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It is a pleasure to be the first one to leave a comment in a lesson of a very enthusiastic teacher.

Congratulations teacher for the way you give the explanations. It is easier and useful to understand everything your say and everything you show.

Carry on with your good lessons.

I’m looking forward to see your next video.

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    Excellent lesson on phrasal verbs James; your talking fast, makes the lesson more challenging.

    Looking forward to your next video lesson.


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Thank you James Your lesson is very useful for me and anyone who want to imrove their english skill.

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    Thank you Shelter I would like to be friend with you I added you on skype.

    Profile photo of Ukrit Ukrit

      Thank you Ukrit. I added you among my contacts on Skype as well.

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Thank you for your great lesson, James. Your lesson was easy for me to understand :)

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If I’m talking about a car, can I use TURN ON the engine? Thanks

Profile photo of Kiras Costa Kiras Costa

    yes you can!

    Profile photo of ljrequena10hernandez@gmail.com ljrequena10hernandez@gmail.com

The house is too hot,turn AC on.

Profile photo of James James

Plz describe the following
Take for granted
Anything to go by

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Thank you for the lesson, I enjoyed it.
Could you please make a lesson of how to use IN and ON as place prepositions, it really confuses me when I want to say for example: «Let’s talk on/in Skype»

Profile photo of LeoBorges LeoBorges

I also have difficulties to understand when I have to use WHOM instead of WHO

Profile photo of LeoBorges LeoBorges

I got 90 thanks for the lesson.

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Thanks a lot James! This video turned up my knowledge.

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Great experience.. It’s very helpful to me…thanks

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thank you

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hey James! great lesson! so, a question for you and it don’t have anything about your lesson but: what does the worm do there ?

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    That worm is Mr. E. He is James’ virtual friend in his English lessons.

    Profile photo of bencebacsi bencebacsi

      oh all right! thanks for the explanation! cheers!

      Profile photo of andres10 andres10

Hi James, nice lesson, but why did you talk so slowly:) it was too boring, because we used to your speech, please be yourself, and please don’t try to pretend a classic teacher, :P have a nice day

Profile photo of ahmeterd ahmeterd

    Maybe because this one is a lesson for beginners? Anyway, still faster than Rebecca’s or Alex’s normal speech. ;)

    Profile photo of bencebacsi bencebacsi

    I think his rhythm is reasonable.

    Profile photo of kobi kobi

    I think he is so kind for doing that

    Profile photo of lynktran lynktran

Very nice

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I got 70 so sad

Profile photo of Rehan578666 Rehan578666

thanks james that’s helpful

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That’s great.

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hallo people

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thank you james for all your helpful lessons

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Great lesson! Thank you James. Is there someone which want help me to improve my english? I’d love!

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    You mean,you wanna talk to someone…

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Good job James, I love watching your videos and could you please make a video about judicial terms?

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Thank you James.It’s very good lesson.I don’t like when the volume of the music is high , so I always turn it down , when it is too high.

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Thank you James. The lesson was very usefull. And James was quite serious. I was glad to see you more serious.

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I am still wondering what happened between examples one and two XD It should have been really funny looking at James´face!!
Thank you James for this easy but useful lesson!!

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What about turning the lights OUT?

Profile photo of badfiles badfiles

    The truth can turn out but not the lights. Turn out means to get known something that was a secret.

    Profile photo of bencebacsi bencebacsi

      Mmm, I don’t know how to do it politely…you are just being wrong. There are lots of online dictionaries, so dare try one before you state something. At least begin with ‘I think’, please.

      Profile photo of badfiles badfiles

        If a grammatical structure is frequently used, that doesn’t obviously mean that, it is correct. I’m sure you know such examples in your language as well. Of course, online dictionaries are trying to collect everything to be as helpful as it’s possible. However, I wouldn’t encourage anybody to intentionally learn wrong phrases.

        Profile photo of bencebacsi bencebacsi

    Turn out the light it’s same like turn off the ligth.
    but this meaning it’s only about ligth, because usually “turn out” means to something that proved or became evident. or someone that suspected as worng but eventually he was right, so it became clear.
    in Hebrew there is expression: “hatzedek yetze laor” = “justice will prevail”. The meaning of this phrase is, the justice will go out to the light and will be clear like the daylight.

    Profile photo of kobi kobi

its good

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Thanks James, you are great teacher, i know english by the way, but speaking is very difficult for me, becouse i live where no one speak, Nowadays i am trying to improve my speaking through internet. thanks all of fellow students.

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Hi James I appreciate once again hanyour fantastic lesson. May I ask you a question: Is there any difference between using switch on and turn on?
Thank you

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thank you for this lesson

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hi, every body

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nice lesson

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Hey James, first of all thank you for the lesson. I have one question. Why in the last sentence you wrote while your computer is turned on go do the quiz ?
My doubt is, why not to use go TO do the quiz?
Thank you in advance.

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thanku for this lesson! it was very clear & useful :)

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i like your teach so much

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It’s such an interesting lesson, James!Thank you very much!

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Excellent explanation. Thanks James.

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Thank you very much, Mr James for simplified way to explain the lessons and your lovely spirit.

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i got 9 correct.

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Thank James!

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Thank you James. Great lesson as always.

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The lesson was perfectly understandable,thank you James.

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Hi JAMES thank you for this wonderful lesson
I got a question about some word like:rush , reach, reach out or arrive.I’m lil bit confused by the way to use them , would you mind to help me with this , thank you in advance
looking forward

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I want to improve my english

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good lesson as usual

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It’s a useful lesson. Thank you James

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Nice lesson, thank you james.
But i think that too long for this idea.

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James You Still My Nigga keep it up let us turn it up like lil jhon did ..


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I am happy 100%

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I learned new things here, cheers from Colombia

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Thank you for learning. This is so useful for me:)

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    it had to be understandable…

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Thanks James this is very useful on daily activities making know others what we want them to do, if turning something up or down/on or off. For exampe the A/C at work

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Excellent Lesson. I understood it clearly. Regards!!

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Hello every body

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    Hello Roohollah.I’m new too !

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Thank for your help

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thanx james :) شكرا

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I got 100 out of 100. thank you

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the test was not difficult

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Nice lesson teacher!

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I got 85% from u…..!!!! Thz q James

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i want to practise more

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Thanks james your lessons are awesome

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Hello James, thank you for your explanations about power on, off, up and down, all of them are very useful when you try to speak in English and want to make you undertand

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I like this video lesson. Thank you

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Thank you James.

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Chow Jesse

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In the United states, I heard a lot that people use “turn out” instead of “turn off”.
to make an electric light go out by operating its power switch, they used “turn out” as well.
another thing it happened to me is that in dating or hook-up stuff, you can hear the verb “turn on” and “turn off” a lot.
“turn on” in these situations means “arouse somebody” or to make somebody feel sexually excited and opposite of that: “turn off”. like: you perfume turn me on. OR you rude behavior turn me off badly.

Profile photo of farzad.m farzad.m

Thank you, James, for this lesson full of ups and downs!

You make my English confidence and understanding go up and up. No, I’ll not say “boy, you turn me on”.

Thanks again and “ciao” (italian) or “tchau” (portuguese).

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thank you for this lesson.. very helpful

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Thank you very much!

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ta veryyyyy much

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thanks very much.my respect for you

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thanks for the lesson

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I wish I could practice my speaking ???? great video!!!

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Thanks for this video I’ve been more familiarize with on/off, up/down ., i know how to use this words now ????

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    Our videos are all on Youtube, which is blocked in China. You’ll have to find a mirror or, uh, some other way.

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hahha nice v nice i learned a lot

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thank you

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Thank you Mr. James

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Thank yo for lesson James. For me and may be for other guys will be interesting lesson about “finishing” verbs, such as – finish, end, give up, wrap up and so. To avoid general mistake I use finish in any case instead of right one.

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very helpful

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Thank you Sir! I got 100%

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its very good

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Thanks, James

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thanks Mr. james, your lesson is very useful

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Thank u I got 90

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piece of cake. thanks

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Hi, James I really like your lessons, i wanna watch more and more, i’ll be around the website for a while ;)

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Thank you James for the useful and understsndable lesson!

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Piece of cake… thanks james..

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9/10 thanks for the lesson

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Thanks for the lesson. It’s really good!

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i got 80.

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Very interesting lesson, very nice way to teach and explain the issue. It turned up my enthusiasm!

Profile photo of ant77 ant77

From different perspective it can be described like comparison of smth’s condition. turned off(no effect) – turned down(low effect) – turned on (usual effect) – turned up (empowered effect, hidger then normal).
Am I right? Anyway, it was funny, thank you!

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Thank you for the lesson. It was very useful and easy to understand it

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HI James. Are you still support to Palmeiras (the best soccer team at Brasil )?

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Thank you a lot

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Thanks very much for all who supported us to learn English and I grateful for them.

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thank u sir, this lesson is useful for them

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Thank you for the lesson

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    I thanks too :)

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Thank you very much^^

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Thank you james..i turned up my english..

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Great lesson James..thanks a million. :)

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Great lesson.

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thank you for this lesson

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Im bad in listening so I need to listen a many times. finally 10/10. Thank you James.

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you are just fantastic, I liked the lesson so much.

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thank you so much,


Thanks a lot

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Very good )

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Very nice.

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10 of 10 . Thanks so much mr.James :)

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thanks you james!

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Thank you James!

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I love your lessons and the way you explain them. Thank you so much for helping me to love English more and more. I’m looking forward to learning your new lessons ^.^

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perfect processing James. thank you

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thank you james

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I got 9 correct out of 10

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Thanks, I got 10 of 10! :D

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Thanks Mr James very useful lesson

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Nice lesson Thanks James

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Thank your for this lesson and I really apreciate.
Turn on has the same meaning of switch on?
In your explanation draft about the difference between turn up/down and think you have to change the arrow’s direction for going low (360 low) because I saw that low and high have the same arrow direction.
By the way, I am a beginner and this is my first comment.

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Thank you for this lesson

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It`s usefull information, of course!

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Thank you James

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Tanks so much friend

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Thank you for the lesson it very easy to understand ….

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Hi to everyone whom are here to learn more about English ! This course is really so great.I don’t like it :D But ı love it ! Thanks teachers !

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I got 10. Thanks James. You helped me a lot!!

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    I got 10. Thanks James. You helped me a lot!!

    Profile photo of Luke1975 Luke1975

Thank you

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Thank you Mr. James. You turn up my brain hahaha

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Thank you James for lesson

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great . good lessons

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James, I like your style and your explanation way )) Thank you!

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Hmmm… I always lick my computer to turn it on :D

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Thank you James it’s a perfect way to love English

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Thanks. 100/100 Great

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great.. thank you very much

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thanks Mr james. Good lesson

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new member …please help !!

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Wow! I got 90

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add me on skype Nurov Jovid

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Thanks a lot james. Your classes are really interesting

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How do I use parenthesis, dashes, and commas and what are differences between them?

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Why can’t I choose 1st option in 4th ?

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thank you James. You explained turn experessions very nice.

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hi james
this class will raise my self confidences level.
thanks lot .i need one favour .will please tell me how to improve my english writing and speaking style.

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woa ~ thanks for lesson , this is so helpful for me or some one who want to leanr or improve english skill

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Thank you very much, James. You are good at teacher.

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i want script please

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Thank you, I will keep it in mind!

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Thanks,this is beautiful and useful lesson

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I have studied English with different teachers. But, i haven’t found awesome teachers like engVid.
Thanks for helping us.

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Amazing video, like always :)

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3 sleepy cats wearing watermelon hats.

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James, your lessons are very clear
Thanks for your effort on help us.

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i got 100 percent thanks james

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Yes I got 100% thanks teacher ,this lesson turn up my knowledge

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I got 90%……

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Hi teacher!

Nice lesson, thanks!

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It’s really useful to help me realize the difference between these phrases.^ ^

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It was great the explanation!!! Now I have clear how tu use the correct preposition :D

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Thank u for your teaching, it’s very nice to me

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Super ! Thanks a lot James.

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thank so much. right now I totally agree how to use turn on, off , up and down😊

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Thank you for the lesson.
It was interesting and funny as usual. :)

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i like it

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Excellent lesson!Thank you very much

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thanks a lot Mr james

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Well,this is my first lesson in EngVid, I really liked. James is a nice teacher. Thank you.

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Thank you James, You are a great teacher.

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exellent !! go on

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Beautiful English lesson

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Thanks a lot James for this lesson.It was very interesting.I like your lessons because you use easy words and i understand all of them even if my english skills are not very well.But i decided to improve them and you help me a lot .If everyone wants to chat with me to improve ennglish please leave a reply:)

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you are amazing i like ur teaching with, … thank u it was really helpful for me .

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The good lesson. I understood

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Thank you

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Olá, sou brasileira and I love the lessons James!!!
Congratulations e obrigada!!!

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it’s a very easy and interesting lesson thanks so much james :D

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Easy but tricky sometimes. Thank’s Sir James, I got 100%.

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Thank you so much sir.

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it’s my first participation and my first video with EngVid. James is very clear and amazing speaker. Now, I understand the differences between on off up and down. Thanks for the perfect explanation.
Do you know if there is an order in EngVid to improve our English, or if we just catch lesson without order.

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Very good explanation!!! Congrats!

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    and my mail is miguelkf@msn.com … greettings
    I am Miguel from argentina

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Thank you so much for your lessons.
I don’t know why but i manage to understand most of you say.
Your lessons are very useful.

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your lessons are fun, you have a very clear diction that is very important for all beginner who is learning English

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“I have the power!”
When he said it, I had to turn down the volume.

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Excellent explanations! your enthusiasm are contagious. Before I notice I was already answer your quiz. Talk by myself like a crazy one. Thank you!

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very interesting I live in Panama I would like to go to Canada to improve my English.

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Hi, James! Thank you for the lesson. Your explanation is very logical, and I confess that I had never thought in this way before. See you in the next video. Tchau!

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thank you teacher.

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Thank you for the lesson sir. These phrasal verbs seem easy, but confusing so it needs serious concentration on how the lecturer gives the lesson.

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quite well, I made 9 of 10 thanks a lot mr. James

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Thank you James, what happen in this lesson? You have changed dramatically your behavior, between the first part to second.
Have a nice day, and thank you all team the Engvid.

PS:Please think a chat in this web site for the students

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Thank you very much!

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score=90, so the heat is my enemy

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Thank you James, 10/10

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I got 10, thank you James

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You got 10 correct out of 10.
thanks ..

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My best teacher!! Thank you mr.james your lesson it was very useful keep going and I wish you all the best

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it was a handy lesson !!

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I got 90%, well explained with examples and examples are the best part of the all lessons that you teach, i am very greatful to you.

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Thank you Mr. James.

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yay! 10/10

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Thanks James. You are the best.

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yesssssssssss 100

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Thank you for the lesson James but, on question 9 9. The bath was full, so I ______________ the water.}
I choose turned down but, the answer was Turned off, why it was Turned off if we are given any power to the water?

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I turned on all my brains for this quiz. But turned them less down on the sixth and ninth questions.

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    This comment made me laugh 😂️

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i like the leasson, quiz 100

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