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thank you…
you are agood teacher:)

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    if you gave us more phrasal verbs i would be very grateful. thanks for your best teaching.



I woud like to khow why some people say
I HAVE NO IDEA are they right? if yes explain me why!


Dear guys

I love this program. You guys have come up with a great product that really helps me learn better. Keep up the good work!”

Is there a lesson “about past perfect”?

Best wishes

Hoppel, Germany

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i think you are a good teacher but you talk pretty fast.


    yes, i agree. James you talks too fast. would you mind speak a little slow, hehe,,Thank you for your reading…


i think u are a cool tacher…i like learning with u because u are funny;-)
i keep in mind the words sooner when u joke..ehheheh…byeeeee

from italy


Hi James, thanks for your class… It’s fun but, can you speak slower please?

Thanks :D from Chile

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good stuff i really enjoyed listening to you
i would like to ask a question
how can i put shut in, in a sentence?


    u cn use ‘shut in’ in a sentence like “he’s been shut inside that room for more than a year.”
    it can be either shut inside or shut in.

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good stuff i really enjoyed listening to you
i would like to ask you a question
how can i put shut in, in a sentence?

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it’s very funy and useful lesson. thank you

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You are not fun J/k. It’s a good way to explain things with jokes.

Jean simon


Jean simon

Hey James! Don’t cry out!

Please, shut your piehole, otherwise I’ll shut off my computer. Besides that I need to shut down my home work ASAP. I hope to do it before the company shut off the eletricity.

Thank you guy…It’s very useful!


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    that s a good practice,u have learnt too fast


    it’ll be “shut down” my computer; u dont use that after besides(in that perticular sentence)
    u’ll say i need to finish my homework, cuz u cant use the verb”shut” with homework n it’ll be ” before the company “”cuts off”” the electricity”

    PS- n its not a company tht manages the electicity stuff.

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Very Funny :))
I like your way to explain …..
Thanks alot Mr.James…


tnx james..
i could do the test correct even after a while..it means i haven’t forgotten the lesson which is my problem….tnx all you nice teachers…..


Hi James

It’s interesting to listen to your lessons.
You’re a funny teacher. I like your lessons very much.
But…..could you please slow down the speed the way you talk…..
because it’s too fast for me to catch up with @@
Thanks a lot for your funny lessons~

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Hello James, The videos you made clear my five-year-confusion on grammar problems.

I have a couple questions on MOVIE DIALOGUE grammar (colloquial talk)
In the movie ‘THE DARK KNIGHT”

In a scene, Joker said: “If tomorrow I tell the press that, like, a gangbanger will get shot,
or a truck load of soldiers will be blowing up, they will lose their mind.

– Q – why he used “a truck load of soldiers will be blowing up” INSTEAD of “A truck load of soldiers WILL BE BLOWN UP?”
(since the second one is grammatically correct, why he used the first one instead? Is there any explanation on how American colloquial talk function?)

In a scene when Joker was finally caught & locked up in cell, Mayor tells Gordon (the man who catches Joker) to go home.

Mayor (to Gordon): “Go home. The Clown will keep till morning.”

Q – Why the mayor didn’t use the passive tense instead (the clown will be kept till morning.)?

These two questions have been gnawed at me for months now, any ideas?

Thank you, K


I got 100 in the quiz , yeah!!
thank you so much Teacher James , you are the man , I like your other lectures also.


great lesson James!


Monday, September 14th 2009

I learned a lot sir James, thank you so much, you are a good teacher. Please keep up the good work. God bless you.


great job you are a good teacher thanks for your videos


Great lesson, i learned new vocabulary, congrats to the teacher for this amaizing job!

Very important

great job thanks sir


well i really need your help pls. and in my grammar clasess i have to do a presentation like a class , and my subject is “would offering invitation”, the thing is that i dont know how to do it, and if you can explain this, i`ll appreciate, because this is my first year and i dont kow to much thing.
Sorry for my poor english !
Regards from Chile


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i really like your style of teaching

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shut your piehole LoooooOOOooooL

as u said ..


I really like you and your lessons.
You are so funny.
Thanks a lot.
Greeting from Czech Republic


I really enjoy your teaching style… the jokes and your body language make easier to remember.

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i think u r the good teacher but speak lettle fast


You are a cool teacher and very funny indeed!I can understand you perfectly well! It is rather difficult and sometimes boring to study phrasal verbs by heart, but by watching your videos is much easier to remember them! so, thank you!


will you please speak little bit slower……thank you…you are a great teacher anyways.

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I’m getting a lot from from these lesson keep it up and God will bless you.


I like the way you ape italian pronunciation…! We speak a really bad english :__D
Thanks for these lessons, dont shut up!


thank you , I knew the meaning of shut up ,shut down ,but this the first time to know the meaning of shut off ,shut out ,thanks alot


Oh Man! I really enjoyed this lesson. Thanks a lot!


Ooh….You ll have big oral cavity)


Hi teacher yuo speek very fast but is okey tanks

Profile photo of julitoscars julitoscars

Hi James!
I always was afraid of phasal verbs because I couldn’t remember them so I tried to not use them in my speech….but NOW I really feel I can get it)) I like how you explain this! Thank youuuuu :)

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Thank you teacher :)


    hey Zeina how are you?


The best teacher I ever had !!!


it’s cool but so fast!!!)

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Hi James thanks for you lesson you are prety funy


hi James,

I love u and ur lesson too.


i am Nhat. I come from Viet nam.
thanks a lot!!!

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great, thank you

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good but very fast


Your way of teaching is awesome man


Hey James!

Do you still date the girl you are talking about in this lesson? :)
Let me know when you are avalible :)))


i think you are talented and funny


i like your friend e his very cute, and i want to say ur very gifted teacher, thank you for making easier for us to learn


hey, i think ur talking’speed is good



thank you, you are perfct


thank you very good lesson but please talk slowly

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wowwww my answers for quiz for 100 % right…happy))) and thanksssssssss to uuu dear James!


Hello James,
I’m Maria from Portugal, I started to watch your videos last week, and I feel quite happy to have found you, my english is not good yet, but hopefully your lessons will be useful for me to improve my communications skills.
Love your entertaining teaching. I’m very pleased.
I’m looking foward to assist more and more lessons.
Thanks a lot xx


really i like your way to teach us… keep going


hi .i`m a new student here & are wonderful teacher….and hot


nice job teacher!

dhan gurung

I started to watch your videos last week, and I feel quite happy to have found you, my english is not good yet, but hopefully your lessons will be useful for me to improve my communications skills.
Love your entertaining teaching. I’m very pleased.
I’m looking foward to assist more and more lessons.
Thanks a lot xx

dhan gurung

hi,James.I’m from Taiwan.
I watching your tutorial videos for few days,
and I like the style of your teaching!
You’re such a great teacher,so do others!
I want to improve my English speaking and listening skills.Your videos are useful!
I like it soooo much! Thanks for a lot!

c from Taiwan

This is better than any TV series !! :)
I`m waiting for more episodes :)


you are great!!! thank you so much for your help.


it’s helful, thax u

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you’re a great teacher, thanks so much.

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James, you are funny. Sometimes.


Highly enjoyable lesson!
Keep going, James! ;)

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Hi James, I love your videos but my cat doesn’t… She was used sleeping near my computer but because of all your sound effects, she’s now too scary to come closer… It seems that animals (cat, earthworm…) don’t appreciate your talent!

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    Haha :D

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so nice teacher may i have u r face book ID My dear teacher.


dear teacher
Thank you because yor good explain.
I like learning english very well and speak so fast.Please help me.
Good luck to you.


hi my favourite teacher
i bealive that your lesson is so effective on my conversation,but the phrasal verb is freaking a lot
what im gonnA DO??????????


could you imitate a spanish man talking in english? I would like to see myself on the distorting mirror.


i love to learn english…thank you

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now he’s one inventive teacher


the lesson is very interesting. i can understand easilly

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You are a great teacher
and I like your way to explain
thanks a lot :)


James, how do u manage to be so funny all the time? Love ur lessons


Thank you,your lesson is very useful.

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nice pie hole u got there james
lol only joking ur a great teacher and have helped me learn english better
I have watched all ur lessons including ur latest one
plz make more



very nice of you James. your lesson was great, but your speaking a little bit fast to be understood by us.
thanx a lot.


hi guys,
could anyone tell me what “ESL students” stands for, please?


u r great 111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
making english very easy
thank u

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thanks for the good lessons.

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It’s James EngVid
James sees what James needs
James breathes weed
Still,James don’t see anything
James buys drinks
James winks and James thinks
James teaching people like shiny rims!
hahahah) Bullshit)


NICE LESSON PLease evgvid thare are alot of frasal verbs we don’t understand them if you could help us by more lessons we don’t know how to thank you engvid

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Hi mr James ,almost students think U talk too fast, extremely fast ,and a lot of body language noises,would U please slow down.thanks

Quang dinh

thanks mr.james for your leachrer


Thanks….James u r a great teacher…


Thanks you. James. it is very interesting to your class and I am happy to hear your speaking.

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Great lesson, James!
Thank you

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Thanks, James!

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james your so funny guy

Profile photo of wahidullah wahidullah

teacher you’re pretty crazy !!! ^_^

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Thanks James.I got 4 CORRECT OUT OF 4.That’s amazing :D

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haha. an epic lesson there. a moment there you’ve shut down my life, hahaha. i was captivated all the things that youve done sir james. you really are crazy mr.james, well in a good way.. hahaha didnt know whats shut in means hahaha so i got 3/4, now i know. you never fail us mr. james. so i better shut my piehole now….:)

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Thanks, James, for this great and well given lesson!

Profile photo of Fabio Cicerre Fabio Cicerre

great lesson. Thank you.

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Thank you James, studying with you is so fun!))

Profile photo of Natunia Natunia

you are so angry)))

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i was bad in this lesson :(

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Doubts with “shut up” and “shut out”. “Shut up” means don’t speak or stop talking, and “shut out” means don’t reach your goals of sport or don’t allow to do something. By the way, “shut down” means stop a process or computer and “shut off” stop the flow of electricity or water, but the context sometimes mayde confused for me like in the third question of the quiz. Thanks a lot teacher James from EngVid for your explanation.

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thanks for put the quiz.

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06.04.2018 pretty good

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You got 3 correct out of 4

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It was a great lesson
although i didn’t get the bonus quistion right :)

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HI James! I have a question. I can’t really understand the difference between for example shut off turn off and switch off. Can you give me more informations about those differences?

Thank you for your lesson, it’s really usefull :D

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