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Thnkuou very much uou are a great teacher thankyou again


    thank you 4 ths lsn. i enjoyed the lsn alot


    I like to learn english very much


    hi can you add me on skype ?I want improve my english conversation..my skype name is fil_04

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    we should learn another language

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thank you for this lesson. I enjoyed the lesson a lot




good lesson

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Thank you, Rebecca. It is simple lesson but I too make errors with it.

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    mis·take (m-stk)
    a wrong action attributable to bad judgment or ignorance or inattention; “he made a bad mistake”; “she was quick to point out my errors”; “I could understand his English in spite of his grammatical faults” See you!


    hi karen! Good day to you! i’m willing to to spend my time to help you develop your english well. May i have your skype username? i will send you a request. Thank you so much!!! mcenley26@yahoo.com is my username. hanks karen! i’ll be expecting..

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      Help Karen with english!!. that´s not what you were thinking about, naughty boy.

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    it is good to have a conversation in order to improve our language. I am here if you need to practice.


      hi can u help me i want to improve my english


    hello…i wnt to talk with u at skype…

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    May be this sentence is not correct …”but I make errors with it too” sounds a bit better. :) Sorry.

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    Good morning…
    To avoid making errors or miss understanding of this lesson.Firstly search for words which can guide you for”manner, place, quantity and time” then put them in the end of the sentence.
    I hope that this will help you.


    Hi Karen, can you write to me?


    can i join with u ?


    Don’t worry! . You have a possibility for practice a lot

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    I’d like to talk to your friend on skype


    yeah ,it’s good

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Thank you for more this lesson Rebecca. Would be very interesting if you put a link to this quiz in youtube video!


Till now i’m thinking english grammer is very difficult to lean.But your way of teaching is very smart and enjoyable one.I like your way of speech a lot.


thanks very much

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thanks 4 all

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i love it

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that s my first english online lesson thanks a lot

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Thanks for this lesson

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Very well explained the position of these adverbs.


    the position of these adverbs have explained very well. i think better but i may be wrong as im learning english too, hhhhhhhhhhh


      it isn’t like this. you have to say .you explained the position of adverbs very well. you forgot to write ‘you’ which is necessary because without it sentence goes wrong as no one can know who explained it .the way you wrote it means that something is explained by the adverbs and not by the teacher


      +1! When Iёve read the comment above has thought the same. :)

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take care…


Thank you very much.

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that is very good score


At last after a huge strugle of 18 months I feel, i have abled to learn English through this nice teaching method. Thx a lot.


Thank you for offer this quiz. I do enjoy it.

Shane Dobbs


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ok thanks you now i understand how to use the adverb.

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Thanks my greatest teacher, your way of teaching is very good.

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Thanks you’re a good teacher. Please put difficult sentence of adverbs




Thank you Robecca for this lesson.

Could you please also explain to us in more details when Verb meets with Adverb, for example, Run quickly. Also when Adverb meets with Adjective, for instance, Very happy. And finally, when you have Adverb + Adverb, like, too quickly.

God bless you!


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Very nice lesson.
Thank you Teacher.

Javed Ahmed

thank you very mush ^_^
l have one question ? what’s the different between borrow and lend ? can you tell me , please ?


    A customer borrows money from the bank.
    The bank lends money to the customer.

    Mary borrowed a book from the library.

    Could you please lend me$10? I forgot my wallet at home.

    The one who gives is the lender.The one who receives is the borrower.

    Hope this helps. All the best,


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      Excellent… Thanks for this type of good example…

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      ooooooooooooooh iknow now

      shaahi qaxiye



very well


I LOVeee It ! WONDerFUl ..AmaZIng.. I DOnt Know How TO Explain That. oMG! THANNkss Im REally learning Very WEll Jeje THaNks TEACHERs XD

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    why do you write like that ^^^? :p

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      I’ d love to talk to you I also want to practice my english


Thank you for this lesson . I have learned a lot.


I got 100% Thank you a bunch.


thank u rebaka..

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Hello .i have a big problem in writing where i make a lot of spelling errors.What can i do to avoid this problem pleas i need your help and thank you very much

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    English spelling can be tricky, it’s true. Start with a simple spelling book and work your way up through the levels. You can do it!

    All the best to you, Matuma.

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Where can I find the answer to my comments

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madam very nice method of english i like your teaching method a lot.

dawar khan


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if he hadn’t gone there , he would not have been successful.
is this sentence correct . if it is so please reply me so that i will get to know how to use sentences like this. and please conduct a lesson on this topic


    Yes, your sentence is correct.

    Good for you. All the best with your English.

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thanks..i love it. specially for me, because i need pratice more english, i am a cabin crew.


the lecture is clear and helpful thanks lot


Thank you very much for this lesson


i am a new subscriber, i hate grammar before but now ur video tutorials induces me to learn grammar.thanks a lot mam.

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Iwant learning to english


thanks from teaching lets take a example
today he will explain the lesson
in here could you explan is it adverb of time
but it came at the first ????

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    There are always exceptions! Your sentence is correct too.

    All the best to you.

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      teacher i want to be good in English i am from morocco i am beginner What do you advise me ??

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hi everyone
this website is verry usefull
i would like to express my thanks for your kindness- :)


    kak farhang me too :D i say the same!


    hi kurdish boy
    i am from kyrdestan of iran


      sorry i wrote mistak
      its kurdestan
      i love it…


    Happy to have you join us!

    My best wishes to you.

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Thanks ihope ican speak english well as soon as possible.

ahmad firdaus

you are explaining the lesson amazingly ..i appreciate.


clear and understandable, very good… thank`s


thank you very much madam!

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Thank you so much Rebecca! I have already learnt a lot by you.

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Rebecca your grammar topics I watch more often than other.

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This website is great and its very helpful to me.Thanks a lot God bless you.


thanks for your help toward our success in english

david rowland

Thanks for this lesson

ahmed essam

A simple lesson, Rebecca, but so many students make mistakes with this. Thank you.

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    Toda, Sharon. Always nice to get feedback from a fellow teacher. Please let me know if you have any special suggestions that would help your students.

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    u are jewish


thanks a lot of

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nice, thanks

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thank u so much u really help me

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At last I will take control on the adverb positions attending this instructive classes. Thanks Rebecca.

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How can i download PDF files of the same lessons.


    You want a PDF of the video?

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At 1:45 you say ‘… so that you(‘ll) understand well how to use this’, maybe it’s not well done! ;-)

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    I mean: the adverb must be near the verb it modifies, and by simply saying ‘at the end’ you can generate confusion. The adverb “well” in your phrase fragment refers to the verb “understand” and not to the verb “use”.

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because of this lesson,now adverbs are very easy for me


Rebecca will you please help me to improve my vocabulary and give me some tips regarding this. I am waiting for your promptresponse.



    Hi Adnan

    There are so many ways in which you can improve your vocabulary. There are lots of books specifically designed to help students improve general English vocabulary, business English or specialized English. Besides this, you can read more, watch our videos, listen to English shows or movies. You could also try to join an English conversation class so the words come to mind more easily.

    All the best to you.

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Great lesson, thanks Rebecca!

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I really like the way to teach is amazing.


hi rebecca how are u? this lesson was something that missing for me thank u alot but i have a questiong if someone gives u a good advice can i say u speak well to day?


    No, it wouldn’t be right to say that.

    If someone gives you good advice, you can just tell them, ‘Thanks for your advice. It really helped me.” or something similar.

    All the best to you.

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Thank you very much for your lessons.


wow,very nice ; l learn english


Thank you very much teacher Rebeca.i’m one of yuor student,but i am new the first time i taked lesson and i’m very glad to you and i say you are very clever teacher,so i wanna to help for adjectives and adverbs.
thank you very much.

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    Welcome to engVid, Shreif. We have a wide variety of English lessons on different topics so please check the categories on the home page to find what you need.

    My best wishes to you.

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wonderful lesson.thanks a lot REBECCA




Dear Rebeccoa,
thanking once again for giving good lecture and honest information to student.
I don’t want to west your precious time would you please start active vice and passive vice from the begging?

best regards

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i like this lession


Thanks to all for your feedback. I really appreciate it.

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its great thing for me.
Thank you for all your work. Rebecca……

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Thank you so much for such a fantastic site. I’m grateful to all of you my dear teachers :)

Süleyman Kahraman



Dear Rebecca,
your lessons are so helpful, interesting and exciting! Thank you very much!
A little question: What is right or more English?
‘She kindly smile at me’ or ‘She smiled at me kindly’
‘They welcomed us warmly’ or ‘They warmly welcomed us’
‘He quickly said goodbye and left the room’ or ‘He said goodbye quickly and left the room’
My best wishes,


thanx million

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Dear Rebecca:
please accept my grateful, regarding your expert and excellent teaching method. I am
an Iranian residing recently in Manila.I watch
your English video grammer presentations now and then, they are really very helpful for all students, specially for bilinguals.i would like to ask you,whether English native speakers know English grammer structure perfecly or not?

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Hi how are you My Great Teachers Team of EngVid I like your Videos so much I wish to talk with My Respectable Teachers Mis Rebecca, Mis Ronnie, Mis Valen, Sir Alex and my Favourite Sir James. Please accept my invetation and Text me on My E- Mail Please…
Irshad59@yahoo.com to my Dear and Respectable teacher.


Thank you very much i’d learned a lot




Hello Teacher Robecca!

Could you please give us one lesson that will explain the differences on using WHOM & WHOSE.

God bless you.

Thank you.

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he always comes to the calss late

the adverb is in the beginning


    What do u mean?

    Profile photo of baker baker

    frequency adverbs like always,usually,often,never…come before the verb.you can also use some adverbs at the beginning of a sentence,for example
    ‘I met a friend yesterday.OR
    ‘Yesterday,I met a friend .

    huseyin çeri

Hello everybody!, well, thank you teacher Rebecca and in general to all the teacher, I think that this lessons are a really good work. I am from México!, and I am studying English. This classes help me to improve many things, since the vocabulary, the pronunciation until the grammatical structure etc. thank you so much and I continue to seeing their lessons!…


i like the quiz!! :))

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Excellent teaching method …. Great teacher!

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thanks a lot…you’re a very good teacher

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ahmed abdi

hey, what is up?
I am an international student who study English n America. I would be pleasure if I could Subscribe your lessons.


its realy nice madam.thanx for teach us……….but mam, i am suffering with one problem i.e i living in that environment where no one speak english,so i cannot speak english………..so if u provide me some time on skype or yahoo,then i shell very thankful to u


Thanks a lot.I really like your way of explanation.


i’m a dentist&we say
the tooth is badly decayed not decayed badly why?


thank you.

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i am Shahbeg from Pakistan thank you dear teacher


Thanks a lot for providing excelent lessons. You are simple and anybody can understand your lessons easily.Please continue with more topics.


thaks a lot ma’am…i’ve learn a lot from your free english lesson…i also like the way you explain things… simple,clear and understandable…have a gud day!


hi rebecca…this website really good….and i liked yuor accent much more…….can u teach me article?

Eema Emaan

i always enjoy after taknig your lesson

Eema Emaan

tk very much.the lesson is interesting.i enjoin the lesson a lot of your.but i can not understand all of what you said in the lessons :D


what must i do ? to improve skills to speak eng lish ? help me….!!!


Wow! I got full marks in the quiz..Thanks a lot Rebecca..


thak you a lot it’s right? ^^

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i am so happy with this website you did good job i like it thankful, and when i came here for first time some friends told me about this website and i improve


hi Rebecca

i am so really happy with this website you did good job and when i came for first time in England to improv my english i had like support this website after my lesson in my school i check this website for more information, and i have invited many friends to check this website, i wish all the best.



Very nice lesson.
Thank you Teacher.

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Hi Rebecca
would you like to tell me when do we put adverb between verb and object.

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hello, thank for this lesson but can you help me in the classification of adverbs:))

John Dayego

thank you for this lesson. I enjoyed the lesson a lot

luis miguel

thanks for this lesson your teaching way is so impressing and very good but i want more grammar lessons from this website thank you for this and bye for now …………


Thank you very much it is very good lesson.

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Hello Teacher
can you tell me please what the difference between ( Wily & Sly )?? thank you so mach


hi teacher
very good lesson


Thanks Rebecca for the nice lesson, it would help me a lot on my grammar :)


Hi Ma’am,
I would like to say thank you for your clear and nice way of teaching.After watching and to your video,I’ve been tried to answer the quiz below,then I got it all correctly.

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rebecca you are the best
this lessons are very good


Hi Rebecca, this lesson will be help me very much.
Is this sentence correct?

Thank you

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Thanks so much all lessons are very good to understand, I wish you the best.


hi Rebecca.. excellent job you done.. i am really appreciate you because i have doubt since long about this case but now i am very clear.. thank you so much… i have watched you class then i have answered to your quiz.. i got 100% thank a lot.. and also i am really happy with that.

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I found this lessons very useful.thaks Rebeca you explain the grammer very well.


Thanks Rebeca, I am learning a lot of things from you.


very useful lesson.


nicely done…………than 4 da infomation .:)

Ryan Ken

very good.I have a problem with writing, can you help.
Thank you

Julie Lambert

Thank you.

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Thanks Rebecca for your wonderful lecture. I would like to now.. “Does adverb always sit after the object that is in the last of the sentences.”

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Thank you once again Rebecca ma’am. God bless you.

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Your score: 100.00 You got 6 correct out of 6.

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I don’t know how to thank you .

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Thank you Rebeca everything is clear. God bless you.


Thank you madam Rebecca, God bless to you

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Thanks a lot ! )

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Thanks a lot !

Profile photo of syrkin syrkin

I can’t thank You enough. This lesson is really great.Keep Up!!!!


very useful ,you’re great


Hello, teacher Rebecca, I’ve watched some of your videos and they are all awesome. what I want to ask to you is: what about the adverb placed in the middle of the sentence, like: “They were actually very good soccer players”. Is adverb modifying adjective must be placed that way? thanks a lot.

Profile photo of cebedochi cebedochi

    and I was confused when I found this sentence: “His indecision adversely affected his job performance”. Will it change the meaning if I put the adverb at the of the sentence like: “His indecision affected his job performance adversely”.

    Profile photo of cebedochi cebedochi

      no difference,I think..

      huseyin çeri

      so far i take it as a variety of exceptions, depends on how u want to give the impression to ur listener.
      – Actually, they were very good.
      – They were actually very good.
      – They were very good actually.
      they all have the same meaning but are all slightly different from each other on the impression, or should i say perception..
      well, i hope i still could find something more on it. i’m still browsing through though..
      n really hope becca would come back soon.. right engvid??

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        I’m korean and I have studied english for many years. But I didn’t have enough chance to speak english, so my english isn’t good.
        I’m looking for friends who talk to me on the phone(skype). I’m ok, who will be my friend, you or your students. My e-mail address is cyc1512@naver.com Nice to get to know you. Have a nice day. Bye^^

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Your english lessons are very clear and understandable, tank you !!!


Rebecca i apologize, fault committed in the previous paragraph. Thank you for that !!!


great lesson


thanks for teaching me.


thanks! teacher! GOD BLESS YOU!

hector ararao

interesting one

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Dear Rebecca,
Thank you very much for your kind explanation about adverbs. I’ve learned from your teaching a lot.

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I enjoyed the lesson a lot. another execent score, I feel like going out to drink a couple of beers.


What a satisfaying facility! It is very help full to save and/or print the lesson materials.
Thanks so much!!!

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thanks a million
I can say u r so cleaver I hope to became like u..


realy interesting lesson<3 thanx




thank to you alot


Hi everybody! Can somebody explain me which one of these sentences is correct and why? “He speaks English very well.” and “He speaks English very good.” Thank you.

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Hi, thank you teacher rebecca for your lesson,


good job

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Thank you very much Rebecca. It was nice lesson.

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thanks alot for your kindnes and hard work to teach us english for free and very delibratly i love the way you teaching. wish you all the best. best regards barakaay


I can’t thank you enough.


Hi! engvid.com i love your teaching very much,i want u teaching me and anther people be came native speaker and real english!.

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i’m so lucky that i found this web site!

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Thanks my greatest teacher, your way of teaching is very good

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you are the best teacher i ever met. everything that you taught us was useful and informative where i can correct my way of writing and speaking too. keep posting some simple and common mistakes that every one makes and please do correct me if have made some errors in these sentences


a get it…100


hi Ms.Rebecca, i want to know if when we will use the word “going to and will+main verb, im a little bit confused of it,thank you very much..i think this will help me to pass my english exam that im going to take 2 months from now..

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thanx for your clarification. keep it up.

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Can I say: ” Tank you a lot? ” :) . Great lessons Rebecca. I’ll follow you more.

For everyone, you can read more about me and how I study English on: catamari dot com.

See you soon!

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Thanks for taking this English quiz! Your score: 100.00 You got 6 correct out of 6. Check your answers below.’

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He is leaving for Japan today.
He is leaving to Japan today.

Can you use both sentences are same meaning???


When you want to say (yo tengo muchas cosas que hacer)… I have to do things a lot. or how ?
Thank you

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Thank you very much, you are a great teacher.

Jonathan Hans

It is really helpful to me

Profile photo of coolgirl coolgirl

I want ask you when i can use how many & how long
thank you


yeah… i like it………cool

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ohh my God the life is very clear sice i get in Rebecca lessons . I’ll follow you more.


Rebecca, thanks you,very nice lesson.

Profile photo of jonathanhans jonathanhans

i want u tell me whats the difference between these sentences
if i had been rich i would have been able to buy a car
if i were rich i would be able to buy a car

plz tell me the difference and the tense for each sentence

Profile photo of ammaraklan ammaraklan

    The first one is in the past and the second one is in present.

    huseyin çeri

Was nice i am answser all right eeyeyyeaaa thanks .

Profile photo of kmcatracha kmcatracha

thnxxx 4 the simple yet important lesson ,that will come in help…thnxx a lot Rebeeca ma’am


it’s a very useful lesson with great and helpful teachers.thx alot


the best! thank you so much! I really like this site very informative!

aaron jed

Thanks again.Nice lesson.



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Hello all,
I have been studying on toefl examination. There are a lot of materials, ways and subjects here or other places on net. All of them are dealing with the learning of English and they are very useful but which of them will be better for me to take enough point from my examination? So my mind is mixed! Thanks. :-)

Profile photo of artlover artlover

Thank you I liked a lot this lesson


thanxs a lot.you make me more attention to my mistakes be this great lessen.
my sentence:
I have raed english literature books alot.
is that right?

Profile photo of soce soce

thank you a alot ^_^

Profile photo of hanody hanody

Thanks Rebbeca for giving instructions clearly.And I could’t understand the preposition ‘for’ in one of the examples you have mentioned above as; ‘He is leaving for Japan today’ Will it be wrong if leave ‘for’ in this example?
I mean,which one of these is right?
‘He is leaving for Japan today’
‘He is leaving Japan today’


    sorry:I forgot the subject in this sentence;
    ‘Will it be wrong if I leave…?’


    Both are correct.
    “He is leaving for Japan” means that the subject (he) is somewhere else, he’s going to Japan.
    “He is leaving Japan” means that the subject is actually in Japan and is going somewhere else.
    Best wishes.


I understand the adverb very well.hank you

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thanks a lot rebecca

you are my hero
i like the way you explain this lesson


Thanks for the great class!

Profile photo of manuquinho manuquinho

Thanks Rebecca. Your English is so understandanle


thanks rebecca, by the way can you also teach us about the correct usage of the preposition on in and at? im hoping for your quick response thank you! coz i am really confused

Call Center Agent

Whenever I’m confuse using English grammar, I always look for Engvid.com results and watch them carefully (if there’s any). Thank you very much for this kind of videos, we are learning a lot. (“a lot”, I used adv. properly) hahaha


:) thank u very much … Thanks for taking this English quiz! Your score: 100.00 You got 6 correct out of 6. Check your answers below.’ jejej xD

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    i’d like to be friend with you and i want learn english

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great lesson, i enjoyed a lot.

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awesome, I really like a lot. thanks for the learning. God bless you Rebecca.


i desperately want to learn english.am glad to see your lesson i enjoyed so much for it..thank you very much..


you are a nice teacher. thank you very much.




thank you very much

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thank you a lotttttttttttttttttttttt it’s great

Brahim Ally

Thanks for everythigs


thanks alot

Abdullah alqhtani

In my school days, englisg grammer is very difficult to me.But now its becoming easy because of you.
thank you very much

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I’m scored 100….yahoo

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the way you teach, i like it very much

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Dear Rebecca,
Thank you very much.

Profile photo of abdullahsagum abdullahsagum

THAnks Rebecca!!!!!!!


And which ones do we use not at the end of the sentence?


Thank you Ms. Rebecca, your wonderful teacher that i ever had… God bless

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Present Maam…:).That is very good lesson…

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thanks rebecca i am getting your lectures very well. is there any series of your site which shows the full grammer practics, mean tenses wise

Muhammad Sadeeq

Hi, I come from Viet Nam, Thank you for your clear voice!

Kim Nguyên

god bless you


Hi Mrs.Rebeca, i love you so much. please send me an email so that i will contact with you by email. plz send me. i have a lot of questions and need information


Hi Rebecca,
The lesson was really interesting.
The example, he is leaving for Japan today.
Here we use to or for!
Thanks a lot


nice … :) :)

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thank you


Thank you,my teacher Rebecca

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Indeed, It was very useful. (Is this correct or indeed should come at the end)
Thank you

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i have one promplem so please help me to avoid it.
i understand all what the people say in english but i can,t reply it. so teacher hoe can understand them

shaahi qaxiye

i have one promplem in english so help me to avoid it.i can understand all what the people say in english when they are speaking but i can,t reply it.so my dear teacher how can i understand them quickly.

shaahi qaxiye

thnk u soo much but plx add videos abt comprehensions etc..thnkuu


Hello Rebecca, your lessons are quite interesting. Lots of time I am embarassing with the same subject “ If clauses“, it´s too hard to understand. I have been stdying English for same time, but there are same subject difficult to learn. There is no sense if we transleted (phrasel verbs). Could you help, please? Thanks a lot.


good lesson thank you for teaching it

Rissa ag Abdoulay

Ma’am Rebecca Would you please give more examples of adverb that I understand well because sometimes I confuse

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thank you Rebecca. I had a problem and it solved. but in this sentence Mary arrived home safely or Mary arrived safely home. Which one is correct?Same time I can ask that in your one of the example 1) they sell newspaper here instead of that here they sell newspaper.2)He is going to Japan today. for this one what if I say Today he is going to Japan
please help me in this instance. thanks again



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Hi Rebeca
Could you tell me where I Shouldn’t put the adverb and abjetive in the sentence?


thanks a lot Rebecca.Keep it up!!!


thanks teacher.
will you please tell me if more than one adverbs occur in a sentence then which one should we put first.
and also tell me where to place since and for in a perfect continuous tense?
i thing it should be placed at the end of the sentence because it is adverb of time. like since morning or for 2 hours etc. plz reply asap.

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mrs.Rebecca mom really good.In English your`s key point in grammer more useful for all of us.

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I am getting confidence now days. Looking forward for lessons on Adverb.

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Hello All at engvid, I would like to thank you all of you for your great efforts to teach english to non english speakers. I am so excited to watch each and every video at engvid. In short I feel like i found the valuable treasure. Please let me know if I made any grammatical mistake in this comments.

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Very good lesson, buy when should we put well or good, whats the difference.


The adverb of time could be placed in front of the sentence or at the end of the sentence however if it stays at the end of the sentence,it sounds better and more interesting.for íntance we went to school yesterday.

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great lesson! are there any other adverbs that don’t follow the rule? thank you!


small lesson but very useful Thanks Rebeca

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i always like study in english.for me is very dificult starting from the beginning.till now i don’t know how to use all of the present.i hope you can help me.thanks alot…

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Hi Rebecca,
Thank you for your good lessons.
I have a doubt about prepositions. Here you say: He´s leaving for Japan today! In another lesson you have: He traveled from Mumbai to New York via Amsterdam.
Do we use for with de verb to leave and to with de verb to travel, is it?

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Dear mam..
i hope you’d like to help me with this prob which is irrelevant to this lesson..this is a very important grammar point which nobody of my friends could explain of…

mam i know how to use ”where”with other ways..

how to use where with words like these??

1 That is the RELATIONSHIP where one thing makes a change in another.

2 if you have gone to a WEBSITE where you have to create an account for yourself..

3 This procedure should be followed in CASES where dishonesty has been alleged.

4 Due to the volume of emails we receive we are unable to respond to the EMAILS where the answer can be found on our web site itself.

5 I got to the STAGE where I wasn’t coping any more.

These are a few sentences i have a lot..please explain to me with some of your own sentences how to use ”where” with these words.



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Hello! Talking about adverbs of manner, I have a little question. What if I say for instance: My car’s radiator was badly smashed. Is it wrong? Is “badly” working as an adjective instead of working as an adverb? Please, I’d like to have a deeper explanation. Regards! btw Rebecca you’re the best teacher I’ve ever met.

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Mrs. Rebeca I want to thank you for this video It really helped me to understand adverbs and their funcion. I don’t know if my writing is fine, but I hope you understand.

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PS. I got 6 correct out of 6. :D

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Is it possible putting on the adverb before the sentence? Ex: Today I am going to the beach!”

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What about ” today I’m going to…” Is that correct?

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hi rebbeca thank uu for all your supportive video but i have a question about how to use ing and ed it’s a little bit confusing cuz i remember that we use ed just to express the feeling but ing it can be a verb / adverb / noun / adjective ) tat’s why i’m confused

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If I say: Yesterday, I went to the park.
‘yesterday” is still an adverb in this sentence?

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I’m going to watch the video. I hope that after that i will be able to do these quizzes with 100% effectiveness.
It was nice to see you Rebecca.

Until later.
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