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hello rebecca!! thank you very much for your helpful class!!


    Hello, mrs Rebecca, could you teach us about the right use of words ‘EARLIER & PREVIOUS’ Thanks very much!


      WOW! mrs Rebecca got the difference between BEFORE and AGO ……………HATS OFF FOR THAT!!!!!!!!!!!


    by all means

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Hi there,

Thank you so much for everything. My question might be very simple but siomethimes makes me confused! what is the opposite of “ago”?

for example, what is the opposite of this sentence in the future?

I left home, 5 minutes ago.


    i think the answer is: in five minutes


      Thank you Shila


      Yes, I will leave home in five minutes.

      Thanks, Shila.

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        oh waow i got 100 score in this lesson…u r very good teacher before this lesson i was confused where i have to use “ago” and “before”
        Thanks mam REBECCA


        thank u soo much miss rebecca

        ramsha imtiaz

        hey can i say I leave my school before 10 months ago

        ramsha imtiaz

    I think the answer is AFTER


thank you for your everything.

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takyou for have this calses i’m tink iwell learn inglesh

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realy it’s confused words thanks for making different clear

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thank u for clearing my doubt.

thu won

That was an interesting and clear tip.
Thanks Lady

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I was confused whether I should use “ago” or “before” , but after watching your video lesson, my confusion is completely removed, and now I understand that the “before” is used as a preposition or as a conjunction, whereas “ago” is neither a preposition nor a conjunction. Am I right? Did I understand correctly? I am looking for your e-mail address, but unfortunately I could not find. I wish I could learn English by correspondence with a teacher, who is an excellent in English like you. Anyway, I learn English grammar from your video lesson. Your lesson is very good. Thank you very much.

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Hi rebeca, First of all I want congratulate to all of the teachers, because all of you are very good, and I would like to know if it is possible you make a class about when I should use “Like” an “as”

Thank you very much

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i don`t know how to say Many thanks for all of U Guys ( James, Rebbeca, Valen, Alex, Mlani) I just wanna say GOD BLESS U ALL

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Thanks for the class, sometimes i confused ago and before

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thanks mam


thanks a lot!!;))


hello rebecca!! thank you very much for your helpful class!!


THanks A lot


good lesson!!!!!! but i need an advice because i always think in spanish when i speak english

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    That is natural, especially in the beginning. It will change slowly as you speak more English. The only way to speak better English is to speak as often as you can and ideally, be corrected by someone when you make a mistake.

    All the best to you, Jenifer!

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Clear and easily understood explaination. Thanx


Thanks !)


I got splendid experience with the difference between ago and before. Thanks.

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Thanks for giving me knowledge……….

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hello i m elmah frm pakistan . thanx for giving us knowledge u r a good teacher u taught us like a freind .

noor ul elmah hasan

Good lesson.

Many thanks.

From China


dear madam ,

khem raj(India)

thanks so much. good lesson.
from georgia


Great! It’s really help me! I
m very happy)
Thanks a lot!
from Russia

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its a clear lesson…. now i am clear with AGO and BEFORE…. simple and good…thank you mam…

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Miss Rebecca:

Thanks a lot for your suggestions and classes. Your videos help me to improve my english and keep the training!

Saludos desde Sudamérica!.



It was helpful ,Thank you so much for everything you did it for us .

all the best

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video an error occured


thanks a lot……….

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hi rebecca how’s it going ?

i’m wondering can i say i left the home befor 10 minutes

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    No, actually that would be incorrect.

    You should say,

    I left home 10 minutes ago.

    My best to you!

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Thanks Rebecca for your lesson, God bless you bye

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Hi, Rebecca. It’s nice lesson. I like it. By the way, could you show me the way of expressing regret and apology? Thank you kindly.

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you are very kind people thanks


Hi Rebecca,
I appreciate your lessons because they’re easy to understand and helpful. Please keep on.


Rebecca just removed the dark clouds in the horizon for us 5 minutes age .

Thank You

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thanx it’s very nice video and you teaching very good and clearly and made the lesson so easy =) i like it so much thanx

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Thanks Rebecca, it’s excellent!!!!!!!


Hi Rebecca, Realy it’s good, so many people make such small mistakes. I liked it.

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thanks a lot

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thanks you are very specific and i like that.


I watched your lesson 5 minute ago.
I watched your lesson 5 minute before I read book. Right. Thank you.


Im really delighted with this page because exposes spicific topics that are useful for our english learning


i have understood the lesson very clearly but still i am little bit confused that:
1960 ago we lived in indya.
before 1960 we lived in indya.
which one is true and please explain it

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    “We lived in India before 1960.”
    is the correct sentence.

    If you say that sentence in the year 2010, you could also express the idea in this way:

    “We lived in India 50 years ago”

    Both of these would be correct.
    All the best to you.

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Thanks dear your efforts are being successful for students who wants to improve language.carry on


hi its help full to me . thanks

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Thank a lot.

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Thank you, Madam. your lessons on vocabulary are very much helpful to me…
Thanks a lot to the entire http://www.engvid.com team….!



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    are u from pak


      hey pooja are you from india




Thanks a lot Rebecca!!… You are the BEST teacher whoevere ai know!!…. THANK YOU!!!!

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really nice team…

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hi rebecca, ur lessons are awesome, i understand each nd every lesson on engvid. the way of teaching of every teacher is very impressive. bt i have one problem, i understand all the lessons and also use them bt i really get stuck while speaking sentences fully. i normally speak punjabi bt when i try to speak english in a same way, i face too much difficulty on how to complete a sentence. i m very gud in my writing skills bt the problem is with speaking, understanding and using tough words . so can u help me?


    You need to find an English-speaking friend who will act as your guide and teacher! Only by speaking more often and correctly can you improve your speaking!

    All the best to you, Navi.

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what about the sentence “i have been here before”…

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    That sentence is correct, and an exception to the rule as it is more of an expression.

    All the best, Hasir!

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Nice lesson Rebecca. However, it would have been useful to mention that an expression with ‘ago’ refers to a finished time, and is normally used with a past tense.


    Yes, thanks Fatma.

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I never can understand her. damn :-S

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Thank U


Thank you Rebecca! It’s very clear explanation.
I like it and it’s easy to understand because of your very clear accent.


thank you sir .


thanks so much for teaching me, it is so useful for me because i understand that how to use the verbs ago / before


Thank you very much. I like your accent because it is very clear.

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i m very thankful you rebecca for clarify my doubts.


Thank you so much
asgar Iran


hi rebecca
ur lesson is very affective


hi rebecca,
thank you very much


Mum Rebecca, I hope you are in good fit, they are so many time I don’t keept on touch with you. Be bless for your quiz.


Hi, nice technique to teach English,Really anybody can grab it, your technique is high appreciated




    Best in the world? THANKS!!!

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    Yes, thanks a lot Mohana.

    When we say house, we are referring more to the physical place. When we say “home”, we mean the emotional place we live and love.

    Hope this helps you. All the best to you!

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I’m a little bit confused about “Ago”
Here is it ” I moved to canada 5 years ago” Is it mean Now I’m not living in Canada anymore??? Well, “Ago” mean we are talking about the past ??
Thank you kidly.


    If you say “I moved to Canada 5 years ago.”, it means that you moved here/ there at that time in the past and you still live here/ there, depending on where you are when you make that statement.

    My best to you, Nokko.

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Thanks. i did well the test.


Thank you Rebecca 4 all you’r doing here 4 us!!!!!!!!!!!

Iuliana Maria

thank you !!:P


Hi, Rebecca.
And what about direct and indirect speech?
One year ago George visited his friends in Canada.
George said that one year before he had visited his friends in Canada. Is that correct?


    Sorry, that last sentence would be incorrect.

    The correct statement would be:

    George said that he had visited his friends in Canada one year ago.

    Doesn’t matter if it’s direct or direct speech. All the best to you, Costa.

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very useful, i understand now, thank’s

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Dear Rebecca,
Thank you so much for your great help to all of us who are learning English. Your teaching method is very accurate, that is why I like EngVid so much.


Hello Rebeca,you teach very well and have a clear pronunciation. I watch your lessons because I have dificulty in understand what the other people say, but I understand 90% of everything you say.I think you very cool.


thank you..i understood




Hi, can I say : I left home before 10 minutes.
Thanks, bye


    No, sorry. You need to say:

    I left home 10 minutes ago.


    I left home 10 minutes before the postman arrived.

    All the best to you, Anna.

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hallo Rebeca,
my name is sajna noushad, im doing diploma course, i like your class very much, and you are using simple English language so i can catch it without any difficulty,i think your class is very useful in my life and i am expecting more…….. thank you ,

sajna noushad

i want to thank you for teahing me this.


i wish you can be my teaher.thanks bye.


Hello Rubecca,
First I would like to sincere thank you for all the lessons,You explains the things comfortably.That is sign of Best teacher What I believe.
Could you please explain me the difference between PAST SIMPLE & PAST PARTICIPLE
For example:-Gone & Went
Sometime I strugle with things like this,
Please explain for me It will help me lot.

Thank you

Profile photo of VIJAY.093 VIJAY.093

    Please consult a good grammar book as the difference is quite important.

    The past tense form is used with the past simple tense. For example:

    I went to the store yesterday.

    The past participle is used with the perfect tenses, such as:

    He’s not here. He’s (he has) gone to the store.

    Hope this helps, Vijay!

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You make me love english. you are good teacher that I have never seen befor because you can explain how to use english word very clearly and easy to understand it. I am Thai. Have you ever been befor?. If you plan to come to thailand you can contact me as I may hlep you.


    Thank you kindly for the warm invitation. Yes, actually, I visited Bangkok for a week with my family when I was about 10 years old. I thought it was a very beautiful place. Now, I know that the people are also very warm and friendly and the food is delicious too. Would love to visit again.

    I am very glad that our site helps you enjoy the process of learning English.

    My best wishes to you, Su.

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thats cool


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I understand your explaining so I can do. Thank you very much.


Hello madam Rebeca
How are you?
You are a very good teacher.
I like engvid.com because it gives to us more training to improve our english and i am very happy to learn differance between ago & before.so i am very thankful to all teacher and your team. I also need to learn more and more.
thank you

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Hi! Ms. Rebecca I just want to ask, what is the different between perhaps and probably…I really love to watch your lesson I hope you’ll make a lesson concerning my question. Because I’m really want to know about the different between that common word…Thanks and more power!…..

Profile photo of johnjericrelox04 johnjericrelox04

    The word “perhaps” is like “maybe”. The chance that you will do something is about 50%.

    When you use the word “probably” the chance that you will do something is much higher – like 75% for example.

    All the best to you!

    Profile photo of Rebecca Rebecca

    By the way you should say:

    What is the difference between…

    Profile photo of Rebecca Rebecca

Really helpful madam….
thank u very much..

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Thanks a lot Rebecca, it´s very clear your explication.


thanks for your splendide explication

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Thank you so much Rebecca…although i know English,i still make mistakes…. im learning from this website on daily basis


Thanks, it is so easy way to understand


thanks, it is so easy to understand.


Oh waow i got 100 score in this lesson…u r very good teacher before this lesson i was confused where i have to use “ago” and “before”
Thanks mam REBECCA


thank you so much Ma’am.


Thanks to all of you for your feedback, suggestions and questions. I really appreciate it.

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thank you rebecca

ali ihsan

Thank you lot
I am studying so many things using your web site

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Thank you teacher!
I knew that basically i can’t use “before” in that examples you gave…(I graduated from university 2 years before)… just because it sounds strange; but now I have clear why!… thank you again!


Hi Rebecca
Have you got any more examples with before and ago



i am really happy today because i learnt somthing that very important. i could now distinguish when exactly i say ago or before?.
this lesson is really benificial to english students.
thanks again


Hi Rebecca! Thanks for your lessons.I understood the difference between the two words. Can the word “before” be used for future tense also? For example: Please complete the work before I return.


Hi Teacher Rebecca,Iam Abubaker from Sudan,thank you for your best lessons in the world.Iam abeginner student to learn English language advise me.


Thank you so much Dear Rebeaca,
All the best to you

yahya suleiman

could i say .. I go to school before 10 minute ??!


Profile photo of bonbony bonbony

    I think it should be:
    I will go to school in 10 minutes.

    Profile photo of xhiann1616 xhiann1616

    Yes. Definitely you can say this; meaning that you always go to school 10 minutes early (never reach late)!!!


this is my first comment
i made test and i got……

Thanks for taking this English quiz! Your score: 100.00 You got 5 correct out of 5
thank you, very much

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yehey…i got 5 answers…thx mam rebecca.

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thanxxxx rebcca ,looking forward for the next video.My question is I am always confused when i used ,I have got to and got to .thankx


Hi Rebecce ! really I want to say you thank you so much In my country the high schoollearning system is english based but more than 75 to 85 % of the student cannot hear and write english properly even if in the universities,the learning system is basic that is why when you teach us i can catch you simply and i am happy thanks so much keep it up.

Feleke Dinku

Thank you very much for your kind help……….!

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this lesson is very helpful to me thank you


i want learn spoken english.

what can i do ?

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thanx rebacca

Profile photo of rohitkumar rohitkumar

Thank You, Rebecca. Now I love English.


Thank Rebeca ,you are the best teacher.


thank Rebeca i am weak in spell give me some help about spell


Good lessons and you are a good teacher..thanks a lot.


thank; real teacher


hello.i am little bit confused about the word “before”.
please clarify my doubts.i would be thankful to you


thanks for lesson could you teach how to use when we speak .thank you


thanks for lesson could you teach how to use when we speak .thank you


thanks for lesson could you teach how to use “even” when we speak .thank you


very knowledgeable lessons I have always found by the rebeca and other teachers, n m/s rebeca u have a fantastic teaching method n minded that I have ever seen before,yr voice n impression is so good, u know how we learn in a right ways, thanks for your lessons.

mumdooh Ahmed

30min. ago when i watched your lessons…i ate also before i watched your lessons…. thanks a lot…


Thanks Rebacca,
your teaching is marvelous.
1)I visited Canada the day before yesterday
2)I visited Canada two days ago
The above two are right, am I right???

Abbas Khan

Abbas Khan

teacher!my english vere bad.through i tried my best.what am i doing now?you give me advision?

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hi Rebecca, its very great to have your student. you are doing very good job, keep it up.


Hii Rebecca, Thank you.


Hi Rebecca thanks a lot for the lesson that you taught,and have something question for you, how do i use the word shall in a sentence. thanks again and GOD BLESS..


Thanks you are really a good teacher.


Ifeel better than tow month ago.

mohamed eltahir

dear Rebecca,thanks for ur lessons.Quiz 2;why doesn’t use “I’d moved to Moscow thirteen years…before I got married.”What’s the difference between “I moved and I’d moved(had moved)

Profile photo of uncooltut uncooltut

thanks a lot


thanks you so much Rebecca :)


I m glad dat i gotta learn something… Ur english is good enough to understand..
but what about the word ” after and in” like ” ______ ten days I’ll move to another flat”??!?! lil confused.


Hi Rebecca :D i like the way how you explain the lesson and i want to thank you for everything….
so i want to that you look at this and correct my mistake, and have a good day

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Hello Rebicca
Before 10 minutes iam in market.
Is this correct.

Profile photo of saqibanjum saqibanjum

Hai~I was saying this correct sentence is I was in market before 10 minutes.

Hope this help you.


thanks very much. Im a asian. wich english you peake uk or american. pls tel me.



    Canadian! It’s closest to American English.

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Hello Rebecca.
Thanks for your helpful lessons.
Greetings from Italy

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Thank you Ms.Rebecca
Good lesson, short and clearly.

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hi! Rebecca.. you are a good teacher.. I just want to ask.. on how to practice sentence construction.. when it is talking about the past.. thank you and more Power.!!


hi Rebecca…thnaks for your lesson..i have a question…..my question is..can we say 20 years back?

Profile photo of ushamoy ushamoy

thanks for the lesson .sorry to say that i am slow learner. i need some more examples to make it more clear ,if u could arrange one more elaborate lecture on it.


Thanks a lot.


thank you.

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Hi, Teacher

What an excellent lesson ! I enjoy it very much . Incidentally, your face looks very much alike one of my colleagues . I feel so sweet.


hi rebecca
its simple and so clear
thanks a lot

Profile photo of salimsolo salimsolo

very useful easy and clear


I was confused now its clear,thanks teacher

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dear REBECCA please tell me which is the right one:
1)where were you 5 minutes ago?
2)where were you 5 minutes before?
3)where were you before 5 minutes?
reply me as soon as possible

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hey Rebecca,
Thank you so much


All the best to you.


Thank you Shila

Profile photo of shahramfard shahramfard

I would like to thank you for clearing my doubts..


Hi guys, you are all awesome. This is what making the world a better place for everyone means.You are doing a huge difference on my language skill. Many thanks!!! Love you all, and thanks Rebecca for identifying our common mistakes and correcting them. I don’t really have enough words to express how you guys are shaping my language. Could you make a lesson on the use of the word ‘got’as I hear it being used many times in a day. God bless you all & I appreciate your contribution in my life.


Thanks a lot Rabecca for your teaching lessons.Iam fellowing that regularlly.

Al-Nahdi fromYEMEN

Wtat the defference between I GOT TO WORK AND I WENT TO WORK RABECCA, BLEASE.


Great teaching. Thank you so much.


Muito obrigada!!!


Thak you so much about befor and ago lesson…..

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thanks a lot ti teach effectively.


i got 5 correct out of 5.


is so hard to write the full examples ?

Profile photo of elkrespo elkrespo

Stimulated by this lesson, I reviewed the word: before . It has three functions in sentences.
1 . preposition object needed
2. conjunction , clause added
3. adv
There exist only fifteen minutes before the interview. I feel dry mouth and a kind of nervous.
You are going to put in a claim for $ 2000 car damage demand before them ?

Get out before I call police !
She fell down before I reached her.

Arrive the school at 3:30pm , not before.
Whether or not I have met you before ?

Profile photo of stupor67 stupor67

100You got 5 correct out of 5.

Profile photo of Zarhouni Zarhouni

I love you Rebecca.
You are good teacher.
I benefited from all the lessons.
thank you very much.

Profile photo of Raindrops Raindrops

Thank you Rebecca it’s usefull lessons

Profile photo of kki733 kki733

little confused teacher.

Profile photo of santha santha

Hello mam!thanks for the lesson and i got 2 marks only. I must improve more in this lesson.

Profile photo of thiruselvi thiruselvi

Thank you. ^”^

Profile photo of Ted Lee Ted Lee

WOW! I like the last question of quiz!!! Funny
Thanks for the video a lot Rebecca!

Profile photo of Tereza M Tereza M

[…] mistake mentioned in this video is not the mistake you make (I explained above something to help you with the mistake you make), […]

LoM: Reviews (proofreading, rel. cl., ago/before, tenses, structure) | Plans & What We Did In Class

simple & light
clear as light

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Thank you !!

Profile photo of SaifAlAnazi SaifAlAnazi

Hi Rebecca, thanks a lot for helpful lesson
take care

Profile photo of cep62 cep62

Hi Rebecca,
Really i feeltaht your accent is much clear for me so i understand each word you are saying in the lessons , therefor i got 5 correct out of 5 , Many thanks teacher and all the best.

Profile photo of hassouna hassouna

Hi teacher Rebecca . I got 5 you are a good teacher because every body could understand your lessons. It helps me a lot. I am very interested to learn English language.You are my favorite teacher. I don’t want to miss your lessons. Thank you so much.

Profile photo of hazel1982 hazel1982

Thanks, although in the first time that I made the quiz I got 3/5… but I’ll learn more!

Profile photo of Marcelo Matos Marcelo Matos

Thank you,Rebecca.

Profile photo of 51john23 51john23

Thank you. keep up the good work.

Profile photo of ღTσмίķσ !☂ ღTσмίķσ !☂

Thanks a lot for your classes . It’s really helpfull .

Profile photo of nomade86 nomade86


Profile photo of Nadir Nadir

The player does not work properly in mobile device but but whatever i got 100%

Profile photo of napster0001 napster0001

Dear Rebecca,
I understood the correct usage. I have got 5 correct out of 5.
Best regards.

Profile photo of Peter Peter

I would like know what is the difference between do and does.

Profile photo of merin anil koshy merin anil koshy

Rebecca!! Thank you ????

Profile photo of Arun612 Arun612

Thank you very much.

Profile photo of Enkutatash Enkutatash

Very good point. Thank you.

Profile photo of Abhi Abhi


Profile photo of ebihand ebihand

Hi,Rebecca I don’t know how to thank you.
I like your English classes and improving lot compare to past.

Profile photo of rahulpoluru rahulpoluru

Thank you very much

Profile photo of Vivimi Vivimi

Thank you
but I wanna to ask you
when I say : ” Many animals are threatened with extinction after losing their natural habitat ”
is that right ?

Profile photo of Lailian00 Lailian00

Thanks you so much. You really are the best.

Profile photo of Marta Lopez Marta Lopez

Great, thanks a lot.

Profile photo of Mameri Mameri

Hi Rebecca! Thank you for your kind help:)

Profile photo of Dmitry Dmitry

I started watching your video 2years ago.

Profile photo of sambabli sambabli

hi teacher! what is the correct use of the word BACK.Some people say for example “5 years back”

Profile photo of Raja Asif Masood Raja Asif Masood

Thank you Rebecca

Profile photo of kheireddine007 kheireddine007

I did not hear it before or ago ?

Profile photo of alamin33 alamin33

Mam…ur classes are really easy to understand

Profile photo of Jolly mathew Jolly mathew

I got 100! Useful lesson! Thanks so much teacher Rebecca!

Profile photo of robi75 robi75


Profile photo of shihai182 shihai182

I want to ask you something.
Can we use “before” like :
John moved to Canada before 20 years.
Thank you!

Profile photo of ESdi ESdi

You got 5 correct out of 5.

thank you.

Profile photo of M kartal M kartal

Thank you for sharing. I was so confused 3 minutes before i watched this video. Is that correct !!

Profile photo of lalitsharma22 lalitsharma22

    Yes, you’re right!

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

Hi. is this sentence correct??
(( when the writer and his friend arrived at the wedding party,the couple had left an hour before. ))

the use of when and before together.

Profile photo of mohamedhamdi692 mohamedhamdi692

thank you Rebecca!

Profile photo of anhvnsg anhvnsg

I got 100 thank you Rebecca

Profile photo of Dhruvag Dhruvag

Everything is clearly!

Profile photo of Triumf108 Triumf108

Thank you very much mam for your wonderful lesson.It’s very informative and impressive.I watched this lesson 5minutes ago.I watched this lesson before I did a quiz.

Profile photo of Prasunan Prasunan

many thank Rebecca and for and for funny Quiz, I got to work before my idiot boss, we need also many phrases to improve our vocabulary

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