haha


Thank you, James! I really like your style :-D


thank you, james.I am glad to have such a teacher like you.


Mr James I always appreciate your grand admirable efforts.
Would you please make a Vid on these few things by exemplifying examples as you normally do .Given below
Present Noun, Conduct Noun and Produce Noun
Present Verb, Conduct Verb and Produce Verb
same other parts please.

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thank you for to be patient with us

rachid bermache


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Thank’s ,it was very helpful.


Man, you’re just awesome!!! Congrats James :)



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from all the teachers on this website,James is the best.He makes u stay and listen to all his lectures,with his funny comments and movements,i’d say i can’t have enough of this.thanks again.

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your joke is killing me…haha…coke….^____________^


thanks James,thanksssssss ENGVID!! ))

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Fabulous I really enjoy my lessons with you ,all of you ,genial


Hi thank u very much

Arslan shahid

Hey teacher James…
Thank you for the lesson, it was very convinient…

Profile photo of taniarey taniarey

Thank you!

Profile photo of foxis foxis

“Have some coke” – I love your lessons :D

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It is really convenient to understand what you said .
many thanks to you .

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Thank you, very good !!

Profile photo of albertoghezzi albertoghezzi

please tell me meaning of convention.
like Venezuelan convention with India.

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never watched so good lesson.

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thanks a lot. pretty go0o0o0o0o0d

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best teacher ever

Profile photo of novacain novacain

Thank you for the lesson, James!
You have a great sense of humor :)

Profile photo of smirs76 smirs76

thanks. I got 90 %.

Profile photo of alpido24 alpido24

There are so many comments yet which say how good is your lesson, so I’m going to just add that I like the way you teach. I’m very sensible to teaching notions or words from their roots. It widens (my) views about the language and recall me that many languages have similarities, due to their Latin basis. Very very helpful. Brilliant. Thank you!

Profile photo of Medusa Medusa

I learned a lot from this lesson! Thanks James!

Profile photo of scaredareyou scaredareyou

Eventually, I did well… Thanks!!!

Profile photo of Edinho Edinho

i need to learn more

Profile photo of fernandotcheco fernandotcheco

Thanks, James! It’s useful lesson! I enjoy with Mr E in an adventure!!!

Profile photo of Ip Man Lee Ip Man Lee

Thanks I got 80%.

Profile photo of Abdul Qayum Abdul Qayum

Wonderful lesson….Thanks…learn with fun

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al humdu lellah 100 :D

Profile photo of raniaenglover raniaenglover

Hi James. Thanks for sharing your lessons. I got 7,not bad. I like the way you teach and how you act. Thanks again and more power.

Profile photo of Noraisa Noraisa

You R the best James! Lol =;D

Profile photo of MrsSmoka MrsSmoka

I couldn’t fall a sleep without listening to your lesson..^.^
It became one of my hobbies…
Thanks James*.*

Profile photo of SSeon SSeon

Thanks teacher

Profile photo of youtaro youtaro

You are very smart.Thank you.

Profile photo of Iamhere. Iamhere.

You are an awesome teacher,James. Your lessons are very helpful so I want to say thank you for giving me the opportunity to make headway in this language. :)

Profile photo of mihaela MP mihaela MP

Useful lesson James … I have nourished my vocabulary structure :D
U r the best James :)

Profile photo of aboood1994 aboood1994

it really helps!!!!!!thank you

Profile photo of christine lee christine lee

Thanks a lot James. Your lesson is so clear it gives me understanding every time. I have learned from you a lot not only in language but how can we communicate to others. It is very good to know you!I decided I will collect money to donate Engvid because of you. And it is a very good feeling:)

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I am highly benefiting from all your lessons

Profile photo of Bitkon Bitkon

thanks a lot

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Thanks James … excelent lesson.

Profile photo of Maxwillar Maxwillar

Hello James. I’m really like theese kind of lesson. I’m beginning to note that because of these PYRAMINDS, when Iknow prefix (especially) and root, I can easier just GUESS words even if I’ve never met them before. It’s really powerfull lessons. Thank you a lot.

P.S. Sorry to be difficult, but I’d really appreciate it, if you can make some more lessons on this theme. Thanks one more time =)

Profile photo of Eugene9292 Eugene9292

Very entertained and performed lesson, we have learned a little more about the English language with a very amusing and funny pronunciation and we can follow this method to improve our skills and practice. A very good class with teacher James, as always, thanks a lot, it has been a very interesting session.

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You got 8 correct out of 10.

thank you.

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thank you for this different method of teaching, the words I have learned from this video stuck in my brain

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