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1nce again rebecca proofs she is not boring 1 bit! What about I am learning/ I am learned? Is it correct, the second one? I read it on a book, but teacher told me (my stupid ignorance teacher from india) it is not correct to say “I am learned”. is it?


    @DogMan, “I am learning” means u are still learning and so do I :D, but I think “I have learned” is correct one :).

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    Hi Dogman

    Thanks kindly for the feedback.

    As wagas said, in the sentence “I am learning”, learning is a verb in the present continuous tense, not an adjective. It means you are learning right now.

    The word “learned” ( pronounced ler -nid) is an adjective. Technically, you could say “I am learned.” – it would mean that you have a lot of knowledge or are scholarly. So usually, we would not say that about ourselves, because it sounds a little pompous ( like we’re showing off). We could certainly use it to talk about other people though, as in ” He /She is a learned professor.”

    Hope this helps! Good luck!


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      it is lovely to see this comments rebeeca, it helps me a lot, my best wishes to you,,

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      could u help me with my E writing SKILL?
      i’m looking forward to answering from you . sincere!

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      I liked this answer thanks

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and I liked the quiz given below the video!!! Thanks a lot!!!


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    Glad it helped you!

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that was a very interesting lesson, ms. rebecca. thank you.

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    My pleasure.

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It’s an intresting lesson.

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hi ribaco im glad your lesson reali thanks againg about your lesson and bye bye


I really like this lesson…

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Sometimes I’m really confused between ‘-ed’ and ‘-ing’. Your lessons are so helpful for me. Thanks.


thanks miss

i have full mark in these quiz

because i benfit alhot from you

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Thanks to eudes, rajkumarkalshetty, fowz, marcos, rachel and amhd for your feedback.

Like any language, English has many small grammatical points such as these, which must be mastered in order to speak and write well.

If you’ve understood this lesson, you have already improved in an area where many ESL students make mistakes. Great work!

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Rebecca thanks for your lessons you a teacher awesome

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    Thanks. Glad you’re enjoying the website.

    By the way, you should say:

    You’re an awesome teacher. :)

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Dear Rebbecca,
I am a new student to this site. I do enjoy listening to your vie does, but I do have a question for you. I was wondering if you have any videos for verbal instructions in the passive tenses please let me know. The reason I am asking this questions because the majority of students are having problems with this part of grammar.

Thank you


Dear Rebbecca
I have a lot of relatives living there. Why can’t we say,,

I have a lot of relatives are living there.
Please let me know.

Thank you


    Too many verbs.

    You can say either:

    I have a lot of relatives living there.


    A lot of my relatives are living there.

    Hope this helps.

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    Hi, Good day Mr. Mohsen.

    With regards to your questioned sentence:

    I have a lot of relatives are living there.

    –Every sentence should have one main verb. In your sentence, “have” is the main verb, thus “are” is already irrelevant in the sentence.

    Hope this helps. ^^

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You are so great mam. I love how you teach! Thank you so much!:) what can I say? 5 stars! :)

May God Bless You!

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    Thanks, Julia. Bless you, too, and all the best with your English.

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It was very interesting for me.

Thank you,Dear Rebecca.

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    You’re welcome, Renaldo. Glad it helped.

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I am Sujith. I am from Sri Lanka. You are teaching us English very well. Your lessons are packed with useful facts. You really know the correct way to teach English. I am interested in watching your videos. I need to thank you. You are so excellent. You are successful.


Well, thanks Sujith. So many compliments all at once! You are very kind. I’m very happy the lessons are helping you improve your English. All the best to you, and do tell your friends about our site so we can continue to add more videos.

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    you are very kind an generos teacher no like my teacher in the school


really thanks because I was confused about that.
You can’t believe that I have been studying english for long time and the diference between bored and boring were terrble for me. But now, I undesrtand those. really thanks

you are a good teacher thanks


    So glad I could help you understand the difference. My best to you, Juanita.

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superb Mrs. Rebecca you’r superb.


Mrs. Rebecca when we say”you may sit here or you can sit here so what is major difference in it?


    Thanks for your positive feedback, Sam. So glad I could help you.

    Usually, “may” is more polite than “can”.

    Hope this helps. My best wishes to you, Sam.

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    according to me.. when we request for something than we use this polite word(MAY).. but at when we give permission to someone or who is younger then ours then we use (can)


i love u rebecca you are superb


I’m a new user. Thank you very much for your pleasant voice and smile.Hope to know alot of interesting things with your help.

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“Hi. I’m not James, I’m Rebecca…” LOL :))).

Thanks for the lessons.

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Glad you are all enjoying and learning from the lessons. Keep checking out the new lessons from all the teachers; there may be one which targets your mistakes exactly!

My best to each of you.

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This lesson is very useful.
Thank you!

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i liked the way put your explaination


hi i m realy imperess to your teaching i like you very much you r a good teacher . i sohail amin this is my id sohailamin786@yahoo.com plz send me your id so i can cuminicate to you bye allah hafiz


i m realy intrestad to learn english i watched your teaching its very good

sohail amin

hi,rebecca.thank you for your all help again.

noureen khurshedi

Hello, Rebecca! Thank you for your lesson. I always confused “-ed” with “-ing”. Now I understand. I like the quiz very much. It’s very helpful.

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Hello, Rebecca! Your lesson is interestING! And I’m not bored! I understand!


i just want to say that your lesson was very interesting but it will help me more when you write down the examples on the board for me


please help me,i did not see any answer about my quwestion,i do not know how to get inside de comment


I am a new user. it was really exiting me. your explanation is simply superub.

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I like T.Rebbecca. I am intrested to learn your interesting teaching. Thanks. Teach more ENGLISHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Silas Ng

thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!
Well explained and easy to understand.
Now I can pass it on to my friends, thanks again.


Rebecca madam i love ur teaching styles. i love ur way of explaning …plzzz plzzz upload ur new lessons of past tense….ilove u ..teacher…..maaa maa maa maa

emraan hashmi

thank you a lot

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Hi, Ms Rebecca i would like to suggest an idea and i hope it will help all of us. concerning the grammar lessons i think it will be helpful if you make the lessons in a specific order in goal to take us step by step to the level where we can master all tenses. for example simple present first then past ……
thank you and i hope i will hear soon from you

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Lovely Rebbeca, A pleasure to say hello to you. I found very interesting your lesson but I have a big doubt: Can I say.??… I am boring also??…I mean trying to describe me like and adjetive??…in the sense I´m not enthusiastic……Is it ok ? or wrong,? because in Spanish can be like that… thanks before hand…regards by the way I´m from Chile.


Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You’re amazing….

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this lesson is very useful for me thanks alot for such a kind lesson……..cheereo


hi rebacca,
i like ur positive way of approach & ur teaching style.can you please tell me,difference between im bored &i was bored.



I really god it now.. Thank u so much..
Be happy ever.. :)

san ei

hi rebecca i was show your video, really interesting, and my score 80.00, so now i understand bored and boring, bored if we describing for our feel and boring we describing for the things.

i’m happy with engvid. thank’s Rebecca thank’s Engvid

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a great lesson ! thank you veru much !


Hi rebecca I like your explanations. Can this lesson be considered as a participial adjectives lesson or is it different?


Dear Rebecca:
I want to thank you so much for the lesson and you explain it really well I understood how to use the words… thanks again


wonderful Job thanks alot and i have a little confusion?? i will be highly thankful if someonee will clear plz,,like we say i felt bored or i felt bore which one is correct and why???? since felt is already past so why we cant use bore instead of bored??????




only one word … nice thank u..


well,everything is fine,this lesson isn’t boring.


It was a veri exciting test!!!


It was a very exciting test!!!I’m so pleased to take it!!


What is the correct?: It was disapponted to hear about the earthquake? or It was disappointing to hear about the earthquake?


Hello ms.Rebecca my name it’s DANIELA i saw your video so great help me so much thanksfull bye bye Have a great day’s bye with all my respec Daniela

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on saturday, the 27th’ is it correct english? should I use ‘the’ before 27th.


    yes, you would say something like “We will meet for coffee on the 27th.”

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very interesting lesson

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but you speak slowly. I can’t catch a lecture!

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Many students find it frustrated to learn English preposition.
Why frustrated is wrong ,frustrated is describing the students feeling,can you explain it to me, please


I have a question
Many students find it frustrating to learn English preposition.
Why in this case frustrated is wrong?
The way you feel the word always end with ed
So frustrated is describing the students feeling ,why it is wrong?
Rebecca ,can you please explain it to me?
Thank you


Thank you Rebecca. It was a simple e very usefull lesson.

Gastao Guimaraes

hai mam hope you are doing well?? Your all classes are excellent. mam can you explain me what is the difference between respond,response and responds. thank you


i’m spired by your lesson, because you talk interesting… is it correct ma’am???

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Thank you so much , Teacher Rebecca . I Love it

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thank u madam.u r a lovely teacher.ur all lesson are very usefull for us.i want to ask 1 question?(we are done).in this sentense done is third form of verb y we are using are??is done adjective??

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plz explain it.i will wait ur answer….

Profile photo of shaaanzay shaaanzay

thanks teachers 4 ur help and i really like this program. tanx alot of times


we are done.is it passive??plz explain.

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madam you are superb


my friend wrote “so boring” on her facebook wall.she wanted to show her feeling but it’s wrong n it should be “so bored”. Am i right?


Rebecca, You’re a very good teacher. I was understand very well.


all right

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This is why I hate teachers. You answer questions with more questions. You lost me after 20 seconds. I googled the answer I was looking for in less time.

Adrian House

Dear Rebbecca,
I am a new student to this site. I do enjoy listening to your vie does, but I do have a question for you. I was wondering if you have any videos for verbal instructions in the passive tenses please let me know. The reason I am asking this questions because the majority of students are having problems with this part of grammar.

Thank you
mahmoud barakat


it is an interesting lesson . I want to develop my english skills and need your help can you give us more vocabulary lessons to expand our vocabulary and at th same time to enriche our speaking.please I want to know the difference between “I wanna” and “I want”






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Thank you madam.Your teaching is cool…I understood.

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Interesting lesson !
Thank you so much Rebecca .

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Thanks Rebeca. It is interesting!!!!


thanks ma’am rebecca..i have learned.

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thanks, rebecca ,
it is too gooooooooooooooooooooooodddd,………….
really amazing


Hi, nice work, but i want to ask which from of the verb should be used in each sentences.
like :
1. i feel bored because the movie is boring.
2. i am interested because the play was interesting.

Please explain me.. Thanks for you support.


good lesson thanks

farhan khan

Thank you so much.

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you’re very good teacher


hi teacher you are a very kindlly person


Hi Rebecca,
Can we use suppose to instead of should? I would be really grateful to u if you explain to me the different between suppose to and should.
I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Thanks so much.


I would find how to use practice with theese form ed and ing.
But thank you for your clear lesson.


such a huge help!thanks!

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you have a uniqu way very short lesson , very very useful too

Eng Moahemd

it really help studets to larn gammar


Your lessons very interesting.Thanks miss Rebecca.


Thank you my techar i can answer all your question it was a good lesson


thank you it`s so helpful

mazhar ali

thanks a lot can u give lesson about ‘OF’ thank you


Hi Rebecca,
I am a new student online. And I have found very interesting all of your classes. You are a very good English teacher. I am an advanced student, but still I have a lot of difficulties when I write and speak. I study myself most of the time. I enjoy studying and reading, creating my own vocabulary, I also see a lot of television news, series and movies in English only. I’m very dedicated student. I can understand 95% very well. But sometimes I feel I still need a lot to do. Could you please send me a tip how I can improve or be better.
(Could you please correct my writing) Thank you very much Rebecca.

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I’m so thankful to this site…i’m interested to all the video’s to watch because it is very helpful helpful to me to study how to speak english corectly, and the speaker whose in the video is interesting how to teach.(please correct my writing) tnx jhong


i was too bad in that


Spelling of earthquake and combination is incorrect the reason why i m telling this because i love this site and i dont want that anybody else sat that, sorry


I’ve always had problem with this, when use -ed when -ing. It was very helpful :)

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hello mam,
its little bit confusing.i got only 80 marks.

Profile photo of roses roses

i have one question which confuses me.
The question is “what a boring/bored life”?


It is a very interesting


very useful lesson…thanks

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nice lesson, i learn a lot today.. ^^ thx u

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Professor Rebecca,
Thanks for the great work! Your lessons have been very helpful. Thanks a lot!!!!!

Pink ohnihleoc

i like your explanation because it doesnt any interupt in my computer, not like the other people I dont know why. but every body its still ok. btw(by the way) i am a little bit confuse, when i feel bored but right now, do i use i was feel bored? it is not a past?why cant use i am feel boring. tks


wow i never correct all quiz now i can do wonderful


Hi rebecca.
your lesson help much for me. Thanks.


Dear Rebecca?
The pleasure is all mine, and thank you for your kind class.
I have a question about these word (bored, boring, interested, interesting, etc) are they adjective? if yes sometimes I think every word has “ing” is noun?
I look forward to hearing from you.

Amir Irhayyim

Great class, great website and great teacher!!!!!!!!!!!

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hi , it’s very interesting


what about if you have to use past+ ing form?
ex: like if you were bored/boring?
i am still confuse


Thanks Rebeca your quizzes are amazing and i love them.
notice they are important for practice and helps to remember who is who :)

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Thank you So much


    don’t thank. donate money


i love your teching
thanx alot


i’m confusing or i’m confused,if i want to express now.

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Rebecca, thank you so much,your explanation was amazing, very useful.

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I rearry rike your suggestions, i go now to speak good engrish to everybody! I so happy! I will ret you arr know how it goes!


my name is merve


thanks a lot for your great teaching
I have a question if you don’t mind :
what about the word “annoying”, how will it be when i want to describe my feeling or to descibe something else ???
is it right to say “i am annoyed”
or “it is something annoying” ??


    If you are feeling annoyed, you’d say “I am annoyed” or “[This] is annoying me” — now, if you said “I’m annoying”, it means you are being annoying to someone else. Important difference!

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

Hope everyone is well


Thank you for all lessons Rebecca.

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Thanks! Nice to see this.

Profile photo of sam023041 sam023041

my algerian husband nearly caused an upset when we were first married and he said I was boring…! He meant bored… but well done to him because he speaks three languages and I only speak english

june seghni

how can i convince my friend not to resign in a perfect grammas

lea manalo

Thanks a lot Rebecca, this lesson helped me so much! ;)


Dear mam,
i really find this site helpful to get English language, but i have got some thing more to learn about so i want you to make me clear where or in what situation we got to put verb in “ing” form after preposition “to”.

Sincerely yours

kumar tamang

hi there..actually i got a confusion in adjectives..because some adjectives are ended with ing and ed..but some are not ended with ing like writing,it is not a adjective…so,how i can get these king of adjectives are not ended with ing..could you tell me, the reason behind them,which are started with ed and ing …thanx


i dont know how to thank u…


i am new in this site earlier i did not know about this site.thank you so much for this site,really very helpful for me.


Rebecca, thanks for videos. I have a question. For example; I’m thinking about a person. In this way Should I say boring person or bored person. I’m confused. Which one is correct ? [Person doesnt feel anything ]

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Great teacher! I like her a lot… I got 100 in practice


Malaysian here! Hi teacher! Every single word u say is really a help in every step of Grammar learning process. Thanks a lot! U help people around the world !! God bless you!


Hi, I’m from Brazil..this lesson is a great lesson, thanks a lot. You’re helping me to understand some doubts in englih, thanks again. Sorry if a have done any wrong word or expression in english.

Bye and stay with God!


hi Rebecca

I am from Turkey..I like your teaching.This video is very usefull..Thank you..


I am from india.
Thank you so much medam…i like to listen your lesson.
It is such a helpful the people whom need to improvement in life..
thanks you
Please keep it up mem other lesson with other style i realy like your lesson.


Thank you so much

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Hi,Rebecca I have a problem writing full paragraph. how can i improve this?


Thank you very much.
This video gives me much cofidence to speak “bored” and “boring”.

Profile photo of yasuko yasuko

hi teacher Rebecca,
i am very grateful to you for your simple style of teaching that everybody can understand.thanks
could u tell me whether which can be used instead of that in the above sentence.could u tell the difference?one more get bored got excited what are the rules to use these kinds of expressions with get?

v s kannan

Dear Rebecca.

I am interested in watch the video because it is very interesting.

Thank you so much.

Li Ra

these videos and quiz both are awesome …
thanks alot ..specially to Rebecca


Dear rebecca
i am intersted in watch the vedio because it is very intereting. mam can you explain me how to tell about my myself in interviews.
thank you so much maam


You are very good teacher. Thanks!


Thank you!

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thnks a lot madam


Hello, Ms. Rebeca, I have a question, it is correct to say “it was pleased to meet you”. Thank you in advance for your answer.
Best regards.

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Good Lesson really enjoyed it


hllo i am a new student.i cannot see videos.can you send my email?

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thank you a lot , and i love all your lessons

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Hi Rebeca i cant much english could you help me please?


I said yes in second 54 because I


First of all i would like to thank all the staff of this site for giving us the opportunity to learn more and develop our knowledge of studying English language. More power and Godbless Rebecca!

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short and work!!! good job out there!!! Rebecca

Profile photo of ob1986 ob1986

Very nice lesson…it has been completly understood…thanks a lot Rebecca

Profile photo of argenis argenis

Hi Rebecca,
I recently found this site very interesting.
we live in San Diego, California. My wife would like to learn/speak English. Do you/your colleagues teach online courses?
Thank you Rebecca. you/your colleagues have already helped hundreds..


hello Rebecca

I wants to learn english please help.

Sadashiv Aldar

Thanks very much for this video and this website. This simple class is very useful for me. I will not get confused anymore!

Profile photo of ゞ(≧▽≦*)o ゞ(≧▽≦*)o

Thank you very much for teaching us how to use v-ed ( What I feel/ felt ) and v-ing ( someone / something affects/ affected your emotion )
I enjoy both your lessons and quizzes.

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hi my teacher Rebecca,thank you very much for the lessons.My language is french but with help of this websit,i hope to speak english without any problem


6th sentence is not correct. The word “eathquake”.
Thanks for a lesson =)


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-ED or -ING adjective Videos | SSC ESL Dave's High Intermediate Writing

Dear Rebecca, Thanks for your lesson.
But I got confused on the quiz #3&4.
#3 says ‘ed’ for someone or something.
#4 says ‘ing’ for someone or something.
#3 should be wrong. right?

Profile photo of kosobe113 kosobe113

Dear madam first of all i would like to thank you.madam i have a problem in uncountable noun. (PAPER) is countable or uncountable noun.you say paper is uncountable noun ,i can hear some people use (PAPERS) please help me this question

Profile photo of kalum22 kalum22

Hi Rebecca,
thank you for this lesson,i think the big problem in learning english it’s that ing form can take almost all any grammatically form then when we find ing form in phrase we try to know what does it mean exactly,if it’s(tense continuous,adv,noun,…)
and by the way i have a question: in quiz number three “Words ending with _____ are used to describe how someone or something is feeling.” then why is “ed” true??? i think both are true!!!
thanks forward :)

Profile photo of kays2mee kays2mee

    Hi. When for example some one is boring it doesn’t say that she or he has this feeling . Tihis means she can make oters bored. When something is amusing we get amused . I am tired because my job is tiring. tired talks about my feeling but tiring talks about how something is. I hope they help.

    Profile photo of Soei Soei

A little lesson like you say, but very helpful.
Thanks Rebecca ! :)

Profile photo of zarkmajd zarkmajd

Thank you..
I needed all these, i will have exam about these

Profile photo of fakhranda fakhranda

I was exciting about this lesson. It’s ok? hi

Profile photo of ankhanhle ankhanhle

Thanks Rebecca in such a simple way you teach the lesson.

Profile photo of rajsai rajsai

thank uuu rebecca mam ..these lessons are really helpfull for me….thank uuu soooooooooooo muchhhhhhhh


Thanks Rebecca. Finally I found that I want. Your lessons are very interesting.

Profile photo of chorny.n@gmail.com chorny.n@gmail.com

i got 70 :(
i have to study it harder

Profile photo of mirnamarnohara mirnamarnohara

Thank you very much!It’s exactly what I searched!

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eathquake in question 6 (earthquake)

Profile photo of khalid subhi khalid subhi

Hi Rebecca,
thanks a lot for your lesson. It’s great explanations
take care

Profile photo of cep62 cep62

Thank you Rebecca for so useful lesson! You’re doing a nice work for a whole world!

Profile photo of MarlboroLight MarlboroLight

Thank you for the free lesson.

Profile photo of Lorenza79 Lorenza79

I got eight of ten! I’m learning very much!

But, I would like to say that:

In the six (6) question have an error: Eartquake don’t exist; correct is “Earthquake”.

By the way, thanks Rebecca, you, Adam and James are the learned professor!

Profile photo of Marcelo Matos Marcelo Matos

Mam rebecca it’s an interesting lesson thank you ^_^

Profile photo of Jhon mark togano Jhon mark togano


Profile photo of Lorenza79 Lorenza79

Damn i got 70

Profile photo of RaiLan RaiLan

thanks rebecca!!

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Dear Teacher Rebecca
I’m very grateful to your lessons,It’s very easy to understand and very useful to me

I wish you good things

Profile photo of baotrungsocola baotrungsocola

thank you teacher, it’s a very useful lesson, i’m looking to learn more from you.

Profile photo of zakariaclans zakariaclans

Thanks got 70% without watching.

Profile photo of Abdul Qayum Abdul Qayum

Thank you Rebecca

Profile photo of Nadir Nadir

Hello, I’m not quite sure whether you’ll see this comment but I need to ask it anyway :) Is it a exhaustive list of the adjectives that end with -ing, or is it a superficial one meant to illustrate the lesson?

Profile photo of AlexandreLemos AlexandreLemos

Thank you Rebecca.

Profile photo of Nadir Nadir

I got 10 correct out of |0 IAM SO HAPPY!!!!

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Hi Rebecca! I am an English teacher from Turkey. Before I explain the grammar to my students, I always look at this site to see how you are describing the things. I am so grateful that I came acroos this website. Thank you for everything! Today I’m going to teach this subject in the classroom. I hope my students understand well.

Profile photo of yazgicelik yazgicelik

“I’m not James, I’m Rebecca” hahaha, teachers are funny :D
Thank you so much, techer!

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Really helpful.

Profile photo of xuanmy24 xuanmy24

Dear Rebecca,
Review basic grammar is very usefull, thank you.
Best regards.

Profile photo of Peter Peter

Thank you!

Profile photo of Nao Tsuboya Nao Tsuboya

I’m frustrated because I got 50 but your tips were excelent. Thanks Rebecca

Profile photo of Autana Autana

I like this lesson! thx u :)

Profile photo of Marimar Marimar

very fun …our teacher

Profile photo of Noam Noam

Good explanation Rebecca!!
I was CONFUSED about them HEHE
Thank you so much!! (K) (K) (K) (K) (K)

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Great lesson, thank you so much for teaching us


I was confused between them but,After this short lesson l fell comfident
Thanks teacher

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Thanks Rebeca your my favorite teacher

Profile photo of Elsabrosojr Elsabrosojr

Thank you teacher !!!!!!!! You the Best in the world !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thank you very much. Really helpul!

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Thank you Rebecca. you are a great teacher.

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ur Great!

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Very good lesson.

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Hi! I am hard of hearing and I learn English. May I ask for subtittles or transcription? Thank you.

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Thank you teacher Rebecca for the great and helpful lesson.
I’ve just got 8/10.Hic.But I will listen your lesson again and try to do perfectly.Thank you.

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Thank you it’s a short lesson but help me a lot.

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I´m still learning, i´d like to talk with any of you for to practice.

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thanks rebbeca

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I’ve never realised it that way, but it’s more instinctive explicated like that! Thanks a million!

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i got 100 thanks

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Thank you very much!!
You are great teacher

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Cool ! Thank you teacher .

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thanks to whole engvid team

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Learning English is very frustrating in me so I get
frustrated. Did I say right?

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taught an important lesson

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Thank you

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this was a helpful lesson , really ,
cause I used to be confused witch one I should use , it became obvious now ,
thank you Rebecca .

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I got 6/10. Thanks for the lesson!

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Rebecca, you and James are excellent teachers, nowadays all teachers are. Thank you so much for your work here, I’m improving my English very well.


God bless you all!!!

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thanks myteacher

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thank’s so much my teacher i got 80 /100 i love you so much my teacher rebecca

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I got 70 but not bad… I try harder next time. Thanks Teacher Rebecca its really helpful for us. Godbless..

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you are the best

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You got 10 correct out of 10.


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please look at this “Words ending with _____ are used to describe how someone or something is feeling.”
can we describing feeling things? can we use ed to describe something is feeling? please help me.
and another question: according to this lesson we can use both ed and ing to describe someone. is it true?
thanks a lot.

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I thought I understood the lesson well, but I got only 7 correct out of 10. :P
It’s nice to have a quick test after the class.
It really helps :)

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thank you Rebecca

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I got 100 percent
That was interesting lesson
And now I’m so interested to follow all of your lessons
Thank you Rebecca

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Thank you 🙏

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very useful lesson. thanks

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Hi Rebecca,

I’m confused with the ed, if I want to say in past tense would it still be the same? For example I was bored vs I’m bored. Why the present tense form ends with ed.

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Great Job, I got 100% Good.

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Thank a bunch for this wonderful lesson. I just wanna ask you something that this rules will be fallow all words. Like stop and stoping . Ex:- I stopped because I am stoping my car. It’s correct sentence.

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I am learning a lot on Rebecca’s lesson. Good job!

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I still confused, Why my answered ( no. 3 & 10) incorrect.

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