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Hi James. Thank you for this wonderful lesson. I scored 10/10. Thank you so much :)

palakshi nautiyal

Amazing lesson, James :D


Thanks for useful lesson teaching expressions with bread. I learned many new idioms that I didn’t know so far. I think I’ll be able to understand them when I read them somewhere in the future. It’s much more difficult to use them when speaking. But I think it’s all about my effort and practice.

Insoo Yeo

Interesting idioms. These are unusually


it was really wonderful lesson .from now on i’m gonna use them in my speech. thank you, James. you are a badass teacher.


I got 10/10, the lesson is quite interesting, many idioms are hardly to remmember but useful for conversation everyday. Thank Jame alot

nguyen van long

What an interesting lesson. I may not be sure but I think I’ve got a good understanding in these bread idioms’ explanation. I got a good socore on the quiz and enjoyed the bonus section a lot. Thank you James.


I thought this video was really cool!


I have got 10 of quiz, I appreciate what our teacher did thanks a lot


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Thanks James, very useful lesson


very informative lesson

Muhammad Abbas

Hello, James, thanks for very informative lesson. I think the homework answers should be like that:
1) That woman is rolling in dough.
2) I’m broke, I don’t have any bread/dough on me.
3) It’s been awhile, sence we break bread together.


1-that woman is rolling in dough
2-I am broke, I do not have bread \ dough on me.
3-It is been awhile since we broken bread together.
Thank you James for this useful lesson, YOU ARE THE BEST .

Shahad Ayed

1-that woman is rolling in dough
2-I am broke, I do not have bread \ dough on me.
3-It is been awhile since we broken bread together.
Thank you James for this useful lesson, YOU ARE THE BEST .

Shahad Ayed

1- That woman is rolling in dought.
2 -Iàm broke I don`t have any dough.
3 -It`been awhile since we broke bread.


very good lesson, James D


” bread and butter” was used normally ……you taught fact behind all….very useful , I’ll try to use
thank you

Rajasekaran D

I enjoyed this lesson and I learned a lot. Thanks, James!


i think everyone watches this video who should thank you so thank you very much Mr. James.

Aml Mounier

Hi James! Fantastic lesson! Tsk! And yes the homework is my bread and butter:
1. That woman is rolling in dough.
2. I’m broke. I’m toasted
3. It’s been awhile since we broke bread together.

Everyone doesn’t live by bread alone.


Hi James. Thanks for your excellent lesson, I’ve found it very usefull to me.
That woman is rolling in dough.
I’m broke. I don’t have any dough/bread on me.
It’s been awhile since we broke bread together.



Hi everyone. Who wants to talk with me an english and practise , please connect to me))


This video was really helpful. I liked it a lot. Thank a lot James. I learned so much today.


Hi James, this video is really helpful. But i found it’s quite different to use and practice these bread idioms without any hesitation, although I got 10 scores. It’s much easier to get 10 scores, but it is quite difficult to use it. I really learned much more knowledge from watching your video, thank you very much.


ok engoyed that.


umm homework:the woman is the bread winner.
im broke i dont have any dough on me.
its been a while since we broke bread together.


i got 90% im still proud


Having while I’m learning Thank you:)


i got 10 over 10 thankyou james😊


I learnt a lot today! I think those kind of expressions make a big difference when you are watching a TV series and, suddenly ypu heard one of the characters say “he is rolling in dough overnight!”, obviously, I would get lost, but not now! Thenk you James you’re a great teacher.


Thanks James! This lesson is the greatest thing since sliced bread!

Henrique Alves

As a french speaker it was tough for me but I continue to watch watch and watch more videos everyday


Amazing! I am having a good time learning here.

Thank you James :) I hope to see you rolling in dough one day!

Nrapendra Banarji

good lesson, thank you James

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